Lets thank Iran people together, so all can go figure as earthlings!

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Please, all join in w/CODEPINK'S work to Iran, to add what Pre Trump is not;


These are indeed terrifying times. Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement is reckless, baseless and dangerous. We cannot allow him to take us down the path towards war with Iran.

Join Jane Fonda, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Noam Chomsky, Vijay Prashad, Eve Ensler, Mike Farrell, Frances Fisher, Shiva Rose, Matthew Modine, UPPJ, IPS, World Beyond War, Voices for Non Violence and more in reaching out to the Iranian people with an apology for our president’s unscrupulous behavior and a pledge to try to reverse this decision. We will publicize this “Apology to the Iranian People” via social media and publications inside Iran.

You can sign anonymously or publicly:

Open Letter to the People of Iran from the American People
Dear Friends,

We, the undersigned, apologize for Donald Trump’s reckless, baseless, and dangerous decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement and we pledge to do everything we can to reverse that decision.

We are ashamed that our government has broken an agreement that was already signed not just by the United States and Iran, but also by France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China, and then approved by the entire UN Security Council in a unanimous vote. We are ashamed that our government has broken a deal that was working, a deal with which Iran was complying, a deal  that was making our entire world safer and could have moved our nations closer towards the path of friendship.

Unlike our president, we believe that a deal is a deal. Unlike our president, we want to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East, not escalate them. Unlike our president, we want our nation’s resources to be dedicated to enriching people’s lives, not enriching the weapons makers. Unlike our president, we want to live in peace and harmony with the people of Iran.

We understand that our nation already has a dreadful history of meddling in the internal affairs of your country. The 1953 coup that overthrew your democratically elected government was unconscionable. So was US support for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein when he invaded Iran in 1980, including selling him material for making chemical weapons that were used against you. The 1988 shooting down of an Iranian civilian airliner, killing all 290 passengers and crew, was unconscionable. So, too, are the decades of covert actions to overthrow your government and the decades of sanctions that have brought such needless suffering to ordinary Iranians.

We understand that the US government has no business interfering in your internal affairs or in the Middle East in general. We should not be selling weapons to nations guilty of gross human rights violations or sending our military to fight in faraway lands. With all the flaws in our own society--from massive inequality and racism to a political system corrupted by monetary influences--we should clean up our own house instead of telling others how to govern themselves.

We will do everything in our power to stop Donald Trump from strangling your economy and taking us to war with you. We will ask the UN to sanction the United States for violating the nuclear agreement. We will urge the Europeans, Russians, and Chinese to keep the deal alive and increase their trade relations. And we will work to rid ourselves of this unscrupulous president and replace him with someone who is trustworthy, moral, and committed to diplomacy.

Please accept our hand in friendship. May the peacemakers prevail over those who sow hatred and discord.

Sincerely, we add our thoughts to create upon;

 Kara J Lincoln via patchestalk at Twitter and G+

   We thank you CODEPINK for all the great work you do, in helping us be aware so we can try to prevent such waste of human energy and for our natural world to be so abused, by such unnurtured people.

 To the earthlings on earth, in space, please have empathy for those doing this now. The scars on the planet have caused such disarray in a variety of ways. We as the human species have so much yet to be researched, as we carry medical issues and such a programmed variety due to all these scars, Con Barbara Lee shows a good EX and please see our response and join in;


  We are learning, the cultures in the world do give such common sense w/beauty of how to live in respect to all life on this planet, respecting the natural earth/space systems that give us our tools. And sadly many of us in the US have yet to learn them, w/so much lack of awareness shared.

But time is here, and we welcome you, we share our work in progress at `i come to talk story and welcome all to join in, so all hear a real story or correct us, please! Realizing humanity has answers now and all no matter where in what condition, enjoy along the way in celebration in thanks to the many that guide, knowing you too can make a difference and we hope to meet you, so join in!

Enough role modeling of blame without facts, and even w/facts go to those appropriate to resolve, not wast good media time stuck in the sewage soup. Rather lets come together and focus on sharing what works.

  We area as I say working to cut thru the controversy for our earth/space systems need to be defined by critical thinkers, 1 universal secular science/indigenous tongue, to resolve so all on the same page w/1 scaling mode that stays w/truth in the instance.

I thank CODEPINK for their history of good work, and w/such scars we ask all to end all Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no halflife, recyclable, and research how to rid waste and protect and heal from so much toxic going around the world. End all Military bases, US Gov being the worse footprint on earth/space, and end all weapons of war! We thank all earthlings to help us!

It's best to confront people w/what you feel and help them understand where wrong. For our 1% did not get their alone, I can't repeat this enough, many of us greedy or had no clue how we supported them, nor did we know how to search the footprint behind one's services or products and now we have such tools of the time to perfect and do this. We can learn about watts, to downscale our footprint, and not get caught in more hedge funds as in large alternative energy grids w/people from afar making pieces and profiting while leaving more footprint shipping parts from all over the world. Or the slave/childhood labor involved actually polluting their environment. Mac is a good one for this as people around the globe repair parts, as people should make items to recycle and add parts vs have to buy a new product. And actually, people are helping teach how to repair one's own when break. Or better yet;

  If we confront people and tell them no thanks unless they change principles and help them understand, and if they don't listen, we are starting a list and all should. So we can collectively exchange so as to get another that perhaps can help them understand. For Humanity has answers, and if we all get on the same page we can try to reverse the issues in the Arctic now rapidly increasing, which the feedback loops are creating our unstable weather everywhere on earth. And each will get worse, so prepare yourself and let's bring our skilled people together and collaborate, so common sense can be posted to us all to mindfully act in the instance. And help those most vulnerable.

  Ex; Dr, Helen Caldicott I thank for her beauty and perseverance in trying to educate us about the destruction of Nuclear locally and from afar. So please check her site out and monitor yourself, and help your community, become aware so vulnerable as in pregnant women/fetuses protect oneself, same children and frail next. And most important protected sex, sex education to know that sex is only a part of it, developing oneself is critical, due to so much programmed misbehavior passed on from generations trying their best to survive such terrible scars on the planet.so one becomes a local global and beyond mindful participant, so no child has to come into what many now are experiencing negatively. When yet so many have such beautiful homeschooling support to learn to nurture oneself.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to name a few, are such unnurtured beings, and some of us have edited ourselves and I too thought good work was being down by Barack then to see all the scars he contributed to globally, knowing well our US presidents are also puppets, that is another issue. So let's take as I suggested to Pres Trump before any renigging, or if he already did, talk to each other/Iranians and work out what is best for our earth/space systems # 1, and then let each local `plan be the best rule of understanding to live by ecologically. To respect and preserve the true microcosms, that keep us, humans, alive. So each community balances one's genetic biodiversity to keep them alive, as we link them w/neighbors. End false aid from afar.

But share w/us in solidarity, for each to gain one's own sovereignty as w/agroecological systems that is a political/social/economical along w/agriculture, movement to do this.

Peace be with all and thank you all earthlings, for saving our earth/space natural systems, for us each to have great tools to do one's organic exchanges and do your collective local `plan. We look forward to linking w/all and perfect our ideas as we create them together so all co_evolve!

Sincerely, kara speaking for our combined `effect!
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