ISSUE; information war with our minds..

     i just can`t just choose Israel + Palestine, when their appears to be an unfolding of it all.

this information pertains to disassociated energy building from being accused, as in Iran for so long doing what they have not supposedly.

   + not complying to UN as with Israel over 60 times over the peace negotiations with Palestine. then we have information of controversy where both now as of 11.16.2012 are talking 2 different stories.

Lets take a review of America as a Criminal War Nation, here is a nice over view to start;

                then we have the cyber attack as with the Anonomous, as some say, while yet us other folks call them our friends as we work together efficently, sharing with those that are leaving negative effects yet are unable to take note + those effects we cannot allow to hurt in disrespect. even if unintentional.

  we all are in this together. to blame + do nothing but be hurt by it, is inefficent. to address this knowing you can help as you define where best to share. then now we can assert efficiently, what locals guide us to do, as they stay in focus as they unite in Sovereignty to co_evolve with real time solutions best suited for your local ecosystem/subject;



We are Anonymous, We are legion, We never forgive, We never forget, Expect us.

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but sadly we yet to know or at least many of us yet to know those that have the information that pull others strings + whom is the puppets.

   so i hold accountable President Barack Obama, Sec Gen of UN Ban Ki-Moon + Senator Jeff Merkely, for starters in an email i just sent. + i ask you to share this with your officials. for we all should have the right to transparent operations for what each are doing as i requested in my proposal for webpage at MyGov, which i suggest to take a review as well add your own if better ideas or even ideas to go along with it;


     for what i see with my limitations are very fragmented + disjointed as all in the middle east should be held accountable as well. + never should of gotten, nor continue to get such monetary support as with Israel from US + any other support.

             accept for a tapering transition opportunity to rethink as we all come to the cloth/table sharing locally an ecological `plan for the communities to restore their potential as we offer students to help as in project osic in the building.

as well add input at the UN forum;


so with all this information we also have people lost in layers yet in responsible postitions, while yet others are leaving negative effects. so we ask social networks to stop fragmenting + take positive input from capable stories + put together a log, so we see some clarity to truely focus on resolving solutions. picking apart the controversy, giving us all a chance to take part in what we choose.

so as to over ride those that have been left for too long leaving negative effects creating more disassociated energy from theri false acqusations, leaving harmful effects.

                      we can harness this energy that has contributed to this ongoing assumptions as many are unable to free themself as they ride on others wave.

so we have quite a chess game going on, not the ches+s i created but could add this too it now that i think of it, to co_evolve with it. for those of you that like to play chess + interested in bringing another version, bringing it to real time, let me know. + if i haven`t yet posted it i can to be further worked.

   i suggest to the Anonymous to not stop their, rather go all the `way to the real buttons. so no one can make any weapons work. for our idea is to come talk + go beyond that + share bi`joy experiences as we explore this earth + beyond.

  but how do we talk, we must ask, considering how our #1 + #2 next` moves merge;


          we can find a `way, but it will take us all coming together in this focus now.

          we want music to fill the air, not toxic fumes from weapons. + we want everyone to share in this joy, not just isolate our own back yards, with goods that create them.

                 with these threads worn torn restored, by us all, transparent to us all..

           we can then together over ride any next`move that also has been going on too long, due to it`s dysfunctions that have over whelmed the people in responsible roles, leaving them unable to resolve peace within them self over the many pressing issues...

              but we can look into this openly as we relize how we do this to ourself. + sort this out so we are not taking this all on our self.

            we can heal together + go figure..

  thanks again Dunn for the invite, as we take this issue + share what can to further our path sharing sulutions;

                           Survival Celebration Camp for Sustainable Earth 2013


   what many of us do is not realize the importance of collective community. as we remain lost in our own baggage or preoccupied in what is important to us, even if it isn`t.

           so lets try to do this know + join locally + afar with what is in our face that we have allowed or not. + take a review of our energy to see how real it is to be focus or rethink + stay within our real limits with our own energy fueling our mental clarity + physical strength.

                as we shift we must realize all the hidden threads we leave + the effects they produce..

            Marius Paul has started this discussion with the Survival Celebration Camp.

   for we cannot just think it is a local issue alone, letting them work it out. rather we need to realize our local similar issues as we share the solutions. as well how we intermingle as ex;

                 a US corporation which i will dig up name later. has mining rights in Canada. then to see their own officers steal from themself. leaving it in a very lengthy lawsuit.

     so where does that leave the responsible functioning of this entity on Canada Lands?

we all are guilty at one time or another of selling ourself out, meaning by not collectively respecting our selves + our earth, realizing how much damage people can really do, leaving others to negotiate their use.

 then others with such sensitivity + skill yet to realize the abuse our human destruction can be, while yet others are very aware + in the process of do_in responsibly within our now potential to assess, network in a search of like ecosytems/subject, seeing the good work that is reflected to trigger what we can do now within our self to bring our self to be present in the moment.

  so we can listen + percieve, not just trust anyone that is doing, rather make sure collectively we are do_in within our natural earthly limits or tapering into with a very percise assessment with those sensitive to perceive + skillfully with transparency open to more.

   this is now being fragmented with what science has been allowed to get away with. which is wrong.
we can build good sustainable science that fuels our tools daily to carry them with hands on, with simple respect for all life.

     many now with giving respect to Martin Luther King`s Day are do_in many good things. Barack + Michelle + family want everyone to know how important this day is to them, as they invite all to participate.

       what i would like to add is that Martin would want you to do what he did, so lets be aware what he did was pursue what he percieved, not ride on others wave. but clean up the baggage of disrespect for our natural world within + without as we share with equality, that many then where not able to do as well still now as we battle decisions made from insensitive unskilled people.

  so lets feel this synergy of time + gain the momentum as we organize + share this process, for their is no quick fix. but will we accept what is taking place now Barack + legislators, no! not from;
         FEMA, the White House, Home Land Security, Military, Free Trade, Wallstreet + this list goes on way too long to put here... Helen tells it best below, listen to her audio please..

  i`m presently awaiting Hugo`s feedback on if Nabble is interested + able to house the globe coming together on this forum as we clean it up + restructure so we can prioritize our issues + reflect.

  as in project osic, see subcatagory as we work with our students + truthfully walk by their side as we restore our natural enhanced communites. welcoming all even those that leave negative effects to come to our local cloth/table forums. so we structure;

      + collect emails to mail out for all communities + people with none + schools, so students can collect tallies + we show good science from indigenous now + then. + together we taper into a transition so we know our local earth is respected along with all life prioritized as we restore.

as students focus direct with this in the building, sharing this process of restoration. + we all reach out so those left behind our aided, while support mechanisms are made so all come equally to the cloth/table peacefully + we do a local `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review.

so in detail all are an open book as we hold ourself + others locally + afar responsible as we reflect + each go within + rethink as together we make wrongs right.

              peace is our option if we share in solidarity, what works, so all can gain tools of energy efficiency to work within our natural limits, our small communities with alternatives, as supplements only, starting with our comfort of basic survival that all deserve as with clean;

       earth, water, air  + space as we all share this in harmony with simple tools that locals maintain + explore..

       along with our local food + medicine sovereignty..

so now no one comes in from afar + leaves negative effects, rather we welcome them to come invest as we know  or will know what our natural enhanced limits will be as we stay `boon with our earth.

thank you + we look forward to your story in subcategory you feel most appropriate to trigger solutions or share what works..

  please watch out for our upcoming posting of our Celebration in Celebration with our local community to come together for Solidarity as we share focus imporvised with song, dance, motion + follow up discussions as we link + share solutions leaving no one unable to easily process, so we efficiently organize so as to lessen the burden on any one.

   on 2.14.2013 we will be linking this Celebration with Eves` 1 billion people coming together as many have not been so fortunate in life, + we share in Solidarity with all in as we Celebrate knowing if we reach out together, we can understand the tools for harmony for all to have..

  + with this understanding as we share local stories in real time, we as people can self-reflect to truly undertand the effects we leave locally + afar. + as an organized group we can share  more efficiently so we can responsibly act locally as well be clear on our effects left afar to our neighbors.

  + as all restructure with our students within our self, young + old, to welcome help.. we can replace the worn torn threads that presently block our ability to self-sustain + live locally in harmony.

start here with Dr. Helen Caldicott, she says it very well;

            go to Dr. Helen Caldicott`s web site at and there you will see her thoughts on many aspects of energy and also go to her web page at to check the books that she has written on these subjects. You may also be interested in a 2 day sympsosium she has organised on the second anniversary of Fukushima in New York in March, check this out also at the it will be live streamed..

   listen to her;


   peace is here now if we simply have respect for all life..
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