Hello humanity! We all have work to do, please join in..

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  The best way for any crises mode to come out of it is to have empathy and compassion giving what should be and try to work it in, while prioritizing life's needs in the moment, ER triaging where can and plug in what can to co_evolve all this from happening again. Not just redoing, accepting money is not the answer, even taking more loans, rebuilding in wrong places, etc.

 Please note we have a plan and studying now to put it out to reach you, and need support w/Google's Apps and will soon obtain them. So please have patience but let us know if interested, or need help now to help a crises, then contact kara now thru email; kareje@ictts.org

   So when we are ready to do a new mailout of our virtual platform w/tools in place, you then can take part. Or even now come help, email kara; kareje@ictts.org if know Google Outreach.

 Many are watching the news of Texas/Lousiana, realizing communities are planned for common sense of what many are doing now increasing climate change/as well unprepared for natural disasters. Let alone unaware of the so called American Dream owning a mortgage, now w/no insurance, as US Gov is also unprepared and dysfunctional.

  So i'll add Africa that many fail to remember that our human family globally is experiencing the results from ours, at one time or another, even if now cleaned up our footprint, many more are leaving their human made causes, globally. With US Military having the largest footprint of all. And what is happening in Africa can happen to all, if we survive the next so many years that many scienctists say we won't.
    We are very thankful to have just smoke for a few days from the surrounding fires in Oregon, US.

   I'll share what i just shared w/Google Africa and all. I don't know if you are aware of what is going on their, but 5 countries have had 3 continued years of draught;

  In three countries β€” Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia β€” food insecurity has reached emergency levels, and famine has been declared in part of South Sudan. Each of these countries has experienced years of devastating conflict, and ongoing violence and instability continue to limit access to humanitarian aid.

   Hello Africa,

 I'm working on a plan to perfect our virtual platform, sharing the nuts and bolts of living local, globally. So all realize humanity has great options to do exchanges with.

So in saying that i'm not a Google tech person and i'm studying their Apps w/Google Outreach. If anyone knows it and wants to take part for humanity, i'm happy to share what i'm doing and welcome your help.

I see `Voice of America has done an overview project of the `Hungry Across Africa, and if this is true, for i do not know those journalists doing it, when yet entity in past has done a lot of propaganda, etc.

Please see;


Point is we all need to work together. Our plan is for each community to do one's  local `plan, define what toxic as i've asked Dr. Helen Caldicott to help us define monitoring of Nuclear radiation that face many.

Please see;

    The Helen Caldicott Foundation: NuclearFreePlanet.org / If You Love This Planet

As we move through this critical decade of climate change, we cannot afford to look backward: to an energy source that consistently fails to live up to its promise of being safe, clean, and inexpensive. Instead of energy β€œtoo cheap to meter,” we have a worldwide clean-up bill too great to calculate. As we take critical first steps towards disarmament, we face a proliferation problem induced by the international spread of nuclear power that may rival the dangers of the Cold War. We cannot exchange global warming for nuclear winter. The fate of our fragile planet rests in our hands. Our reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy is destroying the earth that we live on. It threatens not only our future, but the future of life as we know it. With education comes the responsibility of action. We must be vigilant, efficient, and outspoken. We must stand behind, and shore up the regulations we have to prevent this; demand without compromise that new, better, regulations be enacted: and insist that the use of these energy sources be stopped. The future belongs to all of us and we must act to protect it. We need your help to continue our work. We cannot exist without your contributions. If you value our work and would like us to continue, please make a donation.

Donate for Helen;


  Then if able to restore, work w/agroecological overview of all biome(s) to restore an ecological sustainable working community, using students to use cmmunities as classrooms. Network via like ecosytems/season and subject and prioritize those most vulnerable, working w/neighbors ending aid from afar.

Rather build local natural/wild food/fish/animal/medicine/energy/technology, soverighnty. So Africa lets local `plans become rule of understanding of what sustains all life that sustains humans.

Not supporting others locally and afar from exploting your resources leaving many without.

Please realize this is not an African problem, this is a humanity problem on earth. As well the same that is destroying ecological habitats are also doing it to space. When yet earth/space natural systems need to be respected for our human survival on earth.

If Dr. Guy McPherson working w/scientists is correct, they postuate that humanity has less than 10 years before temperatures raise so high on earth that life as we know it will become extinct. So this should fuel us all to do our best to prioritize calmly shifting. redirecting ending Nuclear use/research rid of waste/stop all weapons of war/have police and Coast Guard only, and redirect reources back into life supporting local `plans.

I look forward to working with you, in fact i'm trying to sell our sailboat in Oregon, US so we can relocate to learn more from those that know community building respecting transboundary migration for large browsers. I feel we can learn that humanity must live in harmony w/the wild, so each has it's own respected space. Not walls not allowing humans to migrate along with them. or even eco parks that isolate.

Rather we as a human species require a local natural wild exisistence and people must balance one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors to co_evolve as a human species.

So our virtual platform will be a better commuity shared tool kit as we network w/students as reps focus directing w/communities, even if no schools. For this is how we all can restore 1 Universal sound science filling in the worn torn parts of what has permitted corrupt people/misunderstandings, etc. to be permitted to leave such toxic effects. When yet a local `plan does much more in preparing even for natural diasters.

We have the tools of the times and people that want to develop them for common sense to be shared amongst these pathes of goodness w/pockets without, so as to gain basic nuts and bolts;

    like fresh clean water/air/soil/sanitation/ability to share natural seeds, NO GMOS, NO MONOCULTURES, simple beautful natural agroecological gardens of medicines vs the explotation of pharmaceuticals, shame on those as well the Military Industrial complex as in US that is out of mindbody control and should end. Leaving many suffering w/Western medicine when yet `Traditional Chinese Medicine has good options for all and Western doctors now do add it, but not enough. All should go back to school and learn how to help communities grow gardens of known issues, etc.

As well please realize our un nurtured young and old, can self develop in interrelating in one's local `plan on earth. Early signs can be learn't to end such suffering/addictions/suicides/misuse/abuse. Children need us and we adults need them to make this work.

Having a community as extended or even only classrooms will get to the root of efficiency as we take each moment and grip it, shift and co_evolve w/the experience. So no one is controlling anyone, rather help each other understand that the local `plan is our best guide.

So shame on yous that just throw out money/direction/even aid, etc. that causes so much dependency, as you interefere in ones' ability to do for them self and have ability to do own homework.

Yes we have empathy for you and have been guilty ourselves, so please in a local tapering transition welcome those doing wrong, and together someone can help them gain understanding. W/our plan the World Markets will co_evolve as investors shift once realize the damage they are doing. So local `plans are supported to retian controlling interest for locals. That includes any one their. To network to define what can sustain one best where. Ending the name of refugee.

   We are earthly participants that can act mindfully. And time is of the essence, as we know well many have and are dying prematurely, starving as well suffering while others are concerned over their own material items, leaving them very shallow unable to have inner peace that is gianed from self developing w/the enhanced natural world.

Ok if ya know me i can keep going but i look forward to all wanting to join in. With us as you do your local `plan and before you do please let our plan fuel you to shift. So first we need to get it clearly onboard to reach all. For now i'm back to studying how to put up tools to make this simple for every community to share and take part.

If you can't help me w/Google ODK/Fusion Table/Google Earth and Engine support then please Donate, email me; kareje@ictts.org for i'm working to try to put their Outreach programs together, as a US non profit, they have helped me along w/Nabble so i could do research to go figure this out. But if i continue to have resisitence i will make changes, for i'm also in need of overhead help. As well Nabble is a great tool to help all freely, so please check them out.

Peace is an option if we share what works calmly so all understand to realize all must take part.

Thank you for making a difference, and please share for those already aware of such tools, can now act on them adding our plan.

   kara speaking for our combined `effect;

      `i come to talk story