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     As a US non profit, actually today i was about to talk about love + gratitude for getting this far. For as i seek donations to pay a salary that we have not had for over 35 years, as we used our own funds or as i stated to you people before, when we had our investments redirected from people that gov now employs,  + if James Corbitt is right on his history, he shares how these folks knew well 4 years in advance of the 2008 crash to many.

  Then on top of that our investments had continued losses when Judges in US would allow lawyers to technically deviate vs hold people accountable, losing more energy, time away from family, seeing how many did not have the fortitude or grit to continue, but we have.

It makes us have to work harder w/out pay.

Exponentially we feel if each use all the resources one can, starting w/all welcoming one`s students to use one`s community as an extended classroom. Then w/respect working the natural enhanced limits w/one`s biome(s) potential, do_in one`s local `plan, as students reflect, letting our virtual platform in the building fuel, so all focus direct priorities.

     That may of otherwise be manipulated unknowingly. As many are programmed/left behind, isolated in almost every community, globally. + Once all adds transparency of 1 global sound science perspective, networking, that is all it takes.

  Know understanding sharpens one`s sensors to heal, give hands on in exchanges, so efficiently all are supported to come to the table, realizing one`s importance to make this happen.

Now w/students networking, each community via it`s tapering transition knows exactly how one was wrongfully permitted, as one`s development exceeded the natural rule of law leaving ill toxic effects on all life. + It continues without being properly managed by responsible positions that should + aren`t.

There's no better education, for present curriculums/counselors of schools don`t take the time to address one`s personal issues. Nor even ask the many teachers why they are so unhappy w/present regulations. As i talk to many science teachers stating they cannot choose to even talk about the natural ways as i talk of what truly sustains us as a human species.Nor are the many undeveloped students within adults addressed either.

   So our plan offers all to do a walkabout side by side, including skilled w/degrees. So as to experience one`s effects on one`s patients/clients/students, etc. as they walk on their turf.

  + W/students walking by their side, now can buddy up, same w/legislators/regulators, etc. + Fill in the worn torn missing links to apply one`s work within respect within the natural enhanced limits. Changing policy/curriculum/positions/mindsets, etc. as each restore one`s ecological sustainable working community.

   Sustainable as in working w/respect for all life, meaning NO LARGE GRIDS, rather the local `plan will have investments on the table for locals to self direct within the natural enhanced potential, knowing well by welcoming all that exceed it, whom is in need of what, when + how, etc. So no new development starts until each community prioritizes life, all life. + Assesses that in need of support.

   + As we say our guide of those networking on our platform will offer some good science so now research is developed to finish up loose ends, such as i stated to Sen Wyden. As i use the Native American 4 directions, that works for me;

    Where we gather people, decide what needs to be done + do it, then we assess the wrongs so as not to carry them forward. Before starting again.

   So we feel humanity has failed to assess the priorities globally beyond, leaving many in ill states of health/dying prematurely, when yet US has put so much into the Military Industrial Complex, w/bases all over the world.

    Yet to hear of the many dying that were foolish enough to get on a 70 or so foot boat, + attempt to make a few day passage standing up, crossing over to Italy.

  Or the reality of all fissionable material to be stopped + cleaned up properly, so no more are left in ill health, dying prematurely or born disfigured. For it is not a nice sight as these global doctors have many files of these atrocities. + As in Japan`s Fukushima accident, the Japanese  Gov will not allow doctors to tell their patients that their family is ill from the radiation.

Dr. Helen Caldicott is best to explain, or her archives so please include her w/her offerings. As well Dr. Yun Wang, for as the 300k vets that are still getting ill including one`s family from the Iraq war + others where also depleted uranium was used, etc. Leaving them now improperly cared for.

   When yet each can gain support to be properly assessed + medicated + the doctors can also be made to go back to school. For ill people can be supported to heal + or if deceased can still be made more comfortable.

 So to lie about Saddam as Pres. Bush did in going to Iraq, + to continue to ride on profits as those at Helen`s 2.18.15 symposium stated;

    That the Military Industrial complex/Nuclear labs/Nuclear plants, etc. all once had great ideas + then got exaggerated into a fantasy, then profits fueled + still do. None of this is managed within the sound science that we want our children to learn. + We will accept nothing less than to continue to reach out.

   But 1st every community needs to be guided to monitor + Helen says best for Gov`s to do w/good equipment. So those more vulnerable can be protected + relocated. + Prevention worked at along w/research to stop all Nuclear ASAP.

