Donate make a difference.. Or share w/one to give us a Grant..

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                                `i come to talk story is a Charitable US non profit.

   We welcome global innovators working for humanity, to make a serious difference an donate, not accept that their is nothing that can't be done, when we can and you can, make a difference by helping us.

   For many are lost in the fog/unable/over regulated as w/many schools, etc. Many are unable struggling to make ends meet.

   We continually work to make it more friendly ask ask all to stay calm. Review a bit and apply for you/your family, your community and realize the importance you play in linking your balanced genetic biodiversity, w/the world`s life that truly sustains your life. By simply doing your local `plan w/your neighbors..

   What we do to research/learn/help define one's ability to do one's local `plan, works, as we shift with it and welcome you to do the same. Let us know what works for you, to make it easier in solidarity, for everyone to do it for one's communities as students use them as classrooms, focus directing together.

                                 For we are focusing on basic comforts for all.

                                    If want to DONATE now please do!


                                  Please share us along your walkabout for you!                  

                            Donate and thank you for making a difference!                     

             Tel and leave a message and we will get back soon; 1-360-450-3749 skype.

     If interested, Please tell us your thought of what you would like to see done or just let us decide w/work in progress w/many solutions being shared;

                 or mail; kara j lincoln % General Delivery, Charleston, OR 97420.

      `i come to talk story is a 501 (c)(3) with permanent status, federally exempt.

Please realize we are new at this end, for we never have had others give us money, always it was on the other shoe. We will try to be on top of the rules, meanwhile if looking for a tax write off also, help us out + study so we do not mislead you.

Donors you may deduct your contributions as provided in section 170 of the Code, if they meet the applicable provisions of sections 2055, 2106, + 2522 of the Code.

         Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts please give to`i come to talk story
or for its use, it is deductible from Federal estate + gift tax purposes, if meet the applicable provisions of above sections.

Please note Non-profit info, Determination letter, 1023 app, etc. can be sent to you by request.

Thank you for what you do and please participate were most comfortable for you.

            If you would rather go thru One Today Fundraising Project w/Google then please do!


Check out our forum on Nabble, that you can have freely too.

   As well Google's Apps for Education and more, to work w/your students/organize, reflect and come link in solidarity, sharing in the living local process.

                                         Our combined` effect makes a difference...

                                   Peace, from us all at `i come to talk story..