Join in telling President Barack Obama to make serious changes..

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                   Michelle + Barack we hold you just as accountable as we hold oneself.

  You choose these responsible roles so now lets make them work or rid them..

      Their is no equality for parasites + all of us must check in with oneself to define how these social cancers are effecting each one of us, not to mention our children, frail + elderly that have committed their lives for the betterment of their children, not to mention all of us still now working at this.

     Welcoming all to come together, including our students, to use each community as an extended classroom, + network. Each community can share how best to assess oneself, ones community as all prioritize roles influencing many.

      This assessment for human empathy is required to determine how each can help each heal. + Our students can organize, giving hands on where needed.

        There is no better education then for each of us to reach out w/what we truly can do as each conserve ones energy as each stop the waste of worry. Sharpen ones dull sensors that permit wasted thought + come aboard + redirect.

      We have serious issues to address + they will not change until people each take part.

         How is these Arms Industries continue to make faster more penetrating weapons to destroy afar when yet no ecosystem can be isolated. Our earth requires the natural migratory paths to link for the survival of every community.

      Rather for me to list now these new weapons of war being added to the many, i will wait until after Helen`s experts do their report in the symposium link below.

       For we don`t just have a high risk of them accidentally becoming a problem, we have also a risk of ill minds to press the button on all sides that produce them.

          I use this Ex; below w/the bees, for everyone please note, what ever is important to you, realize you must complete the loop, as i share below. That includes checking in daily with oneself so as to co_evolve w/truth, no longer riding on the wave of consumerism.

       Google has started running our Ads in our Adgrants we received, which we thank them for all the hard work we have done together, making Google tools work for all. I cannot thank the staff enough for their kindness to help me correct mine as well as listening to my participation of theirs, which still will continue as we continue to develop.

Sharing what we feel is important as a non profit/as a local, global + beyond participant, knowing well w/you coming aboard, linking on our `the sun will set spreadsheet on Google, that we will define together that much more of this insane puzzle of how best to end all Weapons of War.

   Please realize our earth is a living organism + it produces life that sustains the life that sustains us all. I can`t emphasize that enough. Yes science has been just as bad as religion everywhere, but we can make 1 global verbiage of sound science that can be used as common sense. As each realize we are talking about the survival of earth which is in question here.

     Yet as you will see in the platform on our Google`s site, that many of you have fueled us to do, including Nabble`s tools here. Once we gain more support to reach out to all, it will become a great tool for everyones community shared tool shed. For many in patches are living w/great work as they keep their hands on what sustains them, `booning w/the natural world. + You will find if you reflect w/them , they are happy to share what works.

      So lets Look at the many good people that are working on this issue very important to us all, + please reach out to your local, state, federal + international friends asking them to join in.

          + Most important lets get real w/oneself, so we efficiently get to the root of these issues + gain empathy to work together w/all, weeding out those that are too ill to make mindful decisions, removing the thorns that contributed to their illness + support them to heal.

   Rather students everywhere network as you do your local walkabout, so we get real names, places + subjects in need of prioritizing. So no more no one is left behind + all life is respected as we work together restoring our local ecological sustainable working communities.

             Networking what works sharing the process of living local. Showing Barack Obama as a human family member as well Vladimir Putin, that no where on this earth + beyond can our families of all species survive, with any toxic Industrial products/services or Weapons of War or Nuclear Plants that have proven to leave ill toxic effects or any development that exceeds the natural enhanced limits of each communities natural world.

         Only a very ill person would continue the support of these products or services from anyone.
 + right now many entities are left unmanaged or managed wrongly + the speakers at Helen`s Symposium will show this in detail. So those of you that have more to add please do.

  So lets get back to showing story of how we can apply real issues w/follow up of what all must become aware of, so all fuel the worn torn missing links, of what we all are missing.

   + As we suggest their is no better way then before this deadline below to gather in a local natural grown wild food/fish/animal potluck, so now real people in real time bring forth how this effects them, + how we can continue to work to resolve.

     So please come link + share your story. If have problem email me kara;

 Please have patience for we are working hard at simplifying all this; 

          DEADLINE MARCH 3: Tell President Obama to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

Last summer, President Obama created a federal task force to "promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators." The White House Pollinator Health Task Force missed its December deadline to come up with plan to save the bees, but is expected to make an announcement soon.

TAKE ACTION: Nearly 4 million people from numerous groups have signed petitions asking the task force to ban bee-killing pesticides. Please sign OCA’s petition by March 3 so your signature can be counted, too!

