NIAC Foreign Policy Debate w/Presidential Surrogates 4.21.16

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   We're excited to announce a foreign policy debate hosted by NIAC and the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland. Please join us on Thursday, April 21, just 5 days before the Maryland Primary, to hear what promises to be a lively debate.
Thursday, April 21
6:30 - 8:00 PM
University of Maryland
School of Public Policy Atrium
Van Munching Hall
College Park, MD 20742

   We at `i come to talk story thank you for this invite to take part. As we welcome students globally to focus direct w/one's communities, networking, using communities as extended classrooms, as our plan can fuel every local `plan. If together we share in solidarity, the living local process, where all network sharing what works/what doesn't, as each restore one's ethical ecological sustainable working community.

  So together w/transparency, all can hold self + others accountable, as we all become local, global + beyond mindful participants. Peacefully making changes.

  Not every issue of the time is a resistance to every community, if each network + not remain isolated w/the secrecy + lack of transparency, that many now experience. Each community can prioritize the toxic developments, filling in the worn torn missing links.

  Humanity has great options of bio cultural ethnic traditional engineers that have managed to sustain the local true genetic bio diversity balance or in fragments. That is one's true sustaining energy. So as to utilize the tools in an exchange, that nature offers to us all, if fortunate not to have lack of education that our earth + beyond offers, with delusional misunderstandings, resulting in;

     Unhealthy Nuclear radiation contamination circulating our Northern Hemisphere, from mismanaged Nuclear plants, depleted uranium in bullets as used in Iraq war leaving radiation on equipment left from US Military as well contaminated soldiers w/out informing them of health risk that brought home + contaminated families/other products, that is not depleted of radiation, Nuclear waste that is stockpiled as well not properly informing public + very costly, as The Military Industrial Complex continues to produce new weapons of war thinking it is more profitable to utilize Nuclear plants to process plutonium for war modes, as well new Nuclear plants globally are being built avoiding the high risks of other accidents that also could happen to all + conspiracy behind Chernobyl, Fukushima Dachii plant, many in US that still are leaving health factors.


   Considering many feel Nuclear plants are no longer profitable as energy source yet left mismanaged as radiation continues to leak. (See Arnie Gundersen, as Nuclear engineer updating at Fairewinds website, as well Tim Mousseau Evolutionary Biologist researching due to responsible bodies not + Dr. Helen Caldicott a physician, educator, creator of Physicians for Social Responsibility. All sharing how IAEA is not telling the truth as well Governing bodies + limits of safety continue to change leaving many vulnerable at risk, ill, still borns, deformed fetuses as well children that live w/out body parts, leukemia, cancers, etc.. Most vulnerable; pregnant women, fetuses, children, frail + ill, but no Nuclear radiation is good, it accumulates + is like a drive by shooting, depending on types of radionuclides determine how many bullets at what speed. No one likes to be shot.)

   Our plan speaking for many skilled links we continue to collect can be a great resource for all students to organize + prioritize these false green + toxic, economies. So no more does a delusional thought such as competing w/the Western/Colonial grid ideologies that appear to be threatening, making one feel that they too need to compete in this false illusion, for no one survive any planetary  Nuclear war.

  So those now as in Iran are being penalized wrongly for not participating over time in these false agendas globally happening. + It is up to students in each community to network + define these misunderstanding, so as to to set the earthly sustainable ways, bringing home options for all to go figure. If we understand Iran has not been a threat for over 300 years + sanctions should not be in place, nor should any global participant want a Nuclear health risk, when for medical use cyclotrons can produce isotopes at less risk. Believe me, if you ever helped a loved one die over several years suffering w/cancers, you would see that letting our plan fuel yours early on can help each self direct so as to get help to heal early on. This is what living local can do.

  For it is wrong to have such global trade not prioritizing as it interferes in local's ability to simply live. Where locals gather insight + come to table do-in a local `plan within the enhanced ecological limits. Enhanced best explained by professor Miguel Altieir whom creates agroecology curriculum w/ethnic indigenous that have similar yields as industrial s but no toxic effects left. We thank him for all his work as well the many indigenous thru out the world giving you the chance to co create with;

    No longer leaving anyone isolated. When yet everyone can `enhance one's natural potential.

