Hawks wanting to go to war with Iran.. I think it is time to address them a bit differently..

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Please read email from Peace Action West;

Dear kara j

If at first you don’t succeed…

…try, try again to start an unnecessary and costly war.

That seems to be the thinking of some hawkish members of Congress who never met a war they didn’t like. Fresh off an amazing rebuke of military action in Syria, the saber rattling toward Iran is picking up.

Tell your representative and senators to oppose bills that bring us closer to war with Iran.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) have announced that they plan to introduce legislation that would authorize using force against Iran.  [1] They are even using our victory in stopping military action against Syria as their excuse, saying we need to put a scare into Iran and show them the US is serious about its threats.

This legislation couldn’t come at a worse time. At yesterday’s UN General Assembly, the US and Iran set a new tone in their relationship and committed to diplomacy. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Iranian Minister Javad Zarif—the highest level talks between our two countries in more than 30 years.

 Don’t let Congress torpedo diplomacy. Tell your representative and senators to oppose this dangerous legislation.

We stopped the bombs from dropping on Syria, and we can do the same for Iran—if we raise our voices now. Powerful groups are already trying to undermine the diplomatic effort, and there will be intense pressure on members of Congress to support these bills. Be the first one to tell them to say “no” to war with Iran.

Thank you for taking action.

Rebecca Griffin
Political Director

P.S.  On Monday, Peace Action West and our partners delivered more than 110,000 petition signatures to the UN delegation urging President Obama to reinvigorate diplomacy with Iran. See the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151887721290708.1073741825.97972220707&type=1

[1] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ryan-costello/rouhanis-electoral-honeym_b_3981734.html

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this is my response that I invite people to work at with us;I am writing to urge you to avoid other provocative actions that could undermine diplomacy with Iran. That includes opposing bills that include an authorization for the use of military force against Iran.

I was very upset to hear that Rep. Franks is planning to introduce legislation that includes authorization to use force against Iran. This is a terrible message to send to the Iranian government when there are tentative steps toward real diplomacy. Also, passing additional sanctions right now would make diplomacy more difficult, and are completely unnecessary when Iran is already at the negotiating table.

The best way to resolve concerns about Iran’s nuclear program is through diplomacy, and we have the best opportunity in years given the positive signals coming from the Iranian government. A war would be costly and devastating, and would likely encourage Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Please do not cosponsor this bill when it is introduced. Also, do not support any additional sanctions. We must give negotiations time to succeed.

Please respond to let me know what action you will take, for we need to rethink a positive means to assert diplomatic relations that can swallow these old neuro networks that are entrenched with the war mode economy.

these people resisting seeing no other communicative way need our support to show them.+ together we need to bring forth a plan that supports all of us to reflect with the bigger picture of what sustains us on this earth. for we as the human species are interdependent on the biomes to be in a healthy balance with micro biomes + trans boundary migration. we cannot continue to destroy habitats, rather we need to be linking with them for our mother earth to be able to sustain this life that sustains ours.

we cannot teach good science to our students + do the project we are reaching out now to do, + then have this mindset of military aggression whip lash it. their is no good science being enacted on + we need to change this.

rather it is a crime against humanity to destroy these links that our earth needs. not to mention our human family.

I am more then happy to help you reach this clarity in an ongoing peace process that Sec John Kerry needs to interact with.

plus at the same time we can change our education system here in the US showing them what works as we invite them to do the same. for right now any one wanting war is not understanding how we co_evolve as  a human species on this earth, + it is unethical + illegal to destroy the life we are interdependent on. just because they cannot process the threads that weave these facts together.

this shows us that they are unable to process reality + that should be enough to give them a choice to rethink with us as we show them these worn torn links, as we establish clarity helping all understand. + if they cannot accept that then they need to realize they are holding progress from ridding the dysfunction of this gov as well our international relations. + should be made to step down + take a break until they can get real. then they would be welcomed back.

for many good folks have put a lot of energy to get this far, meanwhile once our students come aboard in our plan they will enhance this clarity a bit faster so all understand.

we must have compassion for this people, but we also cannot let them waste our precious resources not to mention the cost. when yet this is the perfect time for us to go figure + remove these WMD, + turn the times to end military as it is.

it does not take much to see the devastation of the many ecosystems already, as well those now being destroyed which need our attention. vs allow these people dysfunctional to lead yet another start of a war.

thank you for what you can down to stop this cold before it goes farther.