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 RE; Barack's response to radiation to me? Must be a generalized document you mail to all, no mention of what i asked, as far as Nuclear radiation contamination from the US Nuclear plants mismanaged + misregulated as owners profit over safety measures.

Barack please rethink + take a review + get back to us..

Why, when many continue to get contaminated locally + afar, from US's as well others globally.

Techa River, Russia shows what happens to 3 generations, as people live their, which should be a lesson of way back, yet you don't learn, why?

   Fukushima is another good ex, along w/US's that keeps contaminating as it continues to spread, due to lack of skilled management/regulators. Daiichi plant in Fukushima lost 10-37 peta (that is 10 to the 15th power) Becquerels, Pbq. Crazy how 100 Becquerels of Cesium/klg use to be limit.. + US supposedly accepts 12 xs Japans limit = 1200 Bq/klg Cesium. How bad can science be??

Not to mention these folks say;

  Arnie Gundersen says 7 Becquerels in cubic meter in Pacific ocean equals 7 flashes of light/sec, which is significant, not trace amounts, like Wood Hole states, whom already realizes their measurements where off by 25 times or so.

IAEA/Un Tepco/Govs, are not using sound science, not telling truth.

Test from Dr. Marco Kaltofen shows 1-10k Bq/klg in house dust in his 170 page report done in 4.2015 + released at World Symposium in Canada via Arnie gundersen.

Already in 3-5 years thyroid cancers + leukemia shows. Radiation causing nosebleeds in Fukushima.

In Fukushima, radiocesium was released from the plant into the atmosphere, and has fallen to the ground and into the ocean, mostly as wet deposition, or in rain, fog or snow. + Dust in homes + in soil on children's shoes as they tie their shoe strings, was tested in 4.2015 in Nagaya near Tokyo as it has spread that far  from the Daiichi plant .

Radiocesium that falls to the ground contaminates the soil, and people become subjected to external exposure as they approach this soil. Then when put fingers in mouth as children do, they ingest, contaminating more from internal exposure from radiation in soil on shoes.

If you look on our website; + go to the sun will set page + see our spreadsheet, you will se many pdfs explaining this + overviews in videos of what people are facing in the Northern hemisphere. + If your secrecy + lack of transparency continues, most likely waste is also being taken to the Southern hemisphere.

For as in WIPP, research is needed globally to prioritize so radiation is transmuted + waste is rid permanently. As well no use of Nuclear no where on this planet or beyond. Yet Barack you say you will continue the use for energy, meanwhile radiation is making people ill on this planet, not to mention diseased + dying prematurely of cancer.

What will it take Barack, watching your children or wife die of cancer or maybe yourself, before you mindfully act?

I think i heard you mention a loved one w/cancer?? Not sure, but i have watched several, trying to help them as they died a terribleeeeeeeeeee death. + Western doctors did not know how to comfort them w/basics for constipation, nausea, pain, + much more, when yet as i told you many times Dr. Yun Wang, a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, has simple ways to comfort as well reverse if caught in time. He is willing to help us.

  As well he teaches + you could require that all curriculum changes for western medicine + doctors know practicing take a course under him. Foe too many people everywhere in US are ill in nay forms that could be helped, by education, prevention knowing early signs, as well proper assessment + treatment that is not happening, as western doctors, the majority are profiting off the pharmaceutical companies vs education as we have offered to you for your support in sharing thru the US education dept, Yet no response, As communities/students can plant these preventative gardens + take a grip of these wrong doings that EPA/yourself are overlooking + many more, Dept of Energy, etc. As many people are employed making these changes, along w/healing in tapering transitions, as those who exceed the natural potential by working with enhanced options, can now understand 1 global sound science for the earth.

Unless i am missing something, i cannot believe BArack how you are supporting corporate takeover w/out this 1 global awareness of the respect for our earth + beyond that is required.

US Gov/UN, regulators are so wrong + so wasteful. Yet we offer such good options + no one takes us up on it, due to wanting profits or power, + can't see beyond ones nose, that those kinds of profit + power are false.

Only you could show such unawareness building such an expensive home, if this is true in the path of Fukushima as it continues to flow into the Pacific Ocean. Yet what are you/US Gov doing to hold GE/TEPCO/more, along w/Japan Gov accountable to research + stop this radiation contamination from continuing.