  `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

  The history of those working w/other countries, thinking they help, need to be held accountable w/the 1 universal sound science all can take part in making, so as to cover the nuts + bolts for all to have basic healthy living conditions free of these toxic economies. Especially when many in the world already use natural medicine + w/the Bill Gates mode + Clintons pushing pharmaceuticals/GMOs + TTPs, as well big money that can be redirected, when yet many are being left behind. The farmers everywhere are a good example not being able to save their GMO seeds.. As in the Clinton's not handling the Rwandan war efficiently, as well taking US Univ's to Rwanda, when UN considers the Rwandan President to be a war criminal, leaving no universal policies being on same page.

   Each wrong doing should be acknowledged + corrected. For this delusional misinformation can be corrected w/1 universal sound science, as each community defines it's local `plan, participating. So the nuts + bolts of basic comforts can be clarified w/this sound science verbiage, universally to override the fragmented science/belief, etc. that allowed toxic industries to be permitted as local communities welcome those that have exceeded the enhanced natural limits into a tapering transitional process.

  So people understand + have opportunities to become whole + make wrongs right. Those in control did not get their by themselves, rather we allowed our self to have our energy taken, or we greedily bought into what was sold to us without networking researching, etc. Where as the controversy between gangsters controlling as well oligarchs or a delusional religious verbiage should be secondary to define, as people heal, feed oneself if able, socially helping those unable as well simple comforts as in clean water, air, organic soils + seeds, having a good night sleep, etc. To awaken to collectively uniting our human rights so disbelief does not continue, rather ethical ecological gauges w/early signs remain in control.

  Students in all schools + those communities w/out schools can network w/the tools of the times. Google Apps for Education can be expanded on for they will work with you as they have given us an Adgrant. Today since a year ago + few months they have shown our ads over 9 + ½ million times, globally. We are sharing others awareness + can share yours too, so each community defines such missing links, whom + what, where + prioritize. As a great resource in the building w/students everywhere helping. Linking as in our virtual platform on our `the sun will set, spreadsheet as well many others, defining via like ecosystems as the Colonial grids are removed.

   + The local `plan rules, retaining local control. As students network/define, RESTRUCTURE economies, have on the table great schematics showing well in real time, what can be when you prioritize toxic economies, use agroecology prioritizing large browsers w/natural building respecting all life that sustains the human race. As all learn what we house + share amongst our self, as w/Dr. Jessica Greens work as a microbiologist showing our hospitals/schools are the worse for bacteria, illnesses, etc.. As she works w/architect students redesigning venting systems, etc.

     All can welcome investors to rethink w/ethical ecological restoring of sustainable working communities local `plans, as well World Markets, for this is your life + you can make a difference.. So please if in doubt come talk, vs waste time being part of the problem when you can be part of the solution as you dig deep + edit, do your homework as we all have to do + if unable reach out to the many able. For a nice assertive organic daily flow can set one straight, give ya a good night sleep to awaken w/new neural networks to create + each day can heal + get better.

 Decentralize with people, downscale + take part, not the Al Gore mode of credit swap where he made a billion, when yet locals where dependent on others afar. No not even large grids of alternative energies work. Nor abusing locals to take resources afar, wrong! Rather localized systems, w/low impact, as all work making a local `plan, rebalancing the genetic bio diversity that sustains humans as living organisms on earth now. So they link.
  Not to mention link the ability for people to also give love + work within humanities finest, as together we share in peace this earth + beyond. As people gain jobs and a life, for it takes us all + many have great abilities to help fill in these fragments that exist in every community that we have experienced. For people just need to understand + unable need support to also be part. + We have traveled to many, as we built a sailboat + circumnavigated pacific ocean, traveling to many countries.

