Folks are you thinking, then please rethink + see what this triggers you to do for world peace if we link + share what works..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
mother earth gives us all the solution oriented options if we keep our sensors sharp to perceive, + become aware by reflecting to know how we can react calmly.

   their has been too many scars, too many lessons the hard way.. no more do we have to accept anything but a peaceful transition, where all come to the table + talk in every local community. giving then a representative to share in real time, as we suggest how students can come aboard as we focus direct together.

   they can network locally + afar via like ecosystem/season + subject, letting real time tallies tell us yet another way as they post, then bring back real time thought to share eye to eye, giving us all that come aboard transparency that has yet to exist globally.

                           please review what works for us as we speak for many, so you can share;      


            thank you for what you can do! our combined` effect makes a difference, kara j lincoln