Lets talk about the times, have a potluck but on Saturday April 26, lets eat oysters or hot dogs at the Charleston Oyster Feed, 12- 4

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Attention Folks, please help us share the much good solution oriented options we have now locally + afar, + join in!

Hello Folks,

                        What are you doing on April 26, Saturday from 12-4

  Why don`t you come interrelate, with the Charleston Oyster feed at the OIMB cafeteria
where fees from dinner help out the local community;

The Charleston Community Enhancement Corp. is a non-profit group dedicated to improving
the Charleston community for the benefit of visitors and residents. All proceeds from the Oyster
Feed will help support the group`s many community projects, including support of the Charleston Food Pantry.
 For additional media information, please contact:
 Elise Hamner, Communications and Community Affairs Manager
 Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
 Phone 541 267-7678 / Email ehamner@portofcoosbay.com

  We can discuss the issues of the times;

           Charleston Marina staff are working hard at building a marina + shipyard that can better facilitate all of us working + living here as well wants to work collectively w/the local community, making Charleston a successful community with all participating;

  so lets check into see how their plans are progressing..

            Their is no better education then for all to come together at the table, a local grown natural/wild fish potluck is next best, showing the true story w/local indicators. but Saturday we are supporting community that has been left behind, + we all know what it is like to be hungry, so the food bank can give that support with your support. As well those we have lost working for us all to give us wild fish/crab, etc.

            We never want to forget + the Memorial is for them + for all of us, to better understand how hard the local folks really work. So together we can give them empathy, listen to their story + attempt to simplify w/regulators so those that work our wild natural coast, in attempts to keep it a sustainable industry.. To have the right to have their voice heard + be supported at the table w/ the local F+W..

              As together all can make a successful collective industry, feeding us all, resolving it all, with your support, for they have been wrongfully over regulated + simple respect has been interfered in. + This can change by bringing them together + listening to each other, so all is respected for time sensitive working the elements, as well working w/local ways that work, that locals know well of, because they did it. + let them redo it now so all co_evolve together w/real time solution oriented options that fill our planet.

            Come walk the docks, crab/fish, talk to the them + buy from the commercial fisherman, make a day of this beautiful community to simply enjoy the natural environment.

            You can get caught up on the oyster, crab, shrimp + salmon fishing reality + help support good regulation by talking to all...

            Try to talk good sense into the Community Watch folks, to getting real w/their misinformation, that easily can interfere in any one`s good judgment. I know first hand their false accusations, + I would be happy to explain if not washing dishes or doing what needs to be done to participate in the days offerings to you. So contact me, kara j lincoln, at link below.

            Then we have our neighbors + human family, locally + afar that need our attention, + we can be triggered to rethink. + I know I will be working to hard Saturday to discuss this with you, but I am certainly willing to gather w/you + your friends + neighbors, another time + share in this thought. For we have a plan for students to come out of schoolroom + into our communities + help us restore our ecological sustainable working communities;

             That means all of us, working w/the undeveloped student within, to come to the table, or be supported if unable to bring your voice + interact. + yes it would be nice to work w/our local educational institutions, as we welcome you to invite them. So we seriously take a review of what others are doing;

             Which we presently at – i come to talk story, are working at a means to share + link, giving us feedback of what many good folks are working at locally + afar, helping us to rethink what we can do locally, as we work + retain our natural seasonal sustainable biome(s) as we network, do_in our `plan land fresh water flow to seas use review + act responsibly.

So we all become mindful local, global + beyond participants, that everyone of one of us are capable to do, if we restore our natural *enhanced ecological sustainable working community, + do it simply by focus directing on what all is familiar with, which is our local food stewardship. + in solidarity we share what works for all locally + afar to do the same. + The students can co_evolve the curriculum in every community, as together they locally do it. + when they come from home school to private school to public school + put their heads + hearts together for + w/their local communities, + find a way to work all this good sensitivity in, then only then will we gain social empathy along w/the truth as we hear every one`s story.

