NEED, Globally, science interpreter for research being worked in the Arctic.

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  I'm kara j lincoln, presently living in the Pacific Northwest, we are trying to sell our sailboat to further our networking/research. I'm receiving research articles from Igor Semiletov's work in the Arctic now. I'm not skilled enough to decipher all the research, for my objective. I'd like a volunteer to help me, for now until we can gain Donations/Grant.

    As Ex; I will ask a few questions and perhaps by you reviewing document (s), you can then answer my questions or help me define where else we can gain more research. Igor is presently working on a global project and the RU Gov was financing a Grant this year. I've been busy creating this platform message board as a US nonprofit as well errors still in technically, so I'm limited to what I can do, so we could work within your schedule part-time;

   I was originally bothered by Dr. Guy McPherson's interpretations of many scientists' work/other scientists he speaks of on climate change, stating if the Arctic ice melts this year or next, then humans too will be coming extinct due to lack of food/complex life unable to sustain, w/temperature changes.

Ok I've adjusted to Guy and able to continue to work at this, as I also see `Our Children's Trust lawsuit w/US Gov, as Dr. James Hansen is working w/children using his representation of science, and the courts just ok'ed the ability for the case to continue, as US Gov has tried to stop it.

Plus I see confusion and waste of good human resources due to such controversy, not to mention severe weather patterns globally that many say is due to the feedback loops in the Arctic causing jetstreams to produce this weather, and states it will get worse. So Igor's work in the Arctic is being sent to me upon my request, and I need someone knowing this science to help me decipher, so I'm clear to act on it.

I can send you a copy, as I get them regularly, but at this time internet is not working w/me, busy time?

So thank you for this read and you can contact me on my email;

Peace, kara