ISSUE; Monsanto Meet, Coos Bay, Or...

 5.2.2013 North Bend Library Conference Room 6-8;

          thank you North Bend Library for letting us come together to resolve our local issues. + thank you all for coming!  

  it was a pleasure to take part with such sensitive skilled people with a variety of experiences, willing to focus together as well take it upon themselves to do what each feels they can to reach out to more. as we each continue to do our walkabouts.

    to do/done/what else, please stay updated;

the permit Erin has for Coos County needs to be respected;

please see map + times, incase of changes. + if their should be a negative effect, lets do what we can to bring each to calm.

  we need to define how many children + disabled, maybe we can thread a cloth, so they can hang on, showing how we all are on. then if a negative issues should arise we can channel a focus to minimize the fear + sing a song, or something collective???

  we are seeking space + will confirm next scheduled meet, Debra is going to use her previous contact with the Coos Bay Fire dept, where their is a screening scheduled;

   May 23rd the coop will share the video - `Future of Food will be replaced. Selina Denise update on this 11:55am May 3. Deb and the co-op will be screening "Genetic Roulette" not The future of food. I am finding a meeting spot at SWOCC for us next week. :)  

plus our Portland friends have a ? Beth Rakoncay commented on my post in Idle No More - OFFICIAL.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm with Idle No More...
Beth Rakoncay 10:04am May 3  

Thanks for sharing this. I'm with Idle No More PDX and we are gathering info/resources to participate in March against Monsanto March here in Portland. I found your notes very helpful and am wondering about the video you mention, Future of Food. How can I get a hold of this film for screening here in Portland? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for what you do! I`ve asked Erin to tell us.

    + (i suggest you taking a review when convenient of Prof Miguel Altieris` work creating agro-ecology from indigenous leaving no ill effects, yet same yields, as he knows well our present food crisis + Bill Gates negative participation.)
   May 8th 6-8 SWACC Culinary is supporting us, + a screening of Food Ink Documentary 2 hrs we have scheduled + film is 1 + 1/2 hrs so that leaves us 30 minutes to share. so please can we stay focused with respect for time.

        May 18th + 19th yet to be announced whether we can pass out anything or even participate. for 18/19th Master Gardeners event, Tomato Roma, with 500 or so farmers, at Pony Mall in North Bend, Oregon. we are thinking 2 people at each door, 2 people at a booth (please note we will be posting protocol once Bonnie confirms what their policy can offer). Bonnie answered back kindly, apologizing for being late. + states the Pony Mall invites us at another time, for the Master Gardners suggest us being at least a block away, due to the controversy.

what is of must importance is for us all to gather good science; note it would be very helpful for us to discuss with farmers at this event + thru out our local communities, real issues so media/community can hear how we want to resolve, same legislators + we prepare for rally a clear calm sense inviting all to help us define solutions. as together we restore our local community.
           Erin, please note i emailed on 5.3. 2013 at pony mall + discussed with her what our intention was. she thought it was very helpful, but she has to take a review of our work 1st, so i`m sending the FB links;

 Bonnie, you can contact Erin thru this link on donation page + tell her your decision or call me;

       kara 360-450-3749.
 also link here of meet; 

   Mission Statement:

  Current event list:

some back ground links;

   FB link for some reason, ours is not coming up on Google for Coos Bay, so Bonnie please try again later. ok it came up, but not all the posts, same problem as before + that is from National;
this link is for the global project;

    this meeting we just had was very informative + in future when many are limited with time, we need to decide the agenda + stick with it, for it can be very valuable for people to link privately + advertise if space, but a few people putting heads together creating is much better then having a public meet + having a lot of cross talk. it is this ion effect that puts pressure on those weak plus it is simply energy depleting , when yet we can be more organized.

   i invited the Mayors of Coos Bay/North Bend, County Commissioners, Port officials, OIMB, SWACC, Fire Dept, Americorp group of students clamming, the Planning Dept + Rick at Environmental Health Dept, Barack Obama, Jeff Merkely, Peter De Fazio, as i posted in a OFA live stream this week + Democratic party of Coos Bay. i plan to go to the local schools to invite them + define posters? + welcome you all to do the same.

  when i review the new catalog of University of OR + see the many science fields they specialize, i personally have experienced as in the proposed marine reserves, very bad fragmented science being proposed. so i have a dual quest for promoting our community restoration project thru schools + i cannot isolate MONSANTO, for these issues can be best resolved with calm ongoing participation.

their is no isolation in any ecosystem, we are all interconnected on this planet + we are dependent on it to be sustainable to sustain all life rights. we need the genetic bio-diversity in balance in every local community in order to link our natural world that we are all dependent on.

so it is our task at hand to invite people in to take part in our local restoration. it is hard to believe we cannot save our own rain water, or Have Monsanto + many not have to label their ingredients, + better yet us be aware to stop them cold if leaving toxic effects.

