NEED, Earth/space awareness needs us all to sharpen our sensors and mindfully act...

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  Operation Disclosure introduced me to Anna's work.

  Please see a post I made on this link's comment made on her post (note I did typographical corrections here), as I feel it's good to know overview from a Judge's way of ruling, so we can best define how to make mindful changes w/local and global laws. Paul thank you for allowing me to share this here;

     Solid Resources and Brief Explanations from Anna Von Reitz

     Well, I can only say not being skilled in all this work you have done Anna, I can only thank you and all involved, as I stay preoccupied in the instance!

Along w/tech error, I recently created a `transitional shift message board, for I feel the vibes of humanity's goodness now to share! And yet many have dulled their sensors unable gain the support to sharpen them, so that is our message boards objective, locally and afar, for we need to hold self and others accountable locally and what done afar, as many contribute still unknowingly.

My point is in our networking, then losing in 2008 we then created a US nonprofit, still yet to support fundraising! Nor support Military/Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no half-life/recyclable and no false green grids/profiteers.

 Rather w/all the scars on earth/space done mostly from US Military, that contributes to dulled sensors, we feel it's time to share humanity's good options now to use communities as classrooms as students network/focus direct w/all, as each interrelate and restore one's enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities, w/neighbors, to sharpen one's sensors!

A local `plan is most energy efficient to heal/gain hands-on support thru creating upon our message board sharing as in agro_ecological systems/movement to best prepare/center and ground, as we transcribe common send into daily needs getting met while supplying the offerings from a balanced genetic biodiverse community that links w/neighbors.

  So as the trillions of microbes in our gut/stomach gains balance to once again heal/sharpen one's mental clarity and physical strength, gaining energy to maintain discipline over one's self-sensory observation vs belief/misuse/abuse!

Local `plans become the rule of understanding because people feel the energy of being alive! As words yet to be simple!

Only this way can we come together w/critical thinking to collaborate and transcribe the how-tos of good stewardship from the indigenous knowing well, as we work w/technology and change the science that permitted us all to do such destruction on earth/space. So we regain working within these systems and restore!

Please see/correct/perfect/post and share this link;

Peace is real if we go beyond isolating any ecosystem, for none can exist on their own!

Love kara j lincoln