More homework, please collaborate on serious global issues affecting all.

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  This is for you, that cares about life to continue, peace, temperature rise, efficiency to restore..

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It's time to see the light..
                                                     Thank you all for what you do!

                              I appreciate your sensitivity, skills and heartfelt sharing...

  Please reflect w/a lengthy read and comment, share and correct if I wrong, over some serious issues globally that face us all. For many of you are centered and grounded, where we've been working too hard to get our objective shared. Mostly w/technical, but for now good enough for you to get our point. We will keep updating.

  Please share this along with your walkabout for you and realize the seriousness of time-sensitive material for many;

       Humanity has answers, share yours!

    `Shifting together, so all co_evolve in harmony, sharing earth/space in peace!  11.30.17"


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                                    Peace is an option for all w/your support!

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Re: More homework, please collaborate on serious global issues affecting all.

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Happy Season to all and please share what I've collected, in thanks to the many people doing good work!

  No better time then to have a serious discussion, as you celebrate w/your loved ones, taking all this into perspective, helping you rethink together...

    `i come to talk story, welcomes you to take part w/your feelings for peace, as you define w/loved ones, where best for each to find one's space to mindfully act, w/these issues of the times...

  Seeing that you and your community get your needs and offerings met. As well as issues all share locally, resolving together. As we are sharing humanity's plan for each to take part in one's local `plan. So please make space to review this lengthy read.

 Thank you for working with us on changes, supporting those we respect highly in need of your support!

  Our plan sharing humanity's links of what works is best for you and your community to choose as well add yours. WE THINK the restructuring of our virtual global platform can better help your community share your needs and offerings w/all. SO we want to hear from you.

  For the Govs are not doing this efficient enough and need help, so we the people need to respect those that are resisting in every community, locally and afar, if not being asked, and ask why?? And realize the good work people are doing now locally and afar.

Together, all can go figure how best to resolve via networking, ending toxic thought and acts/Nuclear use accept some medicine with no halflife and recyclable/end weapons of war and end all Military bases. Using only local police and coast guard, globally.

  Dr. Jill Stein has worked thru many of these ideas and it will be nice when our Governing bodies come back to being mindful local participants, hearing your voice and acting w/humanity's options now. Putting real priorities in order. Some are but many aren't, so please have a discussion w/yours.

         People are doing this now and not waiting for them. I know myself when I write them I get in return, they may agree but unable to do also. Or just generalized letters, not even getting to the point of my message. So it will take many of us for them to rethink and act in the instance.

 So whatever you do w/people please also post w/them how they should use their power in real time.

  Please remember as those of us are so fortunate to be w/Lil ones.

   When it comes to monitoring Nuclear radiation, that all communities should do regularly, please remember a few notes from my friend Fritiz, who continues to teach me. Please do your homework for already I'm in discussion w/one that does not agree.

From Fritz;

    Alpha is the most hazardous (of the common 3, alpha, beta, & gamma) & one of the hardest to detect. Just one alpha particle in the right place, like lungs, can ultimately kill you.

   The other worst nasty, are hot particles, which are various composites of all three that do a small army of damage.

   The easiest to detect is strong, penetrating gamma emitters but they are generally not considered the most hazardous.

Convenience with diversity in detection is the key:

   My 2" pancake wand meter reads diverse kinds of rads, but is somewhat inconvenient to carry & use.

   My little meter detects gamma nicely, only. It's convenient to carry & use, but is only good for general overviews.

Thinking none of it is clean, some worse like Irish sea (west of Scotland) from Sellafield.

Rad monitoring is an extensive subject. Rad pollution is an increasingly extensive subject since mankind is not curbing rad use, and overwhelming.

The present best bet is to increase health & suck up all/any antioxidants u can find, continuously.

Some birds doing better around Chernobyl have learned how to make more glutathione.

Vit C, lipoic acid + many, many others, so the body can heal from all them increasing drive-by shooting injuries.

Thanks, Fritz!

  I see toys for many that program, as they play war games. Please play with them so Disney does not win along w/many more media, that fails to talk about the reality of all that dies in war.


   The bees, that are needed to pollinate our food/microbes humans need to compost our food/support life within our gut/and around us that we share to be healthy/keep pests in balance so they do not become disease as many suffer now due to habitats destroyed from weapons of war/Nuclear use of all sorts as in plants mismanaged leaking radiation/waste that stockpiles releasing radiation/submarines scaring marine life as ocean gets polluted running into waterways/flowing in currents-snow-rain-fog as it circulates the planet, accept some medicine w/no halflife/recyclable.

 Yet our President Trump working w/Congress says this;

Actually, I wrote a mistake of 30 trillion dollars, but 1 is the same, so correct me if can.

   It is up to each of us to early on to share as earthlings so together all can take part in stopping the extinction of life now happening on earth as many scientists say we have 9 more years before the 6th massive extinction of life on earth. Due to many issues of wrong living as well natural happenings.

Dr. Guy McPherson explains it best, here is some of his work, look at each if don't have the time, some longer then others, then gather friends and share so you understand. Look up the words and share;


On his site, he has this page that many may find interesting as some asked more  when they where live w/him in Pacific Northwest in 2014, detail of his explanations and then he answers;

Also, Guy has many humorous short youtube, but you have to look for them, I yet to find. Below is some youtube w/serious reality of him explaining, so you define what best for you to start with;

Please share this;

  w/mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/neighbors/community in public meets.. Make a difference and then come back with them and celebrate along the way!

This is serious part-time work I ask all to get involved with. As you can take part in our plan to do your local `plan, living local,  interrelating w/your students using your communities as classrooms. prioritizing/networking what is toxic and resolve. restoring ecological working enhanced sustainable localized systems of low impact, NO large grids of alternative energy. They too destroy the ecology that humans are dependent on to live a healthy life and heal.

  Make a difference rethink and shift! When celebrating start with a local grown wild potluck and get real w/great ways that work, as you share this subject and more and follow up w/local meets. Welcome all in the process, for there is no better tourism attraction then to explore new areas as a mindful local participant.

  Even as a refugee, see how bad this policy is as many live an average of 15 years in tented refugee camps, that must end as they to can help us in this transition, in every community as we hold our self and others accountable to tell your President/legislators/communities; NO MORE WAR/NO MORE NUCLEAR USE, and do it w/empathy and respect so as to conserve your energy to be as strong as you can to not accumulate radiation ending up in cancers or grief from reality of what Guy says as in less than 10 years of life on earth.

   And seriously shift and collectively help, so no one left behind suffering now, for today is not promised to anyone.

Especially if you live within 100 miles of a Nuclear plant. Please learn more and read on as we share good things to learn and share now as you shift, and make a difference, for all need you to help, part-time!

Tell these people that are wasting local resources destroying life on earth is unacceptable and we the people will work together until they stop.

  For even those that are being targeted as Corporations profit from these weapons and investors can talk to the people/communities that continue to rebel against this. Pres Bush lied/911 is a lie and if you see our `Shifting Drive document, we welcome you to take part. You will hear the story from experts that know we could of before 911, talked to these people. Maybe even some police to help them understand, or even a small Military group of people. But now what over 15 years and groups are destroying due to US Gov and many more attacking their communities and you and I have yet to stop US Gov from making wrong decisions, that still can be rethought and wrongs made right.

Take a look at Bob's work, really crazy but some think very real while others think not good to mix beta and gamma together, for it is sensationalist. So I will do research and ask Bob and others to clarify, for this is above my head even though we continue to study;

  Also, you can upload your readings and see others' readings as well great updates:




  Dr. Helen Caldicott states in her great work helping us learn about the seriousness of Nuclear radiation, see her site and donate to her work, for she states;

    `It is not over until it's over, so don't accept anything less than conscious mindful acts in the instance.

  Thank You Helen! Please see more of her work, she explains it best;


 This way no one interferes in other's ability to self-develop as we share in solidarity what works/what doesn't.

     `Shifting together, so all co_evolve in harmony, sharing earth/space in peace! 11.30.17. If yet to see please do and share, add your thought, that is what Google Drive documents are good for, to collaborate!

Peace can be had by all if we focus priorities and not fragment, rather use 1 universal sound science working within earth/space natural systems, as local `plans network sharing in solidarity.

Happy Solstice! Peace is everyone's option if all organize.

Thank you, for what you do and we look forward to hearing from you.
Love us at `i come to talk story...
kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...

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                     Peace is an option if we share it,
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  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as together we end toxic and restore `enhanced sustainable healthy working communities w/neighbors, as the best peace plan ever!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
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