A natural truth of this COVD 19, please see Dr. Buttar, Sayer Ji, Charles Eisenstein and Miguel Altieri, and you decide if feel the same.

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  Thank you Nabble and all for the support to Nabble!

 Please note we are soon to update and make major changes w/our great ideas sharing Humanities as together we welcome all to scale earth w/agroecology and few more plans, and need your support, for this is the answer to keeping healthy as well preparing for any weather!

  For now, let me update you Sayer Ji's and Charles Eisenstein's work  and Dr. Buttar's " to name a few on COVD 19 and more! I respect what they say and suggest stay updated!

  It is scaling agroecology w/ all, we feel can resolve a lot of the issues, it is not just agriculture for those of you new to this, it is a way of making it work, Emeritus Professor Miguel Altieri did a nice job!

   I thank all these men!

Plus I have some nice links on other's on this issue, I respect on our Google site, Thank you Google!

Be well and let's celebrate our good fortunes and please share us along the way!

love, kara speaking for our combined `effects...