Mom`s Across America, we thank all for your good work!

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Please see Zen`s work + our comment, + do what you can do to tak part;


    I thank all for supporting Zen to do this great job.

I'd like to add some thought.

Zen you did a great job, thanks, i am only sorry you where fueled after so many becoming ill.

As far as your participation, please consider that the stakeholders could also follow thru w/your response to Moms as you did here. Which when you state you would of liked to of said but did not, makes you rather flip floppy, when my limited experiences w/these people in corporations, they have no time for that. + If you could of been honest 100% w/grace + respect, which you where most of the time accept for withholding your true thoughts.

If it was me, i would do a follow up letter acknowledging all. For it is wrong for stakeholders to be profited upon by these CEO, lobbyist, etc. + it is them that you can welcome into their local tapering transition, as we suggest at - i come to talk story, as students/community focus direct together, so all see the sound science of those that have exceeded the natural enhanced potential, interfering, etc. so as to make wrongs right, be welcomed to become whole in oneself. This way valuable human energy can excel as each realize ones importance to do ones local `plan, which we trigger at

we also as a US 501.c3 have yet to fundraise due to addressing research in how best to resolve. For as much as this is a real issue w/Monsanto. I do welcome you to welcome all to Dr. Helen Caldicott`s 2.28.2015 Symposium, which will be live streamed as well public welcome in NY. see her for update of links;

i do learn from you + happy to collaborate via email at this time, until we can further better tools. In my prep for Helen`s Symposium i am presently co_evolving thoughts from a nuclear doc i wrote to natural medicine, to hold western medicine also accountable, for we have many options w/Traditional Chinese Medicine as well others.

i do feel our platform in the building at can fuel solutions to even go beyond preventing + help people simply be one w/the natural world as each take part in ones local `plan restoring ecological sustainable working community.

But their are many dynamics, + we do not support large alternative grids, for they also as people divest from fossil fuels, interfere. So only small localized systems w/low impact as people share awareness to lower ones footprint + become aware of the many options to harmonize w/wilderness awareness, wildcrafting, etc. that the world offers now if we network w/these traditional engineers, locally + afar.

also not knowing you folks a lot, it appears you advertise/work w/FOX news, when yet hearing Norman Goldman, a lawyer on a radio show + other Ring of Fire broadcasters/people, they all say FOX lies. so activist may not be listening to them to help you more.

so i hope my thoughts trigger you to rethink, for we have many issues to prioritize.

we suggest starting w/a local natural grown wild food/fish/animal potluck so as to start w/what is familiar to all, so as to exchange what works as one works into a local `plan, local tapering transition, where from the heart all is shared nothing held back, it is more efficient when all self manage ones self direction, yet awareness reflecting no footprint left, for one then to build new neural networks to go figure within, making all support each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant..

i know you people spend a lot of energy on wanting GMO labeled , but please consider what Maurice thought, that if all just label as many do now no GMO. Then in workshops show alternative options to any packaged food. buying direct from farmers/CSA/ actually ending this packaged consumption even as many coops even have lost perspective. when yet people can locally share orders, knowing ones local farmers/collective gardening/foraged plantings as well as in what we are trying to fuel is then prioritizing these issues of the times as students network, bringing home options to rethink w/ so entire biome(s) are rethought, planned for seasonal offerings. + then welcome space for all as in tourist to take part, refugees, especially since US GOV bad choices have created so many wrongly + still are.

so see my facebook recently post + thanks again, + if locally i can help share more or in collaboration via teleconference/email to fine tune, please let me know + forgive my editing, for we have been overworked w/our choices to address solutions;

Thank you all for your sweetness in wishing me a happy birthday. I no longer celebrate them, So please don't be offended if i do not reciprocate, for i see facebook does this logging of birth dates.
nor am i religious, rather i am a freethinker + worked at it all my life, + yes i have seen many times my choices kept me from a better way that now many years later i an able to explain + always have all my life when i wanted to understand.

but do realize that i appreciate all of you, or i would not continue on facebook. + i have enjoyed meeting all of you! respecting your work to trigger mine.

In preparing for Helen Caldicott`s 2.28.2015 which will be live streamed + i will try to take part, for even though i worked continually on a lot of activism, i failed to stay updated w/.her good work + her archives show it. But in tuning back into her work, taking into consideration of what all is doing her, i have co_evolved into natural medicine. What life does for us if we truly understand we can maintain discipline over our self sensory observation vs be enslaved by belief.

so in saying that i soon will upload it for i'd like it to trigger you to rethink + also work with us w/these issues of the times.

