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Please check back as this co_evolves for updates, meanwhile RSVP for live get together + do an exchange/fundraiser, now in Charleston/Coos Bay, Oregon area, + upcoming Port townsend, WA area, dates + places to be defined.

email;  subject; aloka

please see below as I share what we will be discussing live as I reach out to different venues, along with this email to Slow Food afar at Univ of WI, inviting their group to come aboard with our start up group. please note Slow Food, I edit when I post so please see how your email has evolved;


I briefly have come aware of Slow Food. + want to share with you. as well the other univ`s following after you people started here in Univ of WI.

for my attempt is to reach out to you folks already reaching out, so together we can share what works in an organized fashion for building our ecological sustainable working communities, + to harmonize, as we all come together.

  taking the best from ex; Mamas teaching Waldorf mode as in at Sunfield farm in Port Townsend, Slow Food, Montessori + their global links; , home schools, public + private, as well those in refugee camps or with no schools, no communities, as we set this network for each to rethink + start building, etc..

I would like to know if a group of you could help me reach out with a global platform to link an understanding of this subject matter, + do it via internet/Skype. for we all should become aware of the effects we leave on our self + others, locally + afar. + many students/communities have no clue of some of these possibilities.

  so whether;

    together if we are trying as in good folks in New Delhi to build socially responsible stock market or those that feel we don`t no longer need one, rather to live locally responsible we keep local sovereignty, focus direct with our students, + open to means to resolve the many over due issues, leaving many behind, as we start with basic comforts, as we each define with the local `plan we trigger as we all can check in when convenient + focus direct as we reflect.

  Please see this forum that has co_evolved into a community working network as we welcome you to welcome your students + put into retrospect, priorities that are real in your community. then to go beyond prevention + simply live with respect to natures limits. then as you post what works, or open to searching what in need of, as we link, we then share the reflection of others that may of already figured it out.

  we are very fortunate to still have indigenous still do_in in many communities, globally, we all just need to go figure what we have locally. for many have neuro networks push + shoving for their agenda, + we cannot allow dysfunction to rule.

here we are not prioritizing global climate change, David Suzuki does that best;

   rather we are tuning into our dull sensors for support to regain sharp. + exponentially their is no more efficient way then to welcome our students to join in the best classroom ever, as they walk into + with us into the community as a classroom with the teachers + staff rethinking on live locations, as they then go back into class to tally, etc.

   creating good science that fuels clarity along the whole chain of understanding. + each adaptation of natural events has early signs that can be dealt with along the way. this way we don`t short sight our shared focus to aid all to come to the table + take part to self develop while we collective restore our natural communities. + not steal from our moment to chase the future or make up the history that was wrongly written, rather their will be plenty of people falling into their desire to do just that, after they take care of what is important with their collective community, + make a healthy environment, as our best medicine, for each to `boon with the natural world, as together you restore your natural community..

     knowing well how to prioritize the health of all life within our community, while our students log + simultaneously organize + cover real issues, not as with many as false delusional curriculum fuels only those that made that policy, etc..

        if not students/community can dispute/resolve as we focus direct together in a debate, carry forward pieces that work, as we seek indigenous based valued science to brain storm with like ecosystems/subject, locally + afar. which will target also the thorns deeply embedded of the war mode + false green economies, as we restore our natural enhanced potential within our communities, globally. giving us the tools to self-develop, so all explore, not just some, as we give support in understanding..

here we are not interested in speaking the language of religion, rather we want good science verbiage that becomes a global common sense. that focuses on the life that sustains our mental energy + physical strength. giving all the respect for their personal belief one develops, as long as one maintain`s discipline over their self-sensory observation.

in do_in this we see your detail of slow food can set the ground work. for prior to knowing about you, we thought we would start by prioritizing our local food natural sovereignty in every community, that builds our flesh, so we can become aware to live within our skin healthfully. + link with a common denominator as a human species as we reach out to our family. working within mother earths` natural enhanced limits, as ex; Prof Miguel Altieri from Berkeley speaks of as he creates his curriculum of agro_ecology from indigenous still do_in without leaving toxic effects.

yet Miguel gets his files of real projects tested over ruled due to another thinking their values can feed the world, yet leave toxic effects.

so we want to base our priority of linking, reflecting, making this a friendly process, + have defined we don`t need a new software rather just let each tap into what they have + students can co_evolve their curriculum as they do good science to over ride that which is fragmented/manipulated, etc.

     this 1 science verbiage based on traditional values that work can be a universal language so all tongues come together for peace. as we share this common sense of respecting the life as each community individualizes. to protect what sustains a balanced biome, then to link with our global migratory paths.. fueling the true needs of mother earth to self adjust, without our interference.

                as we sensitively adjust in real time our ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize. which require us to do a lot of work to get us back to this point so our developments are not interfering. even the once thought of tourism as properties have been isolated. this doe not happen in the natural world, rather the human species needs to migrate with our seasonal offerings.

                 which also will better strengthen + sensitize our sharp sensors to adjust with the early signs of natural changes/disasters. + many of these signs now in many communities are left ignored.

         the water shed areas are a good ex; where monocultures in the Midwest realized how they have supported the dead zone of marine life in the gulf + are now replanting to filter out the toxic pesticides they where over sold. + now should be tapering into a transition to remove the monocultures unless they plant industrial hemp which builds the soils nutrients, not deplete them like monocultures due.

     so those of you with them need to rethink + not send food afar, for people in all communities can learn to obtain their own local food sovereignty, then to reach out to those without vs. the aid/trade now which is interfering..

if you Google Miguel he does not support a Bill Gates mode, rather he feels he has contributed to the global food crises we are in. the Free trade/TPP + even some fair trade is not free + we can welcome our students to come out of the schoolroom + into + with the community define exactly what should be rid + restored in your community, as you reach further to the web that interacts, much with lack of transparency + make it transparent. as with county/state/federal + international policy as we co_evolve the requirements for our human existence now on earth + beyond.

  so we each become aware to be sensitive with all life, vs. walls of waste that separate us, rather we hold our self accountable + when others unaware we share what works.

do you realize the jobs temporarily needed by all to then self-define during this transformation then work into what each really wants + ride with the flow of our natural mother earth + co_evolve with change, early on. not waiting until one misuses/abuses self or another life or ones habitat, etc.

    + together we create a structure or even another subcategory or few, on Nabble, as we keep our footprint low, as we uses our present forum. which your community can do the same, yet remember when you post for your community with us, that then triggers others to do the same. to do ones own structuring as we focus direct together.

     I would like to see a debate with these folks with different values for students can go figure the worn torn links that allows one that leaves ill effects to transform, as they are interfering in others ability to self-sustain.

      as well yours in your community with disputes, bring them together + harness this energy not waste it.. so we can pool our thought efficiently, for everyone if focus direct with our good science within mother earth`s reality does have something to offer, if we support each to go within a rid our baggage of programmed thought to gain. or realize we are a resultant of our experiences + need to edit + build new neuro networks as we understand/change our misuse/abuse + reflect with the many good folks that simply live natural ways in harmony. Jenny Pell is a good ex; with Permaculture Now, as respect is given to all life as communities transform. this lady offers a true reflection, take a review;


 take some thought, go for a walk + get a breath of fresh air + define what this platform would be for you/us to globally reflect what works. as each community does their own then with interchangeable roles come post what works, come reflect to trigger thought via like ecosystem/subject to debate subjects sharing good facts, if needed. + stay in real time with the natural world as all self-develop, during this reflection of the many with dull sensors. as each reflect with those that retained sharp sensors. then to inner/inter personally define own self. what better way to educate yourself then to do this as you co_evolve your existing curriculum with your real community, yet realize that is not all;

      rather we are part of our mother earth + we have a responsibility to build balanced biomes, for their is no isolated ecosystems, rather each is interdependent on the other. the Amazonians show us well how they do + did more before people ruined many of their habitats as developments came without simple respect, truth, nor good science of this awareness. at the same time as a local prerequisite. this transformation builds a self to further explore as one chooses locally or the world as each truly self-develop..

  take a look at this detail, for many have done a lot of work, yet what the community is asking for could be addressed by our project if they would allow it to trigger their thought;


  if we walk by our students side, not just expose them to museums or cultural history, but seriously let them develop + take part equally + interact defining these facts, as they network + look at the reality of mother earth, locally + afar.

      this is like what could happen all over again with enthusiasm as each accelerates the long over do inner self. not to mention the many undeveloped children in adult bodies. ya know our human brain allows us to do just this, says neuro scientists, we can live like a child for ever..  

     ex; Thom Hartmann can share how good it was, as he said the other day on his radio show, that as a young bright student, he + friend where chosen to study required things, but then was supported to have teachers support their subjects they choose, + what a selection Thom did. + still do_in. come take part in his blog;

    this reminds me of the Russian now paddling a small boat around the world, did you hear? we will have to find the link; he choose not to use oars like others are do_in, rather he likes his hands free to pet his 3 cats that are disabled, 1 has 1 eye, another 1 leg missing + I think the other missing a tail. as well he sprouts like they all do, + he plays his guitar + violin while he paddles, along with his daily duties. + loves it. energy efficient, actually as the lady that is rowing had gotten stopped due to being thrown out of her bunk, when her boat rolled a lot, he on the other hand as a self inflating, low power simple means to surround him with cushions, same with the cats in their room. then when all good he deflates.

some utilize each moment while others are enslaving themselves or chasing others wave, etc. this list can go on.

    here we want to support each to find their center + ground, `boon with the natural world. this is how we heal, + edit our misuse/abuse. psychotropic drugs with my experience with people gets in their way of self-developing. they are not perfected. as well when I volunteered in different psych wards I saw people drugged + released. not to mention many children over drugged at 3-4 hiding in corners, biting themselves + when I actually would hold one + he finally stopped taking chunks of his skin out, I was told to quit, due to touching him. he would love to be held + rocked in my arms, I would tell him stories + this was Univ of CA. this older nurse that I thought needed some special touches of her own, if ya know what I mean, made a bad decision.

    so their is a lot we can do + Dr. Leon shares some interesting files as he still writes, along with his school, same with Dr. Yun Wang if you give him a call. I share their locations in this posting.

    we can fill in positive assertive ways for this project to take place + trigger your thought. for many issues that bloggers bring up here + everywhere, can be handled by them do_in their walkabout with their local students, as we focus direct together. then you people fine tune. it changes the math, no more do you have layers of processing. for students can isolate + lay out 1 at a time, so those with dull sensors, even some of the students doing, will see the light, as each subject/ecosystem is handles with respect for all life. amazing transformations take place as we harness the displaced energy + fuel the synergy of mental clarity + physical strength..

       do you realize the many issues left undone in many communities that would gain from you people, as we look at this in a different perspective. what was once on the forefront will no longer seem important when natural energy flows in. as well vice versa as you explore the world via this channel. then to make pen pals + prepare for your extended education as you then choose to reach out + share with those still in need of support. that we all now can part time collective reach out to attempt to efficiently resolve.

for our global platform of linking will share more real stories of people`s in time happenings. Peace Action West does this well with respect as we hear people from their home, same with Just Foreign Police or NIAC

   we are not about large developments, rather we want you s to create modes of  good investments to over ride as all welcomes their locals that exceed the natural limits to a tapering transition. where students go figure, knowing exactly what needs to be changed to stay in respect for mother earth + what sustains a balance of our local micro biomes + large browser trans boundary migrations, letting them lead our path. as we then follow with our `plan land, fresh water flow to sea use review.

   so now you are taking part as in right now with EPA as we naturally work to not allow developments unneeded/unable to sustain local live + locals sovereignty, to enable locals to do their part as a global partner required to link their balanced genetic bio-diversity. not to mention then what follows like equality/life rights for us all to do the same + explore this unique planet + beyond.

  not support NASA to waste when yet many left behind, same with UN logs well yet does not enforce, rather we do not have to wait until UN world we want 2015, we can do this ASAP once we understand + link + do it. for UN could do this a lot faster with their resources, but I have offered with no response.

if you browse thru our forum link below, you will see a lot of reporting of what is, what needed, petitions that we want to go beyond. rather we want to reflect with what is real that we can comprehend by feeling the energy, putting hands on, applying, associating with our real needs, + you people are in tune with slow food, were we have good;

      soil, air, water, bio-sanitation, natural building to be sustainable. with small to medium alternative energies as supplements + work with the reality of global natural changes. not get hung up on Al Gores credit swaps, etc.

rather please help people get real with our local communities, for they cannot do it alone, rather we have to parallel due to the Gov`s dysfunction + help yet fill in the missing gaps + harmonize. please invite planning/regulators/legislators/President Barack Obama, to take part developing, as well OFA + communicate once your community is self-reliant + during the process to bring them aboard + do the same, recycle no more waste.

this is not happening now. but if all do their walkabout next to each other + then see what each effects has been left, as then changes are made. ex; a doctor of western medicine seeing how oriental medicine can help along with behaviors understood, etc. as many people now are left misusing/abused. i'm sure you know all this, so lets please continue with what we can do.

     for we all can do our homework to recycle what can as we co_evolve efficiently + not be hung up on that which has interfered in our ability to self-sustain or develop as well others. rather we can become a responsible local, global + beyond participant, holding our self + others accountable. being happy to rethink as we are welcomed into tapering transitions, showing us yet another way.

vs. as in the Congo or Syria`s experiences, long over due with many entangled, yet we can hold our self accountable + those we support locally + afar that interfere in them also..

     right now we can merge with + all can also come aboard + do what many of us need to do. for those that want the war mode economy are programmed + need support to build new neuro networks. so peacefully they rethink or step down so not to interfere, as in now the hawks wanting to show threats to Iran. as you can read Peace Action West`s update, as they provide good detail if we fail to stay on top of it, so policies do not get acted on wrongly or hidden in other policies due to lack of transparency.

    + come aboard self-express, make your statements as we show these people another way. while going within our self realizing our own changes needed. as we realize how we have supported these false economies + now together can share the process to assert our self, so we have a good night sleep, awakening with new neuro networks of understanding to co_evolve peacefully.

yet you can see by La Via Campesinas` reports many are still being land/freshwater/sea grabbed, dyeing in the process. not to mention the many communities with no schools + people with no communities, yet ill/diseased dyeing prematurely. which we can create this structure to link + reach out faster with your help.

we are a US 501.c3 non-profit yet to fund raise + right now I am starting + will be going soon to Port Townsend, WA to have a workshop to do what I share here. as well I continue to reach out in different venues on line. as I post this + others.

so we can seriously define how efficient to do this, considering UN is not answering to do it, nor OFA as well posting reaching out now for all to run with it + work what they can + come back + start posting. so people can be triggered to resolve + create as many regain their own inner/inter personal awareness + then collectively create sustainable working joyous communities. sharing individuality as we `boon with the wild + work it sensitively as our genes are designed. you can check out a report I did on the Amazonians, see the Project OSIC subcategory on forum link below. for a lot of good science is out their + we want to link so not have to redo the wheel. rather enjoy the ethnic diversity that many don't even experience, as we reach out to our locals that know best, + if none we reach farther.

so we actually get to prioritizing the many local issues + then collectively share for those unable to further define. for we have yet to even know how to deal with our nuclear stock pile or WMD, not to mention the nuclear repository + that which continually gets generated. so we need your sharp minds, + those that are air heads will come around as they see people now in responsible positions in need of new neuro networks as they try to influence old ways that are fund raising supporting the war mode + false green economies. + we can do better then this by having compassion + each community set up a structure to define the whos + wheres + when + what + do it, after doing your homework + reflect with us, debate, with your global family via like ecosystem/subject..

this is how we will change the global markets + the now military/ not to mention the US gov + others/UN + our local, state + federal boards to become much more holistic + efficient, staying in real time with interchangeable roles. giving all a chance to understand what is important. as people rethink with the facts we show, + then welcome their energy as they come back whole once again living with a humane consciousness, knowing well how precious all life is on this planet.

no more large industries choosing the use of natural resources. rather locals now become aware of allowing natural life to balance our global commitments to balance our environments as they link. we do not interfere even as we work our biomes sensitively. for this is how we as the human species co_evolves, we need to `boon with nature. we require this balance as our best medicine.

Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology is just this example;



                                                   Introductory Bibliography
                                THE GREEN REVOLUTION DEBATES – 1970-2007

                          Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, and the New Green Revolution

         Ten Reasons why Rockefeller + the Bill + Melinda Gates Foundations` Alliance for Another Green Revolution Will Not Solve the Problems of Poverty + Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa  
same with Masonobu Fukuoka`s work as he throw clay balls for food forests with the community;

   as well the many good permaculturists now creating with a variety of sensitivities best suited for each ecosystem, as they do not isolate any. the students have much to reflect with to trigger them to fine tune what their community can do.

you will be surprised at the energy trapped in peoples organs from the disassociated energy we all have taken part in at one time or another. but we can become aware with early signs as we harness this energy.

Dr. Leon Hammer has done research + still is in his 80`s. as he has incorporated Oriental Medicine with his over 50 years of psychiatry of western medicine, realizing how that was needed + went on to developing Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, Fl..


                           as well Dr. Yun Wang still counsels at SIOM in Seattle;


                                            Yun treats from his Oriental Herbs;

        for over 40 years I have supported people, as Yun has taken ill people that where over medicated/inadequately diagnosed + tapered them off of western meds onto herbal formulas then off them.

 students can work with teachers/community to co_evolve curriculums to suit the local community`s natural world it depends on, as food + herbal gardens are added.

with solidarity we all can make this happen. we can create as I told my brothers insurance company, on their formulary their can be both a pharmacist (which doctors study little in pre med) + one experienced in pharmacognosy (herbal formulas prescribed from one educated in Oriental Medicine as ex;) so then the best in the moment can efficiently restore ones organs to work naturally, then properly taper off, etc.

     a person that has misused/abused as my brother has unknowingly, as he is left with a big majority of his day with medical equipment enslavement, that could be tapered off into a few herbal pills if he chooses not to drink the herbal teas which are most effective..

    he should not have to ask their doctor for a herbal formula, when they have no understanding of the required detail, rather all doctors licensed should not be allowed to say, their is nothing more I can do, rather they should say I stopped studying.

    for many good western doctors have done just this, gone on + studied herbology, pulses, etc. from the worlds medicines that have been here a lot longer then western medicine. + they can help us change the curriculum now.

                so please see some further detail to create upon that students can do;

   first create an intro in class first making community aware so they feel safe + combine this now in appropriate studies so as not to interfere but to be efficient as you learn + apply + build your community. even if not permanent, rather plug in as a local to get you grounded to build your life as you walk it into your opening.. get to understand why your members are aware or not..

   so as you aid them you include this in your real time studies. gaining more clarity for you to make sure you are present in the moment, not interfered with by outdated curriculum/policies/programming/baggage, etc.. as well them, same with staff/teachers, professionals as they walk + do their walkabout by your side. for all has been much over loaded + need support in this transition that all will better from. especially as you see + experience the negative effects left on many.
   log these interchangeable roles of giving hands on as students each do their walkabout as a community participant + give hands on to those in need as solutions resolve. + don`t just keep it in the files, show it to people, show them how they are progressing, for many have dulled their sensors..

   we do an over view of all schools/home schooling/student within never developed in adult bodies, etc. coming together to self-develop during the process of restoring your communities natural enhanced potential. which awakens people as we expose these facts of what is + of what can be. so each group themselves with others as you co_evolve, then regroup as you understand so you go figure. this is more efficient then to help all with like subject matter/ecosystems.

   use/show a variety of inner tools + photos/videos/have a natural local food potluck/music event as your best guide. see a `way do_in subcategory on this forum to trigger your thought. to reach out to talk eye to eye with your community + those unable, have students trek/bike + interact with them, share food.. make all aware of their importance to take part in healing them self + their/your local community.

    all experience what others are do_in that live in harmony confronting the same universal issues, as they locally keep hands on what sustains them, etc. + they are willing to share part time what works. you watch how this platform once clear will take off. peace is an option once people become aware, when yet many isolated unaware that they have a choice.

  their is no better education then to be part of this transformation seeing trapped energy in misuse/abuse, then to creatively self-assert + interrelate in a working community that harmonizes. check out + share your events/performances.. as we celebrate along the way. post so others in war torn areas feel this energy + self reflect saying;

     what am I do_in to the life that sustain`s me?? my human family?? + why am I not do_in my global part for my community to link it`s natural biomes migratory paths as well a path for people to communicate, walk + explore, allowing all to work together on these global issues to perfect sharing this earth + beyond peacefully + sensitively in respect for a child, an elderly an ill person, one disabled, etc. + clean it up + rid the waste properly + never create it again as we co_evolve + go figure a better way..

       do you realize all the positions that open once we sharpen our sensors + share this process, as we simply restore the functionality of our working communities.. no one should talk about no jobs rather just start in do_in your homework, take a review, share + give compassion + celebrate along the way..  

     go figure right support, short + long term, for the many as I have with diabetes that continues to eat wrong food, not understanding, or look at the carts filled in Walmart with people with sores buying the food that hurts them, yet unaware.. this list goes on.

     help people understand changes that can be made. believe me I know how hard I worked with my brother meanwhile western medical people did not want to share with me or with him.

     but we can have others sometimes reach people better + Developmentally disabled has helped in that case, when yet other degreed doctors where not doing what they should.

    so together each community can define a way, to give support + bring all to the table + do a `plan. or take table to them in mobile tools. point is no decisions made until facts are presented, no sheep mode, no pay off, no outdated info, no tools based on ex; minerals exploiting the Congo mines as they still are being done + need our support to stop, or as UN stated US was not doing their paper work + should correct it, etc..

    sadly our legislators get paid a lot plus they make a lot more over time being in office somehow?? plus they got retirement + yet still want donations, this is crazy. plus look at how dysfunctional many are while other folks are over worked, yet many people left behind.

     check out our Friends of the Congo with their Congo Week Oct 20-26, 2013 + join in;


    rather we can do better with not accepting anything else but good science based on indigenous ways that may still be the best way or create + co_evolve with them.

   we can share actual schematics, links to applying in real time, create workshops, stay real with yourself as you post or post in interchangeable role for your community.

   how best to reach out vs. us cut + paste state list of schools, globally, those with no schools + no communities. whom has these bulk email lists now? what fees to pay? so we can obtain them + have people help us reach out.

   focus on transparency seeing the root of these war torn areas, how we support them by not living local, whom to contact with community support for change. prioritizing energy as well budgets along with worn torn links that now can be restored or rid. we should not have to use another community to practice military strategies as US is doing in Africa. Nor should we + as in Israel have WMD yet others have to rid, all should bring to pile now + realize Syria cannot rid them faster then we in US could. so why threat to strike if they cannot comply within a time, same with Iran`s proposed threat.

   do you see the whiplashing of neuro networks in your studies in your schools with history books for some + Howard Zinn mode for others, we have no accuracy of our history to all + should be transparent in real time. this is simple math, not brain surgery. along with simple respect for the equality of us all, if we are shared awareness with real sensitivity, we can self-develop.

           + only those mistreated go into rage that then are handled with aggressive force + this is wrong.

   schedule application eye to eye, not just stay in computer world, self reflect to gain a quality life, knowing your community. Slow Food + many do a great job at this in patches, now we need to link with those pockets without. + now if we explain this web that produced this way, we then have no space for aggression/military striking or manufacturing of any weapons beyond simple hunt 1 on 1 for food/clothing/housing/tools + done with respect. rather we have jobs to gather + rid them correctly with respect to mother earth.

this is a movement of many locally + afar, that want peace now, not just in their own back yard, but on earth + beyond, as we have much to clean up, that is way over due;

            leaving many behind, uncared for + even in US hospitals, as I `ve said, should not have to wait to die until the flesh falls a part, same with lack of calibrating pain medication along the way. when yet our testing is not good enough to define when we no longer can live on our own. as well the amount of pain we experience yet cannot tell one.

            leaving many in pain suffering unless they have a loved one fortunate to press that morphine button or request long before the staff perceives it, with existing equipment. same with the much good work we can do responding to early signs long before equipment if we actually stop huddling in a corner with computers as in the ER, away from patients, as students are trained, yet very little hands on.

so this movement will address many issues for locals + resolve locally, + can be shared to trigger thought to others to do the same or fine tune for their issues.

when we stay in the moment, rid our baggage, amazing energy goes into mental clarity + physical strength. you people now that with your Slow Food awareness, folks please take a review;


     + natural engineers is what we want in all. as each excels at their own rate yet has support helping our teachers/community without, so as to help oneself. knowing when not to exceed ones energy producing misuse/abuse + if so signs to revert back into a calm state ASAP.

so our resistance list will be shared if unresolved + posted for alternative solutions. meanwhile many already are using avenues as in a priority performance to rethink + define what is missing. so do check that out on our forum. same with present legislative acts that need us to go beyond a petition + resolve to end this mode.

       even though I have created one, yet to be free of error on so please watch for it to do just this;

             end the war mode + false green economies as we restore our natural communities.. these people have been helpful, same with MoveOn. so we should use all the tools we have that can be most powerful for peaceful transformations.

Nabble offers these forums freely, you can pay to have ads removed, which we will do once we fund raise + define our structure for this. but they have been very helpful.

point is lets not redo what already exists, be efficient with assessing change + modify while do_in it. this way students behind you gain that much more + even put the younger to work now at all ages. for everyone has something to offer. I can't tell you how beautiful my 3 year old grandchild is + how he has helped. as well the beautiful people now working at Sunfield Farms in Port Townsend, WA as they teach these young + old.

                                 check them out

                                    same here;

   it will be up to each community to individualize, as they reflect with the world, as cultures have been created for centuries based on `booning with the natural world. + we have great tools + great people with sensitivity to help us understand the early signs so we no longer need drones to fill communities any where, rather music + fresh natural grown local food potlucks, you people know first hand what you can offer, to the many still living in food desserts not to mention still supporting those wanting these war mode + false green economies, due to not knowing facts, nor themselves.

please browse thru our forum, for as much as I thought this link below would start this frequency mode switch from reporting mode of negativity to hands on ways resolving it, we still face obstacles that need our attention to resolve. some can jump over them as they reflect a way that removes it, where others can show good insight on the process of removing, etc. so this forum may be best to do what we are talking about here. we just fine tune the subcategories.

we are open to focus directing together. we can schedule so all agree + do it over the internet as we open to all to join in. then debates can happen in comments or we structure live local events then just post results, many ways to do this via teleconference + utilize the efficient tools we have to cover the globe, so no footprints left.

sincerely, I await your feedback + welcome your participation. please share this while you reach out to yourself + do your walkabout into your community + let us know what works, so as to trigger others to do the same.

      nothing here is in stone, but we will stay focused together, for many are unable to perceive + apply in real time our human potential, for change now to actually aid those left behind, as well many are easily triggered in these ill effects, as we experience the many results with weapons easily made accessible when we can responsibly aid these people + rid all the weapons beyond a healthy persons request for personal hunt 1 on 1, which deserve respect..

I speak for our combined` effect, thank you for your review + for what you can do now. if feel you would rather share a donation then put yourself to work, please do, you can contact me directly;

                                     subject; aloka    email;

peace can be made available for all once we link, kara j lincoln


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Re: Here is our `plan to trigger yours, please come talk..

Let`s take a look further of an application, of what we are talking about in our `plan. Danish`s thought is a good example;

CSR as a Catalyst for National Skill Development Mission

Posted by Danish Khanonline Danish Khan – Sep 23, 2013; 11:50pm    
In India where more than 2/3rd of the workforce is unskilled or semi-skilled there is an urgent need for the skill development of the youth in order to gain the benefits of demographic dividend. The unskilled labor is not just a matter of concern to the unemployed youth but also a grave issue for the companies who are unable to find the appropriate talent pool. Although, I appreciate our National Skill Development Mission but, the task of achieving the targeted 500 million skilled workforce by 2022 seems daunting.

Mandatory CSR in India can act as a catalyst in achieving this mammoth task. Interestingly, education, skill development and livelihood generation have been identified as the core areas of CSR by the companies. The CSR strategy formulators need to re-think and re-align their strategies in order to become instrumental in the inclusive growth and development.

This is a strong case of creating shared value through CSR.

Demographic Dividend: Asset or Liability?

please see link for Enduring Value Discussion Forum + take a review of their offerings;

+ our combined` effect`s response;

Thank you Danish,

this is interesting material that your entity offers that I am still studying. but before we talk I would like to share some more ideas of how we can work together.

I look forward to chatting with you further, you can contact me at your convenience to set an appointment to chat.

  as I view your quest where you feel it may be difficult above, I find it could be a positive approach if it is done simultaneously with students reflecting on a platform as we are attempting to define globally:

    ex; you can focus direct + co_evolve as we establish first a means to reach out to each school/community. which is what I just started to define In US, how already a process can be linked with that which is familiar with students/community. this for me is yet to be responded to by any that I`m presently awaiting feedback.

How do you do it in India? do you have a data bank with bulk emails/contacts? for here is US, I`m seeing each state has a directory for each school. which requires one to cut + paste into a bulk email, as well communities with no schools + areas with no communities as in other countries where people are in refugee camps/displaced, etc.

so this means to reach out is what I`m trying to define + have yet to see the marketed reality, for I would imagine UN or US AID/US education/global entities, etc. has more channels to purchase or obtain links. so I appreciate knowing what you use or globally what you have discovered as I continue to go figure. so we can also put a budget together to define how best to do this mode which I think is more efficient then creating a new software, which would take students away from the realities they are in now. vs. co_evolve them so younger students do not have to face the same negativity. as well gain from building on that which works.

so once this is marketed where now students are using this tool to reflect due to the shared focus directing for us each to live locally/socially responsible as part of the global community, focusing on good science that links our micro biomes + large trans boundary migration for our good health. as our human species is interdependent on mother earths life to be in balance. that means all life, including us human species. as each then define how best to work it into existing curriculum + then co_evolve it all creatively for ones community.

so this is a good science curriculum so together we create 1 global gauge via like ecosystems/subject so all languages can understand.

ok linking our awareness as we share/network + reflect, as we all restore our natural ecological sustainable working communities + harmonize is a great asset. making this process more friendly, knowing we each have a role to play, as we balance our natural world locally + link globally. + as each co_evolves their curriculum to individualize their own restoration of ones natural enhanced potential + to maintain as natural changes occur in real time evolution, becomes a unique tool.

not to mention a great ethnic cultural creative energy to share as we build these human family networks for everyone to explore + share their experiences. as now we see the equality in all human needs. as well carry thru the indigenous ways still working most efficiently, to then use values to create upon as needed.

this criterion as all assess each community/biome individually + stay with it in real time, can trigger others in different stages of development to experience the application + association as we can use virtual tools to communicate in real time to aid the process if needed eye to eye. considering many people are chasing a war mode + false green economy, yet to realize their is great work done in patches that can link. so pockets without can rethink.

+ collectively we can do what it takes to do an exchange so each is self-reliant. vs. bringing in aid. rather define what is not working + locals then do it. as locals unite, locals resolve..

we feel it is most efficient to gain local sovereignty with a shared focus direction of prioritizing our local natural grown food/fish. as it fuels then a means to continue to restore ones natural enhanced potential. a natural food potluck to introduce the community as students do a intro mode first in classroom, then with the reality of the local resources on the table, give the starting dialog of this project. defining what sustains us, as each obtain this restoration.

so once we define how to link, then to focus together as we organize this priority retrospect, then we examine what produced what is in the present, knowing well not to recreate it. then from here we welcome those responsible into a tapering transition, showing them facts of local ecological realities in a true to life perspective for each to understand. so they then can choose what it takes to co_evolve the negative resultant + make it right, or business assets are recycled as another chooses to make it right with the collective community then takes it over + keeps the local sovereignty momentum, knowing well it will no longer leave negative effects.

if we just come in to assess what is needed + resolve, we truly cannot build needed neuro networks until the baggage of what is, is put on the table for all to understand, as all go thru a local `plan land, fresh water flow to sea use review. we do not just want a global community of productive people making wages, complying to corrupt world stock markets as many are doing now.

   rather you should want whole mindbody development so each is supported to build their path as they walk it into ones opening. so now intellect is a creative expression as a real energy that is a resultant of prioritizing ones function as they live life energy efficient. so each then knows early signs to maintain discipline over self-sensory observation vs. belief. that becomes responsibly aware locally, globally + beyond. as we all experience the synergy of our humane consciousness.

especially with the cast system experienced  in India, as well how the Europeans took control over American Native Indians, + each country has it`s own suppressions/repressions of abuse to heal from as we identify these truths + rewrite the history books as Howard Zinn as done.

for we want people to heal + self-develop, not carry forward an enslaved mode of transformation into a world of technological advancement, that is what is happening now as many are neuronally whiplashed, as curriculum does not match the experiences of the business world leaving negative effects in every community. as in the world markets, which Bombay + China, I understand to be the most corrupt + all others follow with degrees of variance.

so our input with my understanding of what we can develop, which you may already be do_in?? can make a very nice tool. so I look forward to your feedback, to define if my perception + understanding of what you are do_in is correct.

for it is not just your mission to develop your Nation, rather it is the quest of many, which our long over due for comfort to be experienced, leaving no one left behind. + I don`t feel we need to wait as in UN world we want 2015. which I`ve responded to some what.

we do feel that this transformation gives a truly natural calming ability for us all to share this earth peacefully, vs. just the patches as many due now. so as I say music + smells of nice potlucks fill the air, not drones, as each day we assertively have our hands on what sustains us as a local, then to have our natural world link naturally in a healthy balance that makes our balanced environments be our best medicine. with natural local gardens of food + medicine to satisfy all needs. no longer ship them from afar. as all Free trade/PTP + even Fair Trade rethinks as we truly need no global markets, rather locally we can do exchanges as many indigenous on this earth have done from the beginning of time very successfully.

I welcome all to help us structure this global tool to live local, so we all get to explore mother earth + beyond as we simultaneously clean up the much needed negative effects now being done locally + afar. + experience the great work done in patches. + this transformation does much more than give jobs, rather it develops our human awareness to be mentally clear + physically strong. as we can care for those unable until they can care for themselves, + if not give comfort.

    for while many now are programmed to think their values that leave negative effects are the right way, yet many are left behind or misusing/abused, when yet their is a way that works. + if each can do their walkabout experiencing these options in their local community, that then with this process, will give the tools to define them as well the solutions, along with each day a productive day

meanwhile we gain so much more by reflecting with many folks simply living natural lives, not building rehabs, rather take down the resistance from old thought that houses many, +  simply build good organic intuitive based collective community functions, so each have hands on daily as we build our collective communities, then to give us a good night sleep to then awaken with new creativity as we build new neuro networks of harmony, that give us tools to heal, + reprogram.

we have the human tools if used right, to stay with young mind explorations for our ongoing harmony, as we `boon with the natural world + enjoy..

peace is our option as we share what works..

thank you for your review + do come take part..
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
                                      Nabble site;
                                      Google site;

         Please Donate to our US 501.c3 Nonprofit Association,
     Label Re; Donation. If want a tax receipt, please give us
                      your info and we will send you one.

               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; and until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
                              Love us at `i come to talk story
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Re: Here is our `plan to trigger yours, please come talk..

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by our combined `effect
To those in responsible positions, I ask you to reach out, connect + share the many solutions we have now to grip this moment + restore our ecological sustainable working communities, + harmonize.

With 1 good global science we can resolve our local + beyond issues. Giving our students the best lesson ever as they walk by our side + we reflect as they see the much dysfunction carried within, yet holding responsible positions that are now being enacted irresponsibly.

The use of 1 good science can override that which has left us in misuse/abuse, yet unaware, as well guide the regulatory boards to be controlled by locals to maintain their own local natural sovereignty, so as to responsibly balance our genetic bio-diversity + link globally. With simple respect for all life that sustains ours.

We as the human species can co_evolve in this moment as we welcome students to walk by our side, giving them the tools to reflect with the many solutions that work when we respect mother earth.

Only then can each be assessed/guided to instinctively + organicly self-develop, so as to experience the synergy of bringing self, to simply be present in the moment + gain as we collectively work together in harmony. Knowing well we each have a place to responsibly act. + that is to develop our mindbody + self-express as we reflect/focus direct so as each becomes aware to know when to do what for oneself, + then when to do for others collectively.

+ I don`t mean come to serve in office, with over a hundred thousand salary + in 5 years or so end up as millionares due to inside trading. So each of you can go figure with your associates as well students now with more transparency can go figure whom needs support in a tapering transition. So as to rethink with local facts, to reestablish that which one has done inhumanely, as one as put self in front of the whole, interfering in the links that are required for a synergy of energy to be efficiently resolving as we all co-evolve with the natural world in real time.

This moment can bring forth reality of what has been dysfunctional as students show just cause to stop it. As well the facts of what should be for local communities to prioritize their natural local food sovereignty to give them the tools to link biomes so as to manifest the trans boundary + micro biomes for supporting life that supports ours. As well the functionality of all communities globally.

This natural means of prioritizing has been ignored + that is why you people have build neuro networks that keep you in the fog.

Shame on you for I personally have worked intensely to share our proposed project osic, to trigger your resolution long before this collapse of communication.

Where is `boon with the natural world that you are to support in this position of serving, you would see clearly there is no isolation in any ecosystem, their for leaving no lack of clarity to explain any natural changes that occur.

If each of you have an assessment with one that is naturally/orgainicly intuitively `booning with their collective community, you would reflect + see the neuro network you have failed to build.
We need not federal regulatory boards, due to just this experience, where people loose contact when layers of information gets transferred. Rather the natural world that we all are interdependent on requires in time reaction + movement in microseconds for harmony to flow.

Locals can reflect with each other in our proposed project osic to trigger each to independently be self-reliant.

The world markets are corrupt + dysfunctional + should be simply stopped. The supposedly Free Trade/TPP + even some Fair trade is not free. Rather they interfere in others ability to be self-sustaining + sovereign in the context of globally harmonizing the natural world which is required for our human good health + our co_evolution.

The present focus direction should be to reflect with those organically self reliant in their production of local natural foods at the cost for all to consume.

These tools will then fuel the proper use of our natural resources. So as to stop/taper into mother earths natural enhanced limits, as i`ve repeated this several times. As in Prof Altieri from Berkeley defining best how these natural enhanced limits are set, as he in real time creates agro-ecology from working indigenous thru out the world that do not leave the toxic negative effects as does the Bill Gates technology mode that is insensitive to mother earth, which we can show well in detail.

As well the other systems as in this political, medical, educational, judicial, social economical dysfunctions, many are experiencing.

i`m presently communicating with Danish whom represents the worse scenario as he strives to define with his non-profit in New Delhi. how 2/3rd of the young/students are unequipped to fulfill the needs of the country. as well he attempts to produce socially responsible corporations, so together something can be figured for resolution.

So his business mode, I feel has not made space for the human conscious mode that our combined` effort triggers. So I share with you to trigger solutions, please see what we are commenting to here;

Lucky all to reflect, to trigger our humane consciousness..

we are restructuring + would appreciate your support for together we can work thru this. If you people continue to not respond then we will continue to parallel for our own self – sustenance.

For it has been + is very wrong to whiplash our students + community members as they are taught one thing to comply to your national standards even though the Ed dept claims each state is in charge. Which presently leaves much non-compliance when you think of how much is taught to seriously restore as we suggest, our natural working communities for all to self-develop as local functionality is restored or for first time developed.

Which supersedes present rehab/regulatory/educational + social economic/political modes that are not working. + in this re-prioritization can.

As each is supported via students do_in their walkabout, giving hands on support after organizing in the classroom. So as to give support for all to come to the table + do their local `plan, land fresh water flow to sea use review.  Each becomes mentally clear + physically strong to become aware + become a local, global + beyond responsible participant, as they redefine themselves. That which has never been developed.

Their is no better education then to reflect with solutions as people apply + associate vs just talk in the fog. This is good science that can over ride + repair the worn torn links of the bad science that has taken place for what ever reason. As students connect this web as we focus direct. Knowing exactly which link, whom + how + where it is broken, from those unaware.  Yet in responsible positions.

So since we have such disarray it is the best time to restructure what should be.

We believe those that created a structure as the Constitution did it for their democracy for what they could perceive in their real time. + that was to continue, not as they saw it then for now. Rather for us to responsibly be aware in our time as we work `boon with the natural world to fuel our path.

This is where large browsers + micro biomes come in, as they are our leaders we should be following + are not. + agro-ecology does just this. Where GMO`s/monocultures/federal/state/county protected lands do not. When yet they can become leading educational tools for us all to become `boon with the wild as we rezone + work them sensitively.

So know rather then to visit a scenic wild wonder + pay a fee as a tourist, we `boon with it as we experience it being worked for it`s seasonal offerings sensitively creating with it`s potential.

In our subcategory project osic, on our forum - i come to talk story, I share many good science reports as people did studies of the Amazonians as they migrated in real time with their biomes seasonal offerings. Which I also gave to FEMA as a tool for people to become aware vs the present over emotional states due to being unaware of wilderness awareness + can be.

Which in calm times all can gain, as well in natural disasters each then have tools in place for a different experience that is not fear based as well more efficiently productive.

To do what we suggest here opens oneself for self-reflection, to edit the much baggage, yet to be aware of. As creative each can be supported with a student in interchangeable roles. As they reflect + network, giving real time feedback of what should be for the natural restoration, then to efficiently restore the local curriculum as prerequisites to fulfill the functionality of their local biomes.

This gives you reflection to rethink now your position, along with your role to continue to co_evolve the roles you have been in. to further define their importance or let another as you guide, due to defining your new position being more real, as well simply rid that which never should have been created as well stop it from now being created to add to the many layers that are out of real time. Which students focus directed can do. Especially if you are real with yourself, + if need time then please step down + get out of the way for the synergy to be a productive fuel as a tool for all to flow with the many solutions now that the global cultures, indigenous have built upon + continue.

This is the beginning of the end of technology that has superseded mother earth`s limits. + this process as we focus direct with all, can be efficiently done.

It is wrong for this entities responsible positions of the US Government that have been built from many prior to now, to allow continued dysfunction, without immediately utilizing executive powers for our humane conscious life rights, to no longer be interfered with as a whole.

Rather `we the people, have a responsibility as a local, global + beyond citizen to do our duty + you people are allowing this interference of dysfunction, to interfere.

+ `we the people, request you to do this review + let us focus direct together a peaceful resolution that carries forth locally + beyond 1 good science that is applied in clarity, as we associate present affiliations that work to guide.

In do_in this process with our students we will reestablish non fraudulent, efficient means to simply live `boon with our natural world + continue to build upon the any good working now that continue indigenous values respecting mother earth, that is centered + grounded for us all to gain organic intuitive based neuro networks + co_evolve with the natural world as we rid our baggage + stay present in real time, being aware to respond to early signs;

    education is a right to pursue our human potential, not for profit as others dictate what locals should do.. where health care is a right, as we become aware to maintain discipline over our self sensory observations vs. beliefs, as local gardens can supply needs if within we cannot supply them.. not for profit to purchase medicine/drugs that leave harm, rather change curriculum + include the Oriental ways that works. Requiring all to continue to do extended education..
    locals maintain for locals + our neighbors, not for profit, as goods are processed beyond our human consumption as well the food/fish we eat. Then more profits made in packaging, destroying more local resources. Interfering in locals ability to self-sustain.

These are good times when our combined` effect, supports each to rethink + responsibly fall into place. Giving one respect to heal, be honest to reflect as we focus direct solutions. Especially as we ask your support in gathering our national + international resources to make this platform to link our schools/communities + those with neither to have the ability to realize the great work that has been done + still being down.

So we put gauges in place to never waste again what many are doing now, as far as energy in time + resources.

Especially when the much left behind prior to this continued display of misuse/abuse + disorganization happens. when yet in every local community that we have experience with, has had many dysfunctional people in need of support to self-develop or if unable, be efficiently cared for + are not.

+ these people especially those yet to emotionally gain control become at high risk of seriously becoming more mentally + physically ill. + it is these people that leave high risk of injuring themselves + others with continued misuse/abuse.

Right now as we structure this platform + start transparency to reach out to all, students can give hands on aid as we start assessing the true neuro networks of all. Including all of gov officials/local degrees in working fields/people thru out our communities, students themselves as schools are re-prioritized for self-development/healing/high risk + come together with resolving support as all reflect with this transparency..

it has been so wrong to see education in economics + politics, as well all fields, yet see how many, ex; JP Morgan + Goldman Sacs get away with shorting markets, buying out as w/Wamu, using puts + calls as they gain both ways, as people are pushed out of business. Not to mention what they did unethically + illegally in the Congo. With the technology we have today, even though the gov does not give us complete transparency, are networking will share the truth.

We have experienced being part of all this. Where if we did something like this we would be in jail.

Yet many in Gov want to support more of the same kind + this is a crime against humanity. + we have lists of these practices that many are not interested in peacefully communicating, they are upset. Are you not listening to the airwaves, not to mention the global take??

it is a waste of our time to report + further vent here, rather we will build lists + solutions so people redirect.

Thank you for this review + we welcome you to do the same, please come take part.

Sincerely, our combined` effect makes a difference..

kara j lincoln


tel + please leave a message if I can further clarify;


                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
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               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; and until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
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