ISSUE; Democratic Republic of Congo, those left forgotten, but not for long..

i share a review of Congo`s ongoing tragedy;

The Word on Women - DRC: Local Women Respond to Attempt on Doctor’s Life

By Jensine Larsen | Wednesday at 12:53 AM | Comments ( 0 ) (my comment below has yet to be reviewed for posting)

Following the attack on Dr. Mukwege, Panzi Hospital patients fear for their lives and the lives of their unborn children (Photo Courtesy of Samuel Muderhwa)

By Corine Milano
“What about the women who were raped who were depending on Dr. Mukwege's support?” pleads Faida Mutula, an expectant mother living in Eastern Congo’s South Kivu province.
For the past nine weeks, she has been a patient at Panzi Hospital, where Dr. Denis Mukwege serves as medical director. Due to a risky pregnancy, her life and the life of her unborn child depend on the expertise and skills of this man, who over the years has treated more than 40,000 women survivors of sexual violence.
Dr. Mukwege has been forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo following an attack on his life, leaving hundreds of women survivors of violence fearful and questioning who will perform the crucial surgeries necessary to repair the bodies of women who have been brutalized by violent rape.
According to Physicians for Human Rights, on October 25 four armed men entered Mukwege's home in his absence and held several family members at gunpoint. Upon his arrival they forced him out of his car, held a loaded gun to his head, and shot and killed a security guard who tried to intervene. They then fired shots at Dr. Mukwege before driving off in Mukwege’s own car, which was found abandoned soon after. Following the assassination attempt, Mukwege and his family fled to Sweden.
In the wake of the attack, Mutula’s question reverberates throughout DRC. In a country where rape is systematically used as a weapon of war and a third of men in the Eastern region report committing acts of sexual violence, Dr. Mukwege’s commitment and dedication to women survivors is a ray of hope in an otherwise desolate climate.
In a statement prepared for World Pulse, Congolese grassroots leader Neema Namadamu says, “To the assassins, having Dr. Mukwege leave Congo is almost as good as having him dead, because with Dr. Mukwege gone, so also is our symbol of hope.”
“Every day in East Congo we have to face new atrocities against our gender,” she continues. “The assassination attempt on Dr. Mukwege highlights the fact that there is no bottom to how low they will go. These beasts don’t want us to be healed. They don’t want us to recover.”
Read Neema Namadamu's full statement.
Namadamu joins 185 women from DRC who are using World Pulse’s online platform to speak out against violence and band together in calling for peace in their homeland. The group, who self-identify as “Mama Shujaas” or “Hero Women” in Swahili, includes Mutula, who types from her hospital bed at Panzi. They are self-publishing personal testimonies and declaring visions for a new, peaceful Congo with women at the helm.
Since the attempt on Dr. Mukwege’s life, their stories have taken on a tone of greater urgency, underscoring the need for increased security in their region.
“We want the insecurity to stop so that women can continue to go to their jobs, so that the Congolese woman feels at ease to eat in the moonlight with her children like before,” says 53-year-old Ruhebuza Vumilia Jeannette.
View Ruhebuza Vumilia Jeannette’s full statement.
Twenty-six year old Anaurite Basedeke echoes this urgency. “No country in the world can plan to emerge while there is instability. [In DRC], not one day passes without one speaking of massacres, pillages, and flagrant human rights violations [like the attempt on Dr. Mukwege]…. We ask for an urgent intervention from the international community so that the insecurity can be mastered.”
Read Anaurite Basedeke’s full statement.
These women continue to shine light on the many survivors of sexual violence who are still in need of assistance. They are sending a strong statement reminding us that the work Dr. Mukwege started in the Congo is not over.
Dr. Mukwege himself is hoping for a strong commitment from the international government to ensure regional stability. He is eager to return to the DRC where every year he helps an estimated 3,000 women.
In a November 2nd blog post for the New York Times, he said, “All the elements are there to put an end to an unjust war that has used violence against women and rape as a strategy of war. Congolese women have a right to protection just as all the women on this planet.”
Ntakebuka Wilhelmine has worked with Mukwege for the past ten years, treating victims of sexual violence who suffer from fistulas, prolapses, and other gynecological problems.
She says, “The population of Bukavu and all the thousands of women who have already been healed by Dr. Mukwege are incapable of guaranteeing him safety. But we demand that the Congolese government guarantee the total safety of our dear doctor whom God has given to us.”
Read Ntakebuka Wilhelmine’s full statement.
This article was originally published by World Pulse as part of the Democratic Republic of Congo Regional Focus Campaign to End Violence Against Women.
World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence. The EVAW Campaign elicits powerful content from women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as vocal grassroots leaders, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.