Also if unaware of Daniel Kish`s work as he created the World Access for The Blind, please take a look. I am specifically using some of his work on;

FLASH SONAR PROGRAM: learning a new way to see
for if we go back to common sense, when yet others have worked hard to say it in psycho physics, of how we as the human species works best, we then can intermediate the missing links of world peace + beyond.

So between working w/this as well BBC`s Adan Curtis Bitter Lake video, i am filling in some links to reach out so all arms industries are stopped. As well propose a tapering transition to the world`s factions in war. For those that create these war supplies + false green, economies, are wrong + do not live within the reality of humans harmonize best when all self manage sharing awareness in solidarity.

so i am continuing trying to correct the many mistakes as in presently w/Google to use their tools + am. + as i proceed, i welcome all to realize the 1 % may be deluded but so is many others + together we fueled them unknowingly w/lack of transparency. + if we simply share the many options we have now to become sensitive reaching out where can, linking to communicate + make wrongs right, acknowledge the truth. Then we can stop all arms industries (accept personal hunt for food, etc) + work out a deal so even the opium trades eventually stop accept for only medicinal purposes.

w have a serious problem of many chasing a belief, thinking a past can emerge, when yet all we have is the present to take part mindfully, while on earth being alive.

If you see the work from many out their trying to share the truth, you will see a lot of people mislead, then thinking when aggression confronted that arms would resolve + it does not.

Anyone that supports military/nuclear needs a psych assessment, once western medicine unites w/skilled in traditional medicine to change the curriculum. for it is wrong to interfere in ones ability to self direct + self manage. + that is what all those in the arms industry has done, let alone profited as the lack of insight to self direct is not properly shared. So people are fighting w/mixed signals.

I'm not saying i have the answer, but i certainly will continue for now to create this platform + reach out for donations to make it work, until someone does it better. for the truth can be seen by all if we just start now, say no to giving more arms + give truth. For many can see beyond this confusion + none of us have to accept anything less than self management. + that we are fortunate for people to reflect what works.
this is why our idea was to work exponentially w/students, for unless we unite w/the human family globally + beyond + mindfully aid those in need of understanding, we will have continued wars.

to Provoke one that has dull sensors is wrong. Rather help one sharpen them, that is what we can do now if we organize. for in US too many in gov are not healthy, the system is dysfunctional, + people pull their own way lost in layers.

Yet the universal energy fuels our earth to sustain the life, if we balance the genetic bio diversity, respecting all life to link it`s migratory path for the earth. to then sustain all life as we live local, sharing in solidarity what works/what doesn't.

our point also is prioritizing to understand whom has the ability to push the buttons/make orders for more arms, etc. + that is whom we need to address. So please reach out not remain isolated, for our earth cannot be fragmented, rather no ecosystem can sustain on its own, + look at the history of what Russia, Britain, US have done to create ISIS. Not to mention leave Afghanistan in such destruction.
Tell them all no way will we accept anything but to acknowledge the truth, make wrongs right + build healing awareness to the many chasing what they have been programmed to believe, as others gained wrongly. Take the time to let those that have done wrong to understand the facts of how now to make it right.

   This is what our tools of the day can do, if we all work at correcting them. Please don`t underestimate the power we have as humans once we maintain sharp sensors. Together we can support each to walk ones path into ones opening, without leaving a footprint, no longer interfere in their ability to self direct from programming. Rather reflection of the truth can be felt for each to go within + sort oneself out, if we organize calmly to prioritize these issues of the times.

Thank you for do_in your walkabout, reaching all you can + helping us share what works, so please link, for the synergy working together can be really efficient.

Peace is our option now to co_evolve, so no more scars, only beautiful creative agro_ecology oriented w/ permacultured gardens as we allow large/micro transboundary migration paths to lead ours. for this is the life that will sustain us. Not the materialistic world or lost over internet. Only this is the life that our sensors can sharpen with so we gain simple respect to no longer exceed the natural local enhanced potential. Restoring this builds a life, far superior to a job, as we clean it up + accept nothing else then sharing bi`joy experiences.
have a natural local grown, wild food/fish/animal potluck + realize love is not enough, rather add some skilled wilderness awareness, wildcrafting + amazing ethnic stories that are still continuing will surface showing the many options now the earth + beyond offers.
showing ways to welcome all these people that have profited to now share their resources, as they also heal + together we see that this quality living cannot be bought . we want all to become whole + not waste time blaming.
so please do your homework, together we have a way that works, lov us,
i come to talk story, domain
please donate if you can help us reach out + simplify our platform.
thank you for your patience,

    i`m studying Google, non profit/Ed Apps, + happy to report we just uploaded the sun will set page so please take part.

 i`m here for you if you want to help us reach out..

 come talk


   peace, kara + mishi