Israel is part of N Africa and please see a true story and our comments of how together we can go figure to save life on earth...

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect

We have a plan. If interested come talk, email me; For our earth needs a secular science or equally common sense from indigenous that see the climate change and how to change it. We must stop our toxic footprints and stop fighting, to calm our organs, so we balance one's energy to rethink and shift.

The western ways are profit motivated by unskilled people that should not be in responsible positions. We all need to collectively think as we focus direct priorities. By each doing one's local `plan, and link w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar. Assess entire biomes w/neighbors and work them w/agroecological systems, to gain local natural food-medicine-wild- fish-animal and end all toxic; Military/weapons of war/Nuclear use and waste must end the correct way/Industrialized agriculture/GMO's/pharmaceuticals/etc/lower one's footprint and use only localized systems of low impact-no large grids of any kind/technology based on indigenous values respecting all life as equal, even though we must all have empathy for those unaware. And find one that they will listen to, to sharpen one's sensors. So each build one's path as one walks it into one's opening. So as to use our full brain to end toxic and resolve, assisting those vulnerable left behind, while simultaneously others restore one's ecological sustaining working communities, w/neighbors.

 While each local `plan will be best to define, to hold self and others accountable locally and afar, collectively, to gain insight, prioritizing toxic and resolve locally and afar. As good minds look at secular science if using 1 universal science working within the earth/space systems, that can work w/the earth/space scientists to know exactly what humans need to do, to stop the toxic and resolve ASAP. And not allow profiteers to manipulate them. Or even as Al Gore profits off carbon swaps, that is not the answer, nor is large energy grids... For 200 species each day are going extinct and humans will be soon if supposedly the Arctic ice melts and Governing bodies cannot lower industries interference ASAP. Says Dr. Guy McPherson who speaks for many as they say we then if not resolve will have months/few years left on earth as we know it. The temperature will rise and foods will not grow.

People already are unprepared w/what already is happening, leaving them in more confusion. So people prepare and realize by doing your local `plans, each can network w/free tools and organize, use protected sex, so as to responsibly not bring any life into this chaos until it is clear that temperatures can be lowered and life will sustain longer.

But even if climate change was not a factor, look around you at the many left behind while others waste good resources as w/Pres Trump thinking Military gives jobs, or he must spend 2 million per missle, like on the over 100 used in the recent Syrian strike, yet to have no proof of who did the chemical attack. This is of ill mind to interfere and create terrorists to profit. The weapons industry/lobbyist/think tanks/US Government is trapped, feeding upon profits, controlling resources from programmed mindsets. Meanwhile, the first lady preoccupies w/making a nice dinner and remodeling furniture and her clothes, vs learn how to protect the children w/earth/space realities that need to be cleaned up ASAP.

Enough scars, it's time to rethink and shift how best to create upon our and your good ideas. and work w/young and old good minds to go figure not just locally but w/those that feel the earth/space connections.

Dr. Guy McPherson and Jamen Shively started a group on youtube, that all are welcome to join. To see how to save life on earth, decommission Nuclear plants, I say now due to all the death and suffering from mismanaged plants/waste not rid as owners use them for plutonium for weapons of war, for they have proven not to be profitable for energy. Plus due to accidents also waste is circulating the planet, and IAEA/Governing bodies not telling the truth. And every community, especially in N Hemisphere should monitor daily, and protect those vulnerable. For Japan Gov is lying and children are ill and uncared for. As many more than Chernobyl accident, sooner on, got thyroid abnormalities. Arnie Gundersen is good to follow and Dr. Helen Caldicott, as they both have worked w/Japanese people when Gov is not telling truth, nor TEPCO/GE, etc. for they want to rebuild Nuclear plants and have Olympics. Making all believe all is good.

This profiting over ecological prioritizing is taking life on earth down unless we all act where can,not on fragments that may also be important, but on priorities first, then all can simultaneously do a number of resolving. But first all must use one's full brain and not fight, rather calm oneself so blood and energy flow thru out, to help us connect, so we bring in people that are sensitive to read what the earth needs and do it. Not as a religion but one that speaks so all can understand, that this is about the survival of humans on earth and the life that sustains us. For no ecosystem can sustain itself. Nor will plants live in the heat if it continues to rise.