  A solar panel/wind vane, shared water desalination at low budgets w/locals making them, etc.  Here + their on community shared thought, once ya know the toxic realities so not have to go 5 steps forward + 3 back, then define if houses, etc. is not in the large browsers trans boundary migrations + local `plan in place is next. Only then can you yourself gain the true bio cultural energy from the indigenous that have kept much in tact, which all should thank, + realize the joy of sharing story, not land/sea/water grab from them as what is happening globally to them.

   When yet other technologies did not even respect the life that sustains us all, interfering as World Markets profited over healthy building of communities, when locals can self sustain, not others afar interfere, don't accept that please..

  I know everyone has the love + desire but w/our experiences that is not enough, rather sensitivity + skills are needed. Especially the ability to admit the truth where wrong, so all can rethink + go figure w/humanities finest + be part of it, as together we critically think where needed, helping those unable now.

 All policies should have students by one side of makers to make corrections based on this 1 universal sound science as all participate for one's local community. + Those able collectively come together for those unable, so they realize how to. UN has outdated bad policies + refugee status is a great example as well rights. For first of all people w/funds running should have access to restoring one's community, not leaving the others without left behind. + If choose to navigate the planet all can become aware so as to let local `plans be the guiding force, so each learn the sensitivity required to transverse where.

  No one should have to control or a wall/an able person, nor should others interfere so people have to run. Nor should NATO other Governing bodies allow people to run at risk, illegally. We as the human species can do better then this to our human family as well the life that sustains us.

  Large browsers can lead one's path, then the rivers should flow from the mountain tops to the seas, as all do one's local` plan. Herbal foods + medicines can be planted as seeds are saved, foraged + small farms not using monocultures that destroy life can be replaced.

   It is all people's rights to become aware, be educated + have respect even if unaware to be part of the local tapering transition. So locals make locals understand, working w/neighbors, so as t sensitively work one's biomes. Accepting no false aid from afar.

This is what humanity can do now in solidarity as we restore our earth + beyond, prioritizing those in need, respecting each to think one's own choosing, as long as each can become aware of early signs, maintaining discipline over one's self sensory observation, remaining calm + creative, interrelating realizing all are needed. So each can know when to do what for self or another + as our ex; of our transitional Shifting Message Board, all can self register some how + the little bits comfortably done ad up, leaving no one left behind.

I trust all can go figure, + we look forward to your links on our `the sun will set spreadsheet, fueling others to join in. For we can address these global priorities effecting locals everywhere, as well go beyond prevention + back to simply living `boon w/natural exchanges making it happen.

Thank you NIAC + University Of Maryland for all you do!

   We are sorry for those that have interfered making life difficult for others, for together we can exchange so as to freely navigate this planet + beyond, efficiently, stopping the Nuclear use/war modes, false green + toxic, economies. So people together prioritize, say no thanks + stop unknowingly supporting wrong doing, or the wealthy, when yet all can invite them in to understand how locally they interfere offering them the chance to join in. As people shift, supporting each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. As each are supported to walk one's path, as one builds it, into one's opening. Where life continues to fuel us all to co_evolve + appreciate the life on earth. Respecting each to carry the story one chooses.

Sincerely peace is our option if all share, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined` effect at `i come to talk story.

  We are a US 501.c3 non profit + appreciate your support, please communicate where + what most comfortable. We look forward to your help perfecting our virtual platform to reach out to all. For not everyone can easily comprehend how to start, w/all this.. So we are glad to assist w/your real stories, so gather your friends, neighbors, business associates, etc. + come talk if unable to go figure;



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Re: NIAC Foreign Policy Debate w/Presidential Surrogates 4.21.16

Truly a decent share about the point . This substance makes another desire and motivation for the readers. I got numerous significant focuses from this specific share. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing article this way. The way you have expressed everything above is very magnificent. Continue blogging this way. Much appreciated. In the wake of perusing your post,thanks for setting aside the opportunity to examine this, I feel glad about and I cherish adapting more about this topic. Pop over to this consistently for future reference.
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Re: NIAC Foreign Policy Debate w/Presidential Surrogates 4.21.16

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Thank you, That was kind!

   We are soon to post where we are co_evolving to simplify more.

Peace, kara
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
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  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
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