Irans Nuclear Program: Is a Peaceful Solution Possible?

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although i'm late, perhaps my thought can trigger yours.

i'm not a licensed journalist, but we have this forum in the building as we co_evolve solutions in our proposed project osic, to build working ecological sustainable communities + harmonize. we feel this is our life right.

i have worked at thoughts as a peace intermediary, for over 40 years + i feel this is what is missing;

  let me use this as ex: if you take a look at the Sandy Hook School shooting, you see a dysfunctional child, like i see young/young undeveloped in adult bodies/people reaching out with desire/delusion/misinformation as they seek networking from the western world, from my experiences. wanting something that takes them away from their own ability to feel the inner ptools still yet to be aware of, that only can be developed once we feel the earth below our feet.

this is why we co_evolved into project osic, to put the globe on 1 page, as we focus direct some basics humans share. as students come out of schoolroom + into + with local community restore it`s natural enhanced potential, as with Prof Miguel Altieri with his agro_ecology written from indigenous simply being productive now. as he creates good science curriculum at Berkley. he knows well our global food crises + when folks are hungry it is hard to become aware. especially with so much lack of transparency sharing our good solutions. + we feel starting with local food sovereignty then fuels our path for mental clarity + physical strength, as students give hands on to those left behind. everywhere in world every community has some. so in equality we network sharing this process.

i'm presently asking Nabble if they can house the world coming together with their software. + or seeking to merge to reach out faster. + feel UN should do it, as well US/other govs, so i awaiting their answer to unite + simplify. vs the many entities wasting resources.

ok so as in Sandy Hook person that killed many, he had ongoing support from mother, as well her delusions with weapons + violent videos, etc. same with govs around the world thinking they also should give as with Syria, or as they condeme Iran + truly not set stages to talk as an equal. rather talk about, talk over, yet a monolog, never talking to at real time, with ill minded as well potential to heal, not to mention coming from ill minded with same potential if all data layed out from all sides on cloth/table. to truely see the innerpersonal issues needing attention.

    Dr. Leon Hammer whom is in his 80`s now still writing, did do family psychiatry in western medicine for over 50 years + said until he became aware of Eastern ways, incorporating them with western, could he easily + effectively heal his patients. so in short our perception of what govs/people think should exist is not reality in many events for our human development is being manipulated, for the gain of others..

which we feel we can invite them into their local tapering transition + still be efficient + positive with our protential for them to rethink as students locally give them fact as we network + reflect via like ecosystem/subject.

so we don't have to get lost in all this information, rather we can use our students young + old working collaborativly with sharp sensors. clearly we are an open book. we can see those that dulled their sensors + welcome them to the cloth/table discussion. as i stated long ago. we can not send these people to the moon, + as a life right activist i support no aggressive measures. rather i believe all including the regimes + opposition coming together for their local community + if we look at what we should be doing ecologically for what truely sustains us, starting with our local natural food/medicine, it grounds us to reality so we all can become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.

+ over come this present fragmented science we have + unite our local restoration. to then have a natural gauge to reflect with, vs pie in sky belief, with world markets gaining both ways as others loose. rather we can maintain our discipline over our self-sensory observation vs belief. for if we are to co_evolve as a human species it requires this local balance to link globally of our genetic bio-diversity which is being destroyed. not to mention our unconcious inhumane thought + acts leaving many to die prematurely as well many suffering without basics in place, while yet others are wastful + consumptive. + our tallies will show all of this along with solutions, for many people refuse to accept nothing less than harmony.

so to stop weapons of war + false alternative energy, is a must everywhere. + we must give equal respect for all, as US + EU is off with all the weapons we have. so we need a reality check for the world to come together on this issue. ex: if we looked at what all is doing, Iran in retrospect would then be perceived differently. i always have stated to accuse one like Israel has with Iran is like a daily explosion + must stop. our verbiage leaves negative effects + then when accumulate it is just as powerful as a weapon of war. then to have sanctions, what about US to stop, why do they not get sanctions for this abuse??

we must look now at our human potential to easily create a global science that over rides all the fragmented science being controlled. + we can do this as each local community creates the solutions to their tallies..

it is like this disturbed young man as an innocent undeveloped child. many are unable to self-develop or overcome the misuse/abuse, while yet an adult that is also disturbed, as it appears his mother was, then to do her best, yet leave more negative effects. so how can we alone blame this child. when yet the mother had wealth in a community that knew of what she was doing by taking him to more gun ralleys, buying more weapons, etc. same as our govs globally. as weapons + nuclear parts continue to be manufactured.

if we stop them in a tapering transition + make it aware, those that pursue it illegally will then be like a sore thumb sticking out, for in micro moments, when we speak the truth, an energy reflects clarity. + we have many wise good simple people caught in all this, as i have been speaking with an activist from Iran as he states the present ill state of many of the people with drugs/alcohol. then to see them be shot, if discuss as we do in US. + then the leadership also being corrupt, but like the child, they are also being fed from the world, so all reaches out with their limited senors in attempt to survive.

we can stop this by stopping it ourself + put all equally on the cloth/table asap. in every discussion, we now are all of us, not they can't + we can. so setting this stage as in UN`s worldwewant2015, i suggested the same;

      the set up alone with questioning is already segregating producing inequailty. so if we are serious of addressing equality, we address this straight on + simplify.

      not continue to segregate so those profiting from the war mode or false green economies/or those trying to hold on to positions, can continue to thrive. many have proven this ongoing manipulations taking place in these war areas, Haliburton is one, yet US gov still does business with them, why? as well look at UN special reports as US + other Govs are trying to hide as Susan Rice did, etc. as in the Congo, then to see Bill + Hillary Clinton work together when she was secretary supporting Rwandan president, when yet UN said he was a war criminal, as 13 US universities offer education, which is fine, but don't you think we should stop their ongoing participation in genocide?? + give aid to all to gain local sovereignty by each having ability to build their own..

it is time to get real + grow up or step down as positions/policies are rethought in real time as we apply them. what can be a better education then this for our students as we tell the truth + open transparency. i've suggested this on Barack Obama`s fellowship program as well UN`s world we want 2015 conference + to Barack at Whitehouse. as well to him directly if it is him on our forum, if no answer i will block him or another trying to manipulate stating it is him.

so as a global human community to share this earth + beyond, we have great minds with great solutions to heal, sort out options, as students aid all to bring these local details to our global awareness. so now all can then help share solution, as we reflect with the many good simple natural communities that are in harmony on this earth. that can reflect part time so the world can collaborate these good solutions + reflect via like ecosystem/subject. now together as we restore locally + students co_evolve local curriculum with the real natural enhanced gauges within natures limits, we define what is real.

no more science bought + manipulated as patches` flourish while pockets` die prematurely due to continued Free Trade + even Fair trade that is not free. rather we can unite to reflect to trigger our local thought to then bring home with respect + fine tune + apply. for all to then share their goodness in an exchange, once those in need are given hands on support.

tallies will show us on this proposed project osic global network the threads of those still doing wrong as solutions will then with transparency change our present economic struggles, as students will protect local sovereignty as modes of tapered transitions are clearly put up for investment. welcoming all to once again rethink so we can become whole + take part as a community participant locally + hold ourself + others also responsible afar.

i'm ashamed of the US legislation + President Barack Obama for not do_in this in past with all the good proposals for peace. i await my offer to them now to do just this as we restructure + if no answer, we as people will continue to unite + parallel the exisiting govs that choose to continue to manipulate..

peace is our option if we share what works.. we appreciate your feedback, see our link below + we welcome you to take part in this transition. for we know if we set the stage + share, this process of building working communities can become a lot more friendly.

we welcome you to put your meetings live so we can participate from afar..

sincerely, kara j lincoln

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 Brookings: Topics - Iran

 Irans Nuclear Program: Is a Peaceful Solution Possible?
 Posted: 19 Feb 2013 07:00 AM PST

Event Information
 February 19, 2013 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST
 Falk Auditorium
 Brookings Institution
 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW
 Washington, DC 20036

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 After several years of increasingly punishing sanctions against its economy, there is hope that Iran is now prepared to resume negotiations with the international community to reach a solution to the ongoing nuclear standoff. Many experts fear that Iran is quickly approaching the nuclear  
threshold, and that 2013 could be the last chance to avoid this outcome.

 If the international community cannot seize that opportunity, it may be left only with much worse alternatives.

On February 19, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings will host a discussion to examine strategies for resolving the nuclear standoff.

Panelists will include former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, co-founder of The Iran Project, who will present the organizations latest set of recommendations for addressing the nuclear issue, and Brookings Senior Fellow Kenneth Pollack. Senior Fellow Tamara Cofman Wittes, director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, will provide introductory remarks and moderate the discussion.

 After the program, panelists will take audience questions.

hear the actual audio of event;
End article..

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

 thanks Google for threading. 

we have an obligation to our self to settle for nothing

less than harmony; only then can we build working

communities that link our global biospheres, restore

our genetic bio-diversity for good health + co_evolve.

 peace is an option now if we share..

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Re: Irans Nuclear Program: Is a Peaceful Solution Possible?

why is it legislators you are not sharing this reality that we do need keystone or any coal/oil to be transported anywhere. we can live locally self-relaint + theri is no better education for our students then to be motivated to resolve + restore our natural communities enhanced natural potential that we know we can do now. this transformation is a great job creation + we can admit our wrong doings as we create good science that the world can share via like ecosystem/subject.

 + prevent our self + our neighbors from such exposure as we all work to stop all of this locally + afar.

have you not had loved ones that have died from cancer, i have + it is not a nice way to suffer..

please take a review + say no to any new development not to mention put all presently in a tapering transition to stop. + put many to work with clean local small to medium sized clean energy resources. along with awareness as we share solutions we have now, as we propose in project osic in the building.

we await your feedback on our request to merge + restructure, for US Gov is not prioritizing as efficient as could be done with inviting students to come out of schoolroom + into + with their local community + restore their potential, as we network via like ecosystem/subject globally..

we don`t have to learn the hardway thru suffering, rather life rights can become much more friendly as we share our many good solutions now.

we have many stories that need our attention so we all can become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.

 please see 1 of the many stories below;
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
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