Humanity, it is time to talk, so take a review, check in + then add to it, so all can get this right.

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
Thank you for allowing me to join your group, whether Peace for Palestine or Israel or Baltimore or Nepal or the local community in Port Townsend to Charleston + thru out Coos County, etc. I think you get my point.

  Please note i continue to update this subject matter as we research, so add to + check back.

     President Barack Obama`s new twitter is @POTUS, so today 5.19.2015 we share this w/him.
     We Welcome you to do the same, as you organize so your rep stays updated..

    Barack we ask you as a friend, a father, a husband + a person that choose this important role as President, to work w/us to stop the much dysfunction + come aboard. As many felt you were part of us + we want answers, along w/support from all. So please continue to check back for updates + give us feedback ASAP, for many of these issues are long over due. Yet working together many have solutions.

          For many are do_in great jobs but fail to see some things easily to be changed as in the Fluoride issue still in many communities water source, why? I`ve asked the Mayor of Coos Bay, + legislators of Oregon to address this yet no answer, as well others.

        We ask you all to prioritize what harms. You can make a difference if you gather collectively as a community. Fluoride has been stopped in many communities, + you can stop it in yours.

      This is a good time to share my thought. In response to enough suffering + how w/the same amount of energy, you can either be part of the continued problem or take mindful action.

                         Resistance is justified depending on what type of resistance.

    We have enough scars on the planet + beyond. Considering i have contributed enough in my lifetime, not realizing how i was fodder for quite some time of my life, not knowing any other way, accept that their was another way + i would find it + i have.

       Why Barack are bankers not going to jail as people are? Why can`t people also stay out/be released to heal + work w/our restoration processes for their community, that our plan can fuel. As each local `plan gives support for all to come to the table, so w/early signs people needing support get it??

         Some people unable to get out of their own way, still like to pass on their baggage to others vs. do one`s own homework. As i have a handful that appear to be bothered by my truths. + What is hard is when people have a problem talking eye to eye to resolve. That is where community works together, so others come in that can reach them, helping them realize perhaps a misunderstanding, that if continued leads into more exaggerated fantasy, that negatively is not good for any community, let alone one`s organs.

    This is what Dr. Caldicott`s recent 2.28.15 Symposium concluded, that is happening to all in the Military Industrial Complex, as people are programmed for profit, when yet started out w/a good idea, that got fantasized, etc. Same w/multinational Corporations continuing to market, interfering in locals + they are not held accountable. They are not even being fined as the Bankers, when yet all entities when interfering in life rights should stop immediately. + None should be permitted until research shows how it helps life vs hurts it, using sound science, vs. manipulating it as is.

    Plus all need to realize the effect left by each, contributing to global health + that is not happening, as people are unaware of the Nuclear radiation truth, that Barack you also have been wrong in addressing. We address this more below, but lets go back to what people can relate to now, as far as food.

  Not to mention people`s confusion of nutrition. The GMO`s are a good example of leaving ill toxic waste, effecting children, frail + healthy people, wild life, contaminating natural seeds, not to mention harass small farmers w/threats + harm locally + globally, as many India farmers committed/committing suicide, due to being trapped w/no way out. Vandana Shiva article addresses this;


  See Monsanto`s wrong doings over time;

           See MAM`s great work to learn more + take part sharing alternatives;


    Please realize if all get together + have a natural local grown, wild food/fish/animal potluck, each can reflect w/great tastes/simple recipes/solution oriented multifunctional local options, eat better, feel better, cheaper in the long run, helping local small farmers w/issues, not to mention have great fun w/permacultured collective gardening/foraging/ not to mention the agro_ecology over views as each community rethinks one`s entire biome(s) w/neighbors.

     Gather w/your local CSA`s, here is a great resource for Coos County + many more states offerings + you can add yours;

   Sensitively + seasonally working sustainably, creating many openings, beyond the jobs leaving negative effects on life. + Fortunately we have many traditional ways that work to reflect with.

       Their is no better time than now to let our plan fuel your local `plan. For as together we then define whom best to reach someone, when they refuse to listen to those they resist. Reflect, observe + follow up giving support to those unable to follow thru, + help them find one`s way. Vs. allow negative energy to continue to interfere w/the whole.

      Working w/locals that expose resistance, gives the community more to work at. This is what we have done, as well many others that were not fortunate to live thru it, or now unable, as well the many great works being done now, as movements are coming together, creating with the great work carried forward that works.

      For if we allow these early signs to pass, + ride on the wave of good solutions, they can lead into bigger problems, especially when some people showing manic signs carry weapons. Not just one but how about 3 or more.

     i refuse to accept the disassociated energy we all produce unknowingly, many misuse/abuse riding on others wave as normal. For we had people from past generations struggling to survive doing what they could yet could not balance to end dysfunction/corruption/misuse/abuse from the ongoing parasitic social cancers that many still are producing unknowingly, while many may be getting high from them.

         We have the tools of the time as never before w/great people working them. Now is the time to welcome one`s students to use one`s community as an extended classroom.

   Lets support in solidarity + join for exchanging lessons on Facebook,

                      `Rally for Racial and Environmental Justice, on May 13, 2015


  It is time for the Military Industrial Complex to rethink + give back resources as they come home + become a mindful local, global + beyond participant. Saying no to the trillion dollar US budget going to the Nuclear/war mode + false green, economies.

      Nabble + Google offer free sites to organize w/your community, leaving no more anyone left behind. Network w/your students/locals, working for your community, locally + afar. Once organized all can better reach people, knowing well the early signs of support needed as in our updates of a 24/7 community support program in the building, fueling what + where to act on, as you/your rep networks.

    Ex; Oregon`s 211 program + many more can be made better w/your additions. For their are many good people wanting to help, yet not organized + now can be, as each structure to communicate, working w/respect, w/others simply living within the enhanced natural potential. + All that exceed it are welcomed into local tapering transitions, w/critical thinkers networking solutions.

    So all hold oneself + others accountable, locally + afar. For many yet to see the many worn torn links that many still support, unaware of the negative effects left afar.

   We at are very appreciative for what all have given us to help perfect this virtual tool to reach out to all.

     Our focus has shifted to collaborating w/researchers on serious global issues that are affecting all, some worse than others, yet in time all may be just as bad, so don`t push your luck.

     All can harness one`s energy vs. let it enslave one, as the issues of the times, can easily steal from one`s moment. Where as staying present in the moment can give you good energy that needs to be redirected to one`s organs. Giving one the ability to go within + edit, sort self out + bring self to calm to then act on what is right for each. So each can collectively gain support to build one`s path as one walks it into one`s opening.

        Many say how can that be done, well take a look at the history of the Amazonians, they show well that there is no pristine natural wilderness state in the Amazon to sustain from, the soil was/is not fertile. Rather people living centuries ago w/wildlife built/+ continue to build it. Yet many have interfered.

    i ask you how sharp are your sensors + how dull have you allowed them to be, as the present riots w/aggressive acts seem to think that is the only way, when yet that is very inefficient to leave such disrespect, not thinking of those unable in need of water, electricity, goods, etc. that end up nonfunctional.

    When yet calm activism w/transparency, participation + critical thinking for local + afar issues unable to be resolved can be. If we open to welcoming one`s local students to focus direct for one`s community.

 As all gain sound science to no longer be manipulated, so as via networking, all restore one`s ecological sustainable working community, sharing what works. So all self manage, gaining one`s own local natural wild food, fish, animal as an ongoing gauge for local sovereignty.

   Locally we are fortunate to have as in OIMB in one`s back yard to help differentiate as in the much misinformation interfering in good local sustainable ways. People talk to them + ask for their help.

   If ex; the commercial fisher folks could come to the table or their rep, knowing well that their voice can be part of the multifunctional solutions to local problems, vs. outsiders defining for profit, vs. reality. Leaving them over Or misregulated as they presently are.

    See what they face as in science is quite controversy + that is wrong, for we feel the nuclear radiation is not transparent to all, when yet as Chuck Hindmen shows numbers rising, see ex;

                       Mid America Land Restoration / Microbes / Probiotics

Mid America Land Restoration has a paid membership to NETC.

We pay for information to share with all of you...

Take Notice in the timed test to get the Counts Per Minute (CPM) look at the high and low numbers.. The Rads are high...

We will be trying to get you a larger showing of numbers.. However we will not post all of them.. Just larger needed numbers..

Friday morning , on May 1st of 2015 These numbers was pulled at 10:25 A..M.. Central Time ....

May 1st of 2015.... Maps are from

Do any of you see a problem?? (COLORS)

This ongoing slow cooking of us is out of CONTROL !!!

