Human Needs Project.. we share our questions to them to trigger yours..

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  this is such a very good idea, i`m anxious to hear more!

your form on web page would not let me put much info in, so i ask you here;

1st time viewing, still trying to understand?? has this project been
started? did you create it just for this 1 place in Africa? or do you offer it to anyone, anywhere?

     do you keep it localized within the slums? or do you address EX;
Prof Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology from Berkely, Ca. so local communities
have a `plan + you reach out to build permanent communities?

   would you be interested in helping in do_in something like this? this is what our project osic in the building wants to share in an archive.

but 1st i need to understand, is this a package of directions you give, that they do themself? or do you finance + go help them set it up? it appears you offer technology that pays for itself as you build it, please explain?

how about your products components, are they Fair Trade or Free Trade?? can
they also be made local? or maybe already are?

if not would be great to have your support for political support to show
Barack how we need these ecological assessments for smaller green
developments, vs. false green economies, as well war mode. which is what i'm working on. but i soon will be do_in a mail out to schools to invite students, in every community globallly, is what i would like. + find a team of students to help others, as we build an archive to show this process;

     of building ecological sustainable working communites that harmonize.

+ need to add to those without communities as well now that you bring this
to my attention, those with an expanded incomplete community.

i would think if you are Fair Trade + added Miguel`s work, along with your
package, then peace might break out.

so have you started, any finished examples?

i applied for the US/Bill Gates Wash grant but never got it. this was my
answer to not just focus on the poorest but to start everywhere. so project
osic came from that, where we think students can come out of schoolroom if
have one, if not just join with community to restore what can + networking in archive so the world can help if unable to do on own.

would this interest you people? can we use your product where needed? what do you charge for what?? can you explian to me please.

we want students of every community to focus direct with us, while they help give hands on to those in need, resturcture rehabs for people to restore, so everyone comes to cloth/table to understand our need to build genetic bio-diverse balanced biomes. + link them globally to sustain our earth + us. so we have a `plan then that each would do to define how to restore  it's natural enhanced potential + then do it. showing tallies from whod resisiting, to solutiosn to investrmenst modes after people go thru local tapering transition to rethink + make wrongs right ecologically + for simle respect for life. + priortize supporting local food/fish/medicine sovereignty as wild set asides are worked sensitively via indigenous guiding good science. with agro_ecology gauges.

which we would have to give ideas in archive so best to take a real community to start, where as i use patches` in forum from those simply living + link, to trigger thought. but i need to find right group to lead the path. studetns in Oregon wanted to start but i'm going now to port townsedn for 3 months, so i may their + teleconference them. would you also like to teleconference + do the same for your local community, meaning if you are going to school, do it their, as you plug in as a local, so all become responsible local, global + beyond participants??

so i`m intersted in your feedback to see your footprint in do_in what you claim, it appears low, but you have missing details. so i cannot guess it.

so what is your plan? to cover the planet?

do you let all help in the design, i see you allow them to study + build
it, right + maintain it. so they then are purchasing it too, right? what
kind of fees?

what fun if i`m thinking right here. so i will await your response. but you already triggered my thought, of baggage i've carried as we have done this fragmentedly.

i actually posted another thought from a study one did, of what could be in a `plan do_in subcategory from humans waste efficiently recycled.

we are trying to sell our sailboat + we wanted to get a larger one to have
some nuts + bolts to do just this. as well clean up our forum + with all
create an archive.

so can we post you, or better for you to post, so all photos come thru?

we are in the building with limited resources, yet to fund raise + just
recently became non-profit. so still gathering principles + editing.

plus interested in resolving so as to prevent these conditions. so i`m addressing that now with legislators + actually i used your link in an email i just sent to them, you can take a review on our forum if interested, link below.

thank you + please see our work in the building;

sincerely good luck + hope to link + anxious to here your reply, if too busy maybe you can share a link for me to study you more.

 thanks for what you do! kara j lincoln

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

thanks Google for threading. 

we have an obligation to our self to settle for nothing

less than harmony; only then can we build working

communities that link our global biospheres, restore

our genetic bio-diversity for good health + co_evolve.

peace is an option now if we share..