Lets really undo failures of the past and work together..

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President Trump, our human family, has many issues that are unexcusable, locally and afar. When yet humanity has options now for each community to resolve.

  Please shift w/us and let humanity help. Soldiers i can't tell you how bad the vets care is. I'm surrounded w/men and women w/PTSD and yet are uncared for from the vets hospital. Sure some are but many are not. I remember dad in Arkansas, a vet having such bad care, and that carried thru his death, when westen medicine decided after a stroke he should die and they stopped feeding him. By the time i heard of this and saw him knowing well this was not right. I brought in a Chinese neurosurgeon and he agreed. It took me 10 days of dad having no food, before i could get the doctors to start feeding him again.

  Dad knew all along, as he worsened that i was trying to help and changes would take place. Soon we started a feeding tube, swabbing his throat w/herbal formulas that helped. Soon tube was out and he was eating and we were going on outings. Sadly our family having much dysfunction was not prepared for all this and i can see how it was very complicated for him. His wife left him, took his dog, his children not communicating as we could of. So we know well how un nurtured we all where w/oneself and each other, learning the hard way, that never no one should have to.

  The world's cultures have something to teach us all.

Amazing why you don't add Chinese Traditional Medicine to western medicine. Have doctors go back to school and every pharmacy would also have a skilled person w/herbal formulas, so as to define when to do what w/what and heal.

 Pres trump/Congress/Senate/House, all i think you should take a review of how bad people are misdignosed and then not managed w/toxic medicine that leave dangerous side effects, plus very expensive as many profit. Meanwhile no matter what the issue, especially if catch early on herbal formulas from skilled doctors can help, even if too late can prevent suffering so one is more comfortable.

  My once friend that helped dad refuses to work w/western medicine, knowing how bad it is. But Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle still does and teaches doctors, as many are shifting. I've been in classes with them.

  Even the addictions can be better handled w/experineced herbal formulas customized for each person. it is wrong to allow western drugs to kill slowly as they do ery painfully.

In response to Your speech President Trump i feel only an un nurtured person/child is aggressive beyond a healthy ego.

Please read on for we have a plan and i ask you does your plan include it, if not please add or come talk and we will help. As well soldiers/people, if Pres Trump/Govs do not listen to humanity's options please help him understand and do what can to stop all agressive acts from destroying life on our planet, when so many are in need of support now. And this shifting/rethinking/redirecting resources can more efficinetly be used now. And we defined most efficiently is for every community to do one's local `plan.

   Re: Response to President’s Trumps speech on Afghanistan and South Asia, from Fort Meyer, Virginia. 8.22.17

     Shame on us all, for taking this long, before awakening to what truly sustains everyone’s life on earth to be supported. So all can give/gain support for us all to become local, global and beyond mindful participants.

        Ask yourself do you want to see this continue or do you want to right now, tell yourself/the child next to you/the student within all young and old, that this is fragmented information that we are hearing from what should be a responsible role. Rather it is twilight zone programmed from the past.

                                           What is fragmented you may ask?

      First of all why does US Gov speak of the `American people vs talk of our human family on earth?

  Do you realize that humanity cannot be isolated, nor any habitat on earth, without negatively affecting the rest of life on earth that is our sustaining life force on earth. The microcosms of life in our soil/water/air/compost/sanitation, systems etc. must be balanced by each community in order to balance one’s genetic bio diversity, to link w/neighbors. To `boon w/the tools that earth/space natural systems give us, to build a healthy balanced life on earth.

           Without gentic biodiversity linking on earth humans cannot co_evolve as a human species.

                                             Let alone survive the raising temperatures.

 So the Military mechanism of training others to kill, especially w/such Nuclear/biolgical/chemical, weapons of war that are very toxic to life on earth, let alone very wasteful in using resources that could better go to efficiently stop the scars from continuing on earth and in space, so as to sustain/restore healthy communities on earth.

   Not just in fragments for awhile, as people may think `America will not be affected by wars in other places on earth. Your wrong!

   When life of various forms are killed in one location of earth, it offsets a healthy balance interfering in life everywhere. Some locations faster than others. Have you looked at the machinery in US Military. Watch weather patterns/currents winds shift toxic compounds from one place to another, carry thru people traveling/food/water, etc.?

         This article gives a good reality check yet it also leaves question of what might then be created in US bases, if they haven’t already stock piled them w/more high risk destructive weapons of war, that effect all life on earth/space??

  Thank you Times.com for this article that we suggest all to read;

                      ` Why We Should Close America’s Military Bases Overseas..


For if the 800 US bases are closed due to the other 6 reasons that make sense to me, then I have to ask about further explanation of the 7th suggestion of US Military having technology to control from US mainland. As in;
 Quote article;

7. Technology has largely made them obsolete.
Some argue that bases allow rapid military response. That’s certainly true to some extent. But modern military technology has significantly reduced the problems of travel times over long distances. According to a recent RAND Corporation report, “lighter ground forces can deploy by air from the United States almost as quickly as they can from within a region.” Long-range bombers can fly missions up to 9,000 miles, and after that they can be refueled in the air, reducing the need to have in-place forces abroad.

The bottom line is that troops can deploy to virtually any region fast enough to be based right here in America.

But even this misses the point. We shouldn’t be intervening militarily all over the world unless there is a clear and present danger to U.S. security. Despite the habitual threat inflation in our politics and punditry, the world is increasingly peaceful, and the U.S. is exceptionally insulated from foreign dangers. Our remarkable level of security simply doesn’t call for such an activist foreign policy.

End Quote.

 So does that mean if US ended all bases afar, that more Military preparedness would be added to US mainland? Where would all the destructive life weapons of war go, to surrounding countries to recoup profits?

   Lets step back a bit and ask;

     Where is the transparency for earth/space platform to communicate? So `we the people, can hear stories from these so called thugs/killers/losers, Taliban/Akida/ISIS, etc. Vs Military alone assessing all this information, without opening to public input?

   Where is the training curriculum shared, also, to be added to from humanity’s ways that work now. As in explaining some reality checks of life on earth now, so as to look at the whole picture vs thinking of America alone?

     Who is the undeveloped child within? The bigger killer? One that is upset due to having local communities interfered in as one wants other’s resources/accuses one falsely/unaware of self nurturing to remain calm to resolve vs aggressive developement, etc. again without platform to collaborate/debate the issues and mindfully act?? Well our plan will include this and yours should too.


    One that wastes much resources on toxic Military weapons of war, that fights to win what? That destroy not just a pinpoint target but much life in one’s communities as well vets come home w/PTSD/contaminated w/Nuclear radiation passing it on thru sex to their children or addicited/suicidal/communities hit as much is known as well soldiers, etc..

    Life requires people to work together and balance communities true sustaining harmony wpeople locally being mindful, balancing one's priorities, one's genetic biodiversity, in order to link w/one’s neighbors, supplying tools to oneselves to work within earth/space natural systems to sustain all life on earth, each doing their part.

   Forget Democracy, it takes a healthy mindbody to think equality, that is only in patches now on earth. Plus these pockets are willing to share what works to these pockets without ecological awareness.

  That also pollinate one’s crops, if one is allowed to pass on one’s seeds, vs GMOS that restrict and are toxic, along w/monocultures, that contaminate water ways/soils, and use toxic pesticides that harm life and people. See the good work from `Moms Across America and see their studies of Roundup and how ill it makes a child, etc.. Also the life all need within oneself and within one’s community, to sustain with, as balanced genetic bio diversity freely migrates once communities balance them with one’s choices that work, as w/agroecological systems shared w/neighbors, which naturally support the balance that links them. As well welcomes the species that pollinate our foods/medicines, as well keep the balance of pests in check.

Masanubu Fukuoka’s very good work defined there is no pest, rather humans create them by bad habits, building homes for them to propagate, that make us then ill.

This is what humans have to do to obtain healthy communities. Vs Causing the number 1 climate increase due to use of pesticides, Walmart says that pollution is higher then the factory or shipping, etc. Which Walmart now brings to attention.

You may say; all life on earth is too far away to be bothered, if US Military bombs Afghanistan/Pakistan/Syria, etc. this list is lengthy as many profit financially thinking that is most important as they feel good mode thinking they are protecting us from bad people.

Meanwhile they have and continue to destroy microbiomes that the human species needs t survive healthy lives, as well the life that sustains us.. This goes far beyond a large energy grid that also is just another profit hedge fund, same w/ Al Gore’s support of credit Swaps, amazing how unaware we all have been and continue to be. Yet we allow our Governments to tell us what is best for us as they destroy what we really need to fight climate change, build our healthy communities, heal, etc.

   Well if more schools would use communities as classrooms, each then could do one’s local `plan, reviewing entire biome(s). Prioritizing which issues of the times are affecting negatively what. Vs just listening to incomplete subject matter, left in fragments. Then to network and define more detail, who is responsible, how each can take mindful action to hold self accountable and others and restore one’s ecological sustainable working community, saying NO to weapons of war that destroy life on earth that affect all..

   And welcome even those leaving negative effects into one’s local `tapering transition to gain understanding of these issues, and resolve. For humanity over 5000 years have lived w/agroecological systems in patches. Which all should be fortunate to these peasants/fisher folks that have kept biodiversity in balance in patches at least vs wiping it all out more?? Ad some communities.. As they obtained local food/energy and technology, sovereignty. That can share with you what works, so you shift. And w/your help, we hope to perfect our virtual platform to make this more efficient to do such exchanges, as every community should prioritize one’s total soverightny. Ending false aid from afar, including Military so called training.

  And redirect your resources into networking in solidarity humanities ways that work to self sustain. Telling US to take US Military home and lets share what it takes to build healthy communities. For many in the world do this naturally.

   The world has much to offer from a lengthy history of communities working together. Look at them, Russia’s countryside is one. Yet look at the media attention to blame them, when jill Stein shows well of much dysfunction w/US voting system, that all can take part now in changing.

   People please realize you can make a difference, look around you, look within and do your homework, don’t waste time blaming others alone. Rather thru your local `plan good reps in interchangeable roles can show exactly who is to blame or what, where when, so then if need help resolving the collective communities talking same language can then help.

                Their are many good groups to show good experiences to shift. If we do this together, then we don’t have to waste time signing petitions (what is worse is seeing legislators signing them, how bad is that)/suing in dysfunctional courts, where they detain or make a deal, (How does that help make change when one does wrong doings or buys their way out vs be held accountable to make it right?), etc.

  Resolve you may say, we feel if every community could prioritize one’s local `plan, you are best to go figure w/your community and network via like ecosystem/season and subject to see options to help you fine tune what works for your natural `enhanced potential??

   Which would encumber many subject matters teaching student within all some reality checks that just are not understood from many, including the President/Congress/Senate, etc. of the US Gov. let alone many other Govs on earth. When yet many have goodness to share that works.

   Then perhaps all could prioritize 1 Universal Sound Science of common sense, from local `plan’s lessons. So people become aware, network at low cost using tools of the times and heal, and those unable can be supported via collective interchangeable roles as community’s network doing what works to make life of all kinds supported to be in harmony, not depleted or suffer as now much is.

   It is an undeveloped child that is aggressive beyond a healthy ego and they did not get their alone. Rather many families are transmitting disease/carrying forward like Nuclear radiation as it accumulates, students left not prioritizing one’s communities real issues/needs or offerings to help. When yet students/communities can change curriculum while co_evolving, restoring one’s sustainable `enhanced working communities, working in solidarity, networking locally and afar.

    To see a video from Ex; UNOCHA and see an old lady ask for help. How bad has this become, when people have lost awareness putting these worn torn links together? The resources to make a video can shift to one’s local `plan, showing why this issue exists and students do their homework working with the community. Not chasing a delusional dream as many in Mexico are as UNOCHA says less are traveling across the US border but more are dyeing. Then to see you President Trump want to waste more resources to put up a wall, vs work w/networking as students can do well, to orchestrate local `plans. To prioritize making a real whole life going beyond any delusion dream, as even Americans are stuck in.

   I could spend time here showing you all the lawsuits toward you President Trump from selling US waterways for profit, from `Food and Water Watch, or as in locally, the Gov in City of Coos Bay, OR does not have plan to dispose of the waste that a group called `Leaven No Trace continues to find that pollutes water ways/local hidden places that people thru trash in, as they have taken tons of waste/tires/pharmaceuticals, etc. out when city did work with them, then had to quit.

  The stories I witness daily are uncalled for and can be resolved and fuels us to do more to our virtual platform, to perfect the efficiency so people can feel comfortable to take part and make a difference by being organized w/one’s local `plan. We have a plan to fuel local `plans, which w/US Gov’s resources along w/UN’s could of done long ago and still can. For every plan of any training should prioritize what the issue is and how locals can resolve it and if need support where and help them get it, while simultaneously all globally doing the same local `plan, networking humanities great ways that continue to work, without aggressive acts.

  Rather as Native Indians did, yet many have lost their way, while many are reuniting. They have many good lessons to learn from as the elders group and take w/early signs these aggressive acts and define how best to help one develop self into one’s opening, so as to find one’s place in the community to make a difference. As all are needed to do one’s local `plan. When Gov tells able people what to do or what you will do without having an open transparent platform welcoming input is wrong. For all an able person needs is to understand, and that can come from students involvement using communities as extended classrooms, prioritizing w/communities, giving hands on exchanges. So collective support is defined for those in need w/early signs defined, and better yet people become aware when best to ask whom for what??
Not as an old lady as in the film of UNOCHA, that has had her personal items/home taken from her then to reach out to the world to help. Where was/is her local `plan and why would that not be prioritized?

 I’ve suggested to UN to take their own investments and put them into local `plans to do this, so local `plan retains controlling interest for local biome(s) from locals working them w/agroecological systems as one’s ecological `enhanced working community is designed around it. To take a stance to help World Markets regain ethics and respect for our earth/space natural systems. Which space4peace.org can show well how polluted space is from US Military weapons of war. And look at geoengineeringwatch.org. See how investors care of profiting and that must change. `We the people should not any more sell our self out. Rather we can become aware and act mindfully shifting, helping people understand it is our earth/space that requires us all to work within these natural `enhanced limits.

For so much life giving changes are made daily giving people tools to gain balance, yet many have no clue what to do. As wrong issues are supported leaving many unable to comprehend, so they end up confused, w/anxiety, easily agitated ending up in misuse/abuse. This can be stopped by students exponentially reaching out and helping out as they orchestrate w/their communities. Reflecting themselves, as people co_evolve sharpening their sensors, as they have had hands on help from simple chores/gaining simple understandings. Then to come back and want to do their part.

                      This is the true human nature that a healthy human being offers.

   US Military has the largest footprint on earth/space now. When yet climate temperatures are increasing. Dr. Guy McPherson working w/scientists say we have less than 10 years before temperatures will reach numbers that will supersede the last extinction of much life on earth.

This is not even discussed let alone help all understand what to do to try to change these figures. As even some scientists are afraid to tell the truth due to what officials due to them, etc.

It should be common sense that no one interferes in any life, yet where does all the funding come from for Military weapons of destruction? You got it, your pocket contributes. Yet do you take the time to see the dysfunctional UN struggling to resolve all the conflict areas left without? Well you too can go to UNOCHA and subscribe to each place and they will tell you the updated detail of the number of children/adults dead/suffering over issues that humanity has answers for. Yet not implemented when could be.

President Trump this is what I am doing because I see you are not doing it and should be, for you/UN, could do this a lot better than I with your resources. It’s time to co_evolve the US Gov and UN, for many resources are destroying life vs helping all life on earth.

I share what I submitted awhile back to fuel all to rethink and shift;

5.13.17 As i shared in response (please note I made a few corrections to spellings) to, Tell Oregon House Committee on Energy & Environment:

No Loopholes for Radioactive Waste
I strongly urge you to reject SB 990 and protect the health of Oregonians from the threat of nuclear waste.

Shame on you; Chair Helm, Vice-Chair Johnson, Vice-Chair Power, and Members of the House Committee on Energy and Environment, and all in US Government as well International entities that should have truth and transparency for the earth/space’s natural systems being abused, not isolating for 1 community or state or even 1 country. We all are one and effected when the earth’s currents/winds/food/people, etc. travel as they do continually.

We have a plan to fuel every local `plan globally, networking in solidarity. As students focus direct w/one’s communities as extended classrooms., doing one’s local `plan. Co_evolving curriculum as one’s enhanced ecological sustainable working community is restored. For humanity has solution oriented options for all to understand.. Working w/neighbors to balance the genetic biodiversity that the human species is interdependent on. This then is our true energy source.  All can gain this understanding once all support each other to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant.

No more as in many may think if can think at all, that many of us in US Governing bodies and other countries are controlled by the Rockefeller zionist Dynasty, as David Icke speaks of it and others. Or how about the controversy of Ex; 9/11 See video and do your own homework; The Anatomy of a Great Deception (2014). Written, Directed and Produced by David Hooper.

I add; So President Trump any truth to this above? Who is pulling your puppet strings? Time to stop it and do for life on earth to be healthy.

Where 1 Universal Sound Science can be used, vs people think what they are doing for able people is needed vs listening to one’s local `plan’s real facts. Then if none profit vs think of supporting them to see what you do, sharing in solidarity as you work at US local `plans, which many school boards/regulators are not responding to, why? When yet many un healthy communities, leaving many ignorant and many left behind suffering, dyeing prematurely..

Not to mention all these priority issues can be dealt with by each community doing one’s local `plan, recycling local materials to review entire biomes by locals, ending all Colonial grids from afar. As locals work and maintain for locals, localized systems w/low impact, sensitively and skillfully working all the wild, that once was set aside for tourists or preservation or as private use to others, not allowing locals to sustains from it.

Their is no better tourism attraction then to see people welcomed into one’s local `plan, w/hands on creating together, working within the enhanced natural communities.

`Enhanced from Prof Miguel Altieir’s perspective, his good work explains this best;

    1. Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability and balancing nutrient flow.
    2. Securing favorable soil conditions for plant growth, particularly by managing organic matter and enhancing soil biotic activity.

    3. Minimizing losses due to flows of solar radiation, air and water by way of microclimate management, water harvesting and soil management through increased soil cover.

    4. Species and genetic diversification of the agroecosystem in time and space.

    5. Enhance beneficial biological interactions and synergisms among agrobiodiversity components thus resulting in the promotion of key ecological processes and services.    

Miguel fuels our virtual platform `i come to talk story we are perfecting w/everyone’s help. He knows well a new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

   by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still do_in w/out leaving toxic effects, (as industrial agriculture does w/pesticides/inability to save seeds, controlled by Corporations abusing many farmers), knows well,

       ` can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

I add; President Trump does your plan to train Afghanistan officials/Military include these prerequisites?

   Fueled by our plan which represents many globally doing great work in patches. And it is these patches we hope to link w/pockets without sharing in exchange these basic nuts and bolts for living local, leaving no one left behind.

   As all local `plans prioritize what is toxic and what can be restored, protecting those most vulnerable from not just priorities such as Nuclear radiation, but also as what Dane speaks of at geoengineeringwatch.org, not to mention the many Universities thru out the earth/US as w/Julia, Professor at UN WA, where she runs the COASST program w/citizen science to log dead birds on the beach then use science to chart, feeling the warming ocean is not from Nuclear radiation from Fukushima Daichi Nuclear accident. So i sent her the geoengineering link and yet to hear her response. Nor does she believe Arnie Gunderson's work.

  But what is not good is for science/lack of sound science, in schools/communities/Gov, etc. to be so fragmented/corrupt/ misinforming, etc.. When People like Arnie Gundersen, Helen Caldicott, Timothy Mousseou, Kate Brown and many more work hard due to most Govs/entities globally not being truthful, nor transparent, as Nuclear radiation fills the planet, mostly N hemisphere yet no plan for waste. Yet Military Industrial Complex keeps draining/wasting resources leaving the biggest carbon footprint, not to mention interferes everywhere it goes.

  To think that any ecosystem can be isolated from our natural earth/space processes is you people not understanding 1 Universal Sound Science, which humanity has, but sadly many scientists are fragmented/issues corrupted, etc. to permit such toxic developments.

Humanity has options now if we organize.

  For Gov/Entities/Universities, etc. are housing people that are, as many say are doing reruns w/;

    *Pithy put-downs *Name-calling and insults *Ad hominem attacks that try to negate an opinion by alleging negatives about the person supporting it *Impugning others' motives *Emotional rants *Bullying and harassment *Completely off-topic posts *Posting inaccurate "facts” etc.. This list goes on..

Please know that we don't have time to engage in senseless banter.

   But in local tapering transitions students orchestrating local `plans, walking by the sides of skilled/communities, networking can give facts as priorities are broken down. As you and all that exceed these enhanced natural limits in your policy making/decisions/misunderstandings, can then rethink, step down or change policy for all to become whole and do what is right for one’s local `plan. Where locals stay in real time w/the natural systems of earth and space, as many jobs/healing processes are supported to stay in real time, prioritizing those vulnerable and removing what is toxic. Then on to restoring one’s enhanced sustainable ecological working communities, w/everyone taking part, part time.

  Where local `plans retain controlling interest by locals, whether one from afar (refugee, immigrant, running from abuse, etc. all become local participants, as local `plans define how many people can live in harmony where they are part of it, interrelating, ending all refugee dysfunctional policies that are in effect now.) or long term local, that live locally together in harmony. Working the enhanced natural systems of earth/space, which defines the local `plan. For locals to become healthy self sustaining people able to explore and self develop, being a local participant where ever fortunate to be, taking part, part time, doing one’s homework which is required/supported by all.

No more people allowed to be stupid, controlling any able being and those unable get collective full time support if needed to also do their part. No more producing own illnesses unknowingly as others profit/misuse/abuse/unskilled, insensitive people any where or in any responsible positions locally or afar. For all positions are equal when humans exchange one’s energy and should have equal pay.

  Rather all can rethink, even those un nurtured in adult bodies can shift and define one’s place as each take part coming to the table, doing one’s local `plan. Supporting each to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant. Exploring this earth and beyond, working in harmony, cleaning it up first, as those that excel one’s local `plan then can come together w/others unable afar for theirs to self sustain.

  Local `plans are the best rule of law that should supersede any Constitution/Policy/Entity, etc. that is outdated or even in real time but not of universal sound science respecting any life. Especially when human rights/wildlife where/still are abused, as those participating that where slave owners among other issues now days from Governing officials, as well people that can be Corporations acting irresponsibly. And these Corporations should be held accountable when any of their people do wrong. Yet many just create another Corporation hiding the chain of events that continue, etc.

   I feel those early on that created such as the Constitution, did their best, even as a slave owner, expecting us to co_evolve in our real time, doing our part. Where now their are the tools of the time to prioritize collaboration, making sure their is no more life rights abused, anywhere on earth or in space. Yet both are terribly polluted and must be cleaned up if humans are to co_evolve in healthy states, as well the life that sustains us on earth.

People say how can we start this universal application, and we say when you start your local `plan, if have none, then it will define the rule of law. Welcome your students as they network w/all types of schools, so as to work for the community, not independent false hoods/competing, etc.

   This way each local `plan can then share via like ecosystems/systems/subject w/others. So as not to have to reinvent the wheel. As students network gaining credit/learn to volunteer/self reflect when give hands so people can regain sharp sensors, within one's communities, where ever at working to get real with oneself and one’s true desires. Then to feel and want to have such energy within one’s human potential, when one communicates and shares the true human spirit, wanting to then come back and do one’s part locally and afar. As all can continue to explore this unique earth and beyond, doing one’s part. Before it is too late, for much life continues to disappear/suffer/misuse/abuse, and you can take part to prevent it.

Enough scars from repeating.

Peace is an option now if humanity shares what works.

Thank you for your support, we are seeking grant/donations as a US non profit building local communities w/humanity's goodness that many are unaware of.

 I, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect are happy to work with you, utilizing your resources.

`i come to talk story



p.s. i’m happy to explain more of our plan and what i studying now w/Google's tools to do it, if need more to understand, to do it also or let us help. please email kara; kareje@ictts.org or call and leave a tel message of when good to call back and give me a day, for internet is unstable and  use skype; 1-360-450-3749