Mr. Ron Thiessen, Northern Dynasty Minerals, we ask you to redirect + abandon your plans for the Pebble Mine

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I share our email to President and CEO, Northern Dynasty Minerals.

Dear Ron Thiessen,

 I am sorry for you that you have yet to be welcomed into a local tapering transition. which we are now organizing thru Google apps, to use their tools to reach out to every local community, globally.

  I realize many of us have supported many developments to continue without realizing what we have done, due to no sound science being used, to work within mother earth`s enhanced potentials.

         but soon we will have the tools to show sound science of these ecological sustainable facts, to define in every local community. as we welcome students to do a walkabout w/their local community to understand ways that work. using sound science to over ride the bad science that has been wrongfully used, showing details of who + what effects, etc.

        do  I blame you, NO, not alone for many dysfunctional systems have contributed to this downfall of our natural world, that sustains us.

  Sir,  I invite you to rethink, the local tapering transition is not organized yet, but soon we will be + we welcome your support. for we want you to realize we can harness this disassociated energy that leaves us in the fog to go beyond our natural limits, at high risk, as many have proven the ill negative effects left from insensitive people creating insensitive equipment, leaving many in the blind along the way.

  we ask you to rethink with us as we are happy to gather facts to show you yet another way for you to become whole as a responsible, local, global + beyond participant, as we organize.

   we as a international community, as a US non-profit restructuring to protect what sustains all life on earth that sustains ours, will be soon clearly understood by all. many have already come aboard + we ask you to do the same.

      for it is much more efficient for you now to change your practices + inter personally rethink, vs. come up against our strong platform in the building, as we speak.

  plus as a human family member, we welcome you to understand how your life has already been depleted, by chasing this avenue you have. unaware of the facts, that now leave more of a challenge for many, due to our interdependence on mother earth requiring all biomes to be in balance. requiring each local community to balance their bio diversity + link, giving the life that sustains ours a pathway to migrate. as many now are without due to the many that simply have yet to understand how our large browsers + micro biomes transmigration boundaries are seriously being interfered with. when yet they should lead our path.

   many folks have manipulated for their own gain for too long, leaving too many  scars, that we refuse to repeat. knowingly or not. please realize you can come aboard now so together we consciously + humanely address the much needed planetary + beyond issues presently that are leaving many left behind.

you can help our platform reach out as you do your walkabout. please see `want to take back your community, document as we reach out in our restructuring, to receive grants as a non-profit;


 I'm sure Sir you will thank us down the road once you make this decision to redirect + abandon these plans for the Pebble Mine. the quality of life that you will obtain by this choice cannot have a price put on it. rather you will come aboard with  true earth participants. + I can hardly wait to see your next decision to act responsibly.

   for this plan to gouge the Pebble Mine out of Alaska's spectacular Bristol Bay wilderness is bad science that must not be continued. Your colossal gold and copper operation would generate some ten billion tons of waste and devastate the world's greatest wild salmon runs -- the lynchpin of an unspoiled ecosystem and a thriving fishery that generates $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

More than 80 percent of local residents -- including Native peoples and commercial fishermen -- don't want your mine or the billions of tons of waste it would generate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that your mine would pose "catastrophic" risks to this American natural treasure.

Your multinational corporate partners have concluded that this ruinous scheme is bad business and have quit the project. You are now standing alone, in defiance of local communities and worldwide opposition.

Bristol Bay or anywhere, is the wrong place for a large-scale, open-pit mine. please use your skills as you develop sound science to change this industry for ever.  I call on you to avert environmental and economic disaster by abandoning the Pebble Mine at your free will + show humanity that together we can go figure. so we all support sound science respecting mother earth`s enhanced ability to lead our path + become the only rule of law.

  please realize that your decision to stop this now will be a leading example for the much foreign relations that are presently creating  war modes thru these false green economies, leaving many dying immaturely.

  be a leader + come aboard, the world needs your help, both locally + afar.

thank you Sir for what you can do.

I personally would help your further understand, please contact me;

sincerely, kara j lincoln