   our regulatory board should co_evolve in real time with a functional curriculum that legislators work with as we restore our local dysfunctions + build ecological sustainable working communities + harmonize. if we wait for the labels, it is too late.  every Planning Dept that works with land shows people usually what is being proposed, so we can give public comment as we organize. but it is the Health Dept that works with contamination, etc.

        we must define who in our local community does what + share this with us all, so we approach them eye to eye... then support all to further help in petition, if we are not clear enough to communicate + work together as a local community... including all working for Monsanto. for as i say in my other in this forum, as i share global links/post on MAM;

       we should be able to collectively come together in every local community + define our own regulatory board, whom is real or not, whom unaware, etc. the local threads broke + repair or define if federal levels of dysfunction so then all can target with alerts we make now + make changes as quantities react positively. + define if MAM globally then has such alerts to all work in synch, as we further define from others that have already done this. as well I am presently asking them about co_evolving with our project osic.

     many innocent people are employed globally  unaware, as well locally. Kristina states out of 30 people she discussed this with as she went around with her children in wagon, 29 never heard of MONSANTO. we must respect those unaware to take responsibility + become aware of these negative acts taking place + be specific, speaking locally until organized, + then if choose focus globally with those unorganized to do the same as we share in this network.

to just shock one, our brains want to see, feel + motion sets off, i know the negative effects i left in past + i don`t mean to continue negatively. as many give input. look at what we are doing + lets let those that know detail explain as we follow thru.

     then to leave that person unable to eat, as Selena states. all her food was no good, so we don`t need to do this fear based, we can calmly share transition, local alternative positive options to choose from. not fragment + interfere in one`s ability to self-develop, especially the many people we have now ill + addicted, misusing/abusing, go sit down at Wallmart + watch. may are spiking their blood sugars, creating their illness, just look at the foods they buy, yet doctors over medicate, mismanaged. when yet alternatives of oriental medicine/native indigenous ways offer many solutions, even with the soils depletion, we can use mycelium, etc.

                       so lets share solutions. CSA`s are abundant, look for them, talk to our local Sarah + family at Growing Crazy Farm, talk to Roland whom has come to our meet;


it is our human right to become aware + stop this, not require it to be labeled, but show regulatory boards the dysfunction/ill potential + existing effects, lets organize + let the regulatory boards tell us their explanation as we give them feedback in numbers if required;

      we don`t have to reinvent the wheel. many other countries have stopped Monsanto completely. so we are not organized + we can be. See Selenas` poster to hand out at rally, + lets define how we can print them in bulk for all + how best to obtain them??? Please update Selena.

but we must respect our permit to share this awareness. we cannot be on streets with a sign without a permit says Erin, so please before you take it upon yourself to act, confirm with her, she has done a lot of good work for us all to be very effective if we listen carefully. this is not the time to change these policies, that can come later in the new coalition FB group has we continue to prioritize.

   now our focus is Monsanto, so please save all notes/contacts you will meet, etc. Ex; for GMO salmon which is not Monsanto, for the October GMO issues + gather in the Charleston fishing fleet for their feedback/participation.

Deb says,  GMO; corn, soy, cotton, canola, papaya, sugar beets.

so please define what is associated with Monsanto now, + what else to target specifically related to them, + prioritize locally what we can do now... + upcoming events with all community members as we invite our legislators to come back + be a local participant;

       to see what they are missing? the 3 min video can show the 11 farms as Roland said, at risk of being contaminated, etc. so please contact him for details to show visually the risk at hand.

    posters will be printed + posted around the communities/different events, please remember the red border cannot be changed on template, it must remain as is, all else can be fine tuned for local experiences, etc.

      please let us know in posting comment below, contact Erin for schedules available for all to do what + we will try to keep this updated so we all adjust accordingly in respect to all.

      please check in with Erin before copying for Staples wants to donate an amount, as well Erin is working with Coos Bay Printing + our donation page will continue to offer, as well. so we can prioritize what work first to be completed, with what now available, + Erin has made a nice donation page that shows this tally;
as well please post area of location each will cover for posting what...

thank you all for your continued participation;

    Heather with your recovery, thank you for coming + we wish you well as well any of you that feel this subject has left negative personal effects. You, the gentlemen next to you, which i`m sorry I did not meet as well Roland, you people are in tune with Patty whom you feel is best to do certain things, so please guide us all for real farming issues are the root of this, + we must know ahead of time to prevent + support legislation/education/community awareness to calmly see we have solutions to resolve this, + show these points.

      believe me if you take a look at our forum here, we have been working at many, for over 30 years, in our exchanges as we speak for many unable. + this is why i share with you our proposed project osic once you have the energy to focus on it. for MAM is just one of the issues in our next move` subcategories.

but right now we need to focus together for Monsanto stock investors will not like this global attention we give now as true synergy of our human potential is much more powerful then a hand full of pieces of paper with dead presidents. rather as Kristina shares, the Memorial day parade is real, enough scars on this planet, so as we continue this walk on the day of the rally, our biggest message should be, we have solutions, our communications need to organize so we can rid these worn torn threads, as young + old come together + resolve. so we can go on + better direct our energy to heal, rid the destruction, + address our other major national priorities leaving negative local effects on us all.

    ex; have you seen the issue of the nuclear repository plan, this list goes on. much work for us all to do.  

so lets all do our homework + take advantage of this time for our focus to make a very effective rally locally + do our part now.