Only this will stop the war mode industrialized + false green, economies, reestablishing our world markets w/ethics so all gain simple respect working within mother earth`s enhanced limits. For only then can the natural world sustain us all.

   We do not have a carbon issue if our healthy fossil fuels are supplemented w/alternative low impact, individually planned w/in every community, to say NO to any large grid farm, whether solar, wind or wave. No GMO anywhere to be used, as students will do the local fact finding as their class room becomes the extended community, as they welcome all leaving negative impact, toxic + ill effects to rethink with all, as each community establishes their local tapering transition w/local regulators. So now planning works w/locals.

  Humanity, these are the real jobs needed! (thanks Lou) so please come together, volunteer + work into meaningful careers, that will give you much more than just a job. Rather now w/us working within our natural enhanced limits we seriously can heal as we reflect, rid our baggage + get mentally clear + physically strong.

   By working our seasonal biome(s) sensitively, becoming aware of the natural in time truth, we then will `boon with it, preparing us to co_evolve the human species. If you look at the UN`s Sustainable Energy For All, + please work with it. They think they want large grids to over ride local`s managing/creating/resolving. Same w/ their Agenda 21 project i`ve yet to study but hear others talking about it, as they want people to move to town to leave nature, forget it they are missing sound science. This is limited thinking produced from programmed thought riding on the wave of disassociated energy, w/divestment`s from delusion still working w/delusion. For to end fossil fuels the way they are presently + in past being used, leaves many good traditional engineers to be created + inspired that can work now w/the fortunate locals we have now in every community to help us co_evolve what can work + tapering back into sound science that has been fragmented + interfered with.

   Rather our students can help us redesign our working biome(s), so now any natural disaster becomes much more friendly, no more fear based exploitation, rather by working our seasonal biome(s) we can become mentally + physically stronger, not have to carry those pill + poop buckets as we run w/emotions out of sorts. Rather we can have seasonal comfort starting w/toilets, nice out houses, bio-sanitation planning, not to mention foraged food along our paths as we replant the abundance, etc. this creative list goes on, come check out our work in progress at – i come to talk story, as we work to link sharing what works w/respect to all life that we all are interdependent on.

  We all need to recognize the much dysfunction that is in every entity we have now existing + oligarchs have arose around the planet pulling every one`s strings, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, to name a few. + it is wrong for any person to interfere in our natural world, let alone take over governments, when yet we together can work for us all to be sovereign on not just our local back yard, but on our mother earth.

   For no ecosystem can be isolated. Our life depends on our genetic biodiversity to link in every community for the micro biome(s) + large browser trans boundary migration that lead our path. Sadly when all these parks/states/federal/international boundaries where created, they failed to see what we now see that our wild lands cannot be wild unless we continue to live on them seasonally. So these boundaries must be removed + we all must sensitively work together.

   We have many indigenous that show us well as w/the Amazonian`s, many good scientific studies have been done, yet to be over ruled by developers that planning allowed to go in + deplete the habitats, destroy the environments. Why?

  Before I share enhanced lets talk about disassociated energy. Which is what is interfering in us all, even creating the oligarchs, for they did not do this alone. No it was the greed in us all that ran on their wave. So now we must realize we can harness this energy, for it steals good energy from our organs within + depletes our natural world that only once balanced can heal us.

  Sure many good ideals on the table but sadly they are not being empathetic in real time, leaving more left behind. Why as ex; would NPR talk about a ER tool in the ambulance to help doctors faster identify a stroke to prevent further damage, without looking at our early signs yet to be looked at. Such as the sheep mode we put our self in, as many are still in it, riding on others wave. Thinking others can do it for us.

  This is why a natural local grown/saved seed, NO GMO, NO monocultures (accept for industrialized hemp which puts nutrients back into the soil, etc.) potlucks show us the most efficint way to resolve all this. It`s indicators show the many food desserts, stores people are interdependent on that purchase food afar, w/huge footprints, + I don`t mean just carbon, for many are misunderstanding that reality + have become fear based w/much misinformation same w/350.org, their + other divestment`s are wrong.

  Folks, i`ve gotten tired of petitions, but we need to do what ever we can until more sane local living takes place. Please see Credo`s petition + say NO to GMO labeling, not to mention call your legislators + gather locally to discuss how we can stop them completely as many in the rest of the world are doing;


  Please see our Coos Bay rally notes for history links, we have a long ways to go;


Same w/Keystone XL + other routes for corporations to process + carry fuel thru local communities leaving negative ill effects, + transported to other countries, this is wrong, say NO + look into the many being negatively effected in Canada + the US..
                        What are you doing, check out what other folks are;

                          see Fossil Fuel Action Northwest`s  Facebook page


+ Here is some local history of what we can do, look at Eugenes` Bill of Rights..


     Going from one bad science to another along w/many folks doing good in fragments yet divestment`s wrong, etc. so please be vigil + say NO to all large developments. Accept nothing but well mindful thought out natural local low impact `plan.

     OFA along w/UN is asking for comment, so please folks lets educate our self + know what is proposed vs. what you take part in understanding + stay actively involved.

   Miguel Altieri says it best, for he knows well our global food crises we are in w/agriculture. He writes curriculum from indigenous still using traditional ways w/similar yields yet leaves no toxic ill effects, but Miguel gets his good references over ruled from others that think they need to feed the world, it is a delusion they are in + their choices are hurting us all.+ the Bill Gates mode needs to be welcomed into their local tapering transition, for they are part of the problem w/many.

   We have an abundant of local solution oriented options, but we all must do our homework + we all can offer great awareness as together we heal, prioritize those left behind + together bring all to the local table + do your  local `plan. + do it from the heart. don`t let corporate/people sell you anything else, but locals working the `plan w/students networking so together locals rethink + do what can trigger the best balanced environment, so no more does any fear based misinformation as w/ the terrorist being created, from the resultant of the local degradation from those creating profit, running loose w/no good ecological science via planning to stop them from exceeding mother earth`s enhanced limits.

    I know this can be difficult to comprehend, but trust your heart + let your students work with you. Together they can help w/ their energy, help you restore your sharp sensors that you have allowed to dull. Yes we have great inner tools if maintained, so we discipline our self sensory observation vs belief. So we stay within our skin, maintaining sharp sensors.

    The students in a variety of chores can eli9vated your stress, as you then sharpen + your exchange, + there is no better education for any of us, then to take part in this transformation of energy. + we are fortunate to have many beautiful sensitive people to reflect with as they link, gathering like ecosystem/season/subject feedback. Then bring it back from this representative interchangeable role that they + teachers are very capable w/your help, sure all is fragmented to begin with, but trust your heart you folks will go figure this out together.

+ as we calmly say No thanks + welcome them into sharing to see yet another way of local sound science reality created w/locals simply respecting mother earth as they `boon w/the natural wild world, keeping it wild, w/respect for all life that sustains us, yet finding the way to live in harmony with all. So as we efficiently restore our working communities, we do it locally + afar where ever we are fortunate to be. So now peace within us all opens doors + false boundaries welcoming people to share this planet + beyond together.

   So you can continue to ride on the wave of he industrialized complex that produces ill effects for all life or you can sharpen your dull sensors + create another way. + by starting w/a potluck, the trillion cells you have can now be fed by you, as you share a dish. For if you choose to be fed by another completely, believe me you will have no life of your own.

                             So come participate on Saturday + have some oysters.

    For now the issues of the times are being done from programmed neuro networks, as people grab land/sea/freshwater everywhere. Take a review Monsanto/Exon the whole list wants Ukraine. + they like it when people are in conflict using weapons of war, for that then builds their pocket books as they gain on puts + calls, creating the action, as others loose. You don`t have to believe me, many others are talking about it, see this ex;

              Former US intelligence officer Scott Rickard talks about the role of the oligarchs in the collapse of the USSR and the poisonous plutocratic system of the Western Oligarchs in other countries pervasive today. What is the "black bank"? How were the Midwest corn to Ethanol tycoons tied to the Israeli assassins in Dubai? Who is Igor Kostikov? Who gave the order really to invade Libya and why? What to the oligarchs and IMF have planned for Ukraine now? How were the Zionist instrumental in looting Russia post USSR?  


Ok Folks ask yourself what effects you are leaving on your self + others by interacting or not + realize we can change our misuse/abuse. Our locals have answers in every community as well many are living w high sugar levels/misusing/abusing, left in the fog, etc.

     I am happy to gather in a fund raiser as a US non – profit, i come to talk story, to discuss this w/you, but on Saturday as I state I will be doing what ever it takes + last time I did dishes for 5 hours for we had a success, so please come back to the Charleston Oyster Feed???

     Now take a good look at what we can do together as we create on Miguel`s work;

           working with in our local *enhanced natural limits + stay with it, with your locals living local, maintaining it. Not as in the TPP where goods will be shipped at a vast footprint across the planet. Rather tell Barack as a friend, as a President, we want to support you to brake those puppet strings, + as a human being + a very potential one, please come live as a local with us, so we share what works w/our local + afar neighbors + stop the misinformation that creates terrorists, as well end all weapons of war + respect those that do a fair hunt for their own food/etc.  As all retain their local sovereignty `boon w/the natural *enhanced world;

*enhance food security while conserving natural resources... Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable... as a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.
Agroecology is a scientific discipline that uses ecological theory to study, design, manage and evaluate agricultural systems that are productive but also resource conserving.

Agroecological research considers interactions of all important biophysical, technical and socioeconomic components of farming systems and regards these systems as the fundamental units of study, where mineral cycles, energy transformations, biological processes and socioeconomic relationships are analyzed as a whole in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Agroecology is concerned with the maintenance of a productive agriculture that sustains yields and optimizes the use of local resources while minimizing the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of modern technologies. In industrial countries, modern agriculture with its yield maximizing high-input technologies generates environmental and health problems that often do not serve the needs of producers and consumers. In developing countries, in addition to promoting environmental degradation, modern agricultural technologies have bypassed the circumstances and socio-economic needs of large numbers of resource-poor farmers.

The contemporary challenges of agriculture have evolved from the merely technical to also include social, cultural, economic and particularly environmental concerns.

Agricultural production issues cannot be considered separately from environmental issues. In this light, a new technological and development approach is needed to provide for the agricultural needs of present and future generations without depleting our natural resource base. The agroecological approach does just this because it is more sensitive to the complexities of local agriculture, and has a broad performance criteria which includes properties of ecological sustainability, food security, economic viability, resource conservation and social equity, as well as increased production.

To put agroecological technologies into practice requires technological innovations, agriculture policy changes, socio-economic changes, but mostly a deeper understanding of the complex long-term interactions among resources, people and their environment. To attain this understanding agriculture must be conceived of as an ecological system as well as a human dominated socio-economic system. A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

Agroecology provides a framework by applying ecological theory to the management of agroecosystems according to specific resource and socio-economic realities, and by providing a methodology to make the required interdisciplinary connections.

Agroecology in Action is appropriate for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses. It is also appropriate for extension professionals and scientists engaged in applied research. Because of the book’s critique of traditional means of generating and extending knowledge within the land grant university system, and the promise conveyed through Warner’s accounts and analysis of a variety of alternative, collaborative, and participatory approaches to creating a more sustainable, ecologically-based agriculture, the book could serve as an inspiration and model for professionals seeking new ways to conduct their work.

International Agroecology CENSA: Center for the Study of the Americas, Berkeley, CA
The main goal of this program is to promote agroecological initiatives that exert a positive impact on the livelihoods and food sovereignty of small farming communities in various Latin American countries.

     The basic tenet of this program is that the success of such initiatives is dependent on the use of a variety of agroecological improvements that in addition to farm diversification favoring a better use of local resources, also emphasize human capital enhancement and community empowerment through training and participatory methods as well as higher access to truly fair markets, credit and equitable income generating activities.

     Access to land, water, native seeds and other basic resources and services is of course a key prerequisite.

    Our experience shows that in most cases, farmers adopting agroecological models achieve significant levels of food security and natural resource conservation. A key focus of the International Agroecology Program is to scale-up these initiatives to enable wider impact, through a significant increase in the knowledge and management of agroecological principles and technologies between farmers of varied socio-economic and biophysical conditions, and between institutional actors involved in peasant agricultural development.

 International Agroecology program has three projects located in Brazil, Chile and Mexico. See Miguel Altieri`s website for updates

Please begin..

   Ok Folks it`s up to you to do your homework + reach out + reflect, let us help if need. + Please say NO to supporting industrialized military or any agriculture/processed food or fish, as you tell your locals, your legislators, your President, your UN if all is to continue, it must be recycled + work w/each local community, so students seriously co_evolve w/us all for our human potential now to `boon w/our natural local enhanced environments. As we become aware + work seasonally sensitively;

       So as to retain human dignity, as we all walk by our students side, do_in our walkabout customized for collective prioritizing as we focs direct together, sharing what works. + Gain respect for our fellow human family as well the animal kingdom we belong to that sustains our good health, our food as they pollinate + rid our pests as we stay in balance w/them. + On this planet as together we redo the wrongs w/in respect for each, we stop wasting human resources as well as our natural.

     Redirecting our resources as we suggest can easily help us prioritize those in need now + give them a hand, so once they come about w/sharp sensors, believe me our local communities will celebrate + music will fill the air, not drones. Rather they can be recycled to help us access, as we educate + share the much awareness that our earth + beyond offers us now.  + seriously build natural creative healthy communities as our best medicine. As all work at bring all of earth + beyond to harmony in a good tapering transition, opening many positions. So only then do we start new development/restoration as then will be very clear not to have to go thru this again.

    For we have way to many scars on this planet + beyond that need our attention. + Miguel`s good work can help us trigger our thought along with many do_in a local `plan, planting cooperative foraging, small farms w/CSA`s as w/Sarah`s Growing Crazy + the list is vast so check your Local Harvest link

   + collective food forests as w/ Fukuoka`s work, or permaculture now, as Jenny Pell + others redo whole communities, + don`t forget if confused from western medical ways or trapped, get another opinionj, seek out Traditional Chinese Medicine as w/ Yun Wang at Oriental Herbs, in Seattle, if no good natural alternatives locally. etc;

      thank you all for what you do, + even thought I do not credit you here, do please come participate + link with us, sharing what works for you. So you help us restructure what works making a great tool for all to see yet another way that works.

    Come have a nice dinner, listen to music + communicate. So you can develop your local potluck to continue the conversation so you can act skillfully + share what works..

     Come participate in – i come to talk story + help make a tool we are working at to link, so all can carry it in your community shared tool shed, as we address these negative issues, help bring calm to the many issues now on many of tables + resolve w/the great solution oriented options we have locally + afar to reflect with;


+ stay updated for we have some nice upcoming projects, as well w/lil bugs (children) also helping them understand early on, what many of us yet to understand, that we can `boon w/our wild, interface so as to better use our ears + eyes to help folks understand to protect the natural world that sustains us all.
Peace is our option if you take part now..

Sincerely, kara j lincoln, that speaks for our combined` effect, as many are not so fortunate.
email; kareje@ictts.org
tel;1-360-450-3749 + please leave a message + I will call back.