Jamen Shivley, Guy McPherson and Fawkes; Episode 11

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                              The Guy, Fawkes and Jamen Show: Episode 11 **

 (I'm calling this a plan to build on #11. It can fuel the next step and if you define a better way then add.)

                      If we can do this, we can do one's local `plan and share in solidarity...

                            If we can do this we can certainly do one's local `plan ans share in solidarity...
Gentlemen and ladies, i will try to post here when i can, as i see we should focus and agree as each new meet is established or reruns played. And i may not be the best to do this alone, for i have yet to see many meets, where each can add to this in a comment. And then one that can organize. Where if we seriously work on doing one's local `plan, students can organize and log as well each meet can have interchangeable roles as those that can take turns. And until then no matter who is at your meets, if you don't agree with my way, then you should compile a consensus and then each move update.

   But already my brain sees our research weaving in, and i'm strong about our work until another corrects me. For i already see a spreadsheet mode, and actually if i get energy i will add a sheet to our `the sun will set spreadsheet and post it. For title heading can be like;

     People contact, or as a rep for a subject, research, etc. And also our `Transitional Shift Message board where needs and offerings can be shared, as well one community's needs. Where you can list a  heading and define which one to be defined and modified in a format for easy reading. As well i just saw how this is all coming down to energy. As each will gain one's balanced energy. So that is different mode then being in the how to mode. But i'm tired an i have to quit this now.

  So considering i've yet to see many videos i will just comment on each as i see it. So this is my response to above meet. And thank you Jamen for feeding me and i'm glad i tuned into this one;

    Hello Gentlemen!

  You guys are sweet surrounding yourself w/people doing nice things. This video was almost a year ago, so you have this experience. So let me share a bit more thought and reflect w/the difference, please.

  Now Imagine if you welcomed the students in your communities to use communities as extended classrooms and focus directly together, also being kind. But with an agenda.

   To be efficient leaving no one left behind, going deeper within self as you open as an earthling working within earth/space, as each give/gain, support to center and ground. Self-develop/heal/go deep and reprogram, sharpen one’s sensors to build your path as you walk into your open in, leaving no footprint. Rather focusing part-time to make stuff better.

   Not just any stuff but prioritize;.

   Students within all networking, reps in interchangeable roles working for w/groups, recycling what can w/locals from planning to Gov, back to people, welcoming all to be a local mindful participant. As each community prioritizes what is toxic and resolve what can. So many issues resolved by locals for locals, sharing globally in solidarity.

   Where all interrelate, those unable start collective support to also take part. These interactions are profound! As life is lived sharing without a capitalistic profiteering, yet more jobs will be created and more than imagined that no longer ecologically whoring, giving people a healing energy. Vs few goods focused on or some people focused on. Rather one’s local `plan will define as all restore one’s `enhanced ecological sustaining working communities, networking via like ecosystems/season and subjects. So no one has to reinvent the wheel but create upon indigenous values.

   As w/Miguel Altieri whom now retired but still works globally. He created agroecological curriculum from those still doing. And this goes beyond ending Industrial toxic agriculture/GMO’s/monocultures, etc. It also offers localized energy and we add end carbon swaps and profiteering interfering w/large grids and technology based on respect for life, sovereignty/ Where social/political changes are made where people are not controlled by the state they become the state to let the local ` plan ecological `enhanced potential become rule of law.

  Miguel define's best `enhanced;

       Recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability and balancing nutrient flow. Securing favorable soil conditions for plant growth, particularly by managing organic matter and enhancing soil biotic activity. Minimizing losses due to flows of solar radiation, air, and water by way of microclimate management, water harvesting and soil management through increased soil cover. Species and genetic diversification of the agroecosystem in time and space, etc. and more as he explains their political movement.

5. Enhance beneficial biological interactions and synergisms among agrobiodiversity components thus resulting in the promotion of key ecological processes and services.    
  Miguel knows if these indigenous doing agroecology would have more land they would feed the world as well sequester carbon, etc. Where as if each community does one’s local `plan using it now ER preparedness is in place w/more options as people seasonally work sensitively. Rid Colonial grids and work w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar.

 Yes actually talk at the table w/police/Coast Guard, no need for Military as the conflict is discussed by all and resolved. As i repeat a lot of this. A professor at Westpoint also agreed, if before 911 this was done where community talked to so-called small groups of terrorist, maybe police needed and for some maybe a small skilled group and that is it. No way would we be 15 years w/such profiting and tragedy to many.

 Now the only political figure I hear is Dr. Jill Stein sating end Military, where we add end Nuclear use and all toxic and clean up waste. Open transparency w/empathy and welcome people to be part.

  Native Indian leaders would take these aggressive people under their wing and work with them so the individual would define one’s space in the community, healing along the way.

 My man mishi lived this way as a child in Russia. Many would just offer an exchange, pennies to buy what is important. You do this and i will this. That was the good side, the ugly is another story. But let me stay with my point here.Never a hungry person, if wanted food you go knock on the door at dinner time and welcomed in. If needed a place to stay each home would take turns until one was clearly defining one’s space in the communities.

