Dr. Jill Stein, I thank you and the Green Party! People, we've got to get on same page with our earth/space changes, ASAP...

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  I share what I did w/Pacific Green Party, w/their work in below 2 links, please check it out if yet to see;


  Thank you all, this is great work!

  As well the documents to the Senate Committee!

I'm so sorry for all those that got negatively affected by these not being in place, and the work yet to make it happen. For When I look at OR's Voter's Pamphlet Primary Election for Coos County, sharing the different parties, it makes me think how backward we are as a human species.

Even though we are perfecting our US non-profit `i come to talk story, as we've researched how best to help people become aware as well ourselves, to cut thru this controversy, for we have a plan. And presently working for a grant to get it out. We are licensed out of Port Townsend, WA, but have a sailboat here in Charleston, OR, trying to sell so we can continue networking elsewhere. But while here I've tried to talk to many, to define if interested and simple human error has detained along w/many apologies. So being a virtual global platform, we continued to define and have much, and still working at it now trying to get a grant to get support.

 So I've shared w/Jill recently my thoughts and I hope Jill you read this for your upcoming May 6 event and let it fuel you to rethink.

  For the planet is in a crisis in this 6th mass extinction, and you people as Greens' may know it, but the planet needs people to speak for it and all life that sustains us, that is becoming extinct now. And prioritize, let alone collectively be on the same page w/research and mindful acts w/our human family, working within earth/space systems. Sharing open transparent platforms, globally to gain the truth for efficient acts to resolve.

 So for me to have the thoughts I work at and to hear like-minded w/the Green Party is a breath of fresh air, thank you!

   As in peace negotiations to enable a dialog w/all, enforcing UN to hold people accountable or have another in charge. I would never have done our project if they would have done this long ago. And I still try to talk to them to share, but I get no answers and again recently I've written and am awaiting from the SDGs sector.

   Same w/climate change, to me there is too much controversy and I need clarification as I continue to reach out and ask others to share their work w/ a few scientists/President Trump. I feel it is not being handled as it can be, and I'm working on clarifying the controversy, it may be there but I yet to see it, as I study it. If yet to be aware, I suggest following `the Children's Trust, the lawsuit against the US Gov for not acting on climate change. They need us and we need them.

   Also, Nuclear use to end, accept some medicine w/no halflife recyclable and have good tools in place as in Nuclear Radiation monitoring every day. And then share, so when rads high those vulnerable stays in. Yet many unaware.

Sharing education w/students using communities as extended classrooms can exponentially change this all w/everyone's help. Our idea is to do this w/agroecological systems, ending Industrial agriculture/GMOs, but most important is this assessment in real time instance, as Ex;

   Yes, many are doing great work in patches in fragments, where our plan is to do a local `plan redoing entire biomes w/neighbors, prioritizing toxic, student within all giving hands-on help and restoring ecological sustaining working healthy communities for now. And to adapt to the changes now in weather, as they are accelerating exponentially, due to the melting of the ice in the Arctic as well methane release.

 I emailed the Kremlin asking Pres. Putin if he would share his scientists, so we could get the same page, and already others I know are working together w/people thru out the world, but I also asked Pres. Trump to have his come talk. For I see Pres. Putin respects cultures/biodiversity/is complying with UNSDG and states he will share technology they developed to gain more yet rid more toxic/carbons etc. But he also is taking advantage of the open ice w/30 million tons he says of cargo being shipped north vs having to go around the S to EU. But one of the Russian scientists leading a group is not happy w/changes in Methane release in the Arctic. I yet to define the date of that information. But she released it to UN sector working with them.

 Plus as I state when I tweet to him, that Russians have lost many over time and scars must quit, deterrence must end and shift, so trust is established for prioritizing dialog so all interrelate and best as a rep for one's local `plan. So priorities that affect us all are made aware in real time, not withhold as I see so much not told. And then for some to be paranoid and manipulating for whatever trip, is insane and a lot to process.

  If I was going to stay in the US, I too would run for office. But I feel I have more research to understand and indigenous working w/transboundary migration actually living `boon w/the large browsers have lessons to share. For so much, so many yet to know. And if we feel it we must go within and define how to edit it, so w can use it in this lifetime.

    Some have no clue about the Methane stored and being released as the ice melts as well the permafrost and the jet stream changing weather patterns around the globe due to ice melting. And some scientists feel what most important is to address these areas getting hit w/weather changes now.  For they will continue. So where cold may get hot, and where hot may get cold. And many as I felt, had no clue of how this worked as I continue to sort it out.

  Many can do a lot ASAP, but it takes time to organize/understand/define/enact/so if do a local `plan it has to juggle w/the changes here now, and it is jumping around the planet from these results of jet streams from the Arctic. And scientists anticipate weather changes in places abnormally lasting longer, as it shifts from normal behaviors.

  This is one thing but for so many people like Ex: Puerto Rico not having water, is insane, for to collect rainwater/wastewater or seawater to run thru a simple collective reverse osmosis machine that can be bought by the communities or a few, to have back up shows how much people are isolated on this planet. For this is inexcusable as WHO states;

   6 billion people either have no safe water to drink or no safe sanitation. And the numbers are known for each plus the many deaths from this as well diseased, etc. But the point in to dig a ditch by 6'deep by 4', so bacteria dies before it hits the surface is not new information, and I could be wrong for I haven't dug one, but many have. And why they don't know about simple composting?? Russians before they build a house they build a compost toilet, use lime, etc. and this is extremely cold for many and they did fine.

This is a true lack of support from all these scars on the planet being pasted down, as many have taken it as normal behavior, yet to realize homework needed to get real w/self, in the instance.

    So I'm trying to get a grip on this, that I'm working at now. For scientists either say we have a matter of months to 8 years and all life on earth will be gone like Dr. Guy McPherson states.  I'm trying to gain insight, reviewing his work and others and giving feedback in a Hangout group on youtube now w/Guy, Jamen Shively, and a global group forming. As others don't put a time, or like Dr. James Hansen working on the Children's Trust lawsuit uses a time of 2026, and both talk, if Govs everywhere on planet  ASAP research and resolve.

   For Jamen's group is looking to define how to refreeze the Arctic as well decommission the Nuclear plants. So as humans on earth are dying, they would do what necessary to not have the Nuclear plants turn earth into a Mars mode. Rather 100 years or so life may come back on earth. Which I  will keep reaching out to sort out where best I can help.

  And my biggest issue is the controversy of not collaborating w/1universal secular sound science working w/indigenous values respecting all life, so as to define together what can be done and do it. So we all are real. For Ex; the children talk about saving the life and earth, for their grandchildren, for they have done a great job w/activism. Yet I recently shared with them, that is not real w/what scientists know now, life will be gone before that, as the temperature rises now. And if not prepared much more will suffer than the already now suffering.

  Plus adding the other children's activism w/ending weapons of war and the school shootings takes them away from being on board w/this. So we've had discussions to help soothe so each realize they will do best, same w/all of you if stop fighting, calm oneself so we all can use our full brain, and then we will together best figure who can share what when? And make sure all are aware in a reasonable time to prepare and even go beyond ER and simply realize all that can is being done, while continuing to aid collectively more efficiently. And actually, celebrate along the way. As I suggest a natural potluc w/good discussion, sharing how even organic foods are beocming contaminated by being near and how to soak veges in baking soda for 10 min before cooking can rid more pesticide, etc. Not to mention address the processed food so many are unaware of. As that is another area of need. We have a plan to teleconference some of this detail in a conversation.

  Guy already w/his lady, does a counseling group for people to assimilate this death reality, sooner than a normal lifespan, due to all this. And in listening to some at meets, people have a lot of editing to do and a lot rises and if each can organize as we feel a local `plan can then best define and gain understandings. As being a participant not in a refugee camp. Nor a child or an adult unnurtured, being left showing early signs yet not know how to respond. When yet we can learn and every community has good people or they can be brought in to guide/teleconference, so hands-on can aid one showing these signs unable to filter thru one's mixed signals. So then w/guidance each can become a local mindful participant, vs misuse/abuse, self or others. We are all an open book from sensitive skilled people taking the time to observe and give feedback. So all can nurture oneself.

So it is a lot of energy displaced by many producing much more disassociated energy,  in resultant to the chaos of unawareness and or misinformation? That leaves many in the fog, that can be harnassed, as we can sort this out together. As in the real times of growing food how best, and agroecological systems know well w/indigenous that if they had more land they could feed the world. Where our plan if excluded the present time escalation of the feedback loops changing exponentially, then each local `plan would sort this out best for them, for it is more than just an agriculture, it is also a social-political-economical-educational movement. For each community to gain one's local natural wild food-fish-animal/localized energy of low impact, for I support no large grids/and technologically based on working w/creating upon indigenous, for each to gain one's sovereignty, working w/neighbors.

  So considering now I'm hearing from Dr. Peter Wadhams anticipating  the northern Siberia/Canada/Alaska, etc. realm in those locations North will be the ones to have the food to feed 7-8 billion people on earth, as they have a schematic that projects the country's getting wiped out from these weather changes, unable to grow grains in quantities due to temperature rise denaturing proteins, etc.

So as I read this pdf for Election May 2018, it's like a twilight zone read, if they even acknowledge the Pacific Greens, not to mention each proposed party, besides the Greens, is not talking about any of this.

So point here is, please self-reflect, rethink, shift and share and let me know what you think or changes being made, please!

For it is a crime against humanity to be doing this as it is. My beef is that I don't like good minds to be wasted, and all the diversity in people's range of thinking is due to lack of education being able to let humanity communicate on an open dialog. So as in now our plan to fuel local `plans, for each then is best to define how best to adjust once aware of such controversy. And please realize our students are studying this same science, unless some homeschooled which we too have experience with, or as in a tribal way of thinking w/Natives, etc. or worse as in schools programming the direction of the curriculum for profits/whatever over the ecological sustainability that should be prioritized.

Whereas we feel a local `plan based on its co_evolving abilities to work within earth/space systems and communities able to work it's `enhanced natural potential in real time adjusting to these changes from afar as well localy, is the best rule of law, only if one does not have to wait for the radical weather change to hit, but rather develop a secular science of common sense to communicate the earth/space systems in havoc and have dialog established to respect and take part in, so as to know what to expect??

  Prof Miguel Altieri's work has fueled our platform for a long time, as we fuel ourselves to be such a platform as we continue to perfect it, due to having no budget accept our SS. Due to choosing to research vs take the time to fundraise all this time, going from one crisis to another as we resolved until this juggling act awoken me w/climate change. So our work is not polished but we've shared along the way and we do need support to make this happen simply for all to understand.

For a healthy individual does not have the neural networks to be good jugglers let alone the many already left behind in a variety of negative issues, that we feel once working in groups to share this, then as one understands what we are saying, then the local `plan can organize their plan, as we have a `Transitional Shift Message Board to help each get one's needs met and offerings shared same time as the communities.

So no matter who is on the earth next to the other, each give/gain, support for each to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening, aware of local `plans, leaving no footprint.

Meaning if students can co_evolve the curriculum while hands-on self-reflecting and restoring one's communities, preparing to explore as a local mindful participant, taking part where ever, as all take part in global policies, changing for equality. For all to do one's homework respecting the local `plan as the rule of understanding.

  For to see now the restrictions/the waste of resources as I could not even believe you people talked about cutting Military 50%, whereas I thought Jill stated end it all or is this a stage of that? For to spend 2 million on a missile as in the recent strike on Syria, when even to decommission a Nuclear Plant, they say costs a lot of money, if it can even be done in the required time left, unless changes create more time?? Let alone Gov wanting to increase the Nuclear/Military budget, is insane, especially when those that create the terrorist mode and then support each side. So open platforms will share the truth. That is another issue to define. And Arnie Gundersen at Fairwinds, a Nuclear engineer whistleblower I feel is best to help w/Nuclear issues. Same w/Dr. Helen Caldicott. For they both have done some incredible work from my perspective. And they both know of the lies from Japans' Gov/Tepco/GE/IAEA, and others, as in the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear plant accident 7 years ago, that still many are left without medical support and many are going back to homes w/high levels of radiation after the Gov support ended, to aid them elsewhere.

   Arnie last year I think, measured the radiation on children's shoe strings near Tokyo from that accident, when yet Gov stated no problem. Helen talked to parents unaware as more children had much early, thyroid abnormalities than Chernobyl accident.

I could go on and I'm tired, past my bedtime. But you people know well this is pretty crazy stuff, and to sort thru it all is our job now. So each can do what can and together more efficiently. And I'm working on putting this together to share to all.

Peace is an option once people understand what to do! We feel humanity has answers, yet many unaware and can become aware, once we reach out and prioritize, so all have a basic checklist to add to one's priorities. For our goal is to share basic nuts and bolts, we are not interested in the materialism or being polished, beyond respecting each to understand and make it presentable.

So thanks for what you can do! And we appreciate you sharing w/us updates, as well share our work w/others!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln