More detail to Donate, make a difference helping us reach out locally and afar..

` i come to talk story is a virtual global platform co_evolving w/your interactions..

  Nabble has supported us to show the realities of our stories locally and afar here, as we network. Fueling us to go deeper and organize which has fueled us to collaborate, using the Google tools, Apps for Education/Drive Documents.
    Making the process of living local, globally, more friendly. So together we end high priority risks as in Nuclear/toxic developments, the war mode, false green economies.. As we restore ecological sustainable working communities, fueling genetic biodiversity that sustains our bio cultural developments to continue and be reborn, as our true energy source..

    We are restructuring so please check back and your support of how we can make this more efficinet for you to use is appreciated. So come talk..

  Triggering thought to do just that. Reflecting we welcome ethnic indigenous to show us what are genes are best designed to do. Living local working entire biome(s), which gives all options in case of natural or man made disasters, due to having basic comforts, sanitation in place. As well sharpens ones sensors for mental clarity and physical strength working the biodiversity to link w/neighbors.

                      Fueling all to share/seek while networking, so efficient;

     For all to focus direct together sharing this earth/beyond in solidarity over serious issues all share, celebrating along the way as all network and locals harmonize, sharing the living local process, best done if do one's local `plan. Working at the best once can w/the present issues of the times, until more solutions are collaborated on/researched, making space for solution oriented options to merge locally.

     For all to work w/one`s students to use one`s community as an extended classroom, creating 1 unversal sound science of common sense, networking, then bring home options eye to eye. Triggering all to rethink, so all become local, global and beyond mindful participants..

    If you have personal experiences knowing well what works/what doesn`t or seeking `ways that work, we welcome your voice. So the many of us organizing to help all understand how efficient one's local `plan can be, when you collectively part time interrelate. Seeking experiences as well w/last minute thoughts sharing your experiences. As we collectively communicate of how best to do, via like ecosystem/season and subject, rethink and mindfully act..

  Each year is co_evolving fueling us to rethink, yet carry humnaity's good links on our `the sun will set, spreadsheet, which we will be shifting to a Document, so check back. It sets the stage for our energy to help all understand priority issues for all to take part in, so we work w/the many options being worked at now.

Ex; Dr. Helen Caldicott w/her 2.28.15 Symposium on Nuclear/war and resolve, has made a book and sharing it as she fund raises, so do check her out. For she continues to help all become aware of Nuclear monitoring to help those most vulnerable. And together stop this toxic use that continues, as Pres Trump asks for more expanding Military, which is crazy;

           Please keep updated w/what Helen shares and do what you can to make a difference;


 So together we ask better questions as in whom best to hold Govs accountable for high risk acts as in Nuclear/war mode and false green economies consuming our natural resources leaving many unable to self sustain and live local.. Especially when we have not been part of the decision making process and must not accept anything else but for Govs to open transparent platforms for all to take part in these decisions. As they too need to become local mindful participants.

        Lets ask one self/take part as you collaborate and mindfully act where comfortable for you.

  We are working at sharing options for an individual/rep for a group and a rep for one's local `plan, so please join in sharing what questions/lessons, thruout your life has helped you `shift, so we can add them. No one should have to live w/stress lerning the hard way, when todays tools are here for all to use and perfect!

     We thank Nabble for their support and you can too better organize you and your community with their tools, so please check them out, see below Free forum by Nabble.

Thanks to Wendy's ongoing work w/lil ones knowing well;

     We can become clear channels to see truth/be beneficial and respectful organisms knowing how to be, to live, to work for the benefit of all life. That is what produces our harmony. More to come..

This is our responses to a local/afar serious issues w/incomplete follow up conversation to community, where both sides can rethink to resolve;

     The 1% are also humane yet preoccupied and if we are clear and hold our own, welcoming them to see yet another way, we believe the human species is capable to work together making wrongs right.

     Please check in w/oneself and catch the `he did or they are, loops trapped in, vs. I am and I can change by going within, self reflecting/editing/researching/networking options, to replace products/services that leave negative effects to now local natural/wild exchanges while making space for sustainable solutions as we collectively do tapering transitions w/one's local `plan. Or you starting yours..

`i come to talk story can trigger just that as we welcome you to share what works as we welcome you to be fueled by ours. This is how all can co_evolve along the way by participating in building/restoring one`s ecological sustainable working community.

         So our students network joining in, no longer remaining isolated w/misuse/abuse..
   Please let us know if we can explain something to you that we may not be clear on... Gather a group and we can go eye to eye if local w/you or teleconference, let us know what works for you??

  Our goal is to develop this platform to share the many solution oriented options this planet and beyond now offers as we reach out to all, w/your support. Supporting pockets without to connect w/patches of people doing great work now on earth.. For no one to be without efficint nuts and bolts of comfort..

     * Not just a framework for change, but a platform that reflects real balanced energy, for all to go within and rethink, share w/one`s community/welcome one`s students to focus direct with all. Have your rep link with us, sharing your story as you restore your ecological sustainable working community and co_evolve... As your communities get needs met and offerings shared, by locals simply getting their needs met and offerings shared. Even if the community pays them so they have an income beyond exchanges if needed.. Lynn and few others know well this can work w/guaranteed income for all..

     * Triggering all via like ecosystem/season and subject to rethink. Act in harmony  with respect for mother earth`s natural systems providing enhanced potential, where ever fortunate to simply be.
     * This requires us all to be a local, global and beyond meaningful participant, welcoming all, as refugee verbiage changes to local participants...

      We welcome you to share anything we offer and have made several documents
that you can choose from through out this site and others..

                                      *  `i come to talk story

      We have a Google  Document called * come participate for you to define how you want to participate in helping build your community... As we suggest focus directing together some basics of what sustains us all, as we all make this common denominator of 1 global universal sound science for all tongues to understand. Take a review of how we have co_evolved w/Google and Nabble's help;


          Please realize the difference you can make in giving in a variety of ways;

           * Share suggestions that can work for you to make this platform a great
 tool for your community, as you parallel with your own list that customizes and personalizes your community with your students focusing together. Triggering everyone`s community to add to their community tool shed.
           * Have patience for we also are still studying Nabble/Google Apps for ED/Earth Pro/Engine/Drive, for non profit and appreciate your help! For what we do we share along the way to fuel you to also use. And our virtual global platform we continue to make more efficient wants to share your link, as your communities organize your needs and offerings. So as to fuel others to also do and share link;

     Can you imagine refughees/homeless/ill/suffering/elderly without families/animals that have been abandoned/large browsers having their old traditional transboundary migration paths interfered with as many interfere in people's farms looking for food/not to mention people dependent on migrating as many cultural people have sustained from these ways offering much to humanity, yet are denied these natural ways! 

   Having acess to links locally and afar can make a world of difference as together the human family gets a reality grip of how toxic humans, especially Govs/Military have become! As they interfere in people's ability to simply live local as they want local resources to be for local communities. To continue to live in harmony w/the natural world!

   Maybe they could resolve w/the International communities to stop Military, peacefully and not have to leave?? Maybe they could contact locations and get support to move to really be a mindful participant locally, making peace happen?? Maybe they could gain support to heal/self develop/develop one's local `plan, networking w/humanity now, as many patches are doing it very well, thank you!

    For our experiences show well that people want to help but they are not organized and now with your support can be! We want to continue to seek out pockets without in every community, so patches can connect, exchanging what works, welcoming them to take part..

           * Help us define what best works for you/your students to come together for your community as you restore your working ecological sustainable potential and harmonize. So you then use this platform to reflect/even make your own and link w/us, and share fueling others to do same, and make this a friendly platform for change.

           * Celebrate as you introduce this with your community(s) in a natural food/wild fish/animal potluck and enjoy how music and fresh local grown food potlucks can fill the air with bi`joy experiences. Fueling all to collectively work at the serious issues that have left many locals and afar, that work hard for one's communities, yet left behind due to a number of foolish regulations/real toxic reasons/misunderstandings, etc. And many can be supported w/communities networking w/one's students. So students gain prerequisites as a local participant, also learning when to volunteer to do their part helping all!

           * Support all to come to the table, interrelate and do your local `plan, collectively it can work much more efficiently, then trying to do this alone, or struggle w/a few.

  If unable to actively participate as you do your walkabout, please see our other pages to give you a better idea, as we suggest no long term commitments accept to find your voice and fulfill temporary roles to get mentally clear and physically strong. Welcoming students to come aboard walking alongside, using your community as an extended classroom. As they co_evolve the curriculum while your communites prioritize what is toxic/and get restored ecologically that give much more then profits, over others prioritizing just profits..

  If you want to just  donate for us to make this platform a good tool for everyone`s community shared tool shed, make this happen more efficiently, then please do below.

    This gives us a salary, which all officers yet to take over 38 years of donating our self. Which we all enjoyed when we had our own funds. And continue to do even though we have great work loads due to loosing our investments in 2008, which triggered us to obtain a US 501.c3 non profit which we then obtained in 2012. We had it prior years but did not use it. Plus due to not understanding as well IRS`s confusion, we did not fill out necessary simple forms, so was required to refile.

     Now as we work at more efficientcy for ll to do one's local `plan fueled by humanities plans, we invite your donations to help cover these overhead expenses/tools and staff, to exponentially reach out globally. For we know well our exchanges thru out the world work locally and afar, as we all go figure, sahring/networking..  

     We want to make this platform available for all to add their story/reflect, to simply share back truth into one self and one`s communities. To rethink fueling what works with the many great solutions many have now, as we protect each person`s privacy. Yet share the goodness all gives once we support each to resharpen one's dulled sensors. As well appreciate the many skilled correcting us and sharing their links, for others to reflect w/and define what best to fuel them..

         * Peace is an option for all ASAP we share what works, as we hold our self and other locals accountable, locally + afar.

      Please email kara, or call leave message 1-360-450-3749 and i will get back soon.

           * Donate, make a real difference w/in yourself and for others..

                     We are presently in Charleston, Oregon so come talk if near.
               Or mail; kara j lincoln % General Delivery, Charleston, OR 97420

                  OR mail when not here; kara j lincoln, p.o. box 634, Port Townsend, WA 98368

   `i come to talk story is a 501 (c)(3) with permanent status, federally exempt.
     Please realize we are new at this end, for we never have had others give us money, always it was on the other shoe. We will try to be on top of the rules, meanwhile if looking for a tax write off also, help us out and study so we don`t mislead you.

      Donors you may deduct your contributions as provided in section 170 of the Code, if they meet the applicable provisions of sections 2055, 2106, + 2522 of the Code.

                        Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts please give to

                                             `i come to talk story

or for its use, it is deductible from Federal estate + gift tax purposes, if meet the applicable provisions of above sections.
    Please note Non-profit info, Determination letter, 1023 app, etc. can be sent to you by request.

                   Thank you for your participation!

             Our combined` effect makes a difference at `i come to talk story..

                               Happy Every Day! From us all that make us work!
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