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In regards to this link, I share what I shared w/many;
               Is LNG opposition influenced by Russia 

  Thank you for sharing this link so I may help clarify it;

      I look at this way, that we are fortunate to have earthlings doing the right thing, if they did do it, I say thank you!

      I also suggest read this link again and see how fracking is increasing along w/fossil fuels/climate change, in the US, etc.

If you still feel like Russians have no right to speak, then rethink how Greens yet to be part of the elections and I could give you a list of how it is a delusion to think we have Democracy, when 2 partys debate only, etc. And many talks about each other vs to oneself and the party's in office now to better understand or share your knowledge, so as to co_evolve the negative.

     I feel all should focus together in the instance and prioritize ER issues facing us all. I've seen many of your good work and if you believe this link you submit, shows me that you need to go within and sort out your real human potentials to rewire old belief and get in the instance.

   Which our continued research sharing our plan of Humanity's options now, are available, see our link to create with, which I've always shared as we co_evolve, and yes some of you have welcomed me and my schedule did not permit it, but still I share via email, to help all rethink and mindfully act. For I too know at times it is hard to share w/those in responsible positions, making bad sense;


     I don't know what you've prioritized, but science experts tell us if Arctic ice melts this year, meaning < than 1 million km of remaining ice, and presently already 20 feedback loops from there is already producing havoc in weather globally, some places more than others. And the complex web of life on earth cannot adjust fast enough, and w/temperature rise grains will not grow and life as we know it will no longer exist.

     I suggest there is a few days left, today and tomorrow of this Addiction Summit, free to view videos or buy if want to see them later. For they share some good pointers on childhood behavioral addictions we carry limiting our ability to see truly how to work within our mind-bodies. As well I add our earth/space systems and do it together as a human family, globally. For no ecosystem is isolated, we are all one!


     Let me share a story of Dr. Jason Powell, that spoke at this Addiction Summit, and please download his story on the bottom of page called;

                                 From Terror to Freedom – Empowering the Victim
    and realize how we need to work together now and prioritize what is toxic in mind and community developments, to further prevent more suffering in every community, globally. As each can do this part-time by doing your local `plan, creating upon our plan sharing Humanity's options now.

          See Zen Honeycutt's work at; https://www.momsacrossamerica.com/ 

    These moms know well organic food not sprayed w/Roundup glycophytes or not eating GMO's, can balance their child's gut biomes, as many have changed autism symptoms. Very important to realize many struggling w/addictions, depression, bipolar and much more are still unaware it starts w/the gut, it requires us all to balance our gut biome.

  So many people are ill/diseased/prematurely dying/brain fog/aggressive acts/abnormal behavior/addictions, unaware they can change, by stopping processed food. To think FDA/EPA/US Gov is allowing such toxic substances to be produced and used on our food/furniture/clothes/in our air/water/vaccines/ and more, which throw off one's gut biome balance by eating processed GMO food or food/products sprayed w/glyphosate. And there now are over 80k chemicals we are being subjected to, and EPA has regulated 9 or 12.

  People, you must `Learn your land, like Adam Haritan teaches;


  Thru understanding how beautiful nature is, we hope you will want to protect it, hold self and others accountable! Realize sensitive skilled people are here to help us all learn, so together we save life on earth! And do it efficiently, for time is short!

  You can always reach me, kara, thru email; kareje@ictts.org if I can share my 2 cents from afar! As a US nonprofit, I've tried to reach out in Coos County schools to follow up w/our local `plan, as well to OR legislators, yet no follow up. I can see much work needed to do. But continued human error stands in the way, so I choose not to get the OR US nonprofit license to fundraise in OR. I continue to work perfecting our virtual global platform w/the earth, which includes OR, w/my license in WA.

 For when we sell our sailboat here we would be leaving and continue networking where we also can do fundraising/grant, etc. which we still trying now to get. Plus I've tried to respect all of you locals, yet plugin where I could, yet back off when I feel it is skilled locals voice that should lead me, but also locals have the great opportunity to be mindful earthlings, and as one, I share my feelings if have them.

 Knowing well what is good for one community is good for all, from our networking out in the world and throughout the US. And our objective is to share the basic nuts and bolts, I continue to research and simplify for better understanding, so as for all to use one's communities as extended classrooms and get students involved as all focus directly together, networking, seeing the earth's offerings now to work with, is also your opportunity!  So as I've offered before, if you want to have a conversation locally then let me know, and as a mindful local participant which I try to be, I will join in!

