Interested in linking what works, our earth gives us many solution oriented options now to build upon..

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   I thought this was a good time to share w/all, my email sent out below, trying to hold all accountable as well merge to resolve w/the much good work in progress by many. I share this example of UN wrongly doing + ask all of you to rethink as you take a review. This is how each of us can realize the effects we leave + make changes where can, starting now by taking a walkabout + sharing us in the process, so together we resolve working w/our global options now, as we ground oneself to live local, sharing in solidarity what works/what doesn`t;


   I share this with many associates at IUCN WCPA, as well President Barack Obama, Sec Ban Ki Moon + people, I ask you to share.

  I had read your old pdf;  GTZ-Wildlife Programme Tanzania + emailed a few w/no response. Those of you interested can Google the pdf, it is done very well.

I am not that familiar w/any of you, yet i see you have responsible positions yet i love the idea if i understand what you are doing + would like to know more. For in this pdf, much is real that can aid the many problems now in the world, if followed up + complete your thoughts, if yet to. + We will share it if you guide us to the updates, for our platform for all to reflect the natural rule of law that all globally can learn from. As we gather w/sensitive people that know well how to read it for each biome(s).

For we have created a platform in the building to share the process of living local, globally. For people to restore ecological sustainable working communities.

  We are a US non profit yet to fundraise, due to the extensive research to define how best to simplify this. + In need of support to make this reach out w/tools to better obtain what appears to be our shared objectives.

Please tell me if you have awareness for us to merge, to strengthen this possibility for global peace. For we have an interest for all communities to do one`s local `plan, this could be why all the good resources here have yet to prevent so many people from suffering. So please rethink w/what we offer here + let this trigger you, so together our actions can support all to become a mindful local, global + beyond participant, having transparency to link.

  We feel all can co_evolve as we trigger/share + focus direct together, so each community is supported to understand as they take part in this land, freshwater flow to sea from mountain, use review, local `plan. To let all large browsers show us the path, then follow w/freshwater review so all life receives it along a natural flow. Then restore  the natural enhanced potential, respecting the natural rule of law which should only fuel any peace negotiation.

   So each community responsibly balances the genetic biodiversity so as to naturally link for all biomes/trans boundary migration. Including the human species. For science has proven well the bioculture migrations sustain the habitats to be sustainable. + Sadly i understand this was learnt after killing thousands of elephants, etc..

  We are presently in Oregon, US, living on a small sailboat trying to sell, putting closure to aiding a dying family. We have an idea to go to an island area w/locals that may also be interested in building a sailing cargo /liveaboard scowl, as we could together build them. Giving people a means to network the local coastal biomes assuring the fresh water meets the sea for the marine life requirements. Then also to network w/communities along the way, sharing what works, as we collectively work w/students networking for ones community, seeing like ecosystem/season + subject to trigger bringing back options for ones local `plan, as locals define.

   Is this what you people have done w/all your resources? or have you made decisions for people interfering in one`s ability to self develop.This is what is happening everywhere we experience, including US Gov. + We want to stop this parasitic sociopathic disease that unknowingly many carry. + In local tapering transitions students networking the many solution oriented patches, can then do exchanges w/pockets without. Triggering each to rethink, set a flow + build new neural networks so as to activate the neurology for freedom as people break one`s codependencies of misuse/abuse + become whole beings.

We must work for our planet + beyond to harmonize, to do its job to sustain all life.

This is not being done fast enough, Ex; Dr. Helen Caldicott will expose in her 2.28.2015 Symposium in NY Academy of Medicine, on nuclear/war + the pathology of those wanting it. + I am presently working on a document holding the western medical institution also accountable due to not working to educate people w/natural medicine as people are required to `boon w/the natural world.

Only then can our true hunter gather genes co_evolve within our human potential which then offers great sustainable ways to share, as we all live local, globally.

Arnie Gundersen`s Fairewinds website shows well examples of how bad investors have maintained the nuclear plants globally, leaving much negative ill toxic effects globally. Yet President Barack Obama has yet to address this responsibly, yet he thinks GE can do this, when it has proven wrong so far.

  Fukushima`s nuclear accident reveal just this, as it still is yet to safely be managed, + Arnie states many in US + the rest of the world are similar.

I would like to work w/whom you people think best + appreciate your feedback for it is time to let bright young student`s energy be focus directed w/all, as they orchestrate the reality of what we can do now w/good tools we have once organized.

I am happy to restructure taking part in a global awareness to connect w/all students/communities. For their is no better way to exponential resolve then, as well better one`s education then for each to reflect w/the truth now of every community. Showing well the who, what + where is resisting leaving these negative effects. So as each local `plan prioritizes, putting fuel back into empowering people as they self sustain, defining one`s voice.

It is this that will change the Global Marketplace, so no longer can another come in + control/deplete the ecological true natural enhanced potential. Rather these people will be defined + welcomed into local tapering transitions. Knowing well no more will anyone be able to run to another place on the planet or beyond + leave negative effects on any life. Rather the local `plan will supercede, as students always can have good investments on the table so not investors can invest + 1 sound science can support local planning/permitting in real time, managed by locals living local, globally.

So i was not w/Barack in his transactions globally/US, etc. So i do not speak for him, rather i hold his responsible position as well everyone as people accountable to rethink for we have yet to reach our true natural potential + can working together.

Do_in this way ends the war mode + false green economies, stopping people from profiting due to others reaching breaking point as they are controlled/interfered with, etc.As others want the resources, vs. support them to self sustain do_in one`s local `plan, so the local resources stay local so people help one`s neighbors in need. Not US Aid or other Govs coming in from afar, shipping goods/services wastefully around the planet as they now are doing.

Shame on any of us, that don`t change this, knowing well of the puppetry/profiteering/ controlling Govs now do. When we can for once restore humanity to be equal as each do one`s homework, setting the playing table fairly for all to share in this process mindfully to live local, restoring working sustainable communities by do_in the local `plan, w/localized systems w/low impact alternative energy as supplements only, to holding ourselves accountable to lower our footprint, hold others accountable so no moreland/freshwater/sea grabbing + industries now tapering into respecting the local enhanced limits, vs destroy for profits. + Understand how our living earth works most efficiently to sustain us, so we no longer interfere, rather we work `boon with it.

If you take a look at our link below you can see the research we have put in to defining this. + With your support it can be manifested ASAP, so as tools perfected that do exist now, but we have yet to have resources to work with them.

I presently have spent a lot of time co_evolving software w/Google due to mistakes that has detained me, but i know once corrections are made their tools will be much better for all students to work. They are trying to support me as a non profit once these corrections are made, in which we then will pursue global advertising for donations to do as we speak, as we co_evolve this work in the building.

Thank you for taking the time to do this review + I await your response. Along w/taking part in Dr. Caldicott`s Symposium, so together we all can walk away with call to actions;

For we are fueled by Prof Miguel Altieri`s work as he writes curriculum of agro_ecolgy, working w/indigenous still do_in, w/comparable yields as the Industrials, yet leaves no toxic ill effects. Yet continually gets overruled as Corporations feel their values can better feed the world, yet they leave destroy biomes.

When yet we all know as Miguel states what is needed, as it fuels us to do this as we work together;

  A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

   by do_in agro_ecology `Altieri_

       `which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

Please realize what you people have done is a big part of this, already completed, thank you for what you have done. + Now as we continue to set a platform for people to reflect, understanding as we suggest starting w/a simple natural local wild food/fish/animal potluck, no GMO, no monocultures accept for growing industrial hemp, no large solar/wind grids, rather locals recycling working restoring w/respect to the transboundary migration of the species that sustain our earth to sustain us as the human species.

    So as each activate`s the true neurology within all, maintaining sharp sensors, disciplining one`s self sensory observation vs. belief that has taken part in all the earth + beyonds scars, that need our immediate attention now for our earth`s survival.

    So all network, making ones community part of the earth`s beautiful patchwork, as a beautiful quilt. As the balanced environments become one`s best medicine fueling unique bio cultural exchanges, as all migratory paths naturally link. For all to share this earth + beyond + explore, in peace.  

This is our true enhanced potential as a human species now once we organize. To strengthen the good work now being done by many + rid the misuse/abuse within one`s reach vs. be lost trying to change the disassociated energy we all have taken part in creating, that now can be harnessed, if we work together w/empathy + equality. Where immigrants/refugees are welcomed, as they work w/ students/community, learning where best the natural world provides efficiency to self develop/comfort so  as each take part in the local `plan, working to live local, to fuel future plans, w/equality as our human family.

   People everywhere, please note what i ask of all, due to so many dysfunctions. Please have empathy + locally work collectively restoring one`s local sustainable community. So as to `boon w/the natural world, the true fuel not one bought or manipulated as in the upcoming elections proposed wrongly on each side w/so much wasteful funding/lobbyists, when yet many are left behind.

   The Natural enhanced rule of law is not being prioritized in social economical political developments. That is wrong for us as people to allow money to supersede the ecological balance + leave negative effects as it is, globally. When yet with the good work from many we can, so all live locally in respect + w/equality, so all work to make this happen, leaving no one left behind, nor anyone to develop interfering in the natural world that sustains us as the human species.

  The international community wants to live local, that is how we can be most efficient in addressing the serious issues on this planet + afar, that need our attention now, opening many positions to give people real fuel, that is much more worthy than a paying job that presently depletes habitats, destroys what sustains us, etc..

  Thank you for what each of you can do.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln

thank you for your patience,

    i`m studying Google, non profit/Ed Apps, + happy to report we just uploaded the sun will set page so please take part.

 i`m here for you if you want to help us reach out..

 come talk


   peace, kara + mishi


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Re: Interested in linking what works, our earth gives us many solution oriented options now to build upon..

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Re: Interested in linking what works, our earth gives us many solution oriented options now to build upon..

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Hi Robert,

  Are you in New Zealand? We are actually reviewing the anti Nuclear good work being done + that not good proposed, which i just had on my table sharing w/another, funny i should see your post;

Nice patches! It`s funny i have similar thoughts of design, we will have to talk. For i love it when children recycle clothes taking patches + pockets of goodness, realizing how these exchanges represent the many in the world in patches do_in simple natural living w/solution oriented options, that we welcome to share w/pockets without. Fueling them to recycle.

  For we need every ones attention to prioritize part time for humanity left behind in every community.

  Which actually this 1 man did in India, opened factory for women to create making kotex from rags. I have to find that link. But here is another story;

  Thank you for bringing this thought to the table.

I wish you luck in your choices.

Although we welcome all to live local, sharing experiences for others to also fuel theirs. We prefer not to be a catalog if one ships out around the world, for others to make ones products, or deplete the environment w/choices of materials or GMOs, product development that exceeds the natural enhanced limits, or not respecting life. If this is the case of one that wants to post.
          Then perhaps our feedback will help people co_evolve into natural ways, creating w/locals, sharing in solidarity what works globally. So local communities self sustain, as collectively we work at real issues, so as to hold self + others accountable..

   Rather we want to inspire people to do exchanges locally/create w/enhanced local resources working w/locals, respecting all life.

For too many people jump on commercialism not realizing how that preoccupies one to then not notice ones footprint. Or collective work on natural local restoration, creating the local `plan.

Then we see a multitude of others riding on their wave, wondering why community resources are being depleted, etc.

Thank you again, kara
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
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                                      Google site;

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                      your info and we will send you one.

               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; and until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
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