Join in free for parasympathetic summit, Nov 9, 2020, realizing real Human needs, as so many continue to misuse oneself do to lack of awareness, all now can learn!

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See more as we continue to add to this Google Drive Document, to gain more understanding of what is needed by us all part time, as well how together we can end toxic priorities, while restoring ecological enhanced healthy working communities!

Do check back and add!

If want to share then email me, kara;

If want to Donate, please note we want to keep our work free to all, so funding can go into acts of resolving! And Not ask for Donations on site or fee for subscriptions! Rather email, kara at his email; for I also trying to raise funds to do more!

We will be doing more to make this transition efficient for all, w/Nabble's offerings!

Any of you familiar w/all Nabble offers and wants to join in and help us create a nice earth-space message board welcoming all to do the same to link, then please email, kara;

We have some nice plans and w/your help they can happen faster!

Peace be with you all, and please do not except anything less!

Make it a good day, as we are very fortunate to share Humanity's solutions now! Join in and do your part, we want to hear what works for you to get you needs met and offerings shared, while you work within the local plans in priority that together we will all define, as well doing one's own w/communities!

And all it takes is part time focus, to want to make a difference, vs chase delusions!

kara speaking for our combined `effects!