  See`s addition;

The regulatory boards should not be excused from such dysfunction, in their inability to prioritize the life that sustains all on earth + beyond now. This should supercede any Constitution, as we ask our students to help co_evolve it. Bring forth the good tools to create upon, + end that which stands in the way of truth now.

     The EPA, legislators, + many get paid + do have public option structures, yet others commingle + corrupt /mismanage, etc. as others gain while other species/including humans become ill as communities/people are interfered in, as social cancers continue + people are yet to be prepared to define them, as well that within oneself that has been carried as normal.

This is wrong + has continued to be wrong for a long time + we must rethink as we redirect our energy.

 Better gauges need to be in place w/early sign awareness of the natural world that sustains us all. + We have many good people to guide us. So check out our platform in the building + come link if you have offerings of what works/what doesn't as we share the process of working within the enhanced potential as we restore the natural communities functionality helping all define ones voice + support those unable to come to the table, so all take part in the local `plan.

    Now you can be very specific, working w/your students where TTP + whom is to be held accountable if it intrudes on your right to live local, collectively working w/your community, maintaining your local natural food sovereignty for starts. To then fuel clarity to what is to be prioritized as ill toxic developments are brought into balance. As each community creates a tapering transition.

   For when people are regulating + if they are overworked, stressed, ill, or become parasites, they need to be supported w/early signs that now need to be developed.

    Trust me all, sure we may not be completely organized yet, but your children will be as ours continue to work with us making it so everyone will be titled w/clarity showing experiences as people ill, either step down or gain support, if still able. This resisting if manipulating + enslaved by their own wrongdoing, will then need more attention. For the history books will be corrected showing whom hit whom wrong + how consumerism has interfered in peoples psyche. Not to mention our brains taking good ideas + then allow others to manipulate, ending up creating terrorists that don`t exist.

    When yet many people are at their breaking points, many unaware they are even lying or that their is another way.

    So i welcome you all to go within, regroup + then as you do your walkabout please share together we can go figure. Gain real truth of story so we all can become mindful local, global + beyond participants.

  As all people in responsible roles become a local participant, or not get supported. Knowing well how to mindfully act. Or these positions need to no more be counted on + people live locally responsible holding self + others accountable. While yet we organize to define/collaborate so people that are interfering get held accountable. Not blame the whole entity for another`s wrong doing.

  Do we leave the thorns to fester, no, rather that is where our students can help, as well these people trapped in the EPA doing good work + every entity, as those interfering are also assessed to define if they are able or not to help resolve. Show names, real stories so more help resolve.

  If unable please have compassion to relieve them so they heal + come back as a mindful local participant.

  Many have good solutions to live local, bring forth the negativity leaving ill effects, in tapering transitions as all prioritize. Networking solutions for each to act on fueling local fine tuning.

  I do not like petitions accept for marketing updates, for when legislatures use petitions we know it is a very dysfunctional entity that if you check in w/yourself, + ask, how we are asking them to hold them self accountable, as well their position. It is over many of ones head.

  + If one does a good job on a piece of it, some one else in the loop messes it up. Yet many of us have focused also on the fragments expecting them to do.

   The human species requires the genetic biodiversity to be balanced in every community so it naturally links. As our balanced communities become our best medicine.

  I am working on a document now on natural medicine to fuel some thought, in prep for Dr. Helen Caldicotts`s 2.28.2015 Symposium, please take part or check link for live streaming. as well my follow up;

  Organize + share your links + help us build a platform to reflect with, as we all rethink + define using our synergy to focus direct, for Gov is dysfunctional in out of real time thinking, as w/TTP failing to realize how the war mode + false green economies are creating terrorists as good enquiries went into assumptions/exaggerations + fantasy, then wasteful spending into Arms Industries profiteering.

   It is more efficient to welcome your students to use community as an extended classroom, so now buddy systems are created so now responsible roles have students observing/networking, focus directing w/community for transparency, + critical thinking w/the facts as all create 1 global science that all tongues can see as common sense. Working for all to self sustain creating ecological sustainable working communities. Not the falsity of Global Trade that is not free.

  So ask yourself Barack or other legislators, if people bring forth that you are wrong on an issue, are you willing to let students walk by your side, network transparency as we collaborate w/skilled sensitive people. So now institutions/curriculum/planning/permits co_evolve w/the sound science facts, as early signs are addressed working w/in the enhanced natural limits of subject in question?? So now we resolve many issues simultaneously as each community prioritizes ones affiliations, etc.