AMERICAN BALD EAGLES DEAD ... fell out of the sky... Now A two-headed snapping turtle has been born in Arkansas.

Do you all see the problem yet??? Do we want to pass this on to our grandchildren thats right you already have... Start fighting start cleaning this mess up if you all do not want to lose your family members to cancer get up and do something... The lives of your family members depend on it !!!

NOTE: Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center - is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private radiation monitoring stations and EPA network and creates a RBL ( Radiation Background Level ) for each 3000+ stations everyday.

This is per the USA EPA Radnet radiation data

50 CPM and over is abnormal
100 CPM alert level
300 CPM evacuation or hazmat
CPM=counts per minute

The Numbers do not mean anything if you CANNOT

Realize the RADIATION is HERE!!!

Are you going to step up or do nothing …?

Lets WAKE UP!!!! says Chuck Hindmen, thank you Chuck for your work!

    Please check out facebook group; Global Radiation Readings and Measurements
 so all can get real. As Arnie Gundersen states pollen + rain can bring it in, w/wind + currents, etc. so view is video.

   People need help in deciphering, as well many researchers can gain from the real living experiences from those that work the wild. So getting together can be a win win situation for all, if we use critical thinking as all interrelate. For i see now oldies w/great science or natural wild experiences, yet are not organizing for students to carry on what is needed, why? When yet so much controversy, yet together sharing all have done a lot of great work to work with defining research needed to prioritize as in whom best to do the Nuclear plant repairs as well rid all use of Nuclear ASAP;

   Meanwhile history shows, continued development has interfered in one`s ability to recycle one`s organic waste creating black earth, as they proved in the Amazon + throughout the world now as w/the great work from agro_ecologists + permaculture, fine tuning what works.

    As many felt/feel the way to preserve what sustains us is to create local, national + international set aside, parks, reserves, etc. + Don`t get me wrong, we respect spiritual spaces for humanity. But not allowing a local `plan w/aware people to have rights to seasonally + sensitively work them, as many have done very productively, as they work entire biome(s). This is wrong + unnatural.

  This is manipulated science for the gain of a few that had/has no clue of what sustains life that sustains all on earth, as they fail to stay in real time working w/nature`s enhanced potential. So all can link the genetic biodiversity.

  A good example was my post on the `Hill, thank you `Hill, where they state a billionaire Warren Buffett supports Hillary Clinton for president. + I stated, you also support Bill Gates. + Miguel Altieri + CRG i thank for stating best the negative effects he has/is still leaving. Please see this article; 

   This continues to show us how our students are studying one science + yet others get to fabricate it, why?

      Not to mention programming from religion, when yet everyone should have empathy to give all the human dignity + respect to study + explore so as to chose one`s own story. + No one should be allowed to pursue one`s belief when it interferes in one`s health or another being or life.

                                  But this continues to happen repeatedly over time, why?

     So ask yourself do you want to continue to be part of humanity's problems or be part of the work needed to organize, develop site freely using the tools from below + more;

              Nabble, Google + check out their `Classroom App, LibreOffice + more.

 Imagine what can be done, if we create research on what ex; Prof. Yull Brown or Dr. Emoto did in his lifetime, he passed away last year.  Google their work + lets see how we can shift the thought of worry into research.

  Let`s gather critical thinkers for participatory action for global health issues that their simply is no structure globally in place to resolve, not in UN or any gov.

       That is why good folks are coming together addressing local issues in Olympic Peninsula;

   Many locals are unable to live free of high risk, locally + globally, ex; Japan in one not to mention Iraq from the use of depleted uranium in bullets from US Military, etc. + ongoing Nuclear radiation in Japan from the Fukushima accident + truth not being told, which is wrong from our US Gov as well. See the global reality. See Arnie Gundersen`s update;




 Have a community gathering + please rethink + come link, sharing us. For we are focusing on research, shifting the energy. This is our comment to NRC, how about yours. Lets see how we can efficiently work w/all to make changes ASAP, especially those in Japan living w/radiation inside + outside their house daily, yet Japan`s Gov is not allowing doctors to tell the truth of why families are ill. Same the children continue to play on US Military abandoned vehicles contaminated w/radiation, this is a crime against humanity. Same here in US when CEO`s, + Arnie knows them all, are profiting over complying to safety, this cannot continue.

    We the people must act mindfully + gather researchers + contact where can make a difference in giving support locally + afar;



   Folks we believe you are not using sound science in real time, nor are you giving us transparency to properly address these emergency situations leaving many at high risk + many others also affected at different levels, globally.

    We the people, feel it is very wrong to not immediately stop all use of Nuclear, as well depleted uranium, as well for products for war, or any use. Rather science for researching how to rid repository + do it immediately, forever so our children can have a future, + heal now those ill from radiation + clean up radiation, w/full transparency, protecting + prioritizing all life.

    We also feel it is very wrong for you to allow all the local + global nuclear plants to not use transparency telling people the high risks, updated, as they are mismanaged + broke in many leaving radiation exposure.

    We ask you to take a review of our work in progress which sadly makes us ill to have to research further, when yet US Gov + UN are not telling the truth, as well raising numbers that are not good science. When yet lower levels leave negative effects.

CEO`s in US + globally should have to immediately comply to safety hazards vs profits, as they presently are here in US + elsewhere..

  UN + every Gov, globally should put all one has + require Japan Gov to allow skilled people immediately, to resolve the broken plants, prioritizing Fukushima Daiichi, as well the people at high risk that Arnie Gundersen is saying all the way to Tokyo. I submit his video of update w/samples in below link.

     We cannot allow such whiplashing w/extremes of information, when science is manipulated as is, as life is dying, becoming contaminated as radiation knows no borders..

Please see our link + give us feedback, for we need everyone to prioritize these issues ASAP, that many now are presently prioritizing profit over.

 We ask you to work w/us as well Arnie Gundersen + Dr. Helen Caldicott w/their updates of what is needed. Their links are also on this page here that we ask you to share as you do your walkabout, prioritizing w/your community, knowing well how you are affected + what shape those nearest to you are, to help;

Thank you for your immediate attention on this ER overdue crises for all life being affected!
Please note i edit as i post, trying to clean up bad editing, if notice changes.
END Comment + requested feedback.

     For starters gather collectively, have a natural locally grown wild food, fish, animal potluck. + Bring your issues to the table, so a local `plan is based on a review of one`s entire biome(s). Yes bring in your neighbors, don`t try to do this alone. For every community has a number of people already working in fragments + together amazing synergy can be experienced enhancing each other.

    Now as each community fine tunes one`s reality local issues, don`t just act, rather work w/students networking the global priorities that affect us all. Support them to fine tune via like ecosystem/season + subject + let them bring home options to fuel you eye to eye for all to rethink for one`s community. Not ride on their wave.

    Rather now create a tapering transition networking, as students focus direct welcoming those that are leaving negative effects. That have exceeded or at high risk of, + show them the sound science that can be worked once respect is given for the enhanced natural potential. Working within the natural rule of law that their is no pristine wild unless it is sensitively + seasonally worked by humans + wild life.

    So now sitting at the table w/one`s community reps, for not all can take off work to take part. So set up runners/a log book, so each can take responsibility to read the notes + follow thru both via internet as well respect those without computer awareness.

       Don`t privatize your community meets, all need transparency. That is all an able person needs to better give support to those showing early signs in need of support.

   We are so fortunate to have ethnic echoes from our traditional engineers that know the natural local lay out. It is a waste of resources to hire an engineer from afar, when the local students should take part w/skilled locals doing the local `plan. Recycle what can, bring forth what is needed + transform w/respect, as students work into co_evolving the curriculum as all are fueled beyond any job that can be enslaving when feeling something is wrong. Then to define how one has been taking part in the problem vs. the solutions.

  With our global priorities + i name just a few here, when yet each community networking can become very clear as they reflect locally + afar. So as to sort out this manipulation of science.

   For humanity deserves to be part in one`s local `plan land freshwater flow from mountain to sea review, etc. Understanding how important it is for fresh water to be given to all as well along the way + the negative effects that contribute + interfere w/what sustains the life that sustains all of humanity.

       No ecosystem can be isolated, our earth is alive we all must balance our genetic biodiversity so it naturally links the migratory species + natural processes for earth to do it`s work, as life dies, yet creates life as it is moved across the planet in our many currents giving yet life for what sustains us.

             As well illness + premature death as in nuclear radiation knows no boundaries.

Dr. Helen Caldicott + Arnie Gundersen have great archives + work in progress to help all realize this is a serious issue affecting us all. Sure some now may be locally fortunate not to be effected now, but don`t push your luck for earth`s currents are moving it continually.

  We share this to calm you as many get upset + as Helen says best many are psychically numb. Focusing on trivial issues chasing one`s false sense of security.

      Working w/one`s students as you focus direct w/them, letting our plan fuel yours, you then can define exactly what is to be prioritized + can working w/your neighbors as you no longer isolate w/what you think you know. Rather open to reality + come aboard working w/the many that you can relate to for bettering your real needs + offerings.

      So no more high risk of say an LNG plant, when you have to pass the buck of fracking to another community along the pipeline, etc. Or let one from TPP define your local regulations once you + your local `plan got clear on how best to live local + share what works globally. So no more does anyone unknowingly leave negative effects locally or afar.

             Rather all hold oneself accountable locally + afar, as well all, start now it is never too late if still alive as Helen says. For imagine once aware of supporting such negative effects left on others locally + afar, then to become aware.

 Working w/students to log + orchestrate focus directing w/all, your community can define your priorities to focus on, heal + restore, see Lynn`s additions as all work together;

     Now is the time for a populist movement to unite every community to end separation, plutocracy, racial animosities, abuse and drug abuse, and gang violence, and to stop military enlistment as a substitute for lack of family and community, and a healthier path to education and jobs.

     We must stop focusing on drug wars, labeling and drugging our youth, militaristic approaches, promoting costly fear based coping skills, non-renewable and toxic energy sources

     We need free community education certificates and paid community life supporting jobs to support all to self direct, heal + collectively understand what the local `plans potential is + do it with a guarantee of having stake as a local participant, rather then a corporation from afar or even locally running the show.

     We need new economic banking systems that promote humanitarian services and green services rather than short term financial profit at our and this planet's expense.

We the People want and deserve New Earth policies that embody new ways of thinking, giving the power back to the people and communities and cities of all colors and origins.

  Uniting our local and global consciousness and services by integrating services and connecting all communities, states and nations will create the Golden Age we all yearn for. We are all connected to all the problems we have on this planet and we must all be connected to the solutions.

     We urge you to go to every Secretary of State's Web Site, download the legislation manuals, and help us craft legislation to bring about our Community Services/Jobs bill @ $2,600.00/month with single payer health care, + again i say work w/each community defining 100% health care coverage for all, and other bills that will benefit `We The People.

    Our ignorance and fear has allowed the top 1% to control our government and keep us uninformed, serving their agenda.  Please don't let `We the People and Mother Earth pay the price for that any longer.

    Thank you Lynn! She is a registered nurse in US + Canada, knowing well after working w/so many ill, prematurely dying, the many helped once aware people work together. + Every community has skilled sensitive people to edit in perfecting each community`s needs + offerings.

   The 99% will come aboard, all need them, welcome them into your local tapering transition, so all heal + work together, realizing how one no longer will succumb to being unaware, rather now alternatives for local options that are natural can be developed, so no more does anyone support the multilevel effects on locals, locally or afar. Rather we share what works, for each to do for oneself, knowing we;; working the local `plan, what is abundant or not to share w/neighbors. Prioritizing ER preparedness systems, then go beyond even prevention + simply live, which is the healthiest.

   The guilt can be pretty heavy, but i want you to know it can also fuel you to make it right, once get mad enough, as Helen says, then you will act. Lets not let President Barack Obama make trade agreements such as link below, to satisfy our delusional self satisfaction of desires that keep us misusing/abused. Rather utilize what can be when all work locally to live local, sharing in solidarity what works..

            Rather lets make change + do an assessment ASAP w/your local `plan. For he is 1 person + cannot handle the Gov`s dysfunction of many also doing the same delusional thinking. They need everyone's help. So please realize how important everyone is, on all sides of the table to make it right.

  I use Barack`s words to tell it all, for i have held him accountable since he has been in office, have you?
 The Obama administration released this week it`s 2015 Trade Policy Agenda, which asserts that “trade policy done right … is among the nation’s best tools to address the challenges of globalization and technological change and promote American interests and values.”

  Thank you Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg  for this Trade Report;

   So please do your homework, inner/interpersonally reflect, + ask yourself what is your American interest + values?? What is your programmed interest + values as well your children passed on as normal from you?? What is your humanitarian interest as you check in w/yourself + awaken to your delusional understandings prior to this awakening  that can happen if you do your homework. What effects already have you negatively contributed too?? What changes now can you do working w/others?

  Well we suggest  getting a good grip of understanding before you agree to anything, + keep it short term w/no long term commitments, for this is going to take us all taking part or serious resistance will escalate. For as i told a group in response to my post, i don`t see the war mode + false green economies resolving anything accept for continuing to profit wrongly. + I won`t repeat for the Bill Gates above article explains itself well. As well these people are great at what they do, so please join in where most comfortable + stay updated;


     Take a breath of fresh air if fortunate + gather w/your community, all of it + see the many tools many share now fortunately to fuel your students to go figure. + don`t stop w/your own backyard, rather lets make a difference for the global issues while making good local `plans. Network w/Prof. Miguel Altieri + let him help you rethink w/his curriculum of agro_ecology, created from indigenous working similar yields as industrials yet leave no toxic ill effects.

  He knows well all can rethink + co_evolve + has fueled our virtual platform - i come to talk story - to do our part.

   Quote Miguel, `A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

           Which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

  Thank you Miguel for all your do!  

   W/all linking grounding in living local how tos, do_in one`s local `plan land, mountain fresh water to sea review, students as representatives in interchangeable roles can reach out for all to understand + mindfully act.

    Together please help support + make our virtual platform we are perfecting w/your support as a great tool for every one`s shared community tool shed. Please share as you do your walkabout welcoming others to link what works, fueling others to do the same.
 Plug into the global consciousness tools. Use this Time Converter. Link to find out what time is in your time zone, when you think of a global meet. Use Google or Nabble freely to make a site + connect so all can post + chat live as you teleconference.


    Ask yourself, what is your goal, to obtain justice + would that be enough. Or do you want this venting of repression, that covers the news, that you did not know was within perhaps yourself, to be handled another way? It is up to you to control you, + not allow oneself to be fodder. Yes, this is the inner tools we have + all must learn to self direct + self manage on earth + beyond, in order to harmonize + have inner peace. Not to mention have peace w/each other, sharing it w/all.

  + If healthy can adjust w/early signs, ways that are peaceful, productive to restore harmony within as well correct the much injustice that every community is in need of, as well healing.

          Gather w/your locals or reps of small groups + buddy up w/students so they calmly work this into their present curriculum until they can make it better. For my experiences locally + afar, our principals + teachers are trapped + unhappy as they do not like the present curriculum. Science teachers are unable in public schools to study the natural world, etc. Talk to them. Or like the Sunset Middle School, a teacher tells me it is hard to teach a child when they come to school hungry, etc.

         Please work w/your students w/real time realities, for they deserve the love + natural awareness as ex; Many are working w/community children homeschooled as well welcomes public schooled + adults. They take part in the real community, mindful parents make, keeping small children away away from guns/war mode + false green economies, etc. seriously working w/their mindbody due to what they may perceive from the real world. Always bringing them back to one`s moment w/experiences of what they can control as far as working w/one`s inner tools.

     Not riding on others wave. For this world is now leaving many negative effects on the global consciousness + many are sensitive perceiving from afar as i was  the suffering of reality locally + afar. Not to mention in my own family, as i as a child left to help them early on.

    They spend time weekly in the natural world that they work to sustain oneself. Yes these are small children early on learning love + gratitude of real life sustaining ways. When yet family carries scars from what they lived as normal, passed on from their past generations struggling.

   So there's no better education then to feel this transformation of energy as students give hands on + feel the beautiful balance that then comes of them healing + wanting to give back as a community participant.

            Now we are building support for all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

  I can`t tell you how much i appreciate `The International Port of Coos Bay, for the support of being in the Charleston Marina over the last few years, living on our small sail boat, awaiting it to sell + then moving on. As we network back + forth to Port Townsend, Wa perfecting our virtual platform to share the process of living local, globally.

    For we all are in this together + we continue to support change for the many dysfunctions that President Barack Obama or any one President faces coming into this dysfunctional system. No one can do this alone. 

    People need to rethink w/all available resources to stay local, + support communities to heal, prioritize research to act on it, vs trillion dollar Military Industrial Complex, The Port of Coos Bay is an example, if state + federal would help develop it + all commercial fishing communities, for no one should have to be concerned about restoring ecological sustainable working community, when locals are unable to do it them self.

      It is wrong as many say to do such as LNG + ship it afar, rather build what locals need, how about a plywood factory, which is right next door almost to the lumber being worked, so that too can stay local, creating sustainable jobs for locals permanently.

   Rather my suggestions to them is the same, gather w/students + focus direct with us all as all link, sharing what works. Building transparency for all to realize if all do not take part then it does not happen. When yet all is seriously needed to gain balance, heal + prioritize self, as well contribute to those unable. Knowing well as in our 24/7 community support plan via a tel service simply, knowing what is needed to do in real time + do what you can comfortably. Know what each can do in voluntary positions needed for the collective, realizing living local, even if temporarily, it fuels one to explore one`s path as they build it, leaving no footprint, creating self satisfying careers to be part of this beautiful earth + beyond.

       Ask yourself can you put words on these feelings, that many just experienced in rioting or continue, not even realizing you are not in control of your true potential that the human species offer?

As in planning to resist, yet not peacefully? As in expressing all the emotions, etc. screaming/looting/injuring/damaging/creating suffering... Yet it appears to not matter who else gets affected, it becomes numbing to think of the children + frail + elderly needing to go to the market next day, or the fresh water or electricity + sewer cut off, or the disease now subjected to, especially in huge messes. etc. This list is lengthy in each local community event that takes place.

   Our plan of reassessing the entire biome(s) offer great options once worked correctly, for natural + man made disasters. When you stop looking at just your local back yard + start serious planning recycling changing zoning/permitting working w/police + all legislators/regulators as all take off their hats , yet bring one`s sensitivity + skills to the table, so now real creativity + awareness of what truly sustains all now happens. Yes ASAP stop GMO, it contaminates other natural seeds, uses toxic chemicals making others ill, etc. While others respectfully where can are worked into the tapering transition to stabilize + better all involved as resources are redirected for health + education.

   Open to all your schools, working for one`s community, where all give a little + gain an amazing exponential help of energy. Don`t accept conforming to delusional old programming, rather calmly awaken to the natural enhanced abilities that nourish one to walk into an opening, to become aware of oneself, yet respect all life in the process as the community comes alive. As it`s natural function is enhanced giving those in need to define one`s voice..

    + Look at all the energy that it took, as many legislators/regulators/police are guilty, as well many citizens, locally + afar, yet to realize how to work one`s inner tools.

 I told Hillary to put more videos on already over packed gear on a policemen or anywhere is insane + disrespectful when yet the root of the problems are not dealt with. I repeat Russia, S Korea, + others use marital arts + sticks to keep oneself composed. Sure at one time the Soviet Union would run over their people protesting w/tomatoes. But people everywhere are co_evolving working w/humanity to overcome the many scars.

    Many think slavery, fascism, etc. ended due to riots, not true if you look at those correcting history where it was profit motivated to make people think that is what took place. All have a lot to learn, if you really want to know what took place, when. I`m happy to share some more links if interested of some interesting work down. For i try to post on our - the sun will set spreadsheet, on when can + welcome you to do the same, sharing what works.

    You cannot tell us their are no jobs, if you do just part of what our plan fuels, an abundance of openings appear creating more sensitive skills needed. + They are all not required from degrees. For if the degreed people come now alongside the students + undeveloped child in parent adult body, they too can reflect realizing the negative effects left on one`s patients/clients etc.

    Here locally our commercial fishing fleet, especially the small ones already are over regulated + some read Barack`s 2010 offerings wrong. As well Barack you too don`t realize the stress they experience, when you imagine what you do to help, yet they cannot do their part. For the system is not transparent nor participatory. So already your effects on them have left negative results on how they perceived it w/their limitations as well yours working in fragments trying to make it work. Same w/you Mike, our harbor master + David the CEO of our local International Port of Coos Bay.

   i see the much good work being done, yet it is fragmented covered w/debt + repairs needed. When yet i hope all of you let our thoughts fuel yours.

    No community can do this alone while parasites are still feeding on fodder. Rather w/sharing transparency + teleconferencing all can bring home applicable experiences to further research.

    Start w/community natural grown wild food, fish + animal, potlucks, now people can start a conversation of one`s familiarity, issues needing support, offerings to share, creating real jobs as alternatives to the facing risks now + ahead, etc.. Diversify + become self reliant.

    + From here we lay out the issues many share, as well students working one`s community co-evolving curriculum in real time w/real needs, taking part as in the beauty of home schooled, + fine tune what each should prioritize + research, as w/the Nuclear radiation issue.

   How many of you are using a geiger meter or such for monitoring the rain before you let your children play in it?? Or calm the fear so one can mindfully act + move on + simply live the best all can, as each make it happen. Are you sharing the GMO data of what is producing illness, The Moms Across America, know well as they continue today working on this;


      The monocultures wrongly permitted depleting soils + contaminating our local natural seeds, + the real fears of the fishing potential of salmon next year as CA drought continues, or the emotional state they go thru know w/throw back of sable, don`t you see that is inhumane + then to use more resources to catch them again shortly after throwback, or how about the experienced that can show those abusing by catching the males of how to understand the behaviors of a male lingcod protecting the female eggs here in OR jan- mar so they survive, etc. When yet Mike Housie states the rest of the coast prevents them from fishing yet here in OR, Sports Fishing lobbyist let them, why? Yet when i spoke to some they say they do throw them back.

   Point is real time regulation can be done w/good people working locally, w/local F+W + researchers, no need to have so many regulatory boards that end up over regulating w/misinformation.

        Students can fill in talking to all entities, keeping all updated as all learn together, etc.

   We want us all to have empathy due to our unawareness + now is the time to help channel for good research + local solutions to live local, sharing in solidarity globally what works for all to do the same.

     Have your students fill in these missing worn torn links, support the schools to come for one`s community, not chase competitive non reality. Network so as not to isolate anyone, rather let it be a prerequisite yet they can have pen pals to then explore other ecosystems as they make friends as best tour guides working on same issues, etc. locally + beyond as we prioritize research now for our earth + beyond to resolve real issues, rid the nuclear repository ASAP correctly + end all nuclear/war mode + false green economies.

   Go beyond this foolishness of inequality + invite our human family of Iran/Russia/Iraq/Syria/Palestine,+ the rest of the world, vs. manipulate the entire terrorist acts that are not real. To research with us for the earth + beyond we share.  + See the many good projects + theater groups from Palestine to Port Townsend, working the world w/creative ways to have people participate + get a grip of one`s emotions + fears, as healing takes place. ex; Where a young child stated to grandpa when he asked them in real life, to pick up a rifle, + the child stated no more, we have found another way to live in peace. Or another i took part in, where elderly people had been part of a concentration camp + the acts brought tears to their eyes of joy as they opened their hearts seeing yet another way as their sharing was appreciated as others learned + they awakened to yet another way that fuels them to no more carry such pain.

      But our students cannot do it alone, they need all to focus direct + walk together, uplifting w/ creative ideas of real time experiences from the many simply living `boon w/creating natural worlds.

   For many are riding on unhealthy behaviors thinking it is normal, yet they carry it from all the social/political + this list is lengthy, social cancers from the many in programmed states of bad health, which has influenced their mixed signals. Unable to self direct oneself early on, as baggage continues to consume them.

  + That is an abuse against humanity + all have taken part as well all can change It ASAP. So set all straight w/respect calmly.

         Now reflect on how good that felt + are you going to continue it?? Are you even aware of the real effects left that now require more work to restore, when yet if your energy would of been calmly applied, constructively, can you only imagine the good results that now could be celebrated.

    My point is all still in a variety of ways contribute unknowingly, locally + afar to this disassociated energy that is very destructive if one keeps it within, stealing from one`s organs, leaving mixed signals so unable to truly get a grip + self develop.  When yet the mindbody carries repression/inability to self express/continuing misuse/abuse, wanting to vent, yet many have no clue of what is taking place. As this continues to leave scars.

     Sure policies change + benefits some in communities in different ways, but not efficiently, as if done peacefully where all take part in what we are talking about now, to end this scar mode behavior that has continued. When yet we can do better. Especially as family, social, political, medical, judicial, etc. dysfunctions continue.


     YES you as a healthy human can edit your baggage so it stops stealing your moment + get real in real time w/your community. Work + recycle, define the integrity needed + structural repairs + use materials to strengthen as you recycle + create a harmony of natural energy, wood + aluminum welded reshaped + take off the rent off existing patrons as all work together helping each other. Lease out garden boxes for organic community gardens, especially as Charleston being a food desert. + I suggested long ago permacultured gardens at Shore Acres to heal + supply nourishment w/organic food. + Harmonize the entire working seasonal biome(s). As well people to play + come walk the docks buying fresh local fish off the boats. or give opportunities w/small spaces for locals to rent as they better tools for their industry, making work good.

   The set aside for tourism is a delusion that is fragmented, rather good sustainable localized systems w/low impact working in harmony, that is our goal. NO LARGE GRIDS that interfere.

 Obtain peace + collectively work for those unable to also get clear/heal + self direct, locally + afar. + YES if unhealthy + unable to focus direct w/us, then reach out to another until you feel comfortable. If you cannot find that person, email me if got this far; + we can make a time to talk some how. + Then you also can take part as together we calmly act. For i will help you define how to get one to help you sort yourself out, if i can`t.

   For all have to organize for local + global justice w/issues that locals them self cannot resolve.  So check in throughout the day + ask yourself, OK if all put that kind of energy that we all have done + seen as in destructive force, + then gain harmony when we see justice, don`t ya think that is just as sick as when we don`t know we are fodder, not knowing we have inner tools to maintain discipline over one`s self sensory observation vs. belief leaving us in misuse/abuse.

    You ask yourself, if you can do the math + equate energy for destruction, vs. energy into making space to accept nothing less than what humanity`s potential is. Which is to be a loving mindful local, global + beyond participant, sharing gratitude. As all live as a human family being `boon w/the natural world
that sustains us, only when all work it, w/like mindset that is sound science.

  Not the science people have manipulated for own gain, or them self being limited + fragmented not realizing they to interfered in reality of one`s true human potential. + This list is lengthy as people`s perceptions are so unreal at times, yet they live is a the real thing.

   W/our plan welcoming students to use one`s community as an extended classroom, if fortunate to even have any of what i say, can then reach out to fill in these worn torn links, locally + afar.

    I say the police when do wrong are acting as undeveloped children within adult bodies, same as i say rioters that do not do it peacefully, are the same.

    I went in early 80`s in LA to a mandatory biofeedback class w/LA police, with my psychiatrist professor, due to the police being too trigger happy, unable to calmly assess the situation, leaving people injured/dead, when that is wrong.

      When we had them on the floor they could not calmly lay still + never had deep breathing exercises or any such biofeedback understanding, which can take awhile to get oneself into a state of awareness where if one tells self to be calm, then body listens. This could take 6 months or so. + Biofeedback is one way as one breathes to relax so body is calm + then thru a series of tense + release exercises of all body parts + w/practice, then body makes a connection w/what ya tell it. Giving one a sense of control only for oneself. not another able person.

    Even if unable, many can work together as we suggest to build on the 24/7 community support plan, where everyone shares a little thru a tele network + then realize not everyone requires anything more than follow thru support, etc. + Many people are offering very creative ways to make this work.

   Where as those of you that rioted peacefully, do you even think of the more resistance that takes place for some unable, then the bad system that may of already been in place?? I'm not into making you feel guilty here, that is your work to overcome, as you do your homework.

    For even guilt should be identified + then redirected into mindful time to act. As you admit real reality + gather w/all to do what as helped me w/the native american four directions;

    Where you gather w/people, you define what is needed to do + how to do it + do it.. Then you assess what was good what was bad so you never carry forward what was bad + create upon what was good.. Then you start again + gather..

  I told Senator Wyden this at his last meet on TPP, you can see that on the Donate page on our Google site; For we have so much continued acts that are bad, i will name a few;

    Our communities now are not worked w/transparency, nor is it participatory.. As well people are being permitted to exceed the natural enhanced limits, that have yet to even be restored + can. As all create tapering transitions, focus directing w/students to do one`s local `plan + let our networking ideas fuel yours.

    So all take good energy, that can YES even come from repressed/suppressed, etc. energy so all collectively support each to walk one` own path, heal + self develop, leaving no footprint, as people reflect w/the many now do_in great work on the planet + afar.

    So together no one is left behind without clean water, air, healthy living w/sanitation, etc. having ability to recycle organic waste creating black earth as the Amazonian`s once did very well in the 1500`s, before others interfered w/disease/corruption etc, as they are doing today. As many are land/sea + fresh water grabbed, while others profit from the Global Military Industrial Complex that keeps people in turmoil so others continue to profit.

    As in the trillion dollars that goes into it from US, if they get their way, vs. education which could help all understand how to remain calm + mindfully act vs. continue to be fodder at their gains.

    The GMO industrials are an example + Prof Miguel Altieri can help us understand how his agro_ecolgy curriculum is based on indigenous ways that still work w/similar yields yet leaves no ill toxic effects.

    People label your products + state NO GMO so people buy them. This way when we do not know local products + how they are produced + packaged, we simply do not buy them.

                  i come to talk story, is a virtual network that will continue to perfect + simplify. So please excuse my many errors as we continue to work + ask for your donations in a variety of ways.

 Our objective is to share how to live local, globally. Please reflect here on Nabble + realize that we added Google, so as to collaborate + gain Apps For Ed, which we invite you all to do freely as well.

   See our - the sun will set, spreadsheet on giving you yet another way as you review very good work from many now to create with + have your student rep network, to bring home eye to eye options, for your community to let our platform, fuel your local `plan.

  Their is no better education than to feel this energy of our true potential, when our mindbody can be calmed by oneself. When one can feel the energy from observing another simply do natural living, so as to go within + check in why oneself is not emitting this energy. Meanwhile many find a load of baggage due to being a sponge riding on others wave. Yet to know one within is deeply buried w/a load of homework to do.

    No better way to do it then to reflect w/your local community + we suggest gathering w/what is familiar to all + that is food. So gather as you bring your issues to the table + lay them out + do it as you have a locally grown natural wild food/fish/animal, potluck. + Continue to use this method as your best guide, realizing all must prioritize, knowing well we have options.

     Dr. Helen Caldicott has a great archive, along w/ Arnie Gundersen + we suggest you gaining some understand of our global health issues that affect us all. Maybe you are lucky + your community is not having this local problem yet, but please be aware w/the continued mismanagement of the use of all Nuclear material, radiation knows no boundaries + the winds + currents have affected many negatively.

  see Helen`s archive + continued work;

   So we ask you all to rethink + conserve your energy for you first, then please check in with us as you do your walkabout + share our plan to fuel others to do their local `plan. For we support no distribution/large grid system. Rather if we are to change Humanity's destiny, stopping these scars from continuing, we must awaken + understand one`s footprint, downscale + support all to self direct, gaining local natural grown wild food, fish, animal, sovereignty for starters then to fuel prioritizing localized systems recycling w/low impact using alternative energy as a supplement only.

     So our children have their life rights to experience a participatory process that the human species requires to fulfill one`s human potential, as together all communities link as each balance the genetic biodiversity, that build the many biocultural traditional engineers we are still fortunate to have to help us see ways that work.

    As we welcome you to welcome your students + let a rep in interchangeable roles come link what works/what doesn`t, as you build a free website + organize for your community. Fueling all to rethink the issues of the times. So all w/simple respect work within the enhanced natural rule of law building pristine wilderness, prioritize research for radiation + end ASAP all Nuclear use/repository as well the Military war mode + false green, as well large distribution/large grids that are wrong economies, that continue to fail to address the origin of the problems. Rather these people are lost chasing profits.

    So don`t allow anyone to promote the diversification of such investments, when yet every community should support all to come to the table + students can network like ecosystem/season + subject, bringing home options to fuel what locally can be done. So now the local `plan works w/locals w/natural building respecting all life to be restored as locals build ecological sustainable working communities. Rethinking + working sensitively + seasonally entire biome(s). Leaving no life left behind as presently in.

    It is not hard to rid Fluoride in our water, but no one yet has the research nor awareness to stop nuclear radiation from destroying life on this planet, as well know how to rid the repository, yet US Gov + others continue to use + develop it, where is your head at?

     Do you realize how fast the children are getting abnormal lymph nodes in Fukushima area? In few years vs the 5 or so from Chernobyl. + The Daiichi nuclear plant continues to spill contamination into the pacific ocean + highly contaminating people in surrounding areas in Japan as far as Tokyo, + less elsewhere, as Seattle was also monitoring children w/half abnormalities. The broken plant yet has an answer to repair + stop it, let alone end it. Same from broken plants in US + globally, in different disrepair. Yet Govs are not telling the truth. + Anyone w/natural awareness knows well how currents in water/wind continue to circulate around the planet contaminating many now.

    Transparency is what our human species requires to rid this long over do parasitic social cancers that continue now, as people are programmed for profit.

    I can`t imagine President Barack Obama developing this trillion dollar budget to restore all Nuclear weapons/ships etc., a trillion dollar budget, on his own.

    Rather the dysfunctional gov/people, psychically numb as Helen says, or parasitically infected as Lou says, leaving such numbness, that good people all these years cannot stop this disassociated energy out of control.

     We are too hard headed to believe this. We know we are not organized as a global family, nor locally prioritizing what is right, but we can harness this ASAP by sharing now. Do your walkabout + share this information so together we can make it right.

      Peace is an option + if interested in a global gathering due to locally unable, then contact us, for we continue to study how best to share globally what works, for we welcome you to come link, + experience the many living locally now in harmony working these issues, as we offer fragments for all to choose best what can fuel you + your community to act mindfully + come aboard fueling others.

  If Bernie Sanders can think of teleconferencing all US 50 states each time he speaks, then all can network joining in to this conversation.

                            Nabble, Google + LibreOffice, give free tools to do this now.

     Thank you for what you can do + please note we have a lot of good work in progress that you are welcome to share, if need to talk or interested in donating so we can gain the tools/hire staff, etc. to do this more efficiently, then please email kara;

    Or Mail us at where we are now + i will get back to you. Or tell us if you want to support us at - i come to talk story - as a US 501.c3 nonprofit yet to fundraise, which is tax deductible, so check in w/your accountant to confirm what is best for you. For together w/your support great things can happen;

                                                 kara j lincoln % General Delivery
                                                      Charleston, Oregon 97420

   + Most importantly reflect + come link, as you inform your local community so NO MORE does anyone remain isolated as part of the problem. + Excuse our editing for this is a lot for us + welcome your support to have patience for we are working to perfect it.

    Please share w/all to be part of the great work from the synergy of people sharing the power of love + gratitude. For all to understand that we must take peaceful action + prioritize, as you define your limits + offerings. As well for your family or family planning due to fetuses cannot handle radiation, so serious thought must be put into your work.

    For children deserve the same love as many get home schooled, when yet we want all schools to network working to restore ones ecological sustainable working community that harmonizes. Tapping into simply living natural lives, working w/one`s inner tools, fueling you to live local, even if temporary, as you tune into yourself, + share your offerings.

         As all gain early sign awareness, early on as they share  in one`s community, as you interface + `boon w/creating your natural world + continue to explore this beautiful mama earth + beyond, in peace. Realizing together all can assertively act w/students for each communities issues, so fear based information does not rule. Rather define the who, what + where is dysfunctional + work w/them to change. So now locally real issues prevent from stealing one`s energy, so all can then focus on global priorities leaving negative effects.

   This is one of the examples of many that humanity faces now. When yet only a local `plan restoring ecological sustainable working communities by locals should choose needs + offerings. + Before permitted all these means should of been met + where not + can be w/new developments working w/local `plans.  

   Given their past track record to manipulate for profit, i don`t count on any present system for them to make it right, leaving much waste as it has piled up + continues to be made + used wrongly. Thank you Fritz for this one;


  With transparency, all able can hold oneself + others accountable, locally + afar w/creative natural functionality restored, as those in need gain support to define one`s voice. Along w/healing, going beyond these institutional delusional rehabs that don`t work, including Gov as is.

                        You see our homework cut out for all to prioritize collectively.

    I share a local issue i worked on, shared w/Bernie Sanders, asking to be part of his 50 state teleconferencing for his Presidential election;

    Just sharing some thoughts to fuel yours. It appears if one goes to the southern hemisphere the radiation is not as much a problem w/the northern currents of wind + sea.

  Yet their are so many scars on the planet that consciously illness of all kinds will continue, if all do not cover one`s bases ASAP working w/as ex;

     Reflecting w/Dr. Yun Wang

         (Yun Wang, M.D. (China), M.Ac., E.A.M.P. Yun Wang, M.D. (China), M.Ac., E.A.M.P., received his medical training at the Qingdao Medical College (1978) and supplemented his acupuncture training at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (1993). He maintains a private practice in Seattle specializing in treatment of musculoskeletal pain, trauma and stroke. Dr. Wang is a supervisor in the clinical training at SIOM.)

  I've known Yun over 40 years + he is skilled to discuss almost every issue, so if in doubt work with him.

    + Other Traditional specialists comparing your western medicine now if not working. Rather than to waste time labeling the many psychiatric conditions the drugs are profited from, meanwhile a trillion is estimated from Barack toward restoring all nuclear weapons, ships, etc. for a trillion dollar Military Industrialized budget to continue.

 Taoism is a better route realizing not titles for mental illness. Rather heal the organs + it will go away. So whether a parasites anesthetic provoking negative signs of cognitive abilities, as Lou is trying to research or have empathy for we all in this together as all have the capacity to perceive locally + afar, depending on sensors. W/so much dysfunction that i have been in, not sure if i perceived it due to knowing well i had no good communication processes early on.

        We started w/a mode of disaster, no matter from what, sharing the reality of the many now solution oriented options available if we truly work within our human healthy potential, not our ill programmed mode of past carried forward from many. In those documents our story shares the visual perspective of disasters, + we wanted to prepare you for radiation where you see nothing, yet it knows no borders + the winds, currents keep it moving w/different doses that kill + injure closest to the accidents of the nuclear plants or the use of the depleted uranium, as in the US used at Iraq in bullets, then to have protective suits fail as the US vets were contaminated as i stated before, when the wind shifted.

   I`ve shared these ideas below before, + we welcome you to come reflect + add your link, see contacts for much good work being done now, + take from it what can fuel you + your community local `plan;

                               the sun will set, spreadsheet, on our Google site;


   We are working locally + afar w/Lynn + other locals, working together to manifest great ideas restoring communities. Please see what you can apply/create upon locally. For not all are interested or can run to the southern hemisphere. Rather we can hold oneself accountable locally + afar, creating on the much good work being done + together all can stop the resistance that is happening in many places preventing efficiency from happening now, as many are left behind.

      Barack, we the people, which we thought you were part of, refuse to accept the fact that we don`t have solutions 24/7, they just need to be organized w/your support. SO you take resources away from the Military Industrial Complex as together all end it, as well all Nuclear use of any material. + Restore healing + research to rid properly all Nuclear repository, not use it for products as is. Rather depleted uranium is not depleted, look at how it contaminated people in Iraq war, not to mention continue as children play on the vehicles left. Shame on you, shame on us all for preoccupying, failing to see priorities + organizing, which all can do now w/the support of those that have the resources that have been wrongly directed.

     Barack look at the many ideas good people are working at/creating that can seriously grip the moment turning the profiting programming that you also are riding on, when you support the banks as you have vs. now welcoming them to take part, making wrongs right. So resources come back into every community.

    Yes Arnie Gundersen gives us facts to build on, but i cannot agree w/Rocky Mountain Think Tank w developing a Distribution System using large transmission lines as a large grid system. Rather if we are serious about stopping the scars of the planet + beyond from continuing, we must decentralize with local systems w/low impact..

    People need to heal + have basic clean water, air + natural soil that all build by working sensitively the biome(s). This does not happen w/large alternative energy grids, rather only use them as a supplement best by all.

    It is our life right for humanity, globally to live local, in a participatory process, which requires us to link our genetic biodiversity, to self direct + self manage. So in solidarity we downscale one`s footprint + share what works. Yet support one`s neighbors, ending the mode of false sense of dependency as aid comes from afar, while yet more profit.

    This we cannot accept, enough damage is being continually done. People are living now in high radiation from mismanaged Nuclear plants/accidents, yet no science to resolve, around the world, including US. Yet Barack you + legislators, have failed to discuss good science needed to further research to heal the life contaminated, ill/prematurely dying, as well rid the stockpiled Nuclear repository, that no ones knows how to rid, so our children of the future even have a future.

                                 As many now are already being negatively affected globally.

  Yet i hear you speak of developing a trillion dollar budget to restore all Nuclear weapons, ships, etc. When yet no science to heal or rid waste as it will contaminate more. Did you tell the people that want this the global reality now as in from Arnie Gundersen + Helen Caldicott, if not why?

     You as well any one wanting weapons of war + Nuclear to continue have proven not to be of sound mind to continue to act, when yet look at these many ideas below for all to restore options + infrastructure to heal. Please tell us how you can shift the resources back into people to locally sustain, starting w/natural local wild food, fish + animal, for starters, so each can develop a local `plan, letting our plan fuel each to realize how important each is needed to do one`s homework + collectively take part, so as to reflect w/the energy of those simply living `boon w/working nature, developing w/enhanced potential.

    So rather than to think of Distribution Systems that interfere in one`s ability to self empower, deprogram if needed + even understand lowering one`s footprint, all communities should prioritize Prof Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology curriculum as it is considered in one`s total review of one`s biome(s), sharing w/neighbors.

    Now we prioritize our true fuel source of sustainable potential to prioritize research for Nuclear radiation affecting the local life how?? How to supply what sustains life now as in clean air, water, soil + composting waste building pristine natural biome(s) for all to self sustain as people work them w/traditional engineering values + awareness that simply respect the balance of all life.

  This is the sound science many know w/support, can fill in the worn torn links of the manipulated fragmented science that regulators now permit, wrongly. When yet they have no ecological grounding w/the natural world`s enhanced potential, as Miguel speaks of. + He knows well the global food crises the industrials have created.

  Barack, i have asked you this continually while you have been in office, when will you answer?? Thank you Michelle for encouraging him to create his own twitter, perhaps you will now talk to us, vs. generalized letters as i received in OFA, yet i do not give up. 

    Are you going to continue to ignore this + just let it be discovered in your legacy when others rewrite the history as many are do_in now to correct the corruption, that has been hidden from many, as oligarchs pull the strings??

  Please we can all rethink as we network in a variety of ways + we have empathy for this ongoing dysfunction + want to address it efficiently, so your true beauty + goodness along w/all gives all the self empowerment to heal + make systems that work + end the ones no longer needed. So locals manage by working the natural enhanced laws of the natural local biome(s) they exist in, knowing well their true potential to develop the true needs + offerings.

    Not a corporation or Gov afar making that decision.

   Please let our plan fuel your local `plan, supporting all to come aboard + make it happen. So all realize how truly important all is now to address this Nuclear Contamination, then to prioritize for each local community, so all get a grip of reality now.

     Here is a local way to fuel yours;

      Every Wed. 5-6 pm many meet at Coos Bay Boardwalk...

   Sharing, time to unite the 99% to co-create our new earth paradigm.

         A start would be a community services jobs bill @$2,600.00/month guaranteed income with single payer health care system. + This can work in some areas + others may be adjusted to what works for your community. I`ve expanded on these ideas in our the sun will set documents.

  Yes implement a structure w/skills + sensitivities known, working w/locals potential.

    Barack, imagine if you supported all to fine tune, define + do this vs put a trillion into your programmed mode or what you are being a puppet too??

   Please go within + ask yourself why you would not do this for yourself, after all your work to get here today?? To be all you can be now w/your children + lady now?? Not to mention the responsible role you are in for humanity to simply live local, globally, where our plan can fuel all to simply have a chance to live, vs scars from the Military/Nuclear Industrial Complex, you say you + others want to build, which is insane.

    We need new earth education training certificates for people to feel safe + understand, for all volunteers and OUR YOUTH-ASAP- with media support  to go green and pay people to be part of the  bodymind spirit healing service centers in every community.

  A place where people can gain support when developmentally disabled from being left behind, to go 24/7 for healing themselves and learn all the ways to heal others, when yet many only need follow up support. When a telemated option can help, so all stay updated so each give as they now want to, yet it is not organized. But going eye to eye in local potlucks feeling the life energy that many now have dulled, not knowing how they abused/misused, yet now can. Once given hands on support to sharpen ones sensors, then for all to feel the energy that has been enslaved stealing from one`s organs, + now can become fuel. + The human spirit is nourished to want to help + do one`s part.

    Want to have empathy for those left behind, + amazing transformation of entire communities emerge. and how to discover their SOUL PURPOSE and to grow their inner light, intuition and still small voice within. Each can define one`s voice + be a participant not just locally.

       Rather we all can support, so all become a local, global + beyond mindful participant.
 + Those of us w/grit that have know well this can happen, can get some support, an actual wage wow, that would be nice, maybe fees for tools, staff, etc. When yet so many of us have done this from our heart after working w/so many left behind that did not make it.

   We need these new earth health and human services where the police are taught and helped by the elders, as well the young skilled, to take people to the Community BODY, MIND SPIRIT Healing service centers for reprogramming and lightworker services that can be offered.  Jails, Juvenile delinquency centers and foster care systems are not working. These are part of the old and costly paradigm systems.

    Help Stop the old paradigm mind control programs of warring, abuse that uses drugging for emotional problems and jailing the 98% that actually need healing services;

         So that, they can resurrect a new life that is fulfilling for themselves and others.

  Look at Mississippi as an ex; where a community rep stated over 100 private prisons profiting, along w/businesses coming in w/dialysis machines/diabetes, etc. also their to profit. Vs educational support from you Barack, where is it?? With our plan to fuel all communities each can help other to define the worn torn missing links.

    Time to teach and pay all volunteers with (single payer health care system/creating w/what can) to work into all being covered as other countries do. So no insurance/people/corp/profits over people being uneducated.

  Students are not even being taught of the Nuclear radiation global problem, nor the truth of the Military Industrial Complex, rather the Complex continues to want them to take part, this is prehistoric science + manipulation.

   When now the curriculums can co_evolve w/the restoration of ecological sustainable working communities prioritizing research where needed, so not all are in fear rather calmed by clarity. To co-create the interconnected cities of light where all Women, Men and youth can thrive and learn how to help one another grow their Soul purpose (God given inalienable right for those that speak this language, + for all others to be respected for their belief, as long as one maintains discipline over one`s self sensory observation vs. that belief, especially when early signs show misuse/abuse. When now all have sensitive skilled people to reflect w/these early signs if all pursue letting our plan fuel yours).

    Communities where all can thrive and co-operate in harmonic resonant energies of an evolving species. Teach more sports for aggressive youth; instead of coping with guns, drugs, abuse and wars.

Larger funds can be given by NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) funds and caring foundations directly  to individuals, humanitarian groups and Green groups that do not use large grids rather decentralize w/local alternatives as supplements to downscaling w/natural building, `boon w/the natural world each community collectively creates..

We are all connected! Time to Unite the USA w/global community working our earth + beyond, within it`s enhanced natural limits. Co-create real democracy via each community with community services (all races, religions, spiritual groups, 501c3, teachers, green infrastructures, animal groups, volunteers and coaches) jobs bill (defined best for each as in @$2,600.00/month with single payer) so that, we can heal our abused women, children, men and  animals.

    Help our USA UNITE w/humanity and heal our wounded veterans to co-create OUR populist new earth programs with interconnected communities of light. So no more we falsely create our enemy for others to profit as they are now. Rather Barack people deserve to hear the truth from our leaders, not from history rewriters which continually are being done, thank fully!

  We have a living earth that gives us life + death to nurture our life, if we balance our natural communities diversity, so mother earth sustains us all. Yet our earth + beyond is polluted + gives many options much more rewarding than a job working for one that leaves abuse/misuse.

    So please realize once healed, abundant jobs fulfilling your inner desires to create careers are bountiful. So start volunteering so you prioritise own healing along the way, working within your comfort of helping one`s communities.

     We NOW have internet, cell phones, green energies w/localized systems w/low impact and healing methods to UNITE the 99% to COME TOGETHER, working local tapering transitions!

    All need these new earth health and human services, social services and civil services that will provide real democracy and personnel security.

   It is a fear based misinformation, people are programmed with, to think that weapons provide security. Norman Goldman is right there, when he says a true animal killed for eating should be done by slitting it`s throat, thank you Norman for that thought! Where i carry no weapon + always felt people that hunted knew how to kill for their food correctly, so i gave them respect to know how to use a weapon. I also am a vegetarian.

Our  personal security and our national security derives from the security of our communities and OUR country`s being healthy. USA cannot isolate from mama earth, nor can any ecosystem, the human species is sustained from working the natural enhanced limits correctly, as Prof Miguel Altieri knows well why the Bill Gates mode only interferes + harms it. SO we ask Bill to rethin along w/investors/friends/associates.

                 For humanity needs all know to work together efficiently.

   That requires all to be supported to come to the table. + If Organized efficiently focus directing, one`s students can network making it happen.

  All have enough lessons to share + reflect with as we live local, developing that understanding as all network, we don`t have to reinvent the wheel, staying isolated.

     i had love mode of one doing for me, unaware as well unable to follow thru when perceiving signs, trusting i would tell the truth. Yet i did not know how as a child. That lead into much that i can explain at another time. But to keep this brief, the scars from all the aggression emanates globally + it takes each to have empathy + support to tune in to oneself, realizing if riding on others wave, which will keep one tilted. I knew early on that what i was doing w/my neuro processing was incomplete, but had no idea of what was. But i discovered it as i worked it.

    Love alone is not enough. But it is an important part of the equation for us all to give love + gratitude.

   Developing a self comes from self reflecting w/good role models, not just acting, but editing what one is feeling. Then to realize the connections of why + change it. This is biological food is flesh mode so yes the mind electrically can change ASAP in microseconds, but it does take some time for the body to follow. So yes being fortunate to make own space, own schedule to sort self out is what all should be supported to do. To build your path as you walk it into an opening, leaving no footprint. This can be done starting w/a local natural potluck, keep it simple w/what people can identify with, for no one should be left in doubt, juggling why am i thinking what i am + what do i do with it. When yet this is simple communication follow thru vs ex;

    How are you honi, oh i am fine, meanwhile not know if to scared to speak up due to others being beat w/their smart mouth. Leaving one not able to gain the true exchange of love offered, when one seriously wants to know how one is, due to feeling early signs.

   Use real examples by applying in real time, + realize how clear is one that you communicate with?? Is it fear or is it tone or threat felt, etc.?? The students example in public schools now i give in this document, leaves many to be in the fog, as children unaware to know how to self discipline oneself are running wild, when yet others are observing/interacting/getting hurt. When yet together w/the right support all could heal + self direct as they learn to maintain discipline over one`s self sensory observation vs belief that they are used to from dysfunction families/communities/gov/medicine/judicial systems + international inability to hold govs accountable.

  Barack you + anyone that wants to, are wrong to want to develop Nuclear weapons or Nuclear plants anywhere on this planet, when it never should of been developed for it kills life. Yet you do not stop it, + it continues to be stockpiled everywhere wrongly. All repository must be prioritized to rid safely + not use any depleted uranium as Gov has done, making bullets from it in the Iraq war, contaminating many + still is as children play on abandoned US equipment left their wrongly. As well there is no science that knows how to use it safely or rid it.

   Yet, if perfected, you using our virtual tool can fuel your local `plan, as you bring students from all schools even the home schools, as well the undeveloped child in adult bodies together, for one`s community, locally, linking w/afar.

It's good early on to know to ask for a hug or give it vs. live never knowing the beauty of truth in time or short follow up once clear.

   Point is so much programming affecting all, especially in public schools. There's a new Cairo (spelling wrong?) process where public schools here in Coos County, OR have dysfunctional children participate. A neighbor here fishermen has wife that is a principal + 4 teachers at this school as well 5 children. + Principal gets `fck you bitch in front of 9 year olds, + one threw a ball at her face when she stopped the game to make new rules.

      Well i remember a young child getting hit on head w/teeter totter, came home ok + soon to follow in brain surgery. Luckily surviving.

Point is we have solutions but public schools don't + communities are not clear, so i suggested some ideas, a clear form for principal to send home detailing so they check + sign, for many undeveloped parents as well need support in place, + skilled students can do this. Not to mention degrees from professionals, to do their community walkabout alongside, seeing the effects one leaves on one`s clients/patients/students/children, etc. + Now make a change.

So what many do to help families is great, thank you! Good reflecting w/children realizing they should not follow bad ways but help heal + discipline oneself, early on as they take part + are listened to, so when they experience bad programming in young or old dysfunctional, they know the tools to make changes or ask adults that are responsible, etc.

This is tricky for organ damage over time does not allow one to easily adjust good judgement in microseconds, rather this is why so much crime.

What do we do, we do a real time biofeedback, does not have to be w/gadgets, but when one thinks + says, ya want it to be in tune w/cells of body to be connected,awakening one`s own neurology, not connect w/a neighbor/teacher/parent/boss or movie, etc.

I think you may know this better than anyone, but i am hoping i may fuel you to fill in the micro moments perhaps left behind/unthought of, that you are capable to do/learn as you collectively reflect + network, starting w/a natural potluck, etc.

  The does great work w/local lunch programs, same w/folks in Port Townsend, WA accepting nothing less than correcting many origins of the problems, as fragments are linked + students fill in the worn torn missing parts, ridding what wrong, changing curriculum to co_evolve as the communities are restored.

   No way will i stop do_in what i am for life. For we have been fortunate to withstand grit, when yet many could not. So our lessons have been hard. W/your support we will perfect this platform, sharing the process of living local, globally. + Try to define the science words to stop manipulation of it, rather let all co_evolve in what ever tongue, as we share the planet + beyond together in harmony. That can be done now if we redirect the resources going into mismanaged Nuclear plants/war mode + false green, economies.

        We feel confident of ethnic traditional engineers reflecting values that are earth sensitive, for life to build natural balance now before it is too late, for many continue to be lost as land/sea/freshwater continues to be grabbed globally..

       Please ask yourself, your children daily what effects are you leaving locally + afar + let us fuel you to rethink + live local, sharing globally what works, do exchanges w/children as Wendy is do_in now, taking them to families in need of support, learning early on how we can help each other.

   Thank you Wendy! She is a do_in a great job working w/children + so are many more.

   If consider collective or use of a geiger meter, to detect if radiation, for not accurate to detect how much, states William. So before you think to buy, see a very good simple explanation. For the right tools are very expensive. But little ones can help if use right, + a certain type. William Milberry did a very simple nice video;


             See his beautiful work w/photos of Japan;

  Thank you William for all you do!

 It is good to know what expected pollens + when are heavy, along w/rain, to test. For it is so fun to play in the rain or walk in the fog + woods after a rain. But again w/radiation puddles, in the soil, on shoes + children tie shoes, or get boots/shoes to rinse off before tying + the hands in eyes/mouth/nose. So little lessons can make a difference.

Plus dry dirt has more bacteria, so always good to play in moist, accept for radiation issue or toxic run offs, etc.

I am not sick anymore learning what i have, but i had to work hard + i sure don't want to see anyone have to go thru this.

  This is real + govs are not telling the truth. So i continue to want to get better at networking.

I posted, to President elect Bernie Sanders facebook page, running against Hillary. He is thinking to teleconference to 50 states, so when ever talk, plugged in + all the better if networks built to be efficient reaching out, so all stop being fodder to the lobbyist/99%, rather learn options + welcome them to understand good science for the local `plans. So all make wrongs right + resources are nurtured, not raped sent afar, etc. mode.

  This is how we all can make a community free website + plug in for changes. Don`t be left behind isolated, w/wrong information, stay updated + we appreciate your feedback for us to do the same. Thank you!

ok lovs be good + always welcome your feedback to make things better.

     Today`s total ads, 5.18.2015 shone out in the world, from my Google Adgrant is; 737,184 k

                                            We all thank you Google!

       We all are connected + no ecosystem can be isolated, nor does radiation know any border.

   This is a virtual tool for every community to reach out, reflect + come aboard for our human family`s needs + offerings to be truly shared!

lov us
Thank you for your patience,

    Still working w/Google, non profit/Ed Apps, to use their good tools.
 I welcome you to come link w/the sun will set page so please take part + donate in ways most comfortable to you.

 I`m here for you willing to do an exchange, if you want to help us reach out..

    come talk

 Peace, kara + mishi
end suggestions, modified, to Bernie..

Thanks all for your input, for we know it is;

THE FACT IS together all can share MOTHER EARTH + explore beyond + prioritize the life rights that have been misused/abused. We can end what is happening negatively as we rethink, holding self + others accountable. This is insane to have people be chased from their homeland, unable to come back as land/sea/fresh water is grabbed globally.

     Please check in w/yourself + ask where the products/services you get are from, how made + what effects are they leaving on locals + their entire biome(s)?? Barack it is wrong for you to turn your head, helping a country w/one hand while yet supporting the Military Industrial Complex in another, same w/all else. We must hold oneself accountable + others locally + afar.

   We welcome all to oneself! Don`t waste your energy, life is too short + together all can truly gain the love + gratitude that is here now, if we all put our heads together + prioritize to resolve the local + afar issues, affecting us all. Our children/students have no chance unless they walk by our side now, seeing one`s wrongdoing, so they realize how important they are to help us all go figure!

        Take a walk, check your tide boat if near the water, find a place at low tide that houses critters like a jetty or reefs that still offer life + enjoy the waves gently covering your feet.. Enjoy the birds building their nests.. Watch the squirrels do their yoga on the rocks.. Take a breath of fresh air if so fortunate..

   + Yes we must be strong to also see the devastation taking places in many communities now + reach out + do one`s part where can collectively, so most efficient w/one`s energy, to truly make a difference!

            Love from us at
            Our combined `effect at - i come to talk story- makes a difference..

            Thank you Nabble!