Ok, imagine, if you add no dialog of climate change as an example. And Humanity just wants to clean up scars and end them, there are many. And to do this exponentially efficiently, who else but students to walk by your side. Young needing to self-reflect to see how we’ve messed up as adults, as well self-reflect w/our ability to stay in the instance, admit it and learn from each other so they gain a direction w/reality together produced from one’s local `plan fueling the path locally.

 So together policies are changed to do this globally networking and each hold self and others accountable locally and afar. So no deadlines except for reality of a shared science verbiage globally so all on the same page. Truly harmonizing one’s environment adjusting to early signs.

 Where people learn early on protected sex and a little bit more of a true relationship then hopping in bed. Rather family planning after first interrelating in one’s local `plan, networking and become aware. As all of us become a local global and beyond mindful participant. So where ever anyone is on earth, they are accepted to help this transformation, and we have a plan to fuel more. And the earth community makes change for such equality and the local `plan defines comfort for how many.

  Where each can then network preventing w/support as well go where appreciated and can pursue one's desires, as ecologically all is known and people can hanse choices as each define how one wants to participate part-time and maintain locally for locals. And all explore while celebrating along the way.

   Local natural potlucks/live music great food and conversation w/serious focus on work locally, networking for the earth/space issues, knowing those that excel w/good minds, now better supported to gain tools/research, etc.

  Where one’s ecological enhanced potential is a rule of understanding. Some will change faster than others. But imagine if you waken to all that can be done in front of you as all network globally, each will have a great reserve of energy and joy!

  And stop here, no fragmented but prioritize and then no need to go further w/anticipations w/unknown unless at the table working w/engineers on a local/global project. Where people’s organs align ending the stealing of the organ’s survival of the fittest and heal, sharpening one’s sensors to mindfully enjoy and act where needed.

 Real human potential! And every time i've worked collectively on a project amazing synergy but always something ended up in corruption. And in Russia too for mishi, as the bad story was people were paying like pennies for food, you could come home w/a few dollars spent and his family had a house full of children on his aunt's farm and they would eat 1/2 a week on that. But when Gov decided to increase the fees to double, that was too much and people protested throwing tomatoes i think. Then he would see this as a child coming home from school and take part almost himself getting run over, as the Gov would drive this truck w/3 functions, 1 to run over the protestors, 2 to pick them up w/ a scope and 3 wash done the street. And back to normal, accept lovee would say it was not like Hollywood, people still wiggled.

   So people now continue different scars, and i think it's really time to pool one's thoughts and have some empathy to part-time act where ever can, on what priority that each is most comfortable with, leaving space for such a plan as ours to fuel one's local `plan w/one's students networking from all schools and no schools, etc. But the more you center and ground as an earthling the more you will feel this universal consciousness that will help us all fall in place.

Please note i’m working w/GlobalGiving now to learn with them how to gain a grant as i’m submitting my application to perfect this.

So gentlemen please reflect w/your ideas of fragmenting with some ideas and a few people and open to this global consciousness of sharing creatively. And let me know where i wrong or how i can make it better. And i give more in my links i’ve shared already. But also note i just started reviewing a few of your videos.

Thank you Guy for you sparked my quest to talk to Pres Trump/Putin’s, etc. to collaborate on the controversy of time and places, as one develops on Arctic Ice melting as Pres Putin but also he states he prioritizes cultures and biodiversity and wildlife, etc. and Business does not interfere, as he feels it is a cycle of warming, etc. So all skilled need to be on the same page and i’d like you to be in that conversation w/them to better see our students globally also on the same page as they study science.

 Thank you Jamen for organizing and labeling the meets, for us new combers as well it would be nice if all can then catch up, but you are going pretty fast. This way more can come aboard and take part for much more than just climate change. But yes each community woful prioritize it’s focus to work within it’s local `plan. And then those locals that can network for our earth/space to be prioritized, led by skilled talking same science verbiage based on these values of traditional engineers, that give perhaps finer pieces to fill in, to science that has been so programmed as many memorize to pass tests and obtain degrees, vs develop one’s mind-body relations to tap into earth/space as well w/the synergy of such a focus.

Ok i’ve repeated a lot tonight if any of you have even seen our work. As an earthling first, mother second w/grandchildren and a mama earth bush girl that loves the wild old growth diversity. Wanting to do our part but do it efficiently. For I dream the nightmares many are in yet never been in war, and I don’t think just watching Tarzan as a child gave me all this love for the wild. It is innately in us all as one, as we are a living organism interdependent on this biodiversity and it must be balanced to link w/neighbors. Only then can we truly gain the tools form the earth/space natural systems.

So imagine no matter where you visited, you would be welcomed to a local `plan and as you take part you would see each knows best in this focus directed research, one what to prioritize locally. As well more energy flowing to our earth/space work needed.

Thank you all, and I’ve seen now more than just Guy and Jamen so excuse me for not knowing your names. Perhaps you could list them. As well start defining subgroups on who will do what etc. and what ideas are being worked at.

Ex: I would not work on a restaurant idea, rather i would work at local `plan so than in priority once that done then more in every community could be networking these specialties of each communities local offerings.

Our experiences working w/children, we have built communities from clay from birth up, and children can inspire you to rethink,  and learn,  especially homeschooled are doing great work as they start as a mindful participant early on for one’s communities.

So all need to take part.

Cheers! Good night and peace be with you all, for as you get out of the mode of wondering and doing, one’s energy shines!