   For those of you that have been withholding or unaware may have no problem for it takes several years. But as Helen as seen as a pediatrician the children now are getting negative effects/thyroid cancers much earlier then ever before.

For it is not the science that has went wrong, it is those profiting that manipulated the science + getting away with it that is.

  Dr. Emoto when alive, worked on ridding radiation + his colleagues have continued, which i have just emailed. Chuck Hindmen is working w/over a hundred probiotics restoring natural states. Dr. Yun Wang has herbal formulas to target each individual. Including the vets taking morphine all day, when yet they could taper off + have another chance.

This list will increase as people rethink as we ask you all to do, w/your resources. For i choose to write this today to post, due to telling Barack for years about good ways that work, yet i still see how Wyden was wrong w/TPP, or i saw the large grids + Dept of Energy give millions wrongly, when yet our way can rid the trapped energy within all, stealing ones organs as it interferes. + Our way is to allow each to harness this disassociated energy that has left many in the fog + now can be used as fuel to heal + sharpen one`s sensors. So all are supported to build one`s path as they walk it, into one`s opening, leaving no footprint.

 This is what the tools of the times can do now once we focus direct one`s true potential working w/in one`s local community `plan. Can you imagine the good work that will take place as all have a buddy to do one`s walkabout, sorting out one`s work.

Yes all are needed to make this happen, so no more is anyone trapped, rather we clean up the mess, prioritize the needy + together all do within what is comfortable. So each self direct + all go beyond prevention + simply live.

  Simply building natural communities, where local `plan defines needs + offerings to one neighbors, so US AID stops as is, locals help locals, as we all share what works to have local naturally grown wild food, fish, animal sovereignty for starters.

Lets all have a potluck + lay out the truth. So w/students networking one gains insight knowing well tricks our mind can play. So no more do we take bad behaviors passed on as normal. Rather all learn early sinds to be mindful of all life, including oneself.

    W/our studies talking to people, we know the good solution oriented options that the world gives us now. All we have to do is network. For the traditional engineers can fuel ways that work so our students can redo the technical advancements done without respect for life. For no more can we accept theory without hands on application in the real world.

  I'm happy to say not many can work as we have without, but you cannot put a monetary value on grit, + to day w/Google`s Adgrants they have put our ads out over 200k times globally, + As soon as i keep studying to exhaust all they give us, we will have up to a million ads a month globally, Showing how we welcome all to have their rep come link, sharing what works, as students fill interchangeable roles, knowing well how important each is to make this happen.

   Nabble has supported us + continue as Google to give free sites, same w/LibreOffice, so no excuse for communities not to network. Reaching out fueling mental clarity + physical strength, as we clean up the earth + beyond which has so much work involved.

  With your support + many, we may even get a salary, wahoo! For no way could i use the US non profit just to collect money when the more i dug the worse it gets. Rather w/our plan now to fuel all, we think it can only get better as the 1% did not do it alone, rather many of us where fodder.

  + Now w/simple potlucks we can give details so no more do we support unknowingly anything. Rather we know well via our research the world wants to live local + share what works. Yes some have abundance that can be offered while others will say no thanks.

   Many more stories + each community will network, reflecting defining one`s own priorities. A all chump away of the work needed, so no more do we leave such scars.

  Rather we put mindful thought into innovation as in how to rid the repository, how to take it to another planet or let the sun destroy it, who knows what good minds can do together.

   Same w/natural disasters as all seasonally work ones biome(s). we have a list + each student will come up w/more. For this is their reality time frame, for radiation knows no boundaries.

  This is what all have left for their children + grandchildren, nice job heh! No say wait a minute, it`s not over until it`s over as many have already started to rethink.

  No better education then to self reflect knowing the energy is real. Then go within + inner/interpersonally develop to feel this energy as one sharpens one`s sensors/heals + the human spirit wants to do an exchange. This is our human potential, all else is of ill mind.

 Please it is time for healing those while simultaneously do _in a number of things w/those able.

Lets go to work!

Peace is our option if we work w/the world, not try to tell it what to do, when we are self are unaware. Barack invite Iran to work w/you on research, see Dr. Emoto`s work + Chuck Hindmen, talk to Dr. Yun  + Dr. Caldicott, for starters.Before it is too late.

Everyone please rethink + stay calm!, love us at