Africa has many lessons and your indigenous living boon w/large browsers side by side, I feel may have some answers. For a good earthling lives local but feels more than the dirt below one's feet rather they feel the earth/space systems, and we need all to interrelate in one's local `plan, and have reps come talk collectively, share the priorities in dialog/teleconference/Hangouts/follow up w/documents when trying to communicate live w/time differences to give feedback or answer in another Hangout from Google, or videos or hands-on to experience. And do what can w/the free tools of the times to network. And channel resources and prepare to adapt so neighbors can help each other.

Africa is having many problems for too long and now I see Military coming/puppet Govs for more resources to steal.

Pres Putin says Arctic ice is melting due to natural cycles, but I've asked Kremlin and him to share his scientists, so all on the same page. But he is protecting cultures/biodiversity and is complying to UNSDG and states he will share technology that has helped him do more better by polluting less. But still I support no Military weapons fo war/No Nuclear use, so that still tell me these people are all high risk that has them wasting resources when all could stop and rethink Deterrence.

And help resolve real issues. So as you people know best that being one and trusting is best. But please rethink and stop fighting. Dr.Jill Stein did a great piece required by Congress;
Google has given us an AdGrant as a US non-profit, so we will keep sharing globally within their realm of choice as well thru word of mouth. Nabble gives freely a nice site to organize and network as well Google, and more tools to network. LibreOffice and Google Drive have nice documents when others can't use the same software to edit, Which we hope the simpleness of this will be resolved. Zamzar is good for transferring documents and ODKTool kit w/Android is good to use when no internet, as in creating forms and then when online can upload. Humanity is doing good things and many answers are known so if we work together more can be linked, so as not to have to reinvent the wheel.

We are trying for a Grant to perfect our plan to simplify all this to link, so check back. And as I say if we get the support we are thinking to base out of E Africa and maybe build another sailboat to live on.So if have one interested in doing the same as in a cargo/fishing boat/educations/live aboard, and build it on the beach, share our link w/them and we can do it together. We have a plan for that too. We are working to sell ours now in Oregon, US.

 As the human consciousness connects, even know from across the earth to fuel thought, each can have a breath of fresh air, knowing that others care.

 I don't have any clue how this profiting w/Isreal and the US ever started, but others feel they are entrenched in our US Gov/banking business, controlling the shots here too, as parasites.

But we are positive that if all do one's local `plan and rethink working within one's local `enhanced potential, all will gain fuel to work collectively and link, celebrating along the way, w/gratitude of humanity's goodness to work with. And more profits than ever can be made from the quality gained from jobs needed to do this transition, respecting all life on earth, as a beautiful piece of living art is made.

President Trump and First Lady, you like design but never will you witness such grandeur as working the wild sensitively and skillfully, as large browser transboundary migration leads, and then others guiding with agroecological systems/natural building for each community w/neighbors to restore and gain own's own sovereignty. Where wildlife lives next to communities yet each do one's part and not interfere. Not hunt for trophies but focus on saving life on earth for your children, or you will watch them die in your lifetime due to temperatures rising and people starving and more suffering than ever before.

 As all can share earth/space in peace, and toxic pollution rid, as number 1 to resolve lowering temperatures, ending all weapons of war/Nuclear use and work together to clean the toxic radiation that floats around the earth with wind/rain/currents/snow/dust/smog, etc.

I know all once learn to nurture life and heal, will also agree, the earth is worth saving and working w/our children by our side can help us. So please all do what can to make a difference and I will share this w/Pres Trump and First Lady along w/Pres Trump/Pres Kim Jung-Un and Pres Rouhani, so all realize all can have peace, and no need for the waste of walls/sanctions that interfere, etc.

Peace be with you all!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...

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Re: Isreal is part of N Africa and please see a true story and our comments of how togehter we can go figure to save life on earth...

Everyone Help where can Dr. Jill Stein, please see May 6th, 2018;


We share w/you our thoughts shared to obtain a few Grants to give an idea of what we working at to fuel your thought and create upon it and share w/us;

  Re: Grants submitted 4.30.2018

`i come to talk story, thanks to GlobalGiving and Global Pluralism Award, for all your support. For good minds bring out the best of people, and without your support, I would not have been able to finish w/my mistakes and technical errors on sites. So I submit the following in case as in GPA, your site page failed w/more then I thought. And I want to show GlobalGiving yet more. As well I add at the bottom more notes if want to further read what we’ve done and what we will create upon w/others.

