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   I'm sharing a Google Document welcoming all to make space, rethink and define your interest, as all part-time makes a difference! Please share along your walkabout for you!

Peace is real if we each organize and link!

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 you would like to be happier and yet to go figure on you, or your plans, vs us at `i come to talk story?

Silly question, right? No matter how happy we are, there’s always room for more happiness!

Even happy people wouldn’t say ‘no’ to the idea of feeling even better.

With that in mind, how often do you make changes to your life to increase your happiness?

It’s unlikely that you go about trying to make yourself Unhappy… but do you actually follow through with any efforts to make life more enjoyable?

Probably not.

Why? Is it too hard? Too scary? Too...risky?

Actually, the changes that can improve your daily ‘happiness’ levels are relatively small. Tiny, in fact.

Happiness doesn’t necessarily require earth-shattering undertakings. You can move forward and change your life for the better with this series of simple, manageable steps that can be implemented immediately.

Ready to get happier?

👇 This is what to do...