    Ex; Miguel Altieri, creates agro_ecolgy curriculum from indigenous w/similar yields as industrials yet no toxic effects. He fuels our platform to better to what he feels is needed;

    A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

    All can share what works +all can gain empathy for the much wrong programming, for it is more efficient to welcome these people so they see the facts, helping all remove the thorns. So we strengthen science, not over ride that which has been fragmented + would continue by just removing unaware people/positions.

    People, please realize many leaders are filling roles, yet to even self develop or self direct, due to the enslaving role that has entrapped them + family, etc. Not to mention puppets following or hit lists, selling Arms or giving etc. as waste goes into more weapons of war.

Now is the time to do local `plans laying out the issues as we prioritize + network solutions. Rethinking the entire biome`s for seasonal sensitive working. Along w/prioritizing these people ill pushing war or industries that leave negative effects as they continue to land/sea/fresh water grab thru out the world.

    Which Clinton Foundation has been good at as Hillary supports GMOS thinking we don`t understand.

      Michelle + Barack read Zens report + the archives at MOMs ACROSS AMERICA, can you imagine your children having these issues, these are real, let alone be attacked from weapons of war or radiation mismanaged via damaged nuclear plants as in the US + throughout the world as many think of profits, yet fail to maintain or even rid the waste, due to not even yet knowing how + as much of it is going into the land/sea/air + fresh water. Sure some places small dosages yet to notice, while others dying, ill..

  Barack when i was supporting you to share alternative energy, as we use it, i never expected you to support it wrongly as many hedge funds gain w/large grids, or Energy Dept wastes millions in experimenting. When all we asked for was localized respect working within the natural world, so life lives not dies. Electric car batteries are not developed, i could go with detail but we will support students to do this comparison in every community + we ask you to rethink + acknowledge your wrong doing.

    Even your hit list Barack. If people are right w/stories in the world as they show not to be enemies of ours yet you killed them, or supplying weapons, creating more, vs. ridding nuclear/Arms Industries, working w/the world showing how many have made mistakes + it is time to make amends w/all locally + afar, not to mention w/oneself.

      As i say, due to so many being not organized yet, history may not show this truth for a while but your children + grandchildren will see it. For we are working w/traditional engineers + that is what we feel all students should learn to be. To work for the earth + beyond that sustains us, not continue parasitic social cancers as men acting like children in responsible roles like You + Vladimir, with so much potential yet to be developed, blindfully distract from your own self development as you contribute to making more weapons like a childs play, that never had the opportunity of the many beautiful mamas + papas now.

   For we have to work hard hiding the truth of the worlds parasitic conditions of war related, as well power + greed, not to mention the many trapped in it. Yet we see many children already being trained for war.

    How can you guys sleep at night, as you continue this participation. Barack you have not taped into your potential yet + we want to help you + Vladimir do the same, + help us stop this madness.

    please both of you come to your senses before an accident happens, + redirect + start helping each other develop local natural grown wild food/fish/animal sovereignty to fuel your path of self development alongside your children. + This comes from one that loves you both as human family members.

This is very wrong not to have every local planner/permitter at the table, to become aware of ecological sensitive testing from those able to read the natural enhanced limits.

  So no new development takes place until all old is immediately prioritized for it`s ill effects + stopped. W/support that many unknown supported it, so blame should not be used to waste more energy, rather lets clearly hold self accountable as we learn options + network them, so each can mindfully reach out to whom can, + no more pie in the sky waste.



Please have patience for we are just now starting to gain Adgrants from Google, After i put in extensive time of working with them to correct making their tools more friendly as well my errors.

So everyone realize we can act mindfully + resolve as we hold all accountable.

Thank you for sharing alternatives so we harness this disassociated energy that many still take part in producing unknowingly.

Peace is our option + if any of Adam Curtis`s videos are even partially right, the US Gov has used our psyche wrongly for a long time for consumerism, as it continues to define it`s own ass. Now feeling they should protect us from terrorists derived from good enquires assumed, exaggerated into fantasies that fuel the Arms Industries to profit, while many stay naive to the truth.

Meanwhile sadly more high risk scenarios are left + people everywhere are unable to comprehend the totality of all this leaving them anxious/civil strifes, creating more discomforts/ill/killings of all species.

  So now w/Google`s support we want you to help us show on a simple spreadsheet we have created- the sun will set, so we all get real w/oneself, back into our own skin, making mindful choices collectively to prioritize for our earth + beyond to sustain living local, sharing the processes so more friendly.

  No more leaving anyone left behind, or isolated w/misuse/abuse, taking it as normal.

  We have the tools w/your support taking part, so lets use them together.

   Our combined` effect makes a difference..

  Those of us at thank you for what you do!