Peace be with you all!
Sincerely, Kara J Lincoln speaking for our combined `effect.

What does pluralism mean to your institution?
Please illustrate your answer with an example from your institution’s work. (Max. 200 words)

    We are of one species on earth, as one human family and priorities need to be met in the instance. People can learn to reflect and become aware, nurturing one’s sharp sensors, as each maintains discipline over one’s self-sensory observation vs belief. As each network in an open global transparent platform, giving all the opportunity to interrelate.

    Only then the human race will survive, along w/the microcosms that sustain us. To co_evolve the human species on earth. For all communities are interdependent on balancing one's genetic biodiversity and linking w/neighbors, doing one’s organic exchanges.

   There is no natural balance, nor can any ecosystem sustain itself. Human’s are polluting beyond the earth’s ability to adjust for life to exist. For we are losing 200 species each day and human’s face the same unless serious Gov interventions ASAP stop temperature rise on earth.

   Our plan sharing humanity's answers can fuel every community on earth, to work w/the student within all to use one's communities, as extended classrooms and do one's local `plan working within one’s natural `enhanced potential. Network, prioritize toxic locally and afar, working within earth/space natural systems and resolve. While restoring one's ecological `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities w/neighbors.

Please explain how your institution’s work has promoted the inclusion into society of individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds.
(Max. 300 words)

  After a series of seeing many negative experiences w/others, we realized early on as we built a sailboat and circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean experiencing the Rwandan war over shortwave and much more, that I did not want to continue to be sick, from the world’s lack of mindful response, including our own.

  We knew we had to make choices, our networking exchanging ideas worked. And we wanted to continue until we could define how best to not just live local, for that was not the answer, but realize the human damage we all were doing to the earth/space natural systems, and resolve in time.

  We became a US 501.c3 Assoc. in 2012. To hold the biggest footprint on earth accountable. We obtained a Google AdGrant in 2014 and since then worked w/them, as over 15 million global people saw our ads, and we stopped counting last year.

   We continue to work, hoping to gain a Grant to get needs met; as in a salary and pay overhead expenses. To develop our solution, a `Transitional Shift Message Board, (TSMB), to fuel each community, to get one's needs met and offerings shared, as well each person, within one’s local `plan’s  `enhanced ecological potential.

    We will share for all to do/gain, a focus directed understanding thru teleconferencing/videos/potlucks/documents/message boards staying on time w/internet/ODK Tool Kit.  So anyone from anywhere, give/gain, support while doing what can as a part-time mindful local participant, working this `transformation, all earthlings need to do. To be fueled to make a change, gain one’s desire. So when local `plan is hit w/ER issues, neighbors can aid. Vs the terrible camps or homeless, many are in now, left behind.

This is how we all can become local, global and beyond, mindful participants, making a difference ASAP!

How is your institution’s work different from what was being done before or different from what other organizations are doing?

(Max. 300 words)

I await UNSDG sector’s response to sharing what I share w/you;

That what I see in our experience of needing support to do this well, I also would never have done this project if UN would actually resolve and hold people accountable, which still has yet to be done. We see that w/the last Syrian attack from the US. As well still now I see many Grants given to separate entities, when so much more could be efficiently worked thru an International source, perfecting UN/another or us? If human basic nuts and bolts needed would be rethought from each offering and work together, ending the wasted energy in repeating basic structures, as well the legwork to reach out, etc..

Now I seek clarity asking Kremlin/President Putin/ Whitehouse and President Trump and more, to have one’s scientists along w/a few we are working with to define the much controversy. As in Dr. James Hansen working now w/`The Children's Trust lawsuit against the US Gov, as well Dr. Guy McPherson who speaks for others stating time is going faster than originally projected and life on earth within months/years will be gone, if Arctic ice melts this year unless something major resolves. As w/all/Gov’s cutting back the toxic fossil fuels/LNG/Nuclear use, Military weapons of war/local communities developments, etc.. And clarify same page reality for our earth/space so all can efficiently mindfully act. As well better prepare to adapt to time w/changes now being in this 6th mass extinction. Which already much has disappeared.

So much energy is wasted in confusion both from being unaware of these issues or amongst the secular science communities, yet to work w/1 universal common sense. And the disassociated energy from all of this is leaving many in the fog, and we can harness all of this w/support.

Please explain the impact of your work and the steps you have taken to ensure your work is sustainable.
(Max. 300 words)

Research is showing so much controversy, yet humanity has options now!

  We see the human error w/in ourself as well others, that have been simple errors, yet got in the way of serious good work done together. We see how people want to help yet not organized. We see how bad people are left behind every day, yet unable to help themselves. We see how disorganized Gov/public, entities are, I’ve been from one to the other w/one in need, 14 hours, yet none were right in what they told us. Those disabled cannot resolve this on own, but they can take part w/support.

  We see the answers in every one of these issues, that our TSMB can resolve if we simply share an understanding of being able to fuel, as able people interrelate w/us making this happen for the local communities. Those unable are best to co_create collective support for all to give/gain, support in interchangeable roles 24/7, so they too can take part as a local mindful participant. Even if not a resident. Together all can do this efficiently in every community, fueling others in solidarity thru networking, sharing links w/others as well on our virtual global platform as we continue to seek and link w/those without.

  W/support will gain staff to gain links of those without and continue to welcome indigenous to co_create secular science exchanges. So links needed, aid them to organize w/free tools to network and gain understandings, shared on our site. Giving students within all a building archive to resort to, add to and self-reflect. As people, reps of groups/local `plans, share the fragments of many in patches doing great work, as each gain fuel to fine-tune one's local `plan, efficiently. So peace fills the air, for all to prioritize and adapt w/basic comforts.

 If awarded, how would your institution use the financial and in-kind support provided by the Centre?
(Max. 300 words)

Overhead expenses, to include technical staff/good tools and we buy them rebuilt if can, and pay back a few loans for such expenses that we took from our self only since 2017, all other monthly overhead expenses for going on 40 years that we have paid for. And now will eventually take back salary from 2010, from the US non- profit, if we can reach out and gain enough to do what we propose, for that will come first, but we need a working salary too. And we would take one now based on what others do for non-profits, which you may know best. Our IRS Determination letter application filed on 2010 give us this right as we agreed, that we would take a basic salary for the 3 officers, including myself Kara, of $17,000. per year, until 2012 when we obtained our 2012 Determination letter for our US 501.c3 Association, after they made errors, as well prior, as this was the 2nd application. The first one we quit due to their mistakes. Which made it difficult for us. So since 2012, we would use a basic comparable salary as others do, and appreciate your input! And use AdGrants.  

And then hire others for specific tasks to do global coverage. As all first seek out how we can work w/others globally, to do exchanges to gain links of other structured entities helping out w/basic needs to get met and add our ideas to fuel them to realize the efficiency of working together, even co_evolving thoughts to make this TSMB better than ever as each then network, as a rep represents a group working into one’s local `plan and rep for a local `plan. We have the detail to fuel thought, for individuals to also work into both.


More if interested to read, as answers above had limited space.

    We all need to be on the same page mindfully, exploring this unique earth/space, giving gratitude while alive, sharing the joy while celebrating such good work along the way. Imagine all biome(s) sensitively worked, seasonally resolving all these issues, using agroecological systems for all local `plans to gain one's sovereignty, sharing in solidarity!

 So all give/gain, support to do one's homework, to build one's path as one walks it, into one's opening, leaving no footprint, while part-time gaining prerequisites/learn how to volunteer, co_evolving the curriculum while doing one's local `plan, as one gives hands-on support to those vulnerable now. There is no better education to prepare to explore and plug in where ever, as a mindful earthing, again continuing to prioritize part-time wherever at, connected to our virtual global platform. Updating such common sense priorities done w/respect, calmly, ending Military bases/Nuclear use/weapons of war/toxic and clean up earth/space ASAP, leaving no on no longer as is, meanwhile those w/skilled sharp sensors prioritize and guide, yet listen to reps feedback of one’s local `plan’s findings, to make sure 1 universal sound science of common sense is included.

    UN/WHO states 6 billion people are either without clean water or safe sanitation and lists follows…

    W/ your support, to work w/all and co_evolve even UN/Gov/Education/Grantmaking processes. As local `plans will be best to define one's priorities locally and afar, and hold self and others accountable locally and afar. So together an open platform such as our TSMB allows all to rethink and shift ASAP. Unless you have a better idea for us as EX; to work w/UN/other, and if they will, I will.

    We would like to relocate w/indigenous living in harmony w/transboundary migration and create w/a secular science of common sense to add to this, for time is of the essence for people to resolve temperature rise and adapt. As well end all Nuclear use now (Accept some medicine w/no half-life, recyclable.) and clean up waste, protect vulnerable for many unaware how it affects all now, some more than others. And decommission Nuclear power plants on the earth, so after all human life is gone on earth due to those necessary, not complying, the earth will not become like Mars.

Only when we work together, as local, global and beyond mindful participants, ASAP, will life on earth be prevented from becoming extinct sooner than later, and along the way, as even now people will not suffer as bad.

   And then we will teleconference and or video due to time differences globally, for the few now globally we respect have done this nicely. And when they do it they speak for all of humanity. And it is these reps we want to link to our spreadsheet/teleconference, etc, so locals no more stay isolated and they see the world's offerings now. As many are without.

        One to work/perfect the technical, so when people limited they too can do; `The Transitional Shift Message Board, where all needs get met including communities and all offerings from both working within the natural enhanced local `plan's potential/local `plan worked w/neighbors and recycling what can an entire biome(s) are reassessed and planed w/agroecological systems that also include local natural food/local energy/local technology based on indigenous values, sovereignty. Including social/educational and political changes so all co_evolve w/the local reality of the local `plan/local `tapering transition where those that leave footprints are welcomed to see sound scientific facts, debate and collaborate to resolve and make wrongs right as each then find one's place as an earthling, overviews that all humans share as in basic nuts and bolts.

   We are not a catalog or merchant, we focus on human and life rights, real needs, and offerings so they get met along w/the communities prioritized. To enable explanation and support to all, so local reps do link certain questions or spreadsheet pages, etc. so globally all can talk to each other where needed to make global change and ground and center oneself now, or for future planning... This could be a global project if got funding? I have an idea to obtain a structure of another? For now, I share for all to do.

        Researcher skilled to seek more sharing/like groups giving/gaining, support, so we link and not repeat but have more collaboration on global issues for peace and prioritizing toxic, sharing solutions;  Google Ads can be perfected so each community gains more detail support! for the tools of the times are here to be perfect, and I respect all that have helped us continue at Google and Nabble and others... As well social media, even those I quit like Facebook and LinkedIn, due to instability or lack of communication, for I did try and I did appreciate much of the social networking tools and really did not want to quit. So perhaps they will rethink and make time to listen? For I tried.

   Technical help also to utilize all the tools Google/Nabble give us, as we continue to use their platforms, and another, depending on how much we gain in your Grant and also applying for Global Giving Grant today as well. And make it aware to people that they can also have free tools from a variety that we work with and more for business to organize if need. But our purpose is solely to aid basic nuts and bolts for each local `plan to mindfully work also w/earth/space priorities as we focus directly together, sharing links on our virtual global platform we perfect w/support. For to date we have shared many ideas for each to do this already but yet to fill in the missing details many need support with, and we have a plan to do that.
        As we gain support to do hands-on where ever w/a potluck and follow up meets, and continue to teleconference and link w/the groups and can’t wait until local `plans are sharing actual schematics to resolve ASAP, as the earth survives and becomes a beautiful piece of living art. Ending all scars from continuing, as we use 1 universal sound secular science of common sense for all to understand and co_evolve with using seasonal arts/physical activities/live music, from the natural world being restored, while aiding those in need to participate...

         We like to add locals young and old to do the marketing for Ex; reaching out to do a local natural potluck, making posters, telling us whom to connect with last research needed. So we don't intrude but support our ideas as fuel and then locals take part to make it happen. As well seek those that will support us as in Staples for printing etc. Or using our non profit permit if needed, to gain official’s support to have a public event w/signs or library support for meeting follow up rooms and others, so we can see that our work w/students within all, can fill in all the worn torn missing links and do this organizing so all are aware and supported if need to take part and interrelate.
So I would have to research each act needed above to define what is fair pay to hire staff, so what does one get paid for following? Is this what you want me to do? For I never hired one to do non-profit work, yet.

Thank you and I hope this gives you a better picture of what we feel can be done w/your support!

Peace, Wendy, Mishi and Kara
`i come to talk story thanks to you all for your great work!
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
                                    Our Google site;

         Please Donate to our US Nonprofit Association,

                           `i come to talk story

  Email kara; title DONATE and if need a tax receipt, please give us your info and we will send you one.

                 Thank you, for making a difference!

                    Love us at `i come to talk story