This is pure insanity for you legislators to not stop all use of Nuclear yesterday. When yet your weapons of war seem to profit more from having the Nuclear plants working, even though regulators are not enforcing it, as the US + other Nuclear global plants are broken + mismanaged. As winds, pollens, dust, soil, food, currents, fog, micro organisms, etc. continue to spread it more.

+ As is said before Hillary Clinton signed agreement after the Fukushima accident, for US to purchase fish from that area for US people. Meanwhile supposedly 1% only is tested for radiation along w/labeling not required, so no one knows exactly where it comes from. Not to mention the limits supposedly good for consumption are increased. When yet for years scientists have told Congress no limit is good.

So we have a huge global problem that continues to get worse, as many in US Gov wants a bigger Military Industrial complex + a false green economy using Nuclear power + weapons of war.

 Barack your time is soon up, + all this is documented to happen on your watch. Not to mention you + your family are just as likely to get ill as many from this ongoing contamination.

   You think your life has been hell, well stay tuned if you have to watch or take part in what many have + still do now.

  Not to mention the 13 million students w/no school in N Africa + middle east, as Sarah Crow, from UNICEF just stated as their schools have been taken over by fighters.

  What are they fighting for Barack? What are they fighting for everywhere?

If it is true, i communicated w/Kim from North Korea, + he hates many in US for what they do + he is right on w/a lot of his reasons. Also he is an undeveloped child, yet in a responsible role + that is why he should be respected + brought to the table so as to help the people under him, as well him.

But he as many fighters are wrong, due to being undeveloped children within dysfunctional adult bodies, trying to survive in such insanity. Not to mention those that are running. When yet the 20 so million you give for refugee issues is peanuts, compared to what you spend on waste i have seen via Dept of Energy, not to mention the Military Industrial Complex that profits off it. That interferes in locals ability to live local, sharing in solidarity globally.

So how will you leave your responsible role as President? Will you just follow along w/the previous profiteers as legislators continue to abuse their position.

  Pretty amazing how their salary is what 100k or so a year + yet most are millionaires, come on. What a corrupt dysfunctional US Gov, that thinks they are doing something good.

Meanwhile locally + afar, i feel like a cookie monster, chopping up the shit that is left over, as we take great options + reverse the human made disasters that US Gov leaves. Due to giving when shouldn't or interfering in others ability to simply live. Just because you people are not adult enough to sit down eye to eye + want peace, as you discuss it.

  Barack if anyone has beautiful words + fortunate as you to learn them, why is it you cannot define the words w/power to redirect your misdoings as you support others to profit over health factors.

  Do you not see your humane conscious potential? To work within the earths enhanced limits that only exists when local people + wildlife work it sensitively + skillfully, as w/Prof Miguel Altieri's agro_ecology created within indigenous that still live it.

Barack, we have the answers, yet you do not welcome us to take part in these peace negotiations using 1 global sounds science as this natural rule of law. That locally should rule over any other law + yet profiteers do, this is wrong.

We the people will not allow this to continue, as we stop it within all our means everywhere. We thought you were on our side until you pushed the TPP's + all other that clearly showed businesses would over power ecological assessments by locals becoming aware w/ones local `plan, so students organize as they network true sound science as they make it w/their communities.

This is what humanity deserves, not billions of children dying due to starving,no sanitation, when yet natural building can turn around the abuse to harmony as people heal, simply gain understanding of how to take part. Students can excel networking w/those communities unable.

Now students have the best education ever, + it does not require a school building, it requires people recycling efficiently ones communities dysfunction. Giving many options of restoration.places to have hands on education. Giving support as we focus direct together some priorities to set ones path. So as to not carry the false comprehensions so many are programmed with, as they try to survive. Carrying wrong ways from past generations, thinking it is normal.

  Humanity has the answers + I know Google/Nabble + LibreOpen Office for a few have the tools of the times to share these real time experiences to our students at little cost, if we support all to gain a few tools to network. Each can come aboard w/them + gain the tools to network mindfully for you + your community. Come link.

  Here in Oregon, i cannot even get good internet on a regular bases, yet US Gov thinks they can know what should be done afar as the Military Industrial Complex sucks up all our resources from a printer producing economy, that you should be ashamed of.

US needs to make amends ASAP. Stop all use of Nuclear + instantly demand research for transmuting radiation + ridd waste in US + everywhere the US Military has left Nuclear radiation contamination, as in Iraq + many more, as children still play on contaminated equipment.

Environmental pollution refers to the state in which contaminants are released into the environment, air and water, rivers and seas, soil and groundwater, and degrade the quality of the environment, affecting human life and the natural lives.

Among the factors that determine where the contaminants go, is the form in which the contaminants are released.

The destination of a pollutant in the environment may depend on the form it was released, for example, whether it is released in the form of ions, attached to particles, or in the solid state.

Furthermore, the environmental media into which the pollutant is released, such as, for instance,
whether it is discharged in wastewater, is piled up as waste, or is buried underground, or is released into the atmosphere, also has an impact on its destination.

The contaminants released into the environment undergo physical, chemical and biological changes.
Examples of physical processes include adsorption, or attachment to the surface of a substance, absorption, or being absorbed into another medium, and desorption from the solid phase.

    Chemical processes include oxidation-reduction, photolysis, in which molecules break down into smaller units by absorbing light and  hydrolysis or decomposition involving water.

    Biological changes include microbial, degradation, microorganisms break down molecules and sometimes change the form or chemical state of the contaminant, and bio-concentration, the concentration of pollutants in organisms higher in the food chain becomes higher.

These processes can change the properties of the contaminant, for example a contaminant that is tightly attached to the solid phase may dissolve in water, and they can  determine where the contaminants move and end up.

Let us consider these factors relating to the fate and transport of radiocesium from the Fukushima accident.

In Fukushima, radiocesium was released from the plant into the atmosphere, and has fallen to the ground and into the ocean, mostly as wet deposition, or in rain, fog or snow. 10-37 peta (that is 10 to the 15 power, 3 times that of our largest hard drives), Pbq. Says professors of Engineering of Nuclear in Japan. + remember what link says above;

   EU-funded Research: Fukushima atmospheric release of 210 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 used as upper bound in simulation — Chernobyl estimated at 70 to 85 quadrillion

Ask Tepco, they were part of this.

 That is a huge amount, when yet Barack i heard you say it was not a problem, + would not get here, wrong! When in Seattle shortly after, much earlier then in Chernobyl accident, Fukushima has caused in children lymph abnormalities, that also where tested in Seattle, much sooner, showing Fukushima is much worse then Chernobyl. + 10-25% went into soil.

If you look at the video i have up of Chernobyl on our - the sun will set spreadsheet, no one in their right mind would ever use any Nuclear use again on this planet or beyond.

Radiocesium that falls to the ground contaminates the soil, and people become subjected to external exposure as they approach this soil.

Furthermore, if the land is contaminated, the crops produced from such land may also get contaminated, and people who consume those crops may be subjected to internal exposure.

Compare the contamination by this radiocesium with the contamination by non-radioactive pollutant, this time with mercury as an example, which was the cause of Minamata disease.

In the case of Minamata disease, mercury was discharged in a river, which flows into Minamata Bay.

Mercury was biologically methylated to become methylmercury, and was bio-accumulated in fish in the bay.

People who ate the fish regularly was affected.

In the case of Fukushima, chemical forms of radiocesium released in the atmosphere is yet uncertain, but it is considered that it became aerosol after being emitted, and came down to the ground along with precipitation, and got adsorbed on the soil particles.

Both internal and external exposures may happen due to radiocesium adsorbed on the soil:

  External exposure if you come to the contaminated area, and internal exposure if radiocesium is transferred to crops and if you consume them.

When you think about and compare the contaminations by mercury and radiocesium, they both go through physical, chemical, and biological processes according to their properties,
and these processes determine where they end up in the environment.

However, there are two characteristics of radioactive contamination, that non-radioactive pollutants do not have.

First, there is decay in contamination by radioactive substances.
Radioactive contaminants decay, although how long it takes depends on the half-life of the radionuclide, the concentration decreases with time.

Non-radioactive contaminants may be transformed chemically or biologically, sometimes to a less toxic compound, and other times to a more toxic compound, but the constituent atoms of the pollutant do not disappear.

