Ideas to create with, to trigger your local pri`performance.. Don`t forget to share it with us..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
   this is the cloth/table/stage we set best on location of the issue at hand.. this is about bringing our whole beings together do_in our homework, sharing local + beyond, yet we still have no local solutions to our local problem.. + now we have to further define what is missing..

    this is not the next` move  where the issues are from locals afar unable.. misusing or negative effects from afar being left. Where we figure another `way with them. to sort which is which + aid the defining process, part time collectively until they able..
    this is about us getting real with our self, digging deep + triggering those deeply embedded thorns to come out. to define within us our missing link for the whole. or just a bad behavior passed on taken for normal + it was left unnoticed.. or we co_evolved together down the wrong path, etc...
               we are rediscovering as we gain understandings of our neural pathways being built every night as we sleep, leaving us with yet another channel to rid our baggage. leaving us open – present in the moment as we create it. + edit with our subconscious findings, working with our conscious as we awaken to new thoughts.
           as we edit, make good choices, continue our exploration as our tools if kept sharp remain as a child`s. as we create our self - as we walk our path into our opening.


    if accept same neural network programming, we simply carry forward same bad behavior.

             to define which is which, we don`t holler for help, until we do our home work. we know aid only interferes in our ability to help our self.. rather we awaken to our sensory reality to define the missing link of where - what thread is worn, torn, saged, aged + broken..

     when many do a little - it can become a lot, to aid or interfere.. here we utilize our inner tools for optimum performance, creating solutions for harmony..

         in this network we`ve gotten real with how to rid our needs.. remove our baggage.. exchange our offerings.. attach our self to real reflection/support.. explore our desires with like mind, eye-to-eye + make a pen pal to explore afar. sharing like subject or a completely new one.

truly self-satisfying with creative expression is what can be.
              we know if we prioritize our function - energy efficiently, we will self-sustain.

      in this performance each of us have the opportunity to take another scan for the stored disassociated energy, we allowed to accumulate.. now knowing, when once we didn`t know, we have the control..  

    now we support each to continue to look for hidden cues that are blocking our ability to resolve, redirect..

                        a `transformation for positive acts..

        starting by emptying out + leaving a calm silence.. so we can restore within natural limits.

  together we apply our self in a focus for solution..  allowing positive energy, to flow once again..
        this enables all to see how powerful our human design truly is..

             as we go forward now + remove the aggressive attachments, we picked up as normal.

   each responsibly identify, unload, `transcribe that intent now visible which produces conflict/war, resistance. that which has stumped us for peaceful resolution..

               how do we do this you ask.. each can create in result to the fuel we gain from prioritizing our local function satisfying our needs, energy efficiently..

    i want to be clear that this is a very useful tool, if you allow our natural tools to awaken. nothing is in stone, improvising works best, allowing each to dig a little deeper. whether we choose to take a break from it all + celebrate along the way. or use it as a discovery tool when all else fails. Or aid another unable while we celebrate knowing, as we trigger them to see it for themselves.

             with this 1st priority performance we wanted to choose something we all can identify with to show the diversity. for each of us to explore, define + use locally, for local + afar issues.:.

        how about our inner-personal feelings being neglected + the resultant being disassociacted misinformation that becomes a shared global issue. such as 1 science value to be defined for the public so we can do a simple exchange. which when other values, other agendas influence science that goes beyond nature`s limits, then the truth no longer leads.

       leaving folks with agendas to gain while they leave negative effects on other life + get a way with it. where as if 1 universal science was clear, it would not be over ruled. Rather then it would be a known indicator to help us not have to start all over.

 rather constructively continue to co_evolve with known like ecosystems that do work + bring home triggering thought to fine tune ours.

               explore this possibility that only works when you make it happen locally. without - so many left behind still struggling..

         we may need to do a pri`performance in order to figure out #1 issue for the next` move, if you choose a local one..
         to define a simpler means to understand what is going on, as interpretations can get confusing from many, etc.

                   again some may question how will we do this:.

very carefully + here is an example to trigger your thought;

      we each will create upon, as ideals surface as we improvise. as each of us come together + play 2 roles.

         1 is self reflecting our feelings of what is important – what we brought to the table.
        2 is reflect what we perceive each other is feeling. what they think is important. When do we do what, depends on how clear we get.

So if another act triggers us to see a reality, we can feel the reflection of human energy from those that have maintained sharp sensors, as it sooths our dull. then we quit doing what we originally thought, + start do_in .

          the mime knows all human potential. so it is going to perceive your issue + sort it out so that it does not bother interfering in your expressing. but then it goes beyond + shows you how they percieved for you to then rethink. or readjust + reflect again as you may now see a bit more information to figure out where your going interpersonally - which may aid or may hender the bigger picture of defining the community issue at hand.

   for many times we fail to work ourself 1st. rather it appears easiere to aid another as we fail to aid ourself with early signs as we stay preoccupied.

          it can be a tool to rather grip the opportunity for all to work it to each's advantage, once each center + ground, then what was unclear becomes clear.

         sure when people use only their head, many thoughts that are good appear. but a lot stay floating by them. that produce them. unless they use mindbody to regain a true sense of application. so this is not about us taking good ideals + running for another. rather this is about building community where yes we can use the ideal but now also make space within the community so each local can regain a sense of mindbody balance. not just fragment, yet leave negative effects on ourself or those closest to us.
remember all is cooperatively trying to figure this out. so which ever way comes about, the one that keeps moving has worked it out themselves. all will then awaken if it is real + follow along. Not just following, but now having the fuel from clarity as a cooperative community member, to then do their part, as each does their own. other wise you will sit down until a flow begins with solution. either self-created or inspired by another. which you will then hang out with until all is clear + continue on do_in exchanges until all folks come together in solutions..

    then you will see the synergy as we come together when all being responsible for self, flowing as a unit that reaches out to the universe, as we all feel the warmth + join in.

            pretty crazy heh - thinking you come in with 1 misunderstanding + now we sit their with a bundle. then all of a sudden we observe another or a few that are flowing + aha! comes about + then we go within + sort it out as we again do an exchange.

                   so it can be interesting to observe the different frequencys all have with even same thought. because it originated from different backgrounds, different energys from different ecosystems reflecting yet another way.

                   but coming together to resolve - so all interpersoanlly are in their own control + cooperatively building their community locally + afar, now we are harmonizing a different tune, when we live local.

        your ex: of what you feel is important - is being in motion, while the mime is also in motion as you. you can stop + pause, you can observe the mime, you can rethink + redirect.. or you can stay focused in what you are feeling + observe it on film later. then see what the mime + others trigger.

   define what is most efficient - to self-express then observe, or self-observe, while you have the opportunity of motion of all to trigger a solution or awakening, unfolding in yourself.

        this is not just for entertainment. This is to fact find + resolve an issue that we all are part of as a cooperative community.

             we want to come to realizations of how we express our self. remove the hidden barriers that keep us from interrelating. then we mime them from our perspective. yet it sometimes is a totally different perspective then what the other felt. we actually didn`t know their true feelings. or we actually triggered them to get to know what they yet to.. as they then redirect.

nothing is in stone. Accept no words. it is words that we either didn`t listen to or chased, as we chased our head + forgot our body. it is words that may have incorrect origin. as our mindbody became unbalanced.

          This allows us to reflect + rejoin` our self thru energy exchanges.

                   it is this intent left undressed, where early signs are not noticed, yet to learn self or no response until hit over the head. as by then it is harder to regain our control. Where with responding to early signs ASAP, we regain our flow of our energy. leaving no blockages that create negative effects on our body + mind. gaining sensitivity to stay within our design.                    

            this is what happens with in our human potential, we get trapped or affected from another direction. by working together pooling our resources, we can learn to respond to early signs.

           our being is part of nature which always seeks to balance energy within all energies around us. sadly sometimes we get in our own way.

                  perhaps feelings yet to be put into words of our understanding vs our ability to assimilate as a living organism with such thought/act. as we at times allow our perceptions, that are based on behaviors of others. to just infiltrate us, as we react, without editing, or responsibly following thru + applying our self. Staying preoccupied not realizing the effect we leave on ourself, not to mention other life that we love.

             As many carry/speak words that are not connected to true feelings. they somehow lost their originality from the ug mode. rather they have been carried forward from another time of assimilating what was. meanwhile we didn`t take the time to update what was stored. or maybe keeps showing us signs, but with dulling our sensors, we just over look them, numb to them.

       once we become aware + sharpen our sensors, then baggage pops out as a gentle bell vs. as was as a sledge hammer hitting us over the head, then we respond.

        we/they that carried incorrect behavior on to future generations, grabbed with shallow context, etc. in attempts for many to survive. But now is the time to take responsibility for these words/acts producing shapeless forms that we have hung on to. + not let them interfere in our ability to maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation, as we sort it out..

                    accepting nothing less than clarity.

              Now is this time for our `tapering transition to come into effect. where we become supportive of this exchange as we notice + then become efficient with creative functional exchange. we self-reflect + folks rethink while stopping the negative effect. + go beyond + create upon it.

      this can happen in micro-seconds.. or take years.. it`s all in your hands.

This medium is a good place to start as a rehearsal, for those folks yet to come about as with ridding Monsanto. Which Shiva Navdanyas` diary is very updated.. as well the many other good folks that are truely endangered + upset by acts of others.

                 folks bring to the table your local issues in detail to set the stage, so we walk away with solutions.. as we then link globally.

              Leaving yet another positive affect building our local + beyond community. when we thought there was no `way.  

remember those times when we hardly had energy to figure out ourself or our back yard or even just our community or nation. When yet now we can part time do an exchange with our virtual tools, for our human family, to share in this process.

        open to share our planet imagine, collaborate + acts will follow.

     we have fun with our cultural ethnic exchanges as everyone becomes more easily able to explore this planet + beyond. with a world governed by people`s potential once we awaken to our natural perimeters as indigenous folks share with us as, so together we co_evolve.. as we create good science to give us the common sense verbiage to link all communities in harmony.

           where collectively part time we/students come into + with community as a classroom. + give hands on to those without as rehabs are restored. as we let large mammals show us our path. as we all come to cloth/table + do a `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review + restore our enhanced natural potential..

   as all leaving negative effects is welcomed to rethink as we share solutions + do a tapering transition, so as all come build community for all to become a local, global + beyond, responcible participant as we continue to explore..

            All species can be managed by plant succession..

    Which many find it hard to reopen hunting for personal use, as in the need for sea lions as they are out of control, here in our community. interfering in the commercial fisheries. people can stop feeding them so others shooting pellets can collectivly work togehter to end, as they leave. as people caused them to come around us.. + people can resolve it.
       We can define + harmonize any subject, if we pool our resources.

 not wait for the future to do it, rather bring future ideals to now + take part in creating our moment. make space to not allow your baggage to steal your moment. address these early signs now + explore them, so as not to leave anyone misusing, unknowingly. so gather regularly for your thoughts are all important to express in real time as we each do our homework. but after we go within + still can`t go figure, then please come talk, + another can give feedback. + we all can learn to process so we can address our early signs + work at them within our own control as we self-develop.

  please realize it takes us all to make community harmonize.. together we can network these local + afar issues that many live with as normal + remove every layer that stands between us  + our self. easily noticing ASAP, when our good energy lies wasted in self-importance or the feel good mode without accomplishing sound conscious natural development. Rather we actually feel the unease before the pain in another + now with compassion give support.

  so we all become gentle to all life, so the lil bugs no longer get overwhelmed with our sorrow + discontent. rather they deserve our harmony.

         do not allow unease to take over for long, rather misinformation over load along with incorrect food combining, spiking blood sugars with processed food+ sugars, leaving us on a roller coaster with low energy, preventing movement. before you realize it our neuro - processing becomes tilted, leaving emotional instability, stress on organs. where now body parts are pulling their own way as all organs try to survive, leaving mixed signals we ourself cannot read clearly. then many got o western medicine alone that truely can over medicate, not be sensitive to help us understand our misuse/abuse.

  so lets plant our local seed for food + medicine. permaculture tool bags offer these gauges of agro_ecology/forestry to regain our balance with the earth.

       we can carry misuse for a long time before awakening to it, even blaming others..

      together if we can organically reflect with simple natural living + self-observe, take time out + restore. Our organic instinct driven intuition once again kicks in, vs. chasing our head with hormones out of wack leaving our body behind.  

          we can learn to manage + maintain our whole being - centered + grounded.  as we prioritize function, energy efficiently, leaving self in a calm state to create + self-express.

                      Yes - self-satisfied without leaving a footprint.

        ask yourself do you want to be left misusing, while someone offers fragmented comfort, even with the best of attempts as in EX: Bill Gates or Al Gore`s green movement that does not work, when yet they leave negative impact unknowingly + as we welcome them to understand we must check back in with those we pass judgment, + further support if they have yet to understand.

    Yes - work to become aware which then makes us an equal as we each fulfill our human potential.             

our solution here is to carry forward in all performance, a grounding green energy around us as our stage is set satisfying needs + offerings locally..
               as in sharing our links; seed fairs, sharing past generations work - networking exchange, redirecting resources from permaculturists, perrenial foraged gardens, agro/forestry-ecology, so we all can aford it, etc..

                no to AGRA + yes to `food first, AAGGRRrrr..                

this is a  pri`performance message to all as we understand how these threads left uncut will continue exponential negative affects..

          know your audience, know your performers, know your local community`s true issues that can`t be resolved in good conversation by gathering those sensitive to guide us locally + if none reach out afar..

 1st add stuff that you all are accustomed to. transcend - connect threads with layers.  That each can still relate to in their lives. then go farther + show real connections from our actions unknown to many. as a networker from afar can share what can be for you then to do. as we rethink together + research what others via like ecosystem/subject is do_in, + let it trigger you to bring home + fine tune what can work best for your community, to aid you to self-develop.

          we need ongoing support, no quick fix, rather work together.
Make sure you do all the links in between. For it is this inability to see the fine-tuning. + when folks do then we make a change.
         Now on stage, after threads are realized + connections made, folks that are unaware realize the suffering from these issues triggering others.
          ex; over 13000 children dieing on this planet every day due to no food - is not something to take lightly + this awareness can awaken solutions..

                add music to enhance your cues, to awaken gentle bells. Use your imagination, if pissed show it, some humor. May be a mask to hide behind layers as we expose our preconditioned survival aids along the way of self-discovery. Or those sadly that never got to edit rather remained with many faces. or take clothes off as folks unaware of baggage we carry, as many die prematurely, many others end up with a bag/box housing all they have, etc.

    or how about the frequencies left on this planet from all the mass abuse, lets see who is feeling this + give support for the conscious inhumane acts that have/still is leaving many scars as with the genocides, that  Eve`s can share as in the Congo.. or as in Myanmar where Moslems are stuck in between borders with no one wanting them..

   post your event + amazing creative energy will be filling responsible functional positions. As well when visiting we will want to take part or sit back + observe some meaningful reflection, art + music. that fuels this movement. as we continue to explore, co_evolve - building our path as we walk it into our opening..
            realizing we can watch our video in our head as we allow layers to lie. Or before our storage capacity runs us over, we can edit ASAP, leaving us mentally clear + physically strong, being present - creating our moment, with our inner tools we are fortunate to have. yet many are left unaware we have this control over ourselves + can accept nothing less.
          peace is an option now if we share our true self by 1st defining it

  remember these are just thoughts to create upon. be real to your self, your community + enjoy carrying this walkabout reaching out locally + beyond in real time. working with that deep within you that needs editing, that was displaced from another time.. + share us..

     catch up part time + rid your baggage, while still being present creating your moment + share the bi`joy experiences along your way, as this co_evolves into a beautiful performance..

         this is fuel to build your path - as you walk it - into your opening..     

       their will always be patches` along your `way to stop + refresh..

             then we ask you to share with pockets` without..

                            our combined` effect makes a difference..

                                           enjoy! lets celebrate..