 Otherwise we work very hard to seek and link these patches of goodness w/pockets without, knowing globally in the many places we have networked, people want to share, learn and save life everywhere! Mishi, my man is from Russia and I've worked w/him for going on 40 years, and you cannot meet a more humble person, that can't be bought. Much of the goodness rooted in our platform is from his experiences of the Russian countryside where he stayed w/his aunt and 12 children, as people did exchanges, and he had no clue what money was until he came to America w/and to help his family. So until you get to know Russian culture and all they have been thru, I really suggest you explore it. For my experiences, w/Pres Putin now is he cares about biodiversity and protecting cultures, and he cares that US also participates in climate change doing our part, and what is that? I know how hard I'm working at it, are you?

   I respect CODEPINK's work and they have a nice set up for helping people Divest from the weapons of war;

    As I too accept nothing less, plus ending Nuclear use, and helping all research how to rid waste and monitor as a community, protecting those vulnerable. Not to mention as I suggest the Addiction Summit, awakening all as I posted on our site early on, to become aware of how serious these past childhood experiences are, yet how good are brain is to rewire once we work within our mind-body potential in the instance.

  The Republicans are doing some really twisted thinking as I told Pres Trump and his campaign, nor can I accept the Democrats corruption and spaced out inability to prioritize. The Greens I will focus more on to get to be part of the debate, and I've asked all parties to join together and prioritize as we share our research, knowing well the earth offers options now! We just have to organize to interrelate and be wise w/prioritizing what truly sustains us, which is to balance our communities genetic biodiversity, to link w/our neighbors, not build walls of fear-based delusions or cement, etc. Rather share in solidarity so as to exchange and not have to reinvent the wheel! we don't have time!

 I cannot agree w/the US Dept, as I've recently done much to define/tell Pres Trump my truth, and what I can do, which has been a big study, as he welcomes me, wanting to know if I will support him, and every question he gave I answered plus many more questions to him, and I require answers or I move on!

 This has been a lot of work and I do as an earthling. It's not difficult to just share the goodness Humanity offers now but to define how one can think the way one does, and then to have empathy, do what is necessary to seriously resolve peace, is what I'm still working at w/him. So if some of you have wondered what I've been doing, that is it, and I'm still in the middle yet to finish? For my discussions w/OR legislators were humane w/promises, then to follow up w/generalized emails, not prioritizing my focus. So after quite a few attempts I lose interest, for I have needs and we as a US non profit have given so much freely, that it is time for us to gain so we can reach out more to do what is real and help others see one's true potential to shift and make a difference! So I  put my energy elsewhere when I see people will not take the time to communicate, unable to accept my help or correct me even, etc.

  When you spend time w/your thoughts and get real w/one you don't agree with in many issues, one has to dig a little deeper to stay in the instance as a mindful participant, to see where one can place oneself to be of service to make wrongs right! I'm always open to your feedback!

Peace is real, don't accept anything less, rather gather an intermediary to help one center and ground, then another to give reality of those codependent or under one's rule, then another intermediary to define in the instance earth/space systems needs to get met, now we are resolving peace to save life on earth, which should be everyone's objective part-time, and you can create upon now our `Transitional Shift Message Board working w/your schools to get everyone's needs met and offerings shared within the local `plan's abilities to prioritize toxic/network and rid, while restoring your `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities, w/neighbors. So now the critical thinkers can be supported as all give/gain, support to collaborate on ER priority local/global issues, knowing to follow up meets work! Along w/celebrating along the way, and we suggest having a potluck for food is something we all know well, even though many are selecting wrong unaware of how our gut controls our brain, and now w/Monsanto/Bayer attempts to merge, all need to part-time stop it, doing what can.

For as I said long ago to Sen Merkley who wanted to label GMO's, I said eliminate them, as Russia and other countries are doing now. For people take a look at what the US is really doing to the rest of the world! The Military must end as well all weapons of war/fracking and only clean coal and as Dr. Guy McPherson states, we cannot go cold turkey on ending dirty coal, it produces sulfates like umbrellas and if gone in 6 weeks our complex web would also be gone, see more;


Our work is cut out for us, so let's try to remain calm and it will just take us a little longer but we can get it if we work together! Please share your feelings!

love kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...

        I want to thank these folks for getting this far, and they can help you too!
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                                         Peace, Wendy, Kara + Misha
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