The second difference is that in the case of non-radioactive pollutant, toxicity occurs when the pollutant enters the body either by ingestion, inhalation, or dermal absorption,
while in the case of radioactive substance, there is the risk of external exposure and a person may be affected merely by approaching the area.

  There are two kinds of radiocesium released from the accident in Fukushima.
One is Cesium-137, and the other is Cesium-134.
The two have different half-lives: Cesium-137 has a half-life of about 30 years, while the half-life of Cesium-134 is about two years.

  Furthermore, large amount of iodine-131 was also released during the Fukushima accident.

As the half-life of iodine-131 is about eight days, while some of its remnants might have been detected in the early days, there is no trace left now several years after the accident.

The half-life thus has a major impact on the change in the air dose rate.

People hired to work to resolve the Nuclear plant accident where uneducated + many ill from it so they kept hiring non educated people. As well parents were not informed why their children were ill from radiation + supposedly if media/doctors would tell them why, they would be put in jail. How sick is this? Dr. Helen caldicott went to talk to mothers w/stillborns, monsters they call the babies born with 1 eye, no full body parts, pieces of flesh, + sadly many lived, so it was very heartful to work w/these ill.

All of this is not new. You Govs/UN have hidden much of it wrongly. + The videos i share on our spreadsheet are real showing all of this.

We the people can redirect all the fear that is leaving many in the fog, as truth is supported to able people. + Those ill will expose them self in this structure of organizing that fuels. Ones students can do this w/all students locally from all types of schools working for ones community.

Networking w/the many simple people that respect the natural enhanced limits, knowing well it works. + Each community can do ones local `plan, creating a tapering transition, welcoming all to understand how one has exceeded the natural enhanced limits + how to work back into it if can recycling. So Industrial emissions either change business being subsidized, as ex; The paper mill in Port townsend, Wa that families lived from supporting their children's education, can now see how it interferes in the environment, hurting other life.

   Yet they were allowed all these years to run w/bad science being permitted. This must stop w/support that can be done. Students can create economical strategies for investors to come back morally + ethically to restore every communities ecological sustainable working community. As locals use only localized systems of low impact. No large grids, No large wires carrying energy to other communities. Rather decentralize so locals became aware + self sustain collectively most efficiently as they use natural building changing zoning as all life is respected as the biome(s) are reviewed w/neighbors. Removing the Colonial mode that instituted false communities. MARK LAKEMAN has great examples of good work.

    Set aside wild parks for tourism, etc. is not real, it can be worked sensitively, let La Via Campesina show you. Now there is no better tourism then to welcome people into natural restoring where communities are healthy + healing + education is shared as participatory offerings are supporting interpersonal exchanges w/critical thinking, so people interpersonally reflect + all co_evolve together. + Early signs show well how we as human species is an open book + communities supported can pick out early on those at risk of hurting self + others.

As we say start this effort w/a natural locally grown wild food/fish/animal potluck sharing options. Reaching out so students do a community walkabout. Knowing well who needs priority care ASAP + use recycled places bringing in skilled locals + if have none that transfer what is most efficient.

This is how we can cover many people humanely + help them heal, help be in real time as ll come back as local, global + beyond mindful participants, networking sharing in solidarity.

So no foolish world Gov takes control. As i see much waste in people that are in responsible roles, + students can walk by ones side helping to make a conscious humane decision as community defines real needs + offerings, as reflect w/skilled locally + afar.

This is the peaceful negotiations now that can replace weapons of war.
Barack let me help you set this platform up now every where you have your Military, globally + US.

Meanwhile you wonder why we have sick people running around killing others?? It is not the weapons as much as the interference in ones life.

 We together can admit our wrongdoings as we sit down eye to eye + have sensitive skilled people follow up on support needed. Not riot gear during the chaos, but friendly faces, soothing ones senses long before as students work w/ones community for the living local processes to continue to create upon the bio cultural realities from the many that `boon w/the natural world making it happen. Not just waiting or riding on others wave. Plugging into interactive organic exchange as beneficial organisms.

  Please don't sit eye to eye w/leaders unless you open the channels for all to take part + then have students compiling options/schematics creating 1 sound science that all tongues globally can create upon. Not be enslaved by it, but as a community tool via their like ecosystem/season + subject they then fine tune w/their neighbors preparing for all seasonal natural + human made disasters.

  Not US aid coming in for more to profit or waste, etc.

Barack please get real for you have fked up a lot + perhaps no one around you has been clear enough for you to understand how. But i trust you innately have wisdom riding on the corporate wave. So i ask you to please rethink + allow our words to activate your neurology, so the words you continue to use are not just programmed information, but real experiences that empower you for you to come to grips w/your truths + potential.

So you + others don't just serve us falsely, rather serve yourself so you gain our support for you to build your path as you walk it, into your opening. In harmony w/the motion of being alive. Not chasing it, not enslaved by it, not imaging it is to come after death, but real time plug in now, being present in the moment. So no more does this disassociated energy that we all take part in creating unknowingly, that has left so many scars, can now be harnessed w/support by all. As each redirect that which has stole energy from ones organs, as they are left w/mixed signals as their organs steal just like the survival of the fittest. So now ones organs can work naturally + heal giving back the energy for one to sharpen ones sensors. So all gain support to become aware to maintain ones self sensory observation vs belief that has contributed to ones misuse/abuse.

So w/empathy we can hold self + others accountable, locally + afar. Ending the war mode + false green, economies. No more deluded emotional fear of Kim from N Korea or ISIL, etc. Rather get real w/one fault + bring them to the table in an open transparent discussion for all to take part. So we learn the truth of what can be healed how?? WHat is damaged to what extent? How serious must we together prioritize research where needed?? + What needed now to resolve so we prevent more damage, as all is supported to  do ones local `plan.

Even corrupt deluded people can feel truth if you give your best to listen + share why you did what you did when. + Allow them to also equally participate in solutions, so together humanity's consciousness can fuel energy to resolve peaceful means to share this planet, ending all wars. Ending all profit motivations for power over others, as skilled people assess each mindset. Not w/western psychiatric assessment alone, but now is the time + it is so late, when yet like Dr. Leon Hammer in his 80's writing books, once after doing 55 years of family psychiatry realized that when he incorporated eastern ways, only then did it work.

Yes we still have people to guide us, making this simple. So please don't feel like you have the means to tell anyone what to do, rather please ask them to come together + help you.

This is crazy as i hear on NPR just now how Fukushima has claimed all is safe to live in again after Nuclear Plants accident. This is so sick Barack that if you allow their truths to lead, you will pay the price or your children, as history records the damage done. As they have done from past lessons of Chernobyl + others, that you + US Gov/UN did not learn from yet. As many more get contaminated on your watch.

Where is the peace Barack, it is stored in disassociated energy that all created, so don't think i just blame you. But i do hold your responsible position accountable + others, as well myself.

We can harness this ASAP, by taking the funds allocated by delusion people that have required the funds to be directed to the Military Industrial Complex, + stop it, sending people home to take part as a responsible local participant, starting the project, that we at can fuel.

+ Redirect these funds to reach out locally + afar on a simple virtual; platform as ours. + let us be transparent w/your support. Utilizing all of US Govs tools. So all legislators now act from this enhanced local rule of law, that is pertinent to each season + subject matter. Including the US Supreme Court following that rule of law as well UN + all countries. Showing which need clarification to take part in making own assessment real, based on earth + beyonds reality in this present time.

So ex; We can show what is missing in Iran's agreement + what can help as they work w/us. Same Syria as you bring ISIL + ASSAD to the table in global coverage, etc. As simultaneously students help us do this all at once calmly efficiently working recycling what can where.

Thank you for what you do + i appreciate your support, direction, connections to follow up on, so you prove us wrong + share what is right to all, as well your feedback on when we start. For to date, efficiency is not happening w/all the funds you + legislators/regulators, are spending. + Many are left behind. When yet w/our virtual platform being perfected, even at this stage students w/great5 energy will run w/this + help exponentially so all on earth become aware + `boon w/in the enhanced natural potential, so all maintain sharp sensors, knowing well the natural limitations respecting all life. Vs the thought of more waste of resources putting up false walls, when nature does it best when we know how to work with it.

So please support us to fuel you + your community working w/your local students to network for your community. Thank you! + Thank you Barack, for if anyone has the ability to communicate, you do, if you allow transparency + all to help you.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln