Communites everywhere, welcome your students to use the tools of the times + organize for humanity.

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Please see President Barack Obama's work in progress + join in where can, for we are fortunate to have the tools of the times to fuel this process;

  The White House, Washington
Here's something a lot of people don't realize:

Just five years before we moved into the White House, Michelle and I were still paying off our student loans.

Which means that, as a student, I knew how it felt both to dream of a fine education and to worry about paying for it. Decades later, as President, I know that our country can't afford for talented young Americans to miss out on a higher education.

College is one of the most important investments students can make in their future. It's also one of the most important investments our country can make in our workforce -- as every one of us is acutely aware, equipping Americans with the knowledge and skills they need to compete and win in our global economy will continue to be the key to our resurgence.

That's why we're continuing to work to make the dream of college real for more of America's students.

And we're making progress. We've increased investments in college scholarships like Pell Grants and the American Opportunity Tax Credit. We're making student loans more affordable by cutting interest rates and capping payments at 10 percent of income. We're promoting competition and innovation to bring costs down for students and their families.

I’m proud of that progress. But our bright young people considering college need to hear from each other, too. And so, as everyone heads back to school over the next several days, you'll be hearing from your fellow Americans -- at various stages in their own educations -- about what's worked for them. They'll share their own advice with you, and your kids.

Meanwhile, senior officials from across the Administration will be hitting the road to discuss our plans to create more affordable, quality choices for students -- such as community colleges and apprenticeships -- and to give students the time and information they need to make good choices.

Tomorrow, I'll travel with my favorite community college professor -- Dr. Jill Biden -- to Macomb County Community College, where I first laid out my community college plan six years ago. While in Michigan, I'll make an announcement about apprenticeships, a crucial tool we're using to rebuild an American workforce that is the envy of the world. And I'll talk about the progress around the country in making community college free, and what more we need to do to make it available for more students.

Next Monday, I'll meet up with Secretary Duncan -- who will be traveling the country in a bus all week long -- at a high school in Des Moines, Iowa where I'm looking forward to having a conversation with juniors and seniors gearing up for college as well as with their parents who, in many cases, are trying to figure out how to pay for it. And on Thursday, September 17th, as part of her Reach Higher initiative, Michelle will head to a local community college to check out their career and technical programs.

You'll be able to follow along with all of it right here.

The students I hear from every day remind me that if we can come together around the idea that every American -- no matter where they grew up, or how much money their parents have -- deserves a quality education and a shot at success, then we can build a future as remarkable as our past.

Stay tuned -- you'll be hearing from us (and one another) again soon.

President Barack Obama

   In response to Barack's proposal + please send him yours + join in;

  Thank you,

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Please I would like to help you all realize the power you have w/what
you are do_in right now w/what you propose above.

If you allow our virtual platform in the perfecting by working
w/students, fuel you to open to this locally + share in solidarity
globally, you will make peace a real option for so many more.

+ If you do not rethink w/this, then please tell me what i am missing.
For evidently then healing/peace/restoring harmony, etc. is not your
goal. For every school should get in real time w/ones potential as
well ones community restoration to pursue the local `plan,
ecologically building sustainable working communities. As students
work from all types of schools utilizing ones community as an extended
classroom. Co_evolving the curriculum along the way for good living
local maintenance.

  + I mean localized systems prioritizing real interpersonal
interactive living local processes. To heal, self develop + turn the
scars of the planet.

That is what can be on your legacy.

I look forward to your contact. For i presently also am trying to
offer myself to the UN Refugee workings + perhaps relocating out of

But the tools of the times give me the ability to do what i can fuel
from anywhere. So if i can do that working on penys, i think you
people w/so much resources at your disposal could do much better.

I can lead you to water, but you have to drink it.

Peace is our option if you can respect what truly sustains us all, +
welcome the profiteers into local tapering transitions as students
organize for every local community, globally, kara

+ Please see + add your name to Mercy corp petition, + see comment from kara;

US needs to make amends, we are most likely the biggest contributors, interfering in people's ability to simply live local, globally. I ask all to come review our project, which is a virtual platform in the building, as students are welcomed in every community to organize, for all to simply live. Utilizing the community as an extended classroom.

Their are too many scars on the planet + our students deserve to feel humanity's greatness to create upon as real issues are resolved via networking, etc.

Please allow us to fuel this living local process, w/critical thinking for no one can just walk away into another community. Rather all need to be interconnected to our earth + beyond that belongs to us all equally.

Tell Congress: Support Refugees in Need + most important to stop the NUclear/war mode + false green economies, causing all this, etc.

Tens of thousands have fled Syria for the safety of Europe, and Europe is not prepared to receive them. Ongoing crises in Syria and other countries have contributed to the highest number of displaced people since the end of World War II.

Mercy Corps fights to improve US government foreign policy in order to ensure that assistance effectively reaches the most vulnerable people, including refugees displaced by the horrific war in Syria. Given that Congress is debating the budget for humanitarian assistance this fall, our organization recommends that the US send a firm message to the international community in support of the 60 million displaced people in the world today by prioritizing funding humanitarian assistance accounts in the upcoming funding bills.

Without your voice, funding levels may be insufficient to aid refugees fleeing conflict and internally displaced people unable to flee the violence in Syria, Yemen, Central African Republic, and many other countries. Humanitarian assistance is critical now more than ever.

Dear Member of Congress,

Tens of thousands have fled Syria for the safety of Europe, and Europe has not mobilized quickly enough to help them. Ongoing crises in Syria and other countries have contributed to the highest number of displaced people since the end of World War II. Recent attention focused on the tragic deaths of some of these refugees has shone a spotlight on the urgent need to aid and protect those caught in the crossfire and seek durable, humane solutions.

As the crisis in Syria enters its fifth year, it is more important than ever to ensure that US humanitarian assistance continues to support displaced people. Today, there are 7.8 million people internally displaced Syrians and 4 million refugees who have fled the country; they all remain in desperate need of assistance. We simply cannot afford to scale back our humanitarian assistance programs.

I am a constituent who cares about protecting these vulnerable populations and maintaining our commitment to humanitarian assistance. As Congress debates the FY 2016 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations and Agriculture Appropriations bills, I ask you to prioritize support to humanitarian accounts at no less than the following funding levels:

$1.895 billion for USAID's International Disaster Assistance (IDA) Account that provides support for shelter, education and medicine for families internally displaced inside their own countries and impacted by natural and man-made disasters.

  We can work out of US Aid into neighbors helping neighbors w/our project; so people learn to live local do_in ones local `plan, as we fuel 1 Global sound science that all tongues can use. Supporting global communities in solidarity as we network + share what works, not interfere, etc.

$3.05 billion for the State Department's Migration and Refugee Assistance Account (MRA) that supports refugee populations around the world.

$1.466 billion for the USAID’s Food For Peace Account that provides emergency food aid to hungry people around the world.

Thank you for supporting this request and ensuring that the US does not turn its back on the world's most vulnerable people.

Peace is our option if you welcome people into each community where best suited, as you work w/these displaced people + let them become a local, global + beyond participant, that all can learn to be.

Please contact me for my assistance, email;

We have the tools of the time to develop to do this virtually, so as for locals in real issues then can have support to harmonize.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln