All can act mindful, locally + beyond, w/the issues of the times if we all work together..

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Thanks Rick for all your work in helping!

    Mary Geddry wrote an excellent editorial in The World today about the way that corporations usurp local self-government, abusing the environment and individual property rights in the process:

The article refers to an initiative effort that has been approved by the Secretary of State to be on the ballot in May if enough people sign the attached petition.

This is an individual petition, which is one way to gather signatures in Oregon.

                      Please print, sign and send it in to the address on the form;

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    For those of you interested in triggering your local resolutions please take a look + create upon it.

  i personally support no large grids or solar or wind farms, only informed people sharing for all to understand while do_in one`s local `plan w/localized systems w/low impact. So locals do vs. continue Colonial grid mode where one does for you. Sadly people are divesting from fossil fuels that should be held accountable to work within the natural enhanced limits vs. simply use hedgefungs to invest in large grids/farms, when people could work in tapering transitions for locals to act on local `plan.

    We suggest letting students orchestrate this as all focus direct together, networking schematics via like ecosystem/season + subject, for local community to understand + act as each restore one`s ecological sustainable working community + harmonize sharing what works, globally as all live local do_in the same.. If want to know more see what we are do_in to trigger solutions as we share;

             the sun will set

For now we are rethinking what we can do to walk away from Dr. Helen Caldicott`s Symposium with something for all to mindfully act, so please if think of something let us know do take part.

  i have asked her if she will teleconference;

           Our combined` effect makes a difference.. Please realize how we all are in this together + fortunate to have many sensitive skilled people to reflect with, so please join in.