+ out of this can build steps for our 2013 Farm Bill, as we address the Monsanto Act, etc.

Christy suggested the young students to speak at various media events, to be researched, + a 3 min video  is going to be made toward the MAM documentary, which we invite all to help edit, so offer suggestions to Erin/suggest on FB to be compiled. such as defining which local talking point can best resolve our local issues, so we can contribute sharing to reflect for the global community that may not be so fortunate to have the abilities/tools we have here.

Brie will be researching legislation + we welcome all to come together with what know, regarding what legislative schedules are occurring, as well the consequence we are facing. so before Measures take place we can inform ourselves + the public.

          this is important now to be acted on in opposition of SB 633 and HB 3192.  These bills are trying to prevent counties and cities from passing local ordinances that ban or regulate a specific agricultural crop or seed.  This would attempt to block our ability to pass local ordinances that ban the cultivation of GM crops in a county.  You can read the actual bills here:

SB 633:

HB 3192:
      sign petition; 

Roland will be sharing in Coquille at the Seed Library. so we welcome all to post these dates + information as each get clear.

Selena has created a nice flyer that will be handed out at rally on May 25. which will include a new FaceBook group link for this local community to not stop here, as we continue to resolve.

Heather will be handing out the 1/4 posters at Farmers Market.

so any of you that may be worn + torn from all this, please take a breath of fresh air + realize we all are in this together + we will get clearer on each persons` experiences so as we meet we suggest whom is better aware of what issue + link. this way during the rally these co_evolving experiences can be covering the range of local reality we face. + each person selected to best represent what will wear a shirt designating that issue.

    this way we don`t have to misinform as we focus direct  the reality that we want to prioritize issues as awareness, not be disrespectful. + even as this coalition continues we will welcome those leaving negative effects to further rethink how best to gather the local facts + apply so as to rid any form of misinformation.

these are serious issues affecting many globally + we want to be efficient in focusing on our local community + do our part now.

  so as the farmers give us detail we can show the talking points ex; BT corn kills insects, so what is it do_in to us + if no research then leave it a open question for all to do their homework, come back to our FB/ this forum can be used as well the new FB group, for locals to follow thru.

    Kristina has come from Florence giving very good advise in her simple hands on do_in, applying in real time. as we all can walk thru our communities sharing these experiences now. + this is how we can make our posters as each person reaches into them self + pull from the depths that baggage needing to be calmed. + seek these understandings.

in this unfolding we will all get clear of the reality of what we have blamed wrongly, as well co_evolve. + target the issues we can take upon our self within our balanced control, as we make positive changes, not continue stressing out. for Monsanto represents the many industries that presently are being permitted from our regulatory boards as well our out of time educational curriculum, the lack of community participation, the dysfunctional government, etc. that needs to flow as one.

   for us humans have co_evolved as a new machine, quotes a neruo scientist speaking on NPR, I believe from Emery, doing research, but you can check archive for 5.2.2013. I mistold you Debra.

                         it is; seeing, feeling, moving that we as humans do.

 we must edit our self as we hold our self + others locally + afar accountable. + be respectful with what we say, for those that are misusing/abused may not easily be able to maintain discipline, over their self-sensory observation, as they chase hormonal imbalance. + this is why we are seeing so much negative mishaps.

    we are electromagnetic sensory systems as biophysics professionals are saying + GMO`s manipulation of genes can not be assimilated within us, leaving negative health effects, even though western medicine/curriculum has yet to organize to create sensitive reality testings in real time, so we have 1 good global science we all can share as common sense, etc.

        but we do know with native indigenous/traditional oriental medicine working with western medicine we have many  solutions, if any one is in need of further clarity/herbal formulas, one ex; call Dr.Yun Wang in Seattle at Oriental Herbs, he would be happy to work with your doctor or you via tel or you can make an appointment, he also counsels at SIOM, tel 1-206-367-9180.

but we all must be real here + not blame our lack of action all on MONSANTO for the regulatory boards/gov supports them now.

            a tao old saying says it best;

     food is better than medicine, energy is better than food + nothingness is better than energy... so lets be clear of what we say, especially when we have very ill people as well children all around us, + to just shock them without giving good constructive follow up application, is just as bad as leaving a footprint.

  plus we should consider a budget + rather then pay shipping afar, or copying material, we can be more effective giving Selenas nice flyer, vs cut more trees, + give the coalition group link. this way we can rally, we can have nice clear heads with good energy to seriously research our local community + plug in. GMOs have left enough negative effects, please don`t ride on this wave. rather conserve + respect the good work of all!

  Erin asks for $500. to cover expenses when yet we can rethink this + conserve in all our acts. the more we reach out now, gather people, gather contacts for the petition to come, we then can clearly show what we need, when + how much, etc.

  by letting people do their own homework, we give them the respect of equality to join in with us. some that don`t want to do internet/computer, respect that. for we should only use this tool to bring us eye to eye, make real connections + responsibly restore our local communities, so we then can share this process.

 Roland + Debra do not do FB, + Roland is willing to talk on telephone. So perhaps each of us can post how best to be connected + you are welcome to use this forum. so if you comment I can either make a new subcategory, or let me know + I will revise/edit, for I have no intention to be disrespectful to any of you, rather I think we are a great team + our objective should focus direct so each of us responsibly act within our self first, then collectively build local community.

as in Kristina from Florence, Erin thinks no more permits can be pulled for a rally. so we can put our the word, + let people define for them self, if they want to RSVP Erin to come to the largest community on the Oregon coast which is Coos Bay to share in this global message. aiding those unable to do it locally.

once we gather more clarity we will create a Coos County Petition. it is suggested that Roland`s comment be followed up on so the farmers can tell us straight on the real issues of risk right now they face, how many, the real dollar values estimated to then be sent to all the legislators to act responsibly, so we may prevent further devastation + details from students can address how this effects our local community with good examples now.

    starting with how this information of real applications, can be harnessed so we remain calm, yet assertive in sharing this awareness to resolve, accepting nothing less than harmony for our self + our local community. only then can we responsibly link afar sharing what works to trigger them to do the same. as well us as review the many groups afar right now do_in creative innovations to stop the many negative effects happening now in every local community.

         as we walk forward + act, lets take a review of what others are do_in now + allow it to trigger us, so we can further define how best to bring it home.

        we can pursue further clarity on local farming issues to define what the risk is in advance to try to grip the moment, to stop it, so not even have to have it labeled.

so lets stay linked for updates. for much more was said at our meet, but i did my best to share, so please add yours.

    as i posted this event also as i addressed the inequality issue, that all are welcome to, on the UN`s world we want 2015 conference, we have solutions + UN logs in real time, but does not enforce, as well govs, responsibly in many places thru out the world.

                 + US is one of them yet to organize on this serious issue affecting us all.
if any one wants to correct any errors please comment + i will adjust.

        lets` organize for we have the answers, the students can gather detail + share a nice story. + we all can help recycle Bries offerings of materials as we all take a review of stuff we have to make posters/banner, customs/face paint we can be creative for visual positive effects sharing clear message. then when they receive posters with coalition link, they can take part.

  where to do what, when ?????????? please post updates.

     i suggest where ever you are in mindbody reach out to what you can touch... make your poster so you better define your understanding of yourself + your community offerings + share it with them. for this truly is bringing a lot of emotions, facts + fragmented issues to surface.
     as a mirror interpersonally self reflect, reflect with others + then come edit so we prioritize this advantage of having so many others do_in the same. so we resolve locally + afar some major dysfunctions in every community;

     starting with our understanding of respect for all life + our needs to remain in balance with what sustains us, which is our natural world. + our curriculum, regulatory boards to be on same page in real time with our ability to maintain this balance. our legislators then should not allow any other discrepancy, + they can best do this by coming back as a local community participant. for we have many other issues on the list to prioritize.

yet how did so much controversy build without our collective acts to prevent/stop it. it is this issue we should build on in this moment. + take advantage of the ability to talk to each other locally + afar. look at the overall numbers involved. this can be a lot of synergy redirected for every local community to harmonize. not just on this issue, but the main issue of how this is happening + how to taper off/stop that which is leaving negative effects ASAP + network for solutions.

   some of you may not want to take on all this, but i ask you to take a review of project osic subcategory when you have time + our work in the building can trigger your acts, it has ours. as we welcome students to come out of schoolroom + into + with community + restore it`s natural enhanced potentials.

    as we continue to resolve...     




      Please note Heather Allen will be the coalition contact for Coos Bay + in hind sight it could be her Right group which needs clarification, perhaps not March Against Monsanto, so Heather please inform us.      

thank you Padma for all you do! + for the great photo;

                        lets encourage music to fill the air, not drones...

                                     sincerely, our combined` effect makes a difference...

 thank you, kara
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