Monsanto Protection Act has now expired, see update From Senator Merkley..

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Dear Kara,

Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns regarding the Monsanto Protection Act. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue. I am happy to inform you that, after a long effort to end this dangerous policy, Congress blocked the Monsanto Protection Act from continuing in law.
I share your concerns about the negative impacts that genetically engineered crops could have on our environment and food production systems, and I support the government's ability to thoroughly review them. That is why I was disturbed when the Monsanto Protection Act, which stripped that ability, was added to a bill to keep the government funded in March of 2013. After learning of this secret provision at town hall meetings, I initiated an effort to repeal this provision.
I introduced an amendment to the Senate Farm Bill to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act, and the Chair of the Agriculture Committee committed to oppose continuing it in the Farm Bill. When the House tried to extend the Monsanto Protection Act in its version of the government funding bill, I led an effort to make sure the Senate would block that from happening. I am pleased that the Monsanto Protection Act has now expired.
Thanks, again, for your input. I hope you will keep sending your thoughts and observations my way.
All my best,
Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator