Humanity has options, many are working at prioritizing, please join in!

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In response to Hangout 5.19.18;

                       Adam Soul and Jamen Shively discuss the Road to Life Plan


We've mentioned a few in past videos about people coming together doing other exchanges besides money, I suggested see Jenny Pells's work w/permaculture now, and another gentleman speaking w/you Jamen also added a group I believe in EU, that would be in the other video. Will you have a search ability on when you put up videos?

To my understanding from studies in Amazon, each had to do one's organic exchanges, nature is not naturally balanced. Collectively they created the balance. And many cultures have much to share via different ecosystems that still can teach us a lot. But many have had theirs taken away and sadly lost their ways. Yet some are uniting again collectively as w/First Nations for they want to have their children experience what they have.

So in saying that Prof Miguel Altieri, creating agroecology from indigenous, still doing, at Berkeley and now retired but still affiliated there/SOCLA/and others globally. He knows if peasants/fisherfolks using this were given more space, they would feed the world. Where we feel humanity has great answers and for each community to do one's local `plan networking, now earth lights up w/biomes removing colonial grids/removing all state/federal/county parks, respect cultural places and work all else sensitively and skillfully w/these systems that are a movement, not just agriculture, but the harmony of making it happy!

He knows well;

  A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

       `which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution...

So the point is what they do is the best for living locally!

And the global needs yes require going beyond living local w/reading what is and respond w/all that can add. That is why I suggested reviewing the work of and posted suggestions to reflect w/create upon, especially thinking of the logistics of coming into the Arctic. So again I suggest putting up a schematic so as to plot where others are controlling land/seas/freshwater/air, to define if even your ideas now can fit into that. As well would they not be the partner possibilities that would be prioritized. So as not to carry in ideas that many now do, leaving such footprints on locals, but finding one's space to apply what one is thinking and if limited would then perhaps change your plans? In not seeing all your videos, I've yet to se detail of some of these plans you speak of. Can you suggest links when you do talk about them?

  I also again suggest lessons from these folks below, due to sticking to legalities, until policy changes can be made, but also to make space in the presentation to locals of the working area. To also reach to the ends of humanity to be able to also take part on an open transparent platform contributing for our earth/space, where needed when can't do it locally where they are at by tuning into the earth.

  These folks have put a lot into geoengineering study;

  But also do it w/the locals for to them as EX; The Arctic is their local and natives living `boon w/the natural world, include the earth. So let's not go in and do what has been done continually. Plus as I said before Russia considers much of the Arctic his territory due to being the largest. So the countries there are working thru how to work it now, and a lot of it is fossil fuels, etc.

 I don't want to keep repeating, but I suggest telling young people to see `Our Children's Trust lawsuit and you will see amazing young and old and this has become a global movement. Yes, I see and I've shared w/them about still the controversy of how time is stealing one's thoughts to create and be respectful as for one's grandchildren. When these are children and time may not make that, if nothing gets clearly worked on.

One thing I'm perceiving is the dialog of doing for others, vs I suggest rethinking and welcoming to do together so that locals are part equally and that is why we came up w/each doing one's local `plan. So as ex; you would go to the Arctic and take part in their local `plan, and the centering and grounding is a different perspective when talking from that context.

If taking part in homeschooling, you see were early on a child if healthy can teach us all, and we've protected them from not being programmed, so all are equal. And many of us simply did not grow w/this nurturing self-ability and sharing in this equality experiences. Rather many simply picking up past down behaviors as normal, yet are not. So please be open to learning and working w/young and old, vs think we have to teach them. We have to teach only yourself and each will self-reflect and feel the energy to then go within and edit oneself.

Yes as you speak of the 1%, they should be looked at w/empathy and not project or assume. as in our plan, we suggest welcoming them into one's local tapering transition, to then help them understand detail fact,  filling in what they did not see, so they have options to make wrongs right and heal themselves. Plus I repeat our own greed participated and many unaware of how we still contribute, or they would not succeed, or at least a big majority. But it's best not to assume and treat them equally as earthlings and go figure. And local `plan can retain controlling interest, as good schematics are on the table being worked/networked.

  No one originally should have to be aware of so much, when regulators have been in place. But if we rethink roles/policies and let the local `plan be the rule of understanding, so as to ecologically stay within, or special care in special places from global effects, then a local `plan can stem your projects and many more, yet be in synch, vs competing for mode. Rather many will be fueled by it to create, and people will balance one's energy to do for self. We should not think for able people, and even unable is best to take part, for us collectively to make it happen for those in need 24/7.

Thank you for sharing!

Peace, kara