     my comment feels right here by making it 1 of the next` moves..

thank you for allowing us all to post.


I have to say this is unbelieveable for this story to continue on like this. do you have one that can update local condition? do you have a local network? or are you ladies connected farther away from the many still getting abused?

we welcome your posts on a project we are in the building of, to welcome students out of the schoolroom, if fortunate to have one, in many cases, pool what you have, to share in the process of building ecological sustaining working communites that harmonize. providing your needs locally, so you need not get from afar.

+ for those of you without, we would try to draw attention for your community needs as you share them. then we could try to network with like ecosystem/subject so you could communicate thru the forum with them to see how best to fulfill your needs as they share how they do theirs.

for some of you that may seem far away, but it is good to reflect with those that simply live with tools in place, to daily have hands on with what sustains us.

so in case of high risk locations we do what we can to reach out further to resolve + share solutions, when yet so many are dysfunctional as in UN/ governments that have allowed as in your issue to go on as it has. as well many places in smaller numbers in every community on this earth.

so as people we share.

so if can pass this on to those that can share your story, please do. + for those of you that are settled, we welcome you to share in building this global archive, as you let it trigger your thought as well yours others.

it is in a book mode that you take part in writing, as you comment + we continue to edit + soon will be do_in a search for global school emails + representitives without schools to welcome all to come take part. so we are all on the same page. so you can share our link now.

we also have offered to others with more resources then what we have to reach out faster, as in the UN. we are a nonprofit as of a short time ago. up until then we used our own funds to do exchanges as we developed this project. then we lost our funds in the banking crash + had to switch gears.

UN is presently focusing on a series of subjects, now on disabled inequalities for you to add input, to make changes.

    have you been taking part in the UN forum now, i welcome you to;


+ those of you in US, i suggest take part in MyGov, for we all have to keep at change everywhere to rid so much dysfunction;


     for if  governments + UN are to exist, we all need to take part to make it effective.

i wish you well + i would think with the support of this entity allowing us to post, somehow we may beable to figure how we can get some self-help instruction via the internet, instructional films. perhaps Dr. Mukwege can give specifics needed from his experiences, as well his patients in need now left behind.

as well listen to yourself + you tell us, your voice is equally important as all.

you then can post it so more of you/us can try to research a film library or text/audio, what ever to help you folks start learning now how you can help each other. we can try to trigger each others thought.

you must with all your experience thru all this, obtained a lot of skills + awareness. so it is time to use it a bit more. do you still have local herbs growing in the wild assessible for you to you know them well? i would suggest that for they can be very helpful. start using them now as you strengthen yourself + heal.

i know tea tree is from Austrailia + also in Kenya, how about their. it covers a wide spectrum of fungus/bacteria + when immune system is down with Hiv + antibiotics are not working, it can be helpful with like thrush break outs/stings/infections/teeth but don't swollow it, just gargle + spit, vaginal infections. if pregnant or breast feeding don't use it, as well don't use it on children especially young boys below puberty. also it is very good for cleaning wood from fungus + toenail + feet, etc. so it makes a good air disinfectant when diluted with water. but it would be best to be guided depending on your specifics.

+ if don't have see what herb could replace it.

same with like finding herbs to stop bleeding, help with loss of blood + all the sighns you know well what you went thru to heal + strengthen.

plus define what you do have + in priortiy what is needed.

i may beable to go thru another doctor to counsel you  that knows herbs well. so perhaps we could start an ER priority now for what you forsee in need of now + soon.

or go to someone local or afar that feels comfortable to you.

+ again are you in contact with Dr. Mutwege, if so ask him if he was using herbal medicine locally found, so if you contact me, you can talk in detail.

if have children/students let them help you + i will try to fine tune my editing now to incorporate support for your needs, if i know how best to reach you.

which right now it appears best to use our forum + i will think of a subcategory for you, you may sugggest + i will put it up. then you can comment with each other their also, as another outlet. we are not that together reaching out yet to many, but we are working at it..

you can email me directly with these thoughts + tell me what would be most helpful. + we can see what we can do to network more to pool what is needed. what information you need? tool ideas you can build now?

we also can give you insight into alternative energy, perhaps small scale detail to build something yourself or lower cost to cooperativley do as a community. if you tell us your priority needs now??

such as our you dependent on ER equipment, what is the amps? look on back + add them all up. how about your water is it clean? how far from ocean? or water source for filtering? what do you do for sanitation, do you compost with lime your fecal matter? food scraps turn over into your soil dig down so critters don't get in, + let it turn to nice black soil for planting.

we can perhaps suggest alternatives with a small gasoline generator, wind or solar with a battery connection, a communial water desalinization tool on a smaller scale for your permanent or even mobile set up base, etc.

i realize i don`t know your needs know + hopefully you can relocate safely somewhere to give you basic staples so you are no longer in fear of abuse. do you have a good perspective of these locations that are options to come together? that would be thought to prepare for.

so let me know where that is + what tools you will have + respond to my thought + help me get clear of your updates + we will try to stay updated with you.

meanwhile those of you in peace with security you may enjoy reading our forum + take part. as well you can help us better prepare for your neighbors without that are in need or will be..

good day to you all + i admire your sensitivity to be happy.
i know how it is to be gang raped. i do hope you all are mentally strong to for get this + go on with your life taking care of your physical needs now. if not we can discuss this issue to.

you can gather friends + we can comment  on our forum, back + forth. i will check to see if we can do it live, for i have been focused on other things. or if any have a skype set up, we could teleconference. or chat.

i'm in US my telephone number is; 011-1-360-450-3749, leave a message or email me, + i will get back once i have an idea if this is something that would help. if so tell me your location via email, + i will then go on skype + purchase that area if they have it, do you know?

i strongly am against any weapon + feel the corruption/manipulation of the war mode economy as well the false green developements of large alternative energys, must stop. i appreciate you posting detail of any of this, so we can reach + see what more can do.

good luck to you all + i look forward to visiting some day,

love kara j lincoln


    begin + by do_in, unite with us to not just feel good, but so together we end this nightmare..

     this is a good source of Dr. Mukwege`s ongoing attempt to resolve this, which i then obtained after writing my email;


                                     please review a bit of history;




                                     this is what others are do_in;


        see discussion on latest UN special group report which Rwanda president does not agree + US role;


                     see what Hillary + Susan Rice are hiding + how irresponsible US is acting;

  Published on Dec 3, 2012

       Kambale Musavuli: Obama ignores legislation he sponsored in US Senate calling for sanctions against countries interfering in the Congo.

                        recently -     

                            in  past - 

i asked my friend from on 1.13.2013 to update, due to reserving space in Bill Clinton's Health + Wellness forum, which all can do.  in past i told Bill`s Foundation that this is not good to have US partner when at that time M23 was supported by President Kagame.

 please see this letter;

   Todd says;

In general the point is that the US has failed to take hold Rwanda accountable for activities in the DRC since the invasion in 1996 (1st Congo War).  Numerous UN reports, coverage by respected journalists and international NGOs all document tremendous evidence that Rwanda committing and/or atrocities in the Congo.  The fact that the US is silent gives Rwanda impunity for such alleged crimes.  

                   visit -

check out this article from Jason Stearns (one of the UN group of experts) about Susan Rice.  She in many ways exemplifies US policy in the Great Lakes region.

Hope that this helps.  


               please see this to add more pieces to the puzzle, why US bases in African soil;


  we all must come together on this issue + hold Bill Clinton accountable + stop US gov from irresponsibly acting.

so again i +i ask you, to email Barack, legislators + post on our forum, but it is time for us to do more, so i invite your comments so we may act in solidarity;

sincerely, kara j lincoln
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