Decision`s on Ukraine are wrong + incomplete. lets continue to discuss + update, if can.. US/UN you can think you are doing what is right for all, but the international community + US folks feel you are not representing those of us that respect the natural world that sustains us all..

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we welcome you to come take a review as these folks are missing some major facts that are unacceptable to us, over Ukraine as well the global issues that interfere in locals ability to live local as we conserve our natural world + `boon with it;

lets look at this link, thanks to Cristian;

i will continue to add some links so check back;

      we need to get real with mother earth`s enhanced limits as the rule of law. sure if everyone was living ethical lives perhaps this kind of a call would be real. but sadly many governments, US for sure is seriously dysfunctional + the American people are trapped along w/legislators, as others/disassociated energy pull one`s leash, leaving ill effects locally + afar.

      considering we all have contributed to this negativity. the inability to truly understand what sustains us all, as well simple respect for all life. we welcome you to yet another way to rethink so we all hold our self + others accountable, locally + afar. so we all restore our local ecological sustainable communities, building meaningful/mindful lives. supporting those in need to heal + self develop.
       give yourself + everyone understanding to obtain one`s own freedom from one`s own misuse/abuse + come participate, so together we trigger all + one`s community to create your list as you link w/ours presently under construction, to do an exchange. welcoming simple folks that live natural lives w/respect for mother earth. so please take part.

   lets look a few views of others now 1st then, see how Miguel`s enhanced ways can fit in. rather they don`t when yet so many are so addicted to their adrenaline from riding on the wave of many industrial dysfunctions leading the path, leaving no respect for mother earth + the life that sustains us all;


                                      this kind of controversy has to stop


 for many are unaware of this symbiosis process that contributes to US`s government policies that are wasting energy/resources, from supporting the military industrial complex in now what, over 125 countries, Wall street, Silicon Valley + the corporations as Mike Lofgren states in link below, thank you Vimeo for showing us yet another piece of the puzzle.


shame on this reality
sponsors of the New York Times;  
 or how about this

+ this is just a few realities now that many are unaware of as many continue to be part of the problem blindly. because we are not orgainzed to show transparency of what is + the many solution oriented options we have now + will.

   please come participate

   enhanced used as in Miguel Altieri, to get real w/our global food crises that we all eat from that many are not looking at, will fuel our path to take back our natural resources, sharing what works so everyone globally can live local. + if UN + US + many govs are to exist, then they will come back as local participants to truly understand how they now are following the wrong rule of law.

   which students working w/locals networking what works, can be triggered to work w/local facts w/all in a tapering transition, so all understand simple respect for mother earth + what sustains us all. as together we make wrongs right.

   many are programmed/riding on misinformation/real disassociated energy in result of all this, following the many scars of the past as their neuro networks are worse then any weapon of war we have. so please realize if we integrate we can develop a daily path for all to focus direct with our students, so they define the reality of who is doing what, where + how we must redirect, so as assertively we all plug into our self. + along this path will be fueled to have a good night sleep as we awaken with yet new neuro networks.

  we do not have to be part of the problem, carrying these scars generation after generation. rather w/our good virtual tools from Nabble + Google + many more we can link + do what we must efficiently, to hold our self + others accountable.

  lucky us to have rods + cones, such good inner tools. we just need to be aware that we have the ability to allow no one to control/influence us, if we maintain discipline over our self sensory observation vs. belief. sharpen your sensors folks + reach out + share us along your walkabout as you restore your natural sustainable working community, efficiently as you stay focused w/respect for all life.

    be vigilent + say no to the divestment`s of fossil fuels, rather say divestment`s into agroecological assessments as we all live local.

   President Barack Obama, Sec Ban Ki Moon, President Putin, You all are missing some major points in decisions over Ukraine, Syria + the many more countries you have chosen to interfere in. + we as the human family cannot just allow these dysfunctions to continue. you people are in need of support.

   we welcome you to join + put this decision made today on hold as we locally do our work in every global community to show you what is inefficiently being done by your unconscious choices, perhaps as you have yet to be aware of the leashes that control your thought + acts.

to see all the military personal may seem normal for you folks, but to those of us that live w/respect for the natural world, it appears as twilight zone.

why don`t you men seriously take this moment to change history, stop the war mode, stop the world markets + discuss the creation of 1 sound science, where mother earth becomes the rule of law. so as a human family all put down the weapons + recycle. let the folks take off the military outfits + use them for rags. recycle the equipment right now + personal to work w/local communities that have been in natural disasters. before you send all military home as in the 54 war zones, let them help the locals restore their natural community.

  do you see if all does this thought, focus direct together on clean water, local grown natural food, composting gardens, bio sanitation. natural building w/no large grids at all. all those banned to. for no ecosystem can be isolated. we need to link our genetic biodiversity for our survival.

  right now look at all the energy deviation here in talk/threats of war, threats of the loss of dollar thru Russia or China dumping the bonds/holdings, stock market crash, etc. look at all the resources put into this madness from scars of the past. this is an ill state + President Putin + Obama are pawns as well all of us, trapped in this disassociated energy.

    you 2 have the means from all your experiences to turn the table. imagine doing this. be the better man + set this stage as you work as brothers. + realize the waste from all in confusion over all this. for this is child`s play holding on to these cold war grievances. + it appears you want to stimulate the market for defense expenses, keeping your military`s actively making money for a handful of folks that are truly delusional.

   not to mention not even being sensitive to the many people suffering thru all this daily everywhere.

   get a grip for you can turn this around ASAP. + stop being sales man.

  people now is the time if yet to responsibly go within, reflect living local, + give hands on support for our collective synergy that can change these ways for ever. so we do plug into what sustains us all with simple respect. so everyone can live local enabling all to `boon with their natural world. + just start do_in it. + what ever you do, share it w/those around yous + tell your legislators you will not support any of this + require they bring all that we speck of to the table, so all can rethink + break away from it all. so all can redirect our energy back into our collective community + break yourself from your dependency on any government entity. as you simply get clear + do an exchange, so no matter what we all go to work for each other to live local.

     Thanks for adding your voice and ears to helping the natural world be better heard by humans;

     lets all do what we can to redirect this waste of resources as we focus direct back to some normalcy. to enable sound science globally to be put into retrospect of what truly sustains us, so it fuels us to collectively go figure how to be efficient by addressing these many issues locally. when principles are our self + our locals that directly have hands on to these negative issues to bring them into a tapering transition.

to get us back on track to what sustains us, such as;

     Quote Miguel Altieri, `enhancing our food security while conserving natural resources... fueling us all to Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable... as a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

Agroecology is a scientific discipline that uses ecological theory to study, design, manage and evaluate agricultural systems that are productive but also resource conserving.

Agroecological research considers interactions of all important biophysical, technical and socioeconomic components of farming systems and regards these systems as the fundamental units of study, where mineral cycles, energy transformations, biological processes and socioeconomic relationships are analyzed as a whole in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Agroecology is concerned with the maintenance of a productive agriculture that sustains yields and optimizes the use of local resources while minimizing the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of modern technologies. In industrial countries, modern agriculture with its yield maximizing high-input technologies generates environmental and health problems that often do not serve the needs of producers and consumers. In developing countries, in addition to promoting environmental degradation, modern agricultural technologies have bypassed the circumstances and socio-economic needs of large numbers of resource-poor farmers.

The contemporary challenges of agriculture have evolved from the merely technical to also include social, cultural, economic and particularly environmental concerns.

Agricultural production issues cannot be considered separately from environmental issues. In this light, a new technological and development approach is needed to provide for the agricultural needs of present and future generations without depleting our natural resource base. The agroecological approach does just this because it is more sensitive to the complexities of local agriculture, and has a broad performance criteria which includes properties of ecological sustainability, food security, economic viability, resource conservation and social equity, as well as increased production.

To put agroecological technologies into practice requires technological innovations, agriculture policy changes, socio-economic changes, but mostly a deeper understanding of the complex long-term interactions among resources, people and their environment. To attain this understanding agriculture must be conceived of as an ecological system as well as a human dominated socio-economic system.

 A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

Agroecology provides a framework by applying ecological theory to the management of agroecosystems according to specific resource and socio-economic realities, and by providing a methodology to make the required interdisciplinary connections.

Agroecology in Action is appropriate for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses. It is also appropriate for extension professionals and scientists engaged in applied research. Because of the book’s critique of traditional means of generating and extending knowledge within the land grant university system, and the promise conveyed through Warner’s accounts and analysis of a variety of alternative, collaborative, and participatory approaches to creating a more sustainable, ecologically-based agriculture, the book could serve as an inspiration and model for professionals seeking new ways to conduct their work.

International Agroecology CENSA: Center for the Study of the Americas, Berkeley, CA
The main goal of this program is to promote agroecological initiatives that exert a positive impact on the livelihoods and food sovereignty of small farming communities in various Latin American countries.

     The basic tenet of this program is that the success of such initiatives is dependent on the use of a variety of agroecological improvements that in addition to farm diversification favoring a better use of local resources, also emphasize human capital enhancement and community empowerment through training and participatory methods as well as higher access to truly fair markets, credit and equitable income generating activities.

     Access to land, water, native seeds and other basic resources and services is of course a key prerequisite.

    Our experience shows that in most cases, farmers adopting agroecological models achieve significant levels of food security and natural resource conservation. A key focus of the International Agroecology Program is to scale-up these initiatives to enable wider impact, through a significant increase in the knowledge and management of agroecological principles and technologies between farmers of varied socio-economic and biophysical conditions, and between institutional actors involved in peasant agricultural development.`

      this is how we can create a global sound science in every local community sharing respect for all life.

    please conserve your human energy, stop the waste of natural resources + ground sensitively aiding all to understand that the world offers us an abundant of solution oriented options. together sharing story all can be triggered to fine tune what works to build one`s harmony, as all are supported to live local, where ever we are fortunate to be.

   come aboard + lets make it possible for all to share this earth + beyond as we all can become a responsible local, global + beyond participant, harmonizing as we link.