Congresswoman Barabara Lee introduced H. Con. Res. 120, affirming that every person deserves basic living standards-including a safe and decent place to call home. We have a plan!

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Hello all,

   I want to share an invite with you, for this lady does her best to help us all and her lessons are valuable so let's work together and do what can to help!
Dear Friend,

I hope you can join me next Monday, May 14th, at 7 pm for a town hall at the Albany Community Center.

We will have lots to talk about -- including the soaring cost of housing, the looming threat of climate change, and the efforts in Congress to put a check on this dangerous White House.

Can I count on you to RSVP for my town hall?

One of the most pressing issues facing our community right now is the lack of affordable housing.

A few months ago, I reached out to you to get your thoughts on the displacement crisis.

I heard from hundreds of East Bay residents struggling with rising rents and housing costs.

One thing has become glaringly clear: the soaring cost of housing is altering the fabric of our community.

Long-time residents have been pushed out of the neighborhoods they’ve called home for generations. Public servants -- like teachers and firefighters -- are packing up and moving away. College students are dropping out, or taking on two or three jobs, just to keep a roof over their heads. And too many of our neighbors are now living in their cars, or on couches, or on the streets.

This cannot continue. I went to the House Floor to share these stories and demand action from Congress on this affordable housing emergency.

I have introduced legislation, H. Con. Res. 120, affirming that every person deserves basic living standards -- including a safe and decent place to call home.

And at my town hall on Monday, I hope you will bring your own ideas for affordable housing solutions.

As always, my office is happy to assist you and your family. If you need help with a federal issue, please call my Oakland office at (510) 763-0370. You can also connect with me via email, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Take care,

P.S. Space at the town hall is limited, so RSVP today to secure your attendance.

  Our respond to all;

Hello Congresswoman Barbara Lee and all!

  I would love to join you if you teleconference, Ex; Thru a free Google Hangout on youtube or skype?? But If can't this time, please share some ideas we have researched and continue to share w/Pres Trump whom I've offered in tweets as well to Whitehouse/Congress and your locals, but realize I'm no fan of generalized letters or tweets, etc. I need people to answer my questions or I move on to more skilled that know how to respectfully communicate:

    I am overworking to help humanity, thru our virtual global platform, that Google gave us a AdGrant in 2014, which is $10,000. per month in Ads only, and I continue to study and we have had over 15 million ads out globally within their legal requirements for  `i come to talk story, our US 501 cs non-profit assoc. We are applying for a Grant, due to no donations yet. But I cannot take form those w/needs not met for self or family, even though they offer. As well all along we've had a limited budget due to 2008 stealers of our investments and more. So then we take from our SS, and put it toward research to come up w/very nice ideas sharing humanity's options now.

So it's not just you I say this too, I would not go w/Barack/Michel Obama when they asked me to join his campaign trail, for I was part of OFA, nor Barney, etc. For I told also I don't do that kind of footprint. especially when we have real daily chores struggled with, like the broken van, working in van w/no heat for wifi, no internet, teeth work, and the list goes on w/local homeless, neighbor vets in trouble, etc.

You know this I bet?

  Now I feel Dr. Jill Stein is a breath of fresh air speaking a language of solutions I have. And I feel all should work across the aisle on serious problems for peace. Which I have ideas as well and would like to be part of a peace intermediary right now, across the globe, for if it is true that I did communicate w/real Kim Jung_Un on facebook, I could be part and help. So please think of me and suggest! For a few projects, I'm working at also can help.

  So thanks to TechSoup, we as a US non-profit yet to get donations after several years, although I've tried and learning more now, due to our choice to research solutions, when so many could not carry thru, yet so many have. So the plan that we will do simply if get support, is to help each take part and do their local `plan. That includes some simplicity of going within and editing self to heal/ self-educates while working w/one's students using communities as extended classrooms, networking/local collective part-time interrelating in one's local `plan, prioritizing toxic and resolving locally and that which interferes from afar, holding self and others accountable to gain understanding, not blame or fight.

  Enough scars on this planet from aggressive acts. Rather calmly open blood supply to brian and circulate for optimum clarity for mindbody balance. And do this w/1 universal secular science common sense, so as to apply it not have it stay in files, or scientists manipulated or fragmenting, or not acting at all due to fear, etc. But so each local `plan rep knows in real time, for Congress sure and the hell is contributing to a dysfunctional US Gov, as well many throughout the world that look at you and follow or get overtaken from abuse from it. That's another whole story and shame on us all!

  We feel sharing in solidarity we can get out of this sewage soup that many have died prematurely trying, or still diseased suffering, as many are from UN not being held accountable even for misuse from US Gov, as in climate change enacting as well supporting rebels/puppet Govs/Missiles as IN Syria, this list is lengthy... We the people don't accept such waste of energy of good people left in the fog trying to do good work, yet much inexcusable lack of awareness to them, as well lack of good health coverage or support, when students can.

  Barbara, to have 6 billion people without whether basic simple know how to have fresh water clean or safe sanitation, is why we did our project long ago, due to UN not acting on Rwanda war responsibly and others, when so much they do is good! UNEXCUSABLE.

So we feel if we can gain a list of supporters giving us Educational links open to starting this, students within all can gain prerequisites/self-reflect/learn to volunteer as well, while giving hands-on support w/skilled, t many now vulnerable. While teachers add calmly our ideas and each local `plan create upon, so ae they come together they do an ER assessment for self/community and do an entire overview of biomes w/neighbors, ending colonial grids, using agroecological systems to do a total overview. That also includes social economical political perspective, uniting w/educational  co_evolving of curriculums, working in the instance for the local `plans to do one's restoring of one's natural `enhanced sustainable healthy working communities.

 Networking locally and afar, using our great tools of the times to be perfect. So people gain/give, support for all to build one's path as each walk into one's opening, leaving no footprint. Ending Nuclear use, accept some medicine w/no halflife, ending weapons of war, ending Military bases, ending the waste of resources, people's energy, and redirect into earth/space systems ASAP to save life on earth.

  Which is another project we add, as I study w/those doing just this and equating the controversy, as some say if Arctic ice melts life on earth will be gone in 6 months to 8 years? Meanwhile, I've asked Pres Putin/Kremlin to share their scientists with us? Have you asked them, Putin in a video to all, said they would share, but I want to detail some facts w/scientists, so would like to be part of this ASAP? For Pre Putin feels it is a natural cycle, but also they are extending their cargo ships thru the melting ice to a good advantage. Also, they have discovered technology to help climate and willing to share w/world, as well compy to UNSDG, whom I also wrote to ask the same. Plus Russian scientists know the huge problem w/Methane plumes in the Arctic, so we need scaling in the instance on the same page globally w/1 universal secular science and common sense of it for all to take their misinformation/fear/illness from organs stealing from each other and redirect locally, as skilled surface to add to skilled reps communicating globally, where can, for our earth realities in need now!

 For the present collective conscious humane potential is not efficiently happening globally, fragments yes, but time is running out big time exponentially. So we are bringing together attention w/our abilities to resolve, an ask all of you to take part ASAP and guide farther, and let us work w/US Gov scientists too. So links would be appreciated and I will follow up both with Educational Depts you can support us to work with as well scientists now working on local/global climate change, so we may add too/make corrections/learn from as well prepare all to adapt ASAP on a clam level not fear based which many are lost in the confusion. This is a crime against humanity to allow such controversy when every school now can do as we say, focus direct and work w/local Gov, and if US Gov is to be considered to help responsibly, as you people end dysfunction, and we've always suggested having students walk by everyone's' side and open a transparent virtual platform for all ASAP to take part where can. As reps come link and our tools become a good reference archive in the instance for all as a person, a rep for a group and all working to interrelate realizing they can make a difference in one's collectively local `plan.

  This way as each state, instantly lets us be on the same page ecologically working within earth/space systems, letting each local `plan work within the reality of each natural `enhanced local communities potential, which is the healthiest for each person to be a local mindful participant, even if refugee, homeless etc.. Where all earthlings deserve respect to aid this `transformation, all are going thru now on earth. When our earth has a chance, if act together ASAP mindfully by our secular scientist's community co_evolving with us, as we ask you also to give us international links ASAP to do the same. Share now for all to gain not `New World order as some plan, but natural `enhancing as we co_create w/agroecological systems using technology that has indigenous traditional engineers still doing, know the technology that works within these natural systems, to respect and preserve our true sustaining energy for humans, as a living organism on earth in this lifetime is interdependent on our natural `enhancing supporting the natural microcosms that we house, share amongst us, keeps bad pests in check as well pollinates our food if done the right way for optimum health vs support GMOs. Which I thank Pres Putin for not allowing them into the country and more. So learn from him, please.

  We unknowingly feed and create pests, it is not natural, and all they do is what is natural and that is multiply. Same w/Eboli again breaking out in the Congo area, lack of awareness shared globally is pretty unskilled, when so many travel and no one can just live local. The earth is too polluted and people can become aware to monitor and aid part-time. As each hold self and others accountable to collectively act as earthlings, doing one's organic exchanges and that can be learned now. We have sensitive beautiful people sharing great work as we speak and we will share more once we gain support to put all this in an easy format for each.  And for each to heal, become aware to stop all these wasted power trips within oneself, over people/resources and places.

 This is unskilled people, in what should be co_evolving roles and policies from our outdated Constitutions, that I feel our forefathers felt humanity would continue to stay in real time w/the instance, which is common sense, as they felt they were doing. Even though they were slave owners doing it wrong, and that fragmentedly carried on as programing interfered wrongly in many cultures. Did they do the best they saw? Did they have tools of the time to communicate, etc.? So we must go forward w/empathy, but do acknowledge this wrongdoing along the way and now. SO these scars are stopped in their tracts ASAP and measures are put in place by all to act consciously humane in the instance. And know we should do the same and we the people are! For each to simply look at what is doing and offering assistance and if one cannot hear the message, collectively we try again until one stops misuse/abuse on self and others, locally and afar.

  For I refuse to not respect our past and the many struggling to help make this a better world, and I refuse to sit back and think we can do this together! For I know this works and will co_create much more technology to override that which is presently not being corrected by US Gov's EPA, which is wrong, nor many of your agencies, within! When yet humanity thru out the world from the past and present has co_evolved w/technology based on indigenous values respecting all life to do its part, and we aim to keep collecting these links to share, so no one no more is left behind as present is in every community we've networked in which is several countries amongst us, as we continue to learn and share. And want to do it efficiently so we don't just get stuck in the rut of living local in this time, when every community can also do the same along with us, for not all problems are everyone's communities, but some problems are affecting all and some more than others now.

  So it will be up to people to co_evolve one's local communities w/neighbors and self-sustain, breaking dysfunctional entities by working w/them or if they can't reach them, leave the message to the global community for another to try to help one understand. Meanwhile we the people will help each other by sharing in solidarity, w/equality, that all earthlings deserve, even when misdoing, for so many have had no support and deserve now.

  The great jobs from volunteering to good paid fair jobs are endless as we co_evolve this sewage soup from dysfunctions to awakening to the world's offerings in fragments. For each local `plan to co_create. networking via like ecosystem/subjects and seasons, creating a beautiful earth of living art and music filling the air w/abundant life, if not too late, and people come board as equals, doing one's homework!

  And we will be showing once support in place Google Hangouts on youtube as we share discussions as we suggest all gathering in a local natural wild potluck, live music, giving all a means to express, w/following up meets to restore one's local `plan and network. Welcoming all to take part, as the local `plan is the best rule of understanding and rule of law. And migrants too will be treated w/respect to fit in where can and all will realize this is temporary, until all aid this `transition and define where best to be appreciated while waiting to go home, if that is still the choice, for earth has space if we can remove all unnatural boundaries. And let the wild decide the natural ones. For no ecosystem can survive on its own, we all are interdependent on the earth/space systems working in harmony without human interference. But now that so much has polluted we require technology to be based w/indigenous to co_create w/1 universal secular science, for no more can fragmented science be allowed to be used to permit toxic developments, which watch, you will see once local `plans in effect, how reps will seriously report how bad they are in need of resolving.

  And I already know from working w/several and so much lack of skilled people are in responsible roles, and they too need to be co_evolved along w/policies. And each local `plan is best to contribute to defining this daily common sense chores in place, and that is why w/our plan, students will be sharing schematics showing well good investments on the table as local `plans retain controlling interest for local, whoever is defined to live within space available as natural building can be very creative along w/agroecological systems used. So the economy is based on true sustaining w/localized systems of low impact, not large grids that ecologically interfere, done by outsiders w/pieces from across the planet. This is no longer accepted. For it pollutes and interferes in people's ability to do for self and stay in the balance w/one's energy, which is interdependent on living local, as the communities needs get met in the instance.

  Which we have a `Transitional Shift Message Board that each local `plan can create upon to fine tune for oneself as we all link, better-preparing w/early signs so the world gains the truth, not manipulated media as now is covering much of the globe and US. Rather we want real story even if it is from programmed people carrying behaviors from the past that were carried forward from loved ones due to the many scars over time, and many fortunate to live, but unaware of the unhealthy behaviors perceived as normal as they continue to get passed on, and now can stop. As beautiful sensitive people in every community we have seen has fragments that can be added together for more efficiency to reach more. So together we all co_evolve together, vs leave entire communities without basic nuts and bolts that are our concern.

 For we are not a catalog of materialism created by people unaware of the environmental affects one leaves on oneself/others and one's communities locally and afar. As many of the toxic minerals travel via the winds and currents affecting more than some. And already this damage has left many die prematurely and diseased without a care in place. Which can now as students learn to live co_evolving this local technology required for one's community to be restored naturally within its own `enhanced potential.

  Let me be clear of what the word `enhanced means, and put it in context, again w/Miguel Altieri's work, says it best as he carries a variety of skilled hats and entomology is one;
     Agroecosystems are communities of plants and animals interacting with their physical and chemical environments that have been modified by people to produce food, fiber, fuel and other products for human consumption and processing. Agroecology is the holistic study of agroecosystems, including all environmental and human elements. It focuses on the form, dynamics, and functions of their interrelationships and the processes in which they are involved. An area used for agricultural production, e.g. a field, is seen as a complex system in which ecological processes found under natural conditions also occur, e.g. nutrient cycling, predator/prey interactions, competition, symbiosis and successional changes. Implicit in agroecological research is the idea that, by understanding these ecological relationships and processes, agroecosystems can be manipulated to improve production and to produce more sustainably, with fewer negative environmental or social impacts and fewer external inputs (Altieri 1995).
The design of such systems is based on the application of the following ecological principles (Reinjntjes et al. 1992) (see also Table 1):

1. Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability and balancing nutrient flow.

2. Securing favorable soil conditions for plant growth, particularly by managing organic matter and enhancing soil biotic activity.

3. Minimizing losses due to flows of solar radiation, air, and water by way of microclimate management, water harvesting and soil management through increased soil cover.4. Species and genetic diversification of the agroecosystem in time and space.

5. Enhance beneficial biological interactions and synergisms among agrobiodiversity components thus resulting in the promotion of key ecological processes and services.    

  These principles can be applied by way of various techniques and strategies. Each of these will have different effects on productivity, stability, and resiliency within the farm system, depending on the local opportunities, resource constraints and, in most cases, on the market.

  The ultimate goal of the agroecological design is to integrate components so that overall biological efficiency is improved, biodiversity is preserved, and the agroecosystem productivity and its self-sustaining capacity is maintained. The goal is to design a quilt of agroecosystems within a landscape unit, each mimicking the structure and function of natural ecosystems.

End Miguel’s quote from his work;


   And I refer to Prof Miguel Altieri's work creating w/indigenous peasants/fisherfolks, still living it, as many are not supported. Yet Miguel has created agroecological curriculum at Berkely, also working globally w/SOCLA, as he is now retired as a Professor, but still affiliated w/Berkley, UNIV in CA.

Miguel knows well we all can, which has fueled our virtual global platform to co_create w/humanity's help, so each learn how to nurture oneself and be kind having empathy, realizing all this sewage did not happen alone by the 1%, rather we all contributed unknowingly and know we can learn to simply say No thank you for the toxic Industrialized agriculture/GMO's/Monocultures/processed foods/pharmacuticals that are toxic when people can have natural gorwn wild food/medicine/fish/animal, once remove all the toxic, that leaves people suffering/dying prematurely, without/ same from Nuclear use where waste is not even resolved to rid correctly from earth/same w/weapons of war - how sick to go beyound a healthy tool for hunting one's food/survival goods/while others profit,  and to have all these bases is a true act a few of us are working at explaining that goes far beyond profiting, rather it is a medical/programmed illness and I will share that later, etc..

Miguel Alteri knows best after his great studies w/indigenous still using it, and global work knows if peasants were given more land they would feed the world w/no problem, So all this other waste of resources polluting while others profit will no longer be real. For we feel if each community works w/neighbors then false aid from afar can be stopped. And real solutions now can available can be used. So this is what you people supporting us can do ASAP once a few more hired/good tools and yes a salary would be nice, for we've yet to have one for going on 40 years.

This is our plan for each local `plan to do once we gain support to perfect a simple understanding and reach out to the world;

   A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

   by using an agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still do_in w/out leaving toxic effects, knows well,

       `which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

   Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution...

Barbara and all, I hope this fuels you to rethink, shift and share! Thank you again for what you do!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect.
                           Thank you all for what you do, your patience and support!
                                            Peace, Wendy, Kara + Misha
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