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Keith Jobson DipPFS Director of Business Development at the Palmetto Group UK and USA - Investment Management


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Hello Keith,

   please clarify how you people word the definition of clean energy? what ecological assessments will you add to your MOUs if have? Barack has yet to answer me these questions. what do you use as gauges to not exceed natural limits? what do you do if your entities exceed the natural limits?? what do you do working with locals to work with local planning + regulators to assure all maintain simple respect as developments are monitored regularly, + build efficiently with small to medium means.

we/many can share some input.

 so as people become aware in the interim of this community restoration to downscale their use of watts, leaving no footprints. as yet each are supported to build their path as they walk it into their opening, with unique collective creative self-expression. as each build/maintain truly individualized communities, that build themselves..

to co_evolve, vs. as many items that are non-compatible. ex; the many computer components that have been discarded, unable to update, where we where encouraged to buy another.

hopefully we can go beyond this + work efficiently with the objective of gaining peace as we end the war mode + false green economies. leaving no one left behind. rather everyone creating natural engineering as we take traditional indigenous values that they live with as they `boon with mother earth + then in this assessment create where truly needed some technology. + don`t allow another to over sell, over exceed natures limits.

I feel many thru out the world are using bad science + I know as in our restructuring , as we are reaching out for all students to link + help restore their communities. as they reach out to do these local assessments with their communities + welcome those that have left negative effects, to then together work at the facts + make them right.

           understanding the genetic needs for bio-diversity truly enriches us all.

we feel it is this mode of sharing globally 1 good science that will bring us peace. especially if simple respect is given for each community to regain their own sovereignty, + in solidarity we build healthy environments as our best medicine + link the life that sustains ours.

for many exceeding mother earth`s natural limits are interrupting the natural micro biomes/large browser trans boundary migrations that interfere in the life that is needed  to be in harmony to sustain ours.

their is no better education/health for all then for locals to restore their natural ecological sustainable working communities + link to harmonize, making this process a friendly one.

we look forward to seeing all rethink our energy alternatives as a supplement to living local, resulting with more natural environmental services, if done sensitively with all life.

we as a US 501.c3  are open to fund raising to do this global walkabout + see this process be shared, as we associate with real applications.. actually we just submitted similar idea to African Development Bank to work thru out Africa. as well to Friends of the Congo with their upcoming Congo Week, October 20 - 26, reaching out, making people aware + I think it is good to know we can go figure + make these changes now..

I can`t see a better way to connect, can you?? for our planet  + it`s life including ours has many scars, yet together we can co_evolve these transitions needed. + do it by linking giving the respect for each local community to welcome their students. as they each do their walkabouts, giving hands on for all to heal/rethink, then to sharpen their sensors + amazing energy that has eaten away at our organs due to misusing/abused, now enriches our lives, as we harness this energy + allow it to fuel us.

this is true clean energy..

   we can share this earth + beyond together + communicate so we all can explore the natural beauty locally + afar..

Good luck to you Keith + I look